Helping the Police Find a Gun Underwater to Solve a Criminal Case! (Metal Detecting Underwater)



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    Drop a thumbs up if you guys want us to team back up with the Columbus, GA Detective Unit on future videos! This was awesome!! haha (Wow! This video is currently #3 Trending on KOreporter. This is crazy!! Thanks guys!)

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    Criminal:who are you? ???:I'm DALLMYD!!!!!!! Criminal:Oh god plz no!

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    That looks 2 b the back half of a boom-box because of the battery compartment

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    I would love to dive and all but would be afraid of snakes and shit

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    I'm really curious bout this, is he the guy from now you see me now you don't? And how would you react if you found a dead body underwater?

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    That B.B. gun is a gun... what if that was the gun they are looking for...🤷‍♂️ or the staple gun

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    honestly, you could potentially kill someone with a stapler gun

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    Dude probably the criminal made the gun in pieces and throw them in the pond

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    So he can market his stuff not really trying.its not bad to do that he might use it for other reasons.

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    The gun could've traveled to different parts of the lake depending on the water's flow direction

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    if what the person witnessed was ? someone throwing a real gun in the water and not something else like a beer bottle that could drift around b 4 it sinks the gun would sink an never move again in that rocky bottom pond if they don't find it it wasn't a firearm

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    What’s the make of the detector you are using please?

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    God I miss diving. Have not worn a tank in probably 20 years. Freaking sucks.

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    Was the culprit seen on the bridge or was he seen from the bridge?

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    I wouldn't even throw it in the water. I'd throw it as far into the thick/deep grass as I can.

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    Dude that thing at 6:17 is the slide of a pistol

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    10:48 It's the back of a radio (like an older styled one from the 80's)

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    be careful opening jugs and jars under water guys. there can be some pretty dangerous byproducts that meth producers discard in jugs like the one you opened. stay safe out there guys

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    i think its a 1980s radio

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    6:17 looks like a part from glock

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    umm, yeah... I am pretty sure law enforcement has a diving team to do the job. Why would they need your help?

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    I wonder if their fire department has a team that could help them

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    Law enforcement dont have soecial departments unless they have the funding for them

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    Cops call diving companies that specifically look for and retrieve sunken vehicles and wedding rings.. not everyone is miami p.d with a need for a diving team every day, just like computer forensic companies that get hired for pedo cases, as an example.. world needs more of those too

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    cheaper, always good to get peoples name out there too as helping hands.

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    No, they don't. They often use outside assistance for various reasons.

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    Those rocks could've killed jus ab anyone

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    Lame response, Can. It isnt whining, just good advice. Tim is right, good caring advice.. dont hate

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    dude no matter what material its made from.. over the right amount of time it would get destroyed and all liquids would come out naturally from itself.. the world has bigger problems like this.. you must be fun at partys xD

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    I'm looking to pick up an underwater metal detector and I was wondering how you like the one I see you using in your vids?

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    Thank you for getting back to me. I have put that metal detector on my Christmas list. Im in Wisconsin and our dive season for warm water is coming to a close. The videos and what your doing is awesome!

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    Matt Schmidt it has good reviews, one chinese company basically sells 5 different brands of the same wand.. probably the same factory making them all

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    Magnet Fish. You should do some magnet fishing under water. Get powerful magnet, doesn't have to be overly big, and wand it above the river bed surface to see what metal sticks. Seen guys in England magnet fish from shore with a nylon cord tied around the magnet.

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    It's to a staple gun you would have known that if you watched longer because they explain that.

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    Before the staple gun find the one before looked like a top half or slide to a glock pistol .

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    I thought that too

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    Randy Meyers would make sense why throw the gun in the water in one piece, when you can break it down and scatter it all over.

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    I saw that too, The gun could be in pieces all over the place.



    Did you really help the police

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