Helping the Police Find a Gun Underwater to Solve a Criminal Case! (Metal Detecting Underwater)



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    Drop a thumbs up if you guys want us to team back up with the Columbus, GA Detective Unit on future videos! This was awesome!! haha (Wow! This video is currently #3 Trending on KOreporter. This is crazy!! Thanks guys!)

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    DALLMYD best vids

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    You are epic!

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    DALLMYD idk man. You pointed out it was a witness, and the witness is female. Not too good on confidential information

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    I couldnt breath watching this

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    10:54 Back of a radio

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    pro that gun you found was use by murder and the shoe was the victim

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    I think it's a radio

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    You did the world a favor and cleaned up some lake trash!

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    Tristan is by far the coolest one

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    You guys are the only KOreporterrs that did not become dicks as they got popular I love it😂😂

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    .. okay

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    The big black plastic piece is from the back of a boom box radio. the little square in the back is for D cell batteries

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    I wish I could do this kind of stuff.

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    When it beeps it’s sounds like BEE! BEE! BEE! BEE! BEE! BEE! BEE!

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    I absolutely love that you all clean up trash out of the water. Every little bit helps. You have earned a new subscriber and a like from me. Much love to you all.

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    I was here for your jtag content back in the day..... A lot has changed over the years. A lot more subscribers. Your doing great with your uploads keep it up

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    Ive been watching this channel for 6 years

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    At 9:33 what was that box in the right corner?

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    Hyperbolized I know

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    A car battery that he found

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    Timo Van Blitterswijk. Well sorry

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    A Salinas told him already man

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    Fabl3d_ 1 it was a car battery

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    6:13 it looks like he grabbed a peice of a gun

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    Damian Cordova thought the same thing

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    Turns out he just threw a rock and the witness wasn’t sure and you found a whole different weapon

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    9:14 cute pig!

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    Cleaning up the Lakes that's the type of people we need pollution is bad

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    the (BB GUN) is achily an Air-rifle

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    Maybe a large fish swollowed it before it could reach the bottom

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    Good vido dude pd am from el salvador

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    That big rectangle plastic looking thing with slits is the front of a window air conditioner unit.

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    "Hey I think I found a pipe" LMAO

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    Tristin is the killer

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    Summer Berry I just wanna clear some things up here for one echo was joking so calm down and stop calling them a hater For two it’s not inicont 😂 it’s innocent Jesus get autocorrect or something 🤣👌

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    Tristan is inicont

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    Ëlîzãbëth Mãrtiñëz ikr he is not this person is probably a little hater

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    Cool gun

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    Hi guy that said radio👋

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    What if the dude that threw the gun was babe Ruth?

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    Ktoś z Polski? 😅

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    Natalia Marzec ja

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    Pellet rifle snipe to be exact

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    Before u foun the staple gun u found gun clip to staple gun

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    It was a pellet gun not a action bbgun

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    Looks like someone's dumping decorating stuff here

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    It is a Bebe gun

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    Why are like all the comments from a day ago

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    That's like a bolt action from fortnite

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    +7dog123 dued its a comet chill out

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    Nobody cares if it looks like a weapon, item or whatever from Fortnite

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    Why would people throw guns in the river with trash

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    giovani iam true

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    Skylar Pitkeathly cause people are idiots not everyone but some killers and crap like that will do iy

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    Skylar Pitkeathly so the cops don't find it

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    9:34 gass pump for an air rifle

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    Maybe the TV thing is a typewriter

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    10:46 Nasa supercomputer

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    It’s a civil war era BB gun

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    That might not be just a BB gun it might be a zip gun

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    Dud can yo find my gopro

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    Thankyou for pulling that car battery out of the water.

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    9:40 Its just a gass pump thing

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    Sven *gamet veel

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    Am I the only on that thought when the medal detecter went off it was jake going dude dude dude

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    most likely the back to a boombox

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    Staple clip

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    Sry never mind

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    #goodpeople cause these guys pick up trash in the water and help animals

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    (when they found a shoe) HEY THEY FOUND MEH SHOE!!!!!

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    Channing stratton it’s yours?

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    It's possible that the witness saw the person throwing the bibigun into the lake

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    At 6:17 you found the slide to a glock.. (part of a gun)

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    It’s a clip for a staple gun🤣😂

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    You guys are so stupid it is a staple gun clip 😂 search up a stable gun clip and compare

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    It's a glock Slide

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    Its potentially a weapon

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