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Heechul's rumors [LO SIENTO by Super Junior ft. Leslie Grace OUT NOW]


  1. heenim 8

    heenim 88 개월 전비디오-ZbB4SYJNuTo.html The show is *Knowing Bros* 0:01 episode 98 0:13 episode 52 0:29 episode 19 1:05 episode 25 2:02 episode 30 3:01 episode 40 3:26 episode 43 3:44 episode 61 4:10 episode 65 4:39 episode 72 5:09 episode 83 6:07 episode 64 7:06 episode 70 7:17 episode 91 7:29 episode 88 8:08 episode 92 8:33 episode 94 8:56 episode 95 9:17 episode 100 10:02 episode 103 10:31 episode 104 11:27 episode 105 11:52 episode 110 12:13 episode 116 12:40 episode 120 13:30 episode 122 14:30 episode 102 15:00 episode 29 15:16 episode 90 15:39 *Lo Siento* by Super Junior feat. Leslie Grace teaser The show is *Ask Us Anything* on *Men on a Mission* on Netflix and VIU

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    t h i c c j i m i n12 일 전

    wow i appreciate you taking time to type all this

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  4. ima chan

    ima chan개월 전

    Is heenim 8 and heechul jjang the same? I miss your vids. 💔

  5. JojoKitty 1601

    JojoKitty 1601개월 전

    Can you please make a compilation of Seo Jang Hoon getting slapped by Heechul for grabbing him "inappropriately" or a compilation of best face slaps of the cast 😂😂

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    We miss you heenim8 ㅠㅠ

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  8. Der Maddin

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    So, you stopped with youtube?

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    Gabby otz일 전

    Watching this while belly laughing is the hardest

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    shruti j일 전

    Heechul gives me life..😊😅

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    We need a new video !!!

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    Lane4 일 전

    Alternate title: The Rumor Come Out: Does Kim Heechul is Gay?

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    He is just to cute

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    heenim8 are u okay? u haven't been in yt for so long :( i hope ur doing fine ❤️ please atleast tell us ur doing fine :))

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    Jade Andersen6 일 전

    1:04 That lady is a having the time of her life

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    like srsly??😂😂😂 i laughed so hard beb😂😂... miss jonghyun😔RIP...❤

  17. RIPJonghyun

    RIPJonghyun8 일 전

    Choqué de voir Jonghyun j’avais oublié qu’il avait participé à cette émission pour faire son come back avec she is. ❤️tu me manque.

  18. Esperanza Hernandez

    Esperanza Hernandez9 일 전

    I’m watching knowing bros but I can’t find the episode for 4:13

  19. Esperanza Hernandez

    Esperanza Hernandez3 일 전

    OrenJi 미국오렌지 'VillageIdiotsSubs' thank you

  20. OrenJi 미국오렌지 'VillageIdiotsSubs'

    OrenJi 미국오렌지 'VillageIdiotsSubs'3 일 전

    But there are a bunch of websites that have that episode subbed.. tried giving you as much info as I can so you can watch it. Hope it helps!

  21. Esperanza Hernandez

    Esperanza Hernandez3 일 전

    OrenJi 미국오렌지 'VillageIdiotsSubs' I looked for it but still can’t find it

  22. OrenJi 미국오렌지 'VillageIdiotsSubs'

    OrenJi 미국오렌지 'VillageIdiotsSubs'3 일 전

    episode 65~

  23. EXO- don't mess up my tempo

    EXO- don't mess up my tempo10 일 전

    What's his name?? 12:08 I used to know his name but I forgot 😭

  24. Rumeysa Yılmaz

    Rumeysa Yılmaz9 일 전

    Hong Suk Chun

  25. Nick T

    Nick T10 일 전

    Where did you go?

  26. Ruth Montebon

    Ruth Montebon12 일 전

    “you’re the guy who uses his pretty looks to charm all the girl groups and boy group” I’m totally lost at that one HAHAHAHAHAHA THE ONE AND ONLY KIM HEECHUL 😍😂

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    리야13 일 전

    random but i want to know the backgound music in cheesy moments... :(

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    +OrenJi 미국오렌지 'VillageIdiotsSubs' Thank youuuuu!!! God bless ㅜㅜ

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    OrenJi 미국오렌지 'VillageIdiotsSubs'3 일 전

    +리야 at 0:59 it's Clazziquai - she is

  30. 리야

    리야3 일 전

    +OrenJi 미국오렌지 'VillageIdiotsSubs' 0:59 '3'

  31. OrenJi 미국오렌지 'VillageIdiotsSubs'

    OrenJi 미국오렌지 'VillageIdiotsSubs'3 일 전

    which music? when in the video do you hear it?

  32. Jung Eunsang

    Jung Eunsang13 일 전

    Anyone can tell me what the title song on 1:00 please?

  33. Jung Eunsang

    Jung Eunsang9 일 전

    +Rumeysa Yılmaz wah thank you so much😁😁

  34. Rumeysa Yılmaz

    Rumeysa Yılmaz9 일 전

    Clazziquai-She is

  35. Sann sc

    Sann sc14 일 전

    Heenim is just too pretty from the day he was born, that's why the gay rumor never die down :)

  36. 아라아

    아라아14 일 전

    박성웅님ㅠㅠㅜ 김희철 너무 쉽게 안아준다ㅠㅠ 너무 좋더ㅠㅠ

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    Hiep Nguyen Nhu Tuan15 일 전

    where are you. It has been 8 months since your last vids. are you ok?

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    FeyzanuriXX Diker15 일 전

    Where are you now @heenim 8???? Come back home please...

  39. Queenie Morales

    Queenie Morales15 일 전

    When I started watching KB from way back then, I fell in love with Heechul's wits. Even though Heechul isn't gay, he's more feminine rather than masculine, which is why he could pull off perfectly acting like girl. He has a lot of girl friends/dongsaengs.

  40. Sãr Nyan Nëkø

    Sãr Nyan Nëkø16 일 전

    14:15 *dies*

  41. Mochi _Suho

    Mochi _Suho18 일 전

    this man lmfao. he feeds his rumors and doesnt give a crap about them

  42. alex kistan

    alex kistan18 일 전

    Jin and Heechul lmao

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    heenim8 where are you? i missed you n i hope you are well where ever you are 💙💙

  44. Mendiorsa Pie

    Mendiorsa Pie19 일 전

    Ooo he so nice that without hurting other people heart he accepts what others says and take it has a funning way

  45. My96 Moments

    My96 Moments20 일 전

    This is so off topic but Minhyun honestly looks proper like Jin and even gives off similar vibes a hyung. Likes dad jokes, plays around with his dongsaengs, good at MCing etc. And the look, their eyes, handsome face, height💓💯

  46. Fujoshi Adventures

    Fujoshi Adventures20 일 전

    For those who ddnt know, Heechul used to FRENCH KISS suju members on STAGE in some of their concerts... thts how hardcore he is

  47. Fujoshi Adventures

    Fujoshi Adventures16 일 전

    you can search it here on youtube .. "Super junior kiss onstage"

  48. BeatDroppingBeats

    BeatDroppingBeats16 일 전

    Got any.. proof ;;))

  49. anjaigirl

    anjaigirl21 일 전

    Heechul is such a sports man ! These rumors of him dating a guy since he debuted!!!!

  50. jen glenn

    jen glenn21 일 전

    Does anyone know what happened to the channel owner? They haven't posted in a long time

  51. Hanane Nouna

    Hanane Nouna20 일 전

    I've been wondering about the same thing!

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  53. i hate myself

    i hate myself22 일 전

    "i dont discriminate" "me neither" ...jonghyun you are such an angel. i still miss you, and its getting closer to that time of the year again...i still cant over you. Seeing you smile its so painful to watch now, and you are just so kind and sweet of a in peace angel.

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  56. Teddy once

    Teddy once23 일 전

    I love that song at 1.00 -1.03 but i have no idea what song ut is . Could someone help me ?

  57. OrenJi 미국오렌지 'VillageIdiotsSubs'

    OrenJi 미국오렌지 'VillageIdiotsSubs'3 일 전

    Clazziquai - She is

  58. Empty Soul

    Empty Soul23 일 전

    0:03 is that the song from UP

  59. Caroline Vasconcelos

    Caroline Vasconcelos24 일 전

    I love that he don't portrait the "Fragile masculinity". It's one of the reasons why I became his fan. And a fan of Knowing Brothers too, they joke about him being gay but don't discriminate or make homophobic jokes.

  60. Pierre Chan

    Pierre Chan24 일 전

    8:41 well he doesn't even mind being gay (referring to jin)😌

  61. Kawii Neko

    Kawii Neko24 일 전

    13:29 is fucKING ADORABLE

  62. Sude

    Sude24 일 전

    Your latest video was from 7 months ago when will you make a cb heenim 8?

  63. Georgynna Chco

    Georgynna Chco24 일 전

    14:20 who is he? 😂😂

  64. swani

    swani7 일 전

    Georgynna Chco daehwi I think is his name. From wannaone

  65. Shabana Parveen

    Shabana Parveen24 일 전

    i see kim jonghyun and literally it reminded me of harsh realities of k-pop. :(

  66. Andretikyu

    Andretikyu25 일 전

    8:41 the best wink 😍

  67. Ahmad Hakiim

    Ahmad Hakiim25 일 전

    Did you quit youtube?

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    Zariths Sofia25 일 전

    I miss your video heenim 8 😥

  69. Chichuu is Chikin Mine

    Chichuu is Chikin Mine26 일 전

    Whatever with those stupid rumors cause I love heechul from zero to everything.

  70. katy katy

    katy katy26 일 전

    12:34 so he has one

  71. Fibry Halla Fanani

    Fibry Halla Fanani26 일 전

    Where are you? I'm a bit worried but hope you're doing well. ❤️

  72. Sixthguns Rose

    Sixthguns Rose27 일 전

    I remember he said in Super TV that if others said about his rumor people think it as a joke but if the member were the one who said that people think the rumor is true 😂😂😂😂

  73. Elisabeth Lyonheart

    Elisabeth Lyonheart27 일 전

    This the man that got outgayed by a 18/19 year old. If you're curious look up Daehwi/heechul rumors

  74. little girl

    little girl28 일 전

    it's been 7 months since your last video heenim 8 . hope things are going well in your life . hwaiting !

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    saab garcilla28 일 전

    Still Love ❤️ love ❤️ and support HeechuL..

  76. 全

    29 일 전

    This channel... rest in peace ;;;;

  77. Lina Dagh

    Lina Dagh29 일 전

    What’s the name of the guy at 13:33?

  78. OrenJi 미국오렌지 'VillageIdiotsSubs'

    OrenJi 미국오렌지 'VillageIdiotsSubs'3 일 전

    Wanna One's Park Ji Hoon (박지훈)

  79. anikka erickson

    anikka erickson개월 전

    what song is playing at 4:04

  80. OrenJi 미국오렌지 'VillageIdiotsSubs'

    OrenJi 미국오렌지 'VillageIdiotsSubs'3 일 전

    Clazziquai - she is

  81. game of thrones khalisi

    game of thrones khalisi개월 전

    14:21 mic drop

  82. Teddy

    Teddy개월 전

    lool Heechul found his people in Jonghyun

  83. Teddy

    Teddy개월 전

    I had no idea there were this many rumors, that this was a thing lool

  84. Alex Bssecret

    Alex Bssecret개월 전

    r u kidding? lmao even before he debuted he went around in pink flower shirts and pretty hair, pretending to be the girlfriend of his friends (like Yunho's, poor guy lol XD), he kissed guys starting from the first shows he was on and told proudly that he's a high-maintenance person. His sexuality is nobodys business but people love him for his open-mindedness and LGBT friendly answers, he always says he doesn't discriminate people who are different

  85. Teddy

    Teddy개월 전

    loool heechul rip

  86. Narshanova Azalea

    Narshanova Azalea개월 전

    So Heechul is really a gay?

  87. KRY in 2019

    KRY in 2019개월 전

    He just close with everyone.. 😂 for both... boys and girls

  88. Mystery Secrets

    Mystery Secrets개월 전

    Daehwi and heechul are the best among the rest 😂😂

  89. Pickle Rick

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    and this is why he is my bias

  90. Kiet Kind

    Kiet Kind개월 전

    Master entertainer, future host

  91. Tomalee Waage

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    As Kpop idol, he is very talented singer, actor MC & comedian that doesn't take these rumours with humor😍😍😍

  92. 볼아해bts

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    i dont know or care what he his but he is really cool. his attitude is inspiring

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    youre not making videos anymore ??? :(

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    Jonghyun is such an angle

  95. bonafide borafate

    bonafide borafate개월 전

    Okay but DAE HWI SNAPPED!!!!!!!!! we love a confident king. And the part with sung woong the actor- oof the way he carried and kissed heechul 4:45

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    Omfg wanna one with heechul omg

  97. Kimiya multifandom

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    8:08 Ya, Kim Heechul how can you do that to our innocent JR? 😂😂😂

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    Are you okay? You’ve been inactive for so long :(

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    lol the bromance song should be playing during the whole video

  100. Jeremy Balaba

    Jeremy Balaba개월 전

    What happened to this account?

  101. Cornaire Aerial

    Cornaire Aerial개월 전

    0:59 - 1:05 what's the title?

  102. Rumeysa Yılmaz

    Rumeysa Yılmaz개월 전

    Cornaire Aerial Clazziquai - She is

  103. Jay Romasanta

    Jay Romasanta개월 전

    whats the song that plays when gay moments happen in the show? can anyone please help! =D

  104. Rumeysa Yılmaz

    Rumeysa Yılmaz개월 전

    Clazziquai-She is

  105. Kihyun's Jaira Barachina

    Kihyun's Jaira Barachina개월 전

    He's such a kind and respectful human being. And even if the rumors are true or not i'll still like him

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    last elf stand개월 전

    unnie we miss you where are you ?? why you don't upload anything ??

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    we miss your videos :(

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    8:33 if heechul and jin were boyfriends they would be the most beautiful couple ever lmao i love this moment, seokjin and his winks are the best... i'm pretty sure heechul blushed 😂💕

  110. No one has this picture of V dO tHeY??

    No one has this picture of V dO tHeY??2 개월 전

    0:37 Was that a period joke to girls because WHEEZE💀😂

  111. Tania Winda

    Tania Winda2 개월 전

    I'm into this channel♥

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    This piece was hilarious. Truly enjoyed it.

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    My cheeks hurt so much...

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    3:08 😁😁😁

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    Heyy you've been gone for a long time, i miss your videos .... hope you're alright ♡

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    Poor Heechul. Lolol.

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    what band is it at 13:33?

  118. Tascha F

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  119. SH

    SH2 개월 전

    Wanna One

  120. Sotabdi Ray

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    15:12 We love our LGBT supporting kings

  121. MultiFandom KindOfGirl

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    That‘s how you do it guys ....making money out of your scandal hahahaha

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    Where are you? 😣

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    Lmaoo "little Leeteuk" 😂😂😂😂

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    I love all the video. But ny favourite scene is Dae Hwi and Hee Chul😂😂😂😂

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    I am really missing heechul in new comeback.😭. So gonna binge watch his videos 😁

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    Who else started laughing when he took that wig off at 5:58

  128. J Lee

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    Watching this video again after watching the newest episode where Janghoon got teased as gay hahahaha 😂