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Heechul's rumors [LO SIENTO by Super Junior ft. Leslie Grace OUT NOW]


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    heenim 86 개월 전비디오-ZbB4SYJNuTo.html The show is *Knowing Bros* 0:01 episode 98 0:13 episode 52 0:29 episode 19 1:05 episode 25 2:02 episode 30 3:01 episode 40 3:26 episode 43 3:44 episode 61 4:10 episode 65 4:39 episode 72 5:09 episode 83 6:07 episode 64 7:06 episode 70 7:17 episode 91 7:29 episode 88 8:08 episode 92 8:33 episode 94 8:56 episode 95 9:17 episode 100 10:02 episode 103 10:31 episode 104 11:27 episode 105 11:52 episode 110 12:13 episode 116 12:40 episode 120 13:30 episode 122 14:30 episode 102 15:00 episode 29 15:16 episode 90 15:39 *Lo Siento* by Super Junior feat. Leslie Grace teaser The show is *Ask Us Anything* on *Men on a Mission* on Netflix and VIU

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    We miss you heenim8 ㅠㅠ

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    +heenim 8 hey. Can i ask you about the ep of btob? I cant seem to find it. Its not 74.i dont quite understand it.

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    Your a god bro

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    heenim 8 can someone please tell whats the sings they always play in the back groung 4:32

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    heenim 8, we miss you

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    we miss your videos :(

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  9. Bam and Lisa stole my heart, I'm whipped

    Bam and Lisa stole my heart, I'm whipped4 일 전

    8:33 if heechul and jin were boyfriends they would be the most beautiful couple ever lmao i love this moment, seokjin and his winks are the best... i'm pretty sure heechul blushed 😂💕

  10. No one has this picture of V dO tHeY??

    No one has this picture of V dO tHeY??5 일 전

    0:37 Was that a period joke to girls because WHEEZE💀😂

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    I'm into this channel♥

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    This piece was hilarious. Truly enjoyed it.

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    My cheeks hurt so much...

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    3:08 😁😁😁

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    Heyy you've been gone for a long time, i miss your videos .... hope you're alright ♡

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    Poor Heechul. Lolol.

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    what band is it at 13:33?

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    Wanna One

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    15:12 We love our LGBT supporting kings

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    That‘s how you do it guys ....making money out of your scandal hahahaha

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    Where are you? 😣

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    Lmaoo "little Leeteuk" 😂😂😂😂

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    I love all the video. But ny favourite scene is Dae Hwi and Hee Chul😂😂😂😂

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    I am really missing heechul in new comeback.😭. So gonna binge watch his videos 😁

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    Who else started laughing when he took that wig off at 5:58

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    Watching this video again after watching the newest episode where Janghoon got teased as gay hahahaha 😂

  29. your cry baby;;

    your cry baby;;14 일 전

    @girl: Heechul, you're smelling like a girl. @also_girl: Kyung-hun, you're too! @kyung and @heechul: **look at each otter(?)** @me: **starts to play Careless Whisper**

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    I really like this rumors tho 😂

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    Can anyone tell me the songs name at 0.59 ~ 1.04 ?! I have looking for it everywhere. Please help me out! It appears a couple of times more in the video too.

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    Wheeeree are uuh elff!

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    😂😂😂😂hee chul😂😂😂😂

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    농담도 선을 넘으니 폭력이되네요.. 희철 게이 코스프레.. 그마하자 애들이 배울까 겁난다

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    Syami Hazlan16 일 전

    Real talk, when he's with girls there's no scandal, but guys on the other hand lmao

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    Heenim 8 hope your ok. Surprise us anytime 😊

  37. jas preet

    jas preet17 일 전

    Jang hoon : "Isn't that what you do" Heechul : "you think i do this to my boyfriend" BITCH HE JUST EXPOSED HIMSELF LMAO

  38. i love 방탄소년단

    i love 방탄소년단19 일 전

    I love heechul ahhhh any army here

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    Zen-Oh20 일 전

    Suju is coming back with ryeowook but without heechul 😣

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    kai a.22 일 전

    did i miss something?? why arent you posting anymore? :(

  41. Alana

    Alana25 일 전

    I love how he doesn't get angry or annoyed with the rumors, he plays around with them and I have so much respect for him because of that

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    Heenim8 Where are you??? Are you fine?

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    Anyone know what happened to heenim8? They havent posted in while :( hope nothing bad happened

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    When Heechul removes his wig lmao. Zico and Yonghwa’s reactions were priceless

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    i miss your videos~

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    Heechul please come back to super junior 2018 😭😢

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    Damn such a chill personality 🔥

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    Please upload new video !



    what a bisexual legend lmao

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    It has been so long since you have posted! When is the next one coming? :p

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    Hahaha opppaa we love uuu

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    종현이다 ㅠㅠ

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    I miss yoir compilations heenim 8 😓☺

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    what song is playing at 0:58 and 4:34?

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    What group was that at 14:20?

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    Georgina lovelots wanna one.

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    i love daehwi

  61. ᑭᕮᗩᑕᕼᕮS

    ᑭᕮᗩᑕᕼᕮS개월 전

    The way RM says "You're proving your own rumors to be true" 😂

  62. Nicole 23

    Nicole 23개월 전

    Heechul oppa~ i really don't mind in know..hahahaha 😂 i just love that you try to embrace what other people say to you 😊

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    hey, are you doing fine? it has been 5 month. we kinda miss you and waiting for your upload. i really appreciate your hardwork and your passion. thank you

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    It's been 5 months come backkk

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    Heechul i think you love Dir en Grey too much to the point you become like Shinya 😂😂😂

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    8:42 If it was me , i'm dying already :")

  67. Nataya Riz

    Nataya Riz개월 전

    i think hara n heechul had dated before lol

  68. Nataya Riz

    Nataya Riz개월 전

    i think hara n heechul had dated before lol

  69. MrBubblygoodness

    MrBubblygoodness개월 전

    Maybe Heechul is bisexual

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    hyebin is the one who caused the biggest mental breakdown, gotta love her

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    14:13 what is this group LMAOOO

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    Wanna one

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    2:02 lmao

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    Heeniiim?? U have a new channel or just really busy??? :( miss all of your compilations of KB

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    Sripriya Darshini개월 전

    May I know wat s the name of the song 7:25

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    i love this channel you turned me into heechul trashhh

  77. Kiki Roi de La fève

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    What is the song at 4:03

  78. 윱끼

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    She is-clazziquai

  79. Hajar Muhammad

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    where did you go? I miss you :(

  80. Ann Cabras

    Ann Cabras개월 전

    Does anyone know who the one at 11:27 is?!

  81. Ann Cabras

    Ann Cabras개월 전

    Elena Bianca thanks XD

  82. Elena Bianca

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    Ann Cabras He is Junho from 2PM

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    Where have you been I miss your videos so much TT I watch our videos daily, i need some new content TT

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    Kyunghoon: I will host blind dates to the school next to us Heechul: Min Kyunghoon!Min Kyunghoon!, is it an all boys school? Kyunghoon: All girls school Heechul : Forget it then Me:😂😂😂😂😂😂

  85. kpop fan

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    I dont think he's gay. He is just being playful and doesnt gve a fck about rumors. Rem during their pre debut days .. he dates noonas and always in clubs. He is a known womanizer. His reactions when they are teasing him is the same when they talk abt girls. But if its true .. well he is so beautiful tho. Maybe bcoz during his younger days he is too naughty and tried so many things lol Well as long as he is happy. Idols deserve to love & to be loved too.

  86. Neferi Waenre

    Neferi Waenre개월 전

    Watching this, i can't believe Jonghyun is no more. 4:20 Omz who is he? That smirk is everything! Honestly, i've always thought of Hee as bi. When i 1st started with SJ, 10 yrs ago i was sure Hee was gay. But now i think he's bi. Most of my boys are bi, i'm sure.

  87. Neferi Waenre

    Neferi Waenre개월 전

    Ah thanks!! :)

  88. Elena Bianca

    Elena Bianca개월 전

    Neferi Waenre At 4:20 is actor Oh Ji Ho

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    I follow your channel since you have only 6k subscribers ❤️💙💚 It’s amazing to see how much you grow up 💙💜💚🧡 I’m your fan 😍😍😍

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    Havent seen an upload in a while? Hope you’re doing okay!

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    can any1 tell me the name of that actress in 8.56m hu is opposite to the couple holding hand

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    Guys what song did they play at 1.00 minute? Please help!!

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    +윱끼 감사합니다!!!

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    She is-clazziquai

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    OMG Heechul 😘

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    i'm missing your video

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    Hahahaha this video collection is epic, i've seen almost all the episodes so this was pretty funny

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    Please make compilation of slaps.

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    ok so i just love how the interviewer says lee heechul came out of the closet and said he was daring another guy so freely and innocently when really in her mind she was thinking will destroy you

  101. Liyana A.

    Liyana A.2 개월 전

    When Heechul knocked down four members of Wanna One but then Daehwi came with "Heecul-ah~ I got that kind of rumors a lot too."

  102. Jasmine Eunice Duran

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    Because SM artists support all kinds of love. Take it away, Heechul and Jonghyun!! 💕

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    The Truth Is What The SNSD Said 😁

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    I love how he's always shocked. Just come out honey I'd still love you. LMAO

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    Who has Heechul not kissed at this point x'DDD

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    Daehwi yahh 😂

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    I miss your uploads!!! I hope you’re well

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    dude why dont u upload anymore... i miss the vids

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    Haven't seen you upload for 4 month:(

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    Its so funny

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    So cute bahahhaah

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    AHHHH i miss you heenim8 😭 please post more huhuhu thank you for your hardwork!!!

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    I do lowkey ship kyung hoon and heechul

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    I don't know what this is but I love it!

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    Heechul is a real Player i can feel it :3

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    lowkey sad that when its just jokes and laughs its all good and funny, but when an actual openly gay idol debuts he barely gets any support (regardless of people liking his songs or not) I still die though everytime i see the deahwi x heechul bit omg