Harry Styles - Adore You (Live on The Graham Norton Show)




    I love this song ! Oh my goshhhh this my shit ... Harry is a genius love he album

  2. Carrie Ali

    Carrie Ali6 시간 전

    An de kine ah fren who always tryin to palm she men off on me. It mean dem eh no good like you if you eh want dem.

  3. Carrie Ali

    Carrie Ali6 시간 전

    Yes awww, de kine ah fren who go wait until i reach yuh doorstep to start gettin ready to go out. An de kine ah fren who will make wax appts an make me wait for an ooowah an more becorse you now start to set up an opum up when i reach. An de kine ah fren who go tief from me an tief my money. Fuck you an yuh tainted frenship.

  4. Carrie Ali

    Carrie Ali6 시간 전

    Yes you taught me how to hate and to not give a fuck.

  5. Carrie Ali

    Carrie Ali6 시간 전

    Fix yuh face. Is jus ah game.

  6. Carrie Ali

    Carrie Ali7 시간 전

    Do gah dogah dogah dogah dogah

  7. Carrie Ali

    Carrie Ali7 시간 전

    Ko ko ko ko tallrigh tallrigh tallrigh

  8. Carrie Ali

    Carrie Ali7 시간 전

    Start start start start yes yes yes. No means yes and stop means start.

  9. Carrie Ali

    Carrie Ali7 시간 전

    No you did not want to tell me because you were too busy playing to evum care.

  10. m g

    m g8 시간 전

    He wears one of the most weirdest clothes I've ever seen, but, surprisingly, he looks hot... Mmmmm... Interesting...

  11. Lauren Sinclaire

    Lauren Sinclaire9 시간 전

    his drummer literally kills it every damn time someone tell me this girls NAME

  12. Ess Mcdonald

    Ess Mcdonald13 시간 전

    That little look-away-head-bob ... yeah, someone totally practiced that.

  13. Electronic Battlefield

    Electronic Battlefield15 시간 전

    The real star here is that Prophet 6

  14. Stephanie Specht

    Stephanie Specht일 전

    I'm a new fan of Harry's and every video I watch makes me "adore" him more. Wow, he has heavenly vocals. I would love to see him do a Christmas album.

  15. DEMITRE Jimi

    DEMITRE Jimi일 전

    Wanna be...Bowie

  16. Unebrune

    Unebrune일 전

    I love Harry 😍😍

  17. jxannias

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  18. Faze Storm Richman

    Faze Storm Richman일 전

    For fucks sake John Wick, this isn’t what they meant when they said you should change careers.

  19. Tinker Bell19

    Tinker Bell19일 전


  20. วิทวัส คู่สุวรรณกุล

    วิทวัส คู่สุวรรณกุล일 전

    I love bass sound

  21. Ddd Nnn

    Ddd Nnn2 일 전

    awesome voice.. try some rock instead of this shit.

  22. Suzani Rodrigues

    Suzani Rodrigues2 일 전

    Wonderful ❤❤❤

  23. Alex Papayiannis

    Alex Papayiannis2 일 전

    I can't be the only who thinks Harry Styles isn't that attractive

  24. msfabulous242

    msfabulous2422 일 전

    Alex Papayiannis his beauty isn’t just in the physical. It’s his heart and the way he treats people that makes him exceptionally attractive. Have you ever seen an extremely gorgeous person with an ugly personality/character, it takes away from their beauty.

  25. fran fran

    fran fran2 일 전

    *Que* *música* , *que* *voz* , *que* *homem* 👀

  26. sarah era

    sarah era2 일 전

    His fashion craziness singing attitude is like robbie williams

  27. Well Trevisan

    Well Trevisan2 일 전

    Cool Song!

  28. Solitary Junior

    Solitary Junior3 일 전

    Hahahaha this is very good Harry

  29. Nickel

    Nickel3 일 전

    did anyone else get a Liam ad after the video lol

  30. byefelicia

    byefelicia3 일 전

    This song is lowkey about Zayn. I think Harry wished it was more than just a bromance between him and Zayn. The fish represents zayn in 1D. He took care of Zayn since the start and even handfed him . I can go on and point the subtle hint the music video of this song about zayn but its so obvious once you think of it.

  31. byefelicia

    byefelicia일 전

    @msfabulous242 it was a complicated one-way-ish street love. Harry loved Zayn as in lover but Zayn only likes Harry as in bromance. Thats why it was easier for zayn to move on because he didnt thought his relationship with Harry was more than just a bromance.

  32. msfabulous242

    msfabulous2422 일 전

    byefelicia I don’t agree but to each their own. Meanwhile Zayn is rumored to be getting engaged to Gigi and Harry is getting over a broken heart.

  33. byefelicia

    byefelicia2 일 전

    @msfabulous242 pakistans have this charming thing about them that most people would mistake for love connection. The guys over there holds hands and kisses each other as a form of greeting and bonding. This is often misinterpreted as sexual gesture in the western world. I think harry felt it that way imo .

  34. byefelicia

    byefelicia2 일 전

    @msfabulous242 it was so obvious . You can look up adore you zarry . The video breaksdown the little detail hinting about zarry relationship

  35. msfabulous242

    msfabulous2422 일 전

    Vicky Alvarez the only connection is the ‘Brown skin’ lyric which means this could be about me lol

  36. Miguel Ángel Vilariño Martínez

    Miguel Ángel Vilariño Martínez3 일 전

    This song is 80’s style... I like it. Bravo Harry. 👏

  37. Ayat Saleh

    Ayat Saleh4 일 전

    I don’t like how in the music video it sound so good but when performing live his voice is so much deeper

  38. Ayat Saleh

    Ayat Saleh4 일 전

    How come I really like how he says rainbow at 0:27

  39. Destiny Smart

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  40. Medha Singh

    Medha Singh4 일 전

    his voice and undoubtedly one of the best song of 2019

  41. Hana Sherif

    Hana Sherif4 일 전

    Isn't that so beautiful 😍❤❤

  42. Clementina Franceschi

    Clementina Franceschi5 일 전

    this is literally my favorite song. I love this so much.

  43. N M

    N M5 일 전

    Harry is amazing in so many ways........... He is what music needs.................

  44. IRIS 31

    IRIS 315 일 전

    I love it ❤️❤️❤️❤️ !!!

  45. hilary tremillo

    hilary tremillo5 일 전

    he just vibing

  46. Amanda Jorge

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  47. Jakub Baranowski

    Jakub Baranowski6 일 전

    Who is in his band?

  48. Alexis Newell

    Alexis Newell6 일 전

    Amazing lHarry talent plus Adore you ...love you have a girl band... 💥❤

  49. Galia De la fuente

    Galia De la fuente6 일 전

    I love you guy❤️

  50. Edgard Quispe Chavez

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  51. marxmartinez -

    marxmartinez -7 일 전

    this man is perfect. I would die for him, god.

  52. Sarah Gwen

    Sarah Gwen7 일 전

    Ok but the way he jams out to his own song when not singing is so amazing

  53. Jill Salinas

    Jill Salinas7 일 전

    0:46 was beautiful

  54. Cynthia Moulton

    Cynthia Moulton7 일 전

    Love him live such a fantastic voice

  55. karla Magaña

    karla Magaña7 일 전


  56. David Simpson

    David Simpson7 일 전

    Breath of fresh air in the often cynical world of music. Honest art sells too..... who knew? Make what you feel gdmit! Bravo Harry Styles!

  57. Taetaevluvu

    Taetaevluvu7 일 전

    I'm obsessed with this song. I've been listening to it at least once every day and I'm pretty sure this video's views are increasing bc of me 😂 also, the first verse is so addictive it's got me rewinding it lmao 👀 I love the way he says 🌈 in this

  58. Robert Alvarado

    Robert Alvarado7 일 전

    Eh, its alright.

  59. David L.G

    David L.G7 일 전

    Eso si, el chaval canta muy bien

  60. David L.G

    David L.G7 일 전

    Yo quiero unos pantacas como esos...😂😂😂😂

  61. It’s just Me

    It’s just Me7 일 전

    Love this song

  62. holly leigh

    holly leigh7 일 전

    since 20 fucking ten when I was 7 and watching xfactor with my mum I fell in absolute love with all the 1D boys, 10 years in I still listen to them on relate and have seen each one in concert as solos , harry is still my favourite and always will be

  63. Sushma Ghising

    Sushma Ghising7 일 전

    Harry: you don't have to love me. Fans: we love you very much.

  64. Prasant Sharma

    Prasant Sharma7 일 전

    This guy has changed my mind very drastically. Didn't think he had it in him. Fair play.

  65. Cristina Guimare

    Cristina Guimare7 일 전

    Just a friendly reminder that i got jealous over a fish to harry styles.

  66. allison pruss

    allison pruss7 일 전

    I like harry sining really good in this video with his band