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Heechul's rumors [LO SIENTO by Super Junior ft. Leslie Grace OUT NOW]


  1. heenim 8

    heenim 810 개월 전비디오-ZbB4SYJNuTo.html The show is *Knowing Bros* 0:01 episode 98 0:13 episode 52 0:29 episode 19 1:05 episode 25 2:02 episode 30 3:01 episode 40 3:26 episode 43 3:44 episode 61 4:10 episode 65 4:39 episode 72 5:09 episode 83 6:07 episode 64 7:06 episode 70 7:17 episode 91 7:29 episode 88 8:08 episode 92 8:33 episode 94 8:56 episode 95 9:17 episode 100 10:02 episode 103 10:31 episode 104 11:27 episode 105 11:52 episode 110 12:13 episode 116 12:40 episode 120 13:30 episode 122 14:30 episode 102 15:00 episode 29 15:16 episode 90 15:39 *Lo Siento* by Super Junior feat. Leslie Grace teaser The show is *Ask Us Anything* on *Men on a Mission* on Netflix and VIU

  2. Nusra Naseera

    Nusra Naseera22 일 전

    heenim 8 where are you???? It has been 9 months. I am patiently waiting for your updates. Please respond

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  4. rain. ᴗ̈

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    Dragon Ball Super Broly개월 전비디오-pXrwjBXB1n0.html lnscreve-se 👈🔔

  6. t h i c c j i m i n

    t h i c c j i m i n2 개월 전

    wow i appreciate you taking time to type all this

  7. Rushil Kothare

    Rushil Kothare31 분 전

    Just wondering, why aren't you posting any videos recently? Are you waiting for episodes to stock up again? Or are you not allowed to make these types of combo vids? Or have you just stopped?

  8. cjlee110

    cjlee11015 시간 전

    Did Kang Daniel just draw a penis on the blackboard @ 13:35?

  9. henry thomas

    henry thomas2 일 전

    heenim i miss you

  10. DesWongJK

    DesWongJK3 일 전

    still waiting for your next upload ):

  11. Artauli Elizabeth

    Artauli Elizabeth6 일 전

    11:18 queen of gay can relate.

  12. Siham

    Siham7 일 전

    Omg 10 months ago is the last time she/he uploaded.. heenim 8 are you okay?.

  13. Laura Sánchez

    Laura Sánchez9 일 전

    1:10 when the teachers tell you to hand in your homework

  14. innercircle carat

    innercircle carat9 일 전

    Kyung Hoon is really young ! I can't guess his age

  15. Bagas Ha

    Bagas Ha9 일 전

    He is 1 year younger than heechul

  16. Mr yoongi

    Mr yoongi13 일 전

    Poor heenim getting accused at rumors. I’m 90 percent sure that he creates them though

  17. Esmael -des

    Esmael -des13 일 전

    2:16 who's the girl in here again?? 😅

  18. Elena Bianca

    Elena Bianca9 일 전

    Jeon Hyebin, actress

  19. Esmael -des

    Esmael -des13 일 전

    1:48 i love those laugh

  20. Chiya Asters

    Chiya Asters13 일 전

    Tht why I miss the golden days the old kpop group, LEGENDS N KINGS LIKE BB MAKE FUN OF THEY OWN RUMOURS😂😂

  21. anne dla

    anne dla14 일 전

    Savage Sunny 😂😍😘

  22. felly fellycia

    felly fellycia19 일 전

    Miss you :(

  23. eyesmilest

    eyesmilest10 일 전

    felly fellycia do you know what happened to them?

  24. Nurul Maisarah

    Nurul Maisarah19 일 전

    Heechul : I can't stop the rumors anymore !! ELF : That's the consequences for kissing all members 😘

  25. dranieeelll tan

    dranieeelll tan23 일 전

    “Why? Are you gay?” “Really.” Heechul exposing himself



    I kinda miss this channel and the uploads of heechul.....where are you? Are u okay?

  27. SJ Trash

    SJ Trash24 일 전

    Heenim8 u okay?😕

  28. Ssamja Shin

    Ssamja Shin24 일 전

    What is the title of the song at 4:06?🐥❤️

  29. ANON San

    ANON San25 일 전

    Is that jonghyun at 15:03?

  30. Naireen Sultana

    Naireen Sultana24 일 전

    Yup that's him.

  31. ANON San

    ANON San25 일 전

    what song is playing and what kpop group? 13:40

  32. Internationally exquisite

    Internationally exquisite25 일 전

    Okay but where was everyone when leeteuk was shoving his tongue down heechul’s throat.

  33. Nana Kim

    Nana Kim27 일 전

    15:00 watching this in 2019 😭 my heart was still not ready yet

  34. Zana Eris

    Zana Eris28 일 전

    8:41 JIN. YOU. NEED. TO. FUKING. STOP. I'M--

  35. 크레이지유

    크레이지유29 일 전

    where’s heenim 8 ? :(((((

  36. s t e p h.

    s t e p h.29 일 전

    babe why haven't you been active lately :(

  37. antonella Caceres

    antonella Caceres개월 전

    15:12 aww ❤️❤️ mis dos bias

  38. antonella Caceres

    antonella Caceres개월 전

    Heechul is the best !!! 😂❤️❤️

  39. Tursiz

    Tursiz개월 전

    where did @heenim8 go? hasn't been uploading in a while

  40. KDF Kdf

    KDF Kdf개월 전

    Wow...his hair transformations. Is it naturally that curly when it grows out?

  41. KDF Kdf

    KDF Kdf개월 전

    Ha! It's cuz they can't compete with his savage jokes. The gay joke and the dozens of girlfriends are the only ones that get to him. .....wonder why?

  42. Della Inomvan

    Della Inomvan개월 전

    The moment his wig flew *05:57* Now, he ready to go to sauna 😂 love him 💜

  43. Koe MeiMeng

    Koe MeiMeng개월 전

    Where can I watch the ep1 for that show?

  44. back then

    back then22 일 전

    kshow123 i think

  45. K R

    K R개월 전


  46. Takara Kim

    Takara Kim개월 전

    *Kim Heechul invented RUMOURS!* The amount of respect I have for this man. ❤❤ He is very fearless and creative. I love him.

  47. shifu mafuya

    shifu mafuya개월 전

    05:02 i would have fainted..

  48. britishlola

    britishlola개월 전

    heenim 8 where are youuuuu 😭😭😭

  49. Meghan Hodge

    Meghan Hodge개월 전

    Who is that and from what group 14:10

  50. Bagas Ha

    Bagas Ha개월 전

    He's Daehwi from Wanna One

  51. Jordyn Jacobs

    Jordyn Jacobs개월 전

    I’m all honesty I’m not assuming I’m guessing but I can’t help but think he is pan

  52. august c

    august c개월 전

    i swear jang hoon was just writing fan fictions in his head everytime someone brought up the rumors lol

  53. Dragon Ball Super Broly

    Dragon Ball Super Broly개월 전비디오-pXrwjBXB1n0.html lnscreve-se 👈🔔

  54. Adhara Curumaco Pineda

    Adhara Curumaco Pineda개월 전

    the world needs Heechul, Ten and Jungwoo in the same room xD

  55. s23

    s23개월 전

    Heechul is the best. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🙏🙏🙏🙏👏👏👏👏👏

  56. Jennifer Landazuri

    Jennifer Landazuri개월 전

    What is the song??😕 in minute 11:11 please tell me

  57. Double S

    Double S개월 전


  58. Kelly Koh

    Kelly Koh개월 전

    Forgot that heechul is an idol LOL

  59. Megananda Septianto

    Megananda Septianto개월 전

    What song at 4:00

  60. Ash's Covers

    Ash's Covers개월 전

    Whos the guy with Heechul at 8:28?

  61. Rumeysa Yılmaz

    Rumeysa Yılmaz개월 전

    Jonghyun from Nu'est

  62. Bisami Blanche

    Bisami Blanche개월 전

    Im sorry, excuse me but Heechul looks so good with medium length hair, is it just me?I feel charmed every time.

  63. gaayside

    gaayside개월 전

    heechul seriously gets all the men

  64. MrsDanniiii

    MrsDanniiii개월 전

    I mean.. Havent you guys See the Kiss cams? And how passionate he kisses These boys? I actually think hes gay ✨

  65. xnkn0wn

    xnkn0wn개월 전

    please come back heenim 8 soon ( TT . TT )

  66. Sugamin ?

    Sugamin ?개월 전

    4:29 lmao

  67. 리아 래

    리아 래개월 전

    😂😂😂😂😂 Jihyo with the perfectly placed “...”

  68. 리아 래

    리아 래개월 전

    11:45 Heechul just casually touching Junho

  69. Cahyani Dewi

    Cahyani Dewi개월 전

    2:15 that so dramatic when he put down the cup 😂😂😂

  70. Bts Bangtan

    Bts Bangtan개월 전

    Bruh the part when Jin wink at heechul 😂😂😂😉😉😉

  71. 고지용

    고지용개월 전

    The most part i love is, when jonghyun appeared. I really love him more than i love myself. When he committed suicide, i felt it too😪

  72. Miggy Jung

    Miggy Jung개월 전

    5:03 my hearteu. my hearteu. 😍😍💓💓 I could imagine Heechul whispering it to me instead. my heartttttt💓💓💓😭😭😭😍😍😍

  73. Crystal Garcia

    Crystal Garcia개월 전

    does anyone know the song that they alwys play in the bg when they mention heechul’s rumours?

  74. Rumeysa Yılmaz

    Rumeysa Yılmaz개월 전

    Clazziquai-She is

  75. jepoken

    jepoken개월 전

    where did this channel go :C

  76. Sean Thatian

    Sean Thatian개월 전

    Where are the new vids?

  77. Mrs. Rapmonster

    Mrs. Rapmonster개월 전

    The expression he had while jin give him a wink😂😂😂 8:43 pricelesssssss...😂😂😂😂😁

  78. Ingrid Galli

    Ingrid Galli개월 전

    4:28 THAT SMIRK THO😂

  79. Vadz x 11:11

    Vadz x 11:11개월 전

    2:02 will always be funny because she was so serious and he nearly dropped that cup XD

  80. music is life

    music is life개월 전

    Sometimes, i think that it really hurts him. Cause its disgusting to comment on someones sexuality.

  81. Hello There

    Hello There개월 전

    New year but no new heenim8 video? That's not a new year worth celebrating😢

  82. Yoo Fira

    Yoo Fira개월 전

    This people is smart. He fuel it ownself to get easily close with girls😂😂yoekshii heechull!!!

  83. Rad Dead II

    Rad Dead II개월 전

    I transformed into a seal while watching this.

  84. Kara Nyxx

    Kara Nyxx개월 전

    this is making me very hard to convince myself that he is not gay

  85. Katrina

    Katrina개월 전


  86. Tori H

    Tori H개월 전

    i love him so much 🤣🤣🤣

  87. ngel

    ngel개월 전

    ofc only daehwi can withstand heechul lmaooo

  88. im beautiful

    im beautiful개월 전

    12:34 "you think I do this to my BOYFRIEND? okay heechul

  89. Sabrina Marie

    Sabrina Marie개월 전

    who are in the episode at 13:30 to 14:30

  90. Lena

    Lena개월 전

    What happened to this channel !

  91. rice cakes

    rice cakes개월 전

    i love how heechul just goes along with it!!! i love him so much hahah

  92. •Yoongay •

    •Yoongay •개월 전

    Ahhh, we love some Heenim rumors sis. *sips hobi water*

  93. Cute Li’l Mochi•Jiminiee

    Cute Li’l Mochi•Jiminiee2 개월 전

    What's the song name when they are pairing heechul with another man or woman?please answer?Jebal~😍💕😘

  94. Annisa Amalia

    Annisa Amalia2 개월 전

    Still, Heechul is the most funny and pretty idol for me.

  95. Fatira Ratri

    Fatira Ratri2 개월 전

    lots of ppl who knew how he dated/treated girls always said "hes really manly" nim like YES thats what a masculinity thats not toxic is like!!

  96. Wrinklyanimegod1988

    Wrinklyanimegod19882 개월 전

    11:05 who is she

  97. Wrinklyanimegod1988

    Wrinklyanimegod19882 개월 전

    3:11 what group is she from

  98. plain vodka

    plain vodka개월 전

    Wrinklyanimegod1988 i think from laboum (maybe)

  99. lauren Ray

    lauren Ray2 개월 전

    14:12 what group is this?

  100. plain vodka

    plain vodka개월 전

    lauren Ray its lee daehwi from wanna one

  101. jongin gf

    jongin gf2 개월 전

    I really hope you update again

  102. DesWongJK

    DesWongJK2 개월 전

    When are you going to upload again? I really love your videos😭🙏

  103. Marije

    Marije2 개월 전

    11:35 he thinking I’d tap that Same

  104. marie

    marie2 개월 전

    Ok... stop. Who is this random hot man at 4:16???

  105. plain vodka

    plain vodka개월 전

    marie his name is oh jiho. hes an actor in his 40s

  106. kamalia

    kamalia2 개월 전

    where u at I miss this channel :(

  107. Tania Winda

    Tania Winda2 개월 전

    I miss this channel uploading about Heechul:((

  108. CyjSunshine Coco

    CyjSunshine Coco2 개월 전

    When are you gonna post again?

  109. WooJinano Smol chingus

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  110. Der Maddin

    Der Maddin2 개월 전

    So, you stopped with youtube?

  111. Gabby otz

    Gabby otz2 개월 전

    Watching this while belly laughing is the hardest

  112. shruti j

    shruti j2 개월 전

    Heechul gives me life..😊😅

  113. SamBelle

    SamBelle2 개월 전

    We need a new video !!!

  114. Lane

    Lane2 개월 전

    Alternate title: The Rumor Come Out: Does Kim Heechul is Gay?

  115. Deborah

    Deborah2 개월 전

    He is just to cute

  116. Bipolar Kid

    Bipolar Kid2 개월 전

    heenim8 are u okay? u haven't been in yt for so long :( i hope ur doing fine ❤️ please atleast tell us ur doing fine :))