Heckler Misunderstands the Joke - Steve Hofstetter


  1. Steve Hofstetter

    Steve Hofstetter3 개월 전

    One, yes, I know I have put on some weight. Been battling a cold for what seems like the entire damned winter and haven't been hitting the gym as hard. And thus, gained a few pounds. How kind of some of you to remind me! Two, I am very impressed by the number of lawyers commenting here.

  2. Mr CANDY

    Mr CANDY2 시간 전

    Steve i think you might be my biological father.

  3. Lala Grace

    Lala Grace8 일 전

    Still sexy.

  4. LightlySaltedNuts

    LightlySaltedNuts2 개월 전

    @Justin Patrick What are you calling me names for? I didn't say shit about his weight I'm answering your question. Also the comment or joke itself is the low hanging fruit, not the person using it. Douche.

  5. champagne angel

    champagne angel2 개월 전

    would smash still

  6. Justin Patrick

    Justin Patrick3 개월 전

    @LightlySaltedNuts or because you're a douche. Steve is funny (actually hilarious). People who comment on other people's weight are just low hanging fruit.

  7. Jonah Rogers

    Jonah Rogers27 일 전

    I’ve wasted so many years of my life not watching. Your videos. And you were just in my city (Little Rock) before I found your shit! I’ll be here next time!

  8. tsfcancerman

    tsfcancerman2 개월 전

    Weed was prob the reason why he was recording so he can watch it at home cause when this show is over he forgot he saw it live until next day on phone

  9. CJ

    CJ2 개월 전

    Fuck Drogon 🤣

  10. Xenon VH2

    Xenon VH22 개월 전

    Daenarys Targaryen, Mother of all dragons... Steve Hofstetter, Fucker of all dragons...

  11. Stav Galon

    Stav Galon2 개월 전

    steve!!!!!!... you got out of that fuck marry kill like a boss, i would have been like "there's no right answer"... man.... peoople say you are deadly quick, this proves it

  12. Maverick Houston

    Maverick Houston2 개월 전

    My favorite part of the vid was Walter!

  13. Kepler

    Kepler2 개월 전

    Whats the deal with the grapefruit/orange slice logo? Did I miss somethin?

  14. Nathanielle Crawford

    Nathanielle Crawford2 개월 전

    I would totally marry a dragon because then I would instant transportation and an easy way to settle disputes at work. I'm not going to weigh in on the other two because I know it will bite me in the ass later.

  15. Tianna Mitchell

    Tianna Mitchell2 개월 전

    "And then I'd marry Shrek, because he's a provider" 😂😂 favorite quote from this video.

  16. StevoLolBlocks

    StevoLolBlocks2 개월 전

    I was just starting game of thrones and got spoiled that there is gonna be a dragon loll

  17. Jovita Holliday

    Jovita Holliday2 개월 전

    And clubs near Greenville SC this year man? I gotta fucking see you or i might make the Charlotte if it hasn't passed yet

  18. Adam Wood

    Adam Wood2 개월 전

    As a canadian... I...sorry i'm so high i lost my train of thought.

  19. Mangy Pubic region

    Mangy Pubic region3 개월 전

    That was fucking hilarious

  20. Josh W

    Josh W3 개월 전

    “Id still be called the dragon slayer” lol fuckin had me rollin

  21. Loki Santos

    Loki Santos3 개월 전

    Yeah, no. I'm going to film all I want thanks.

  22. Joshua Peterson

    Joshua Peterson3 개월 전

    little harsh common

  23. Each And Eberything

    Each And Eberything3 개월 전

    Do you ever have a show where people don't hemorrhage stupidity while you're trying to work?

  24. Bighappy

    Bighappy3 개월 전

    Who wouldnt kill elmo right off?

  25. Anthony Mansolilli

    Anthony Mansolilli3 개월 전

    "I'll still be called Dragon Slayer but, it'll mean something different"

  26. Jack Kousoulos

    Jack Kousoulos3 개월 전

    Does anyone believe that these hecklers bits aren't set up? I thought we solved this 2 yrs ago...

  27. Cid

    Cid3 개월 전

    invasion of privacy? You have 0 expectations of privacy in public areas, It's not "bootlegging" filming people in a public area. Its our right to film anything that is in the public eye. lawyer i am not. The law I do know, as the supreme court already said its legal. Don't need to be a lawyer to figure it out. But as that is a private establishment yes filming ppl would be illegal there with out permission. That is the law. Doesn't take a lawyer to figure that one out.

  28. Mr. Rage

    Mr. Rage3 개월 전

    Walter makes me happy

  29. Pandoras Flame

    Pandoras Flame3 개월 전

    We had the same thoughts on that FMK.

  30. Killswitch Kurtz

    Killswitch Kurtz3 개월 전

    Getting kinda fat steve..

  31. DrEffinSteamy

    DrEffinSteamy3 개월 전

    I can't believe you came to Vancouver and I didn't know. I hate driving to Vancouver, but I would have made the trip to see you perform.

  32. Art blender

    Art blender3 개월 전

    I was at this show! It was so awesome and I'm so glad I got to see you live!!!!

  33. Lanta

    Lanta3 개월 전

    Classic Steve lol you're hilarious man.

  34. C0PY CA1

    C0PY CA13 개월 전

    I never thought I was hear the words, and I quote: “Should have killed Elmo. Went the wrong way with that.”

  35. VWLZ

    VWLZ개월 전


  36. Zapdite

    Zapdite3 개월 전

    Why on earth was every location of your upcoming shows a different cut?

  37. Keith Weidner

    Keith Weidner3 개월 전

    So he doesn't have to re-record that part every time he uploads a video. He can simply remove the past shows and/or add in new ones and re-use what's still upcoming. Probably saves him a lot of time since he's usually on the road.

  38. greenghost2008_Progressive

    greenghost2008_Progressive3 개월 전

    Loved him in Wichita,

  39. AJ Wolfe

    AJ Wolfe3 개월 전

    I'd fuck Elmo because he's a plush puppet. I'd marry Drogon because then I'm a dragon rider and can then do whatever I want. And I'd kill Shrek because I aint gonna sleep with an ogre.

  40. greenghost2008_Progressive

    greenghost2008_Progressive3 개월 전

    That guy must have been high or something. Geez

  41. Balach D

    Balach D3 개월 전

    You wouldn't steal a weed. *Piracy it's a crime*

  42. theaberrantdon

    theaberrantdon3 개월 전

    The fuck, marry, kill thing was epic!

  43. Robin Floyd

    Robin Floyd3 개월 전

    Are planning to come to the UK anytime soon?

  44. aditsu

    aditsu3 개월 전

    Haha, I thought you were joking when calling Walter a potato. That's a really cute potato :)

  45. Nicolas Clark

    Nicolas Clark3 개월 전

    Went from the dragon slayer to being the dragon *slayer*

  46. panime101

    panime1013 개월 전

    I was in town the same weekend and I so wanted to go! Unfortunately I couldn’t make it. Please come to Duncan, B.C! I love your show!

  47. Bill Heuber

    Bill Heuber3 개월 전

    I went the same way on fmk!! Who doesn't want to be a dragon SLAYER?! I'm in!! Hehheh!

  48. SociallyWired

    SociallyWired3 개월 전

    You’re getting fat, Steve. Work Out!

  49. Oregrown92

    Oregrown923 개월 전

    Dude you're a legend

  50. J is Scoobysmom

    J is Scoobysmom3 개월 전

    You always make me laugh, and think. Hug Walter for us!

  51. Phil Henri

    Phil Henri3 개월 전

    I was at this show,Had so much fun, Thank you Steve!

  52. gpoop23

    gpoop233 개월 전

    High Canadian, here. Love the video, man. Honestly not sure whether I enjoy your written stuff or smooth dismantling of hecklers more.

  53. Everyday Fighter

    Everyday Fighter3 개월 전

    Usually a fan of your videos but in this set you seem cranky, stand-offish and not funny

  54. Mictlán

    Mictlán3 개월 전

    I'm only here to see Walter be adorable in the background.

  55. mikomax1001

    mikomax10013 개월 전

    its a right to film in public in canada so watch what and how you say it. at your show i dont think its a right but outside in publc is in the canadian charter of rights and freedoms

  56. DJ Syntic

    DJ Syntic3 개월 전

    FMK Darth Vader, Voldemort, Saruman the White?

  57. Josiah Colby

    Josiah Colby3 개월 전

    My girlfriend and I were trying to come up with the strangest FMK at dinner before the show, and then I remembered that you love GoT! I'm glad you enjoyed that FMK, I died laughing when you said "oh God what do I have left."