Here's the truth about JANA...


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  2. Hauwa Abdallah

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    Look at you jake

  3. King Slimee

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    This video describes jake paul before he changed and found himself in boxing 🥊

  4. Marley Higham

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    I love your video so so so much

  5. SpartanWarMC

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    Jake doesn’t look as good with all the tattoos.

  6. Aubrey Good

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    Erika is better for you

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  9. Lisa Terpstra

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    Wow Jake that was freak

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    i want jerika back.

  11. Jana Ayman

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    My name is jana

  12. john wick

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    Are u still friends with Anthony n Chance

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    I feel so sorry for all of those precious puppies that are forced to live with them 😔

  14. Master Gaming

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    Wrong, the truth about Jana is that Jerika was better

  15. Chloe Hannon

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    You got herpies?

  16. Jayshaun d

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    Jana? Jake+tana

  17. Annika

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    Why does Jake Paul give off the exact same energy as Jojo Siwa

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    im a boxer

  19. Ashlin Chalmers

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    I miss the old team 10 y’all should get together again

  20. Ana Leon

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    What is jerika and erika costell

  21. DiggyDiggy19

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    Clickbait liar from hell so desperate for likes and your money he keeps saying he is in a real relationship.

  22. Ana Leon

    Ana Leon2 개월 전

    What is jerika and erika costell

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    Saving time tana topic is at the end.

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    What is jerika

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    Clickbait man LOL

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    Im shaking bc of the thumbnail and my name is Jana so.....

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    You’re gonna look like FaZe Banks soon with all the tattoos

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    I thought Chad left team 10 just like Erika

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    people actually watch this guy

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    Jake: "Guys here is the truth" AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

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    That's my name😂

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    is there anyone else here who doesn’t actually have anything against jake?

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    17:34 🤣🤣🤣 The old lady 🤣 had me dead

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    Love you jake paul

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    You should do a hose Turol 🏫

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    Your videos have been getting better :)

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    *Why do most boxing matches happen on MY birthday* ಠ_ಠ

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    Let’s go🤬

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    You mean tana

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    Shave your face😂

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    I will fight you jake

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    Go and subscribe to Toby vlog for the best content ever

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    Y is this a video always when u get a gf

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    What you did for Cali was genuine as hell

  49. Diane Daniel

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    But why you wearing corded headphones lmfaooo

  50. Ashleigh Owans

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    It looks like he has a cold sore ehh

  51. Syham Ahmed

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    Fight anisongib

  52. EmmaB

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    uhhh why did he “marry” her when it says he’s married to erica costell 🤔

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    Jake Paul can u bye me a IPhone11

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    My jana

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    A question (8:07)

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    Mugatu's vlogs are looking good

  58. Samantha taylor Rose

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    Jake. Pleaseeeeeee get more people for team 10 Make things like they used to be but without the negative shi* Do more crazy unbelievable stuff Make things all about team 10 again Please :( I can’t be the only one wanting this

  59. peppa be tHrIvIng

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    he looks real high af lol

  60. Furtnot

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    Jake Paul has the smallest penis in the universe