Henry Cavill Talks Batman v Superman


  1. miguel c

    miguel c11 일 전

    Henry Cavill Immortalised Superman


    ITSLIKEARIVER20002 개월 전

    Henry was laughing because Seth say congratulations on getting the change and it sounded like he was talking about transgenderism.

  3. Profe Katia Jiménez Pochet

    Profe Katia Jiménez Pochet2 개월 전

    Amazing Superman. How is it that he is not being considered anymore???

  4. july89

    july892 개월 전

    Henry cavill my goodnes

  5. Filiz Nilgün Beltan

    Filiz Nilgün Beltan3 개월 전

    Herşey you tube'da dönmüyor ya Instagram'da da borular çalıyormus ( acaba kimin için)...😎😎

  6. chertp28

    chertp283 개월 전

    Why are there never full interviews??!!

  7. DM Murphy

    DM Murphy6 개월 전


  8. AT&T . Revenge Dept

    AT&T . Revenge Dept6 개월 전

    It’s bullshit how handsome this guy is. Like, why do I even bother waking up knowing I have to compete with guys who look like this ?!

  9. Lidija Baulovska

    Lidija Baulovska6 개월 전


  10. Princess Ayesha

    Princess Ayesha6 개월 전

    I just loveeeeeeeeee This interview of Henry 💖💋Henry looked Drop Dead Gorgeous 🌟🔥😍👌😘

  11. Nilcivania Souza

    Nilcivania Souza8 개월 전


  12. Júlio games

    Júlio games10 개월 전

    This on superman and more for supermarket that wears underpants over his plants. Batman vs superman Worst movie 💩😧

  13. Princess Ayesha

    Princess Ayesha10 개월 전

    To watch😍 Henry 's 💖😘interview is and always would be a Royal👑 Warm visual treat for Me😗

  14. Cynthia Borges

    Cynthia Borges10 개월 전

    In the big bang theory they tell you that unattractive nerds go to the comic book store (including captain sweat pants) but imagine running into Henry 😳😳

  15. Don Marco

    Don Marco11 개월 전

    Look at the forward facial growth of Henry compared to the interviewer, this is what separates men from umm...

  16. John Chan Chan Qiyang

    John Chan Chan Qiyang년 전

    henry cavil is the best than batman

  17. A

    A년 전

    So good looking

  18. Sen

    Sen년 전

    i think henry was laughing at the comment, 'congratulations on making the change' and seth mistook it for the whole topic and like a true pro just ran with it.

  19. Stanlos

    Stanlos년 전

    My goodness! What a man!!



    Met a guy who was literally, as Henry. Drop dead freaking gorgeous. Absolutely blessed from head to toe. It was extremely difficult to keep a straight face looking at him. If Seth is a little nevous, I can relate. I couldn't stop smiling and I told him, he was blessed!. Very humble.

  21. Filimon Galogavros

    Filimon Galogavros년 전

    He seems rather cool and pleasant , he is really humble and down to Earth as a man .

  22. Renessa Ramlochan

    Renessa Ramlochan년 전

    He's handsome

  23. Jane Booth

    Jane Booth년 전

    what the heck is wrong with the Mrs. Swans of the world ... are you fat butch fudge eaters that desperate for Wimpy's limp eeeer.

  24. Riley Hole

    Riley Hole년 전

    MY GOD, Henry Cavill is enormous

  25. Ifti Hossain

    Ifti Hossain년 전


  26. Tanusree chakraborty

    Tanusree chakraborty2 년 전

    Handsome and very attracted man

  27. aileena thampy

    aileena thampy2 년 전

    English men r so hot n charming

  28. Disney Rules

    Disney Rules2 년 전

    Henry Cavill is the top choice to play Prince Eric in the upcoming live action remake of The Little Mermaid.

  29. Catgy Charve

    Catgy Charve2 년 전

    Henry is just handsome as he can be. Seth is even nervous interviewing him. I love Seth, I watch him just about every night.

  30. Catgy Charve

    Catgy Charve2 년 전

    Seth's laugh is weirdly funny. I would just laugh at his laugh.

  31. Slaphead101 737

    Slaphead101 7372 년 전

    Henry cavill suits the hair cut he had in man of steel not when he has his hair short with gel in it

  32. Joel S

    Joel S2 년 전

    Whatever NBC is paying the guest to be on the show, they need to defer that salary to whatever host has to spend five minutes with this blunt instrument.

  33. Missael Sanchez

    Missael Sanchez2 년 전

    best Superman yet, and he's such a nice dude and has a great sense of humor!

  34. Roger Najar

    Roger Najar2 년 전

    Henry Cavill is soooooo sooooo sooooo fucking handsome, pretty, attractive, good looking, cute, hot, sexy .....

  35. Mari Silva

    Mari Silva2 년 전


  36. Rudiann Wildgoose-Laing

    Rudiann Wildgoose-Laing2 년 전

    That Henry Cavill is eye candy and that accent again....love it

  37. That's cool Beans

    That's cool Beans2 년 전

    I am question my sexuality now... Damn he's such a HANDSOME Guy!?

  38. H Susmitha

    H Susmitha2 년 전

    this guy is so hot af...srsly can't take ma eyes off him

  39. TheNerdyBoii

    TheNerdyBoii2 년 전

    Henry's really well dressed in this interview. Love his suit.

  40. Scorpio Snake

    Scorpio Snake3 년 전


  41. Fardin Qiaz

    Fardin Qiaz3 년 전

    superman is the best.

  42. Christian Urbina

    Christian Urbina3 년 전

    I've met a dozen famous people, I'm don't bother them as well.

  43. be the change you wanna see in the world

    be the change you wanna see in the world3 년 전

    just listen to his voice..damned...ooze sexiness...flood all over..and when you look at him..you just die....he is a human nucleer bomb!! radiates you immediately...ooohhh henry....

  44. Omkar Naringrekar

    Omkar Naringrekar3 년 전

    I am a man, I am straight, I swear

  45. Tavabeingtava

    Tavabeingtava3 년 전

    he smiles and I'm fucking done

  46. HT200

    HT2003 년 전

    Everyone who interviews him loses their cool and their words! Can't really blame them!

  47. heyitskaraa

    heyitskaraa3 년 전

    I loved the film but him being British and hot is extremely hypnotic, I'm so glad our country made him 😂 lmao.

  48. sharifa mudondo

    sharifa mudondo3 년 전

    Handsome n English oh God

  49. Fatima

    Fatima3 년 전

    Best superman ever. He is too damn gorgeous, it hurts my eyes.

  50. Jay Kelly

    Jay Kelly3 년 전

    Superman ROCKS

  51. Ally Estrada

    Ally Estrada3 년 전

    Lol!! Seth is so awkward with him! No one can resist Cavill 😍😍😍

  52. An Pham

    An Pham3 년 전

    Beautiful beautiful man.

  53. far farisa

    far farisa3 년 전

    so fucking sexy. I just can't handle this. oh my god

  54. Shanny Says

    Shanny Says3 년 전

    I just love cavill yeah .....

  55. GamerDares wins

    GamerDares wins3 년 전

    OMG! Americans.... do you really need to put references from your fucking bullshit political system into everything????? INCLUDING FUCKING COMIC BOOK MOVIES!!!!

  56. jazinegrrrl

    jazinegrrrl3 년 전

    I noticed that Henry must be the ideal man to straight guys. Heterosexual men are so attracted to him. He goes on these shows and these guys all have man crushes on him. So funny!

  57. Biblical Superhero

    Biblical Superhero년 전

    No,U mean wanting to be like him or crave to get his looks. Man crush would be gross . But, trust me guys will start to get jealous when he plays a moviewith their fav actresses.

  58. Elii BCC

    Elii BCC3 년 전

    subtitulen esta entrevista , por favor

  59. Stingerbillion

    Stingerbillion3 년 전

    I am not even gay, and man i would get nervous in front of him melting like ice cube. Damn he's gorgeous. He is god! Perfect superman! I watched bvs, and it was good. People who are nitpicking didn't see much broader picture. As an adult, i always wanted adult/dark version of superhero movies, thanks to Nolan, we finally have DC dark version. I hope they continue. It was nice to talk about real issues god, manipulation, and what people say vs actions.

  60. Zlatandinho

    Zlatandinho3 년 전

    I'm not gay, but...

  61. Brandon Phifer

    Brandon Phifer3 년 전

    it seems that every superhero that makes a sequel has to ask for a zipper to pee...how are they not learning from each other for the first go around...every superhero is learning this the hard way despite the constant interviews of how hard it is for superheroes to pee.