He Wasn’t Ready for the Hologram - Key & Peele


  1. AsGLeague

    AsGLeague5 시간 전

    its the chick from lucifer

  2. Gilgamesh Modinkin

    Gilgamesh Modinkin9 시간 전

    I'm Elizabeth Warren, I know what's right what's wrong and I'll crap in my Depends until it gets dun.

  3. Goldpenny1

    Goldpenny111 시간 전

    The best!!




  5. Scuinox

    Scuinox16 시간 전

    this gave me an erection

  6. Charles Carmona

    Charles Carmona21 시간 전

    We need Agent Decker THE MOVIE

  7. Baki Goku

    Baki Goku일 전

    He does the crazy eyes so well

  8. Jai K

    Jai K일 전


  9. Nw Home

    Nw Home일 전

    Ok boomer

  10. freespeechisdead isdead

    freespeechisdead isdead일 전

    A hologram is literally a laser....just FYI.

  11. Jules Juerez

    Jules Juerez일 전

    Want to see more Decker

  12. Jules Juerez

    Jules Juerez일 전

    Oooh hubba hubba

  13. BaStAgE

    BaStAgE2 일 전

    lol wtf is with the coffee




  15. Aaron 3x

    Aaron 3x3 일 전

    I wish I was high off potenuse




  17. Prodigyman

    Prodigyman3 일 전

    Dude that chick can play Sonya blade!

  18. Ora

    Ora3 일 전

    This is like watching a caveman find out about technology

  19. Really Entertaining Tours

    Really Entertaining Tours3 일 전

    His skill is an absolute disregard for reality

  20. sranzuline

    sranzuline3 일 전

    i like how she said "pretty standard these days"

  21. Rude Tha Rich

    Rude Tha Rich일 전

    sranzuline Extreme passive aggressiveness

  22. Drafonni

    Drafonni4 일 전

    For those that didn’t know, this isn’t the first skit with Decker in it koreporter.com/v/%EB%B9%84%EB%94%94%EC%98%A4-Ezg4sr67OGA.html

  23. Douglas Harley

    Douglas Harley4 일 전

    2:31 "yeah, let's zoom in on it...WWWHHHOOOAAA!!!!!!!" O_O



    0:18 Lucifer Morningstar - M-Mum?! 🤯

  25. Timo Holmquist

    Timo Holmquist4 일 전

    Tomato tomato

  26. nag hamadi

    nag hamadi4 일 전

    Decker reminds me of the gieco caveman.lol


    THE M CHANNEL4 일 전

    Hahaa bego

  28. 0ldCat

    0ldCat5 일 전

    0:30 😂😂😂 When he walks the wrong way

  29. REAL LIFE Camed

    REAL LIFE Camed5 일 전

    haven't you noticed? She wasn't wearing any necklace until Decker thrown a knife at her. :D

  30. iProdigized

    iProdigized5 일 전

    She’s the voice actor of Sonya Blade in Mortal Kombat X

  31. BLACKY

    BLACKY3 일 전

    @I am Murf that is what I was gonna say, I liked her role very much.

  32. I am Murf

    I am Murf5 일 전

    And played Lucifer's "mom"

  33. homer simpson

    homer simpson6 일 전

    They delibiretly made him look like a neanderthal

  34. Anthony Webster

    Anthony Webster6 일 전

    Key and Peele should played in cod modern warfare

  35. Armand Anthony Valde

    Armand Anthony Valde6 일 전

    Cant wait for decker v andokovich

  36. Pedro Viloria

    Pedro Viloria6 일 전

    OMG When I heard "NOT MY FIRST RODEO" I Frekn ROFLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Ryan Jeanes

    Ryan Jeanes6 일 전

    Please make a Decker movie!

  38. Jordan K

    Jordan K7 일 전

    Wait, they have Cylons now?

  39. Lorenzo von Matterhorn

    Lorenzo von Matterhorn7 일 전

    Decker is a gift that keeps on giving :)

  40. prismm xx

    prismm xx8 일 전

    Ok Boomer

  41. Snort Wassabi

    Snort Wassabi8 일 전

    Military specialist is by far the best sketches they've done

  42. WhooFlungPoo

    WhooFlungPoo8 일 전


  43. Mr Shimu

    Mr Shimu9 일 전

    Decker surviving headshot is real ...OG!!

  44. Tara Brooks

    Tara Brooks9 일 전

    O Quoth n ube j CA 8 0

  45. Super Saiyan Alex PWR

    Super Saiyan Alex PWR9 일 전

    If have a hallow gram keyboard is just as cool as this

  46. afrosoko

    afrosoko9 일 전

    I like Decca. I hope there can be more skits of him

  47. قناة ماهر maher channel

    قناة ماهر maher channel10 일 전

    So many funny things in this short video to mention

  48. crazybiscuithead

    crazybiscuithead10 일 전

    I’d act the same way if I seen this for the first time lol

  49. Fakhrul Angah Anwar

    Fakhrul Angah Anwar10 일 전

    Decker gonna likes Wakanda

  50. AC2

    AC211 일 전

    Key and peele just reposting all their old skits ....🤦‍♂️lame

  51. AC2

    AC211 일 전

    This skit is old af ? Why is everybody acting like this is new......

  52. I am Murf

    I am Murf5 일 전

    @AC2 great comeback.

  53. AC2

    AC25 일 전

    @I am Murf is my comment a big deal to you really? Like really?

  54. I am Murf

    I am Murf5 일 전

    Is it really that big of a deal to you? I mean really.

  55. AC2

    AC27 일 전

    @Zachary Thomas call it how i see it *"you're"* a sheep...get out of my comment section already bro ...and I'm pretty sure you haven't done shit in your life but respond to peoples comments SMH🤦‍♂️ ... *"you're"* the one that needs help if my comments bother you sooo much , and *"you're"* the one that needs help if a simple misspelling bothers you soo much🤔

  56. Zachary Thomas

    Zachary Thomas8 일 전

    @AC2 If you're going to act like a child and insult me, at least spell correctly. You meant to say "you're" as in you are, no "your" as in showing ownership. It is hilarious; despite the fact that I know what the Mandela effect is, I give another logical reason for the enjoyment of the video. You on the other hand, write it off as impossibility and infer that the ONLY possible reason is the Mandela effect. If that doesn't sound completely insane to you then you need to get some help. Oh and lastly, I guarantee I've done more to fight the beast system during my life than you. Instead of needlessly insulting people on youtube like you, I actually got things done at the grass roots when you were probably still attending the public fool system.

  57. dasean mordgin

    dasean mordgin11 일 전

    4 all u morons that didn't get tha coffee joke, technology has evolved so much since tha #coldwar...what,with holograms & all. He (@decker) was drinking "ICED COFFEE",thus da reason IV his last statement!! #keepupLOL

  58. Villy

    Villy11 일 전

    What is the name of the actress, she is so familiar.

  59. I am Murf

    I am Murf5 일 전

    She also played Lucifer's "mom". And played a Cylon in the rebooted Battlestar Galactica

  60. sxmurai beats

    sxmurai beats9 일 전

    Villy she’s a live version of Sonya Blade

  61. Jenna’s Aesthetic

    Jenna’s Aesthetic11 일 전

    Oh my god a snit I’ve never seen???? *What is this???*

  62. Dr. Strange

    Dr. Strange11 일 전


  63. FighterCK

    FighterCK12 일 전

    Decker and Jimenez on the same side? Bad guys beware...

  64. Bboy SolidusSnake

    Bboy SolidusSnake12 일 전

    Bruh, funniest part was when he said tometo tometo, the exact pronunciation 😂😂😂

  65. Cristi Lazar

    Cristi Lazar12 일 전

    "In my day we made coffee hot" :)))

  66. SidSid B

    SidSid B12 일 전


  67. Jazzo Vogel

    Jazzo Vogel12 일 전

    Zooming into the interior killed me so bad. He thought he was going through a wormhole. 😂😂😂

  68. Extremely Memely

    Extremely Memely13 일 전


  69. flaminanuses

    flaminanuses14 일 전

    I don't give a fuck about your war or your president.

  70. Luke Lukas

    Luke Lukas14 일 전