Hardcore Wrestling


  1. Wesley Smith

    Wesley Smith2 일 전

    Lmao they accidentally had a cool shot at the ending there

  2. Undercooked676

    Undercooked67614 일 전

    2:18 I think the guy is bleeding.

  3. OddSockGames

    OddSockGames15 일 전

    also, the fuck did they get a ring from

  4. OddSockGames

    OddSockGames15 일 전

    fans bring the weapons and not a single fully automatic assault rifle or hell fire missile in sight. staring to think this might not be real

  5. Andrew Land

    Andrew Land18 일 전

    I mean for God's sake how hard is it to find homeless people that will actually fight each other

  6. Ryan Monahan

    Ryan Monahan26 일 전

    Was that reff the legendary fat bagz?

  7. Feenix

    Feenix개월 전

    Wrestling undead girl? Yeah, that brings back my youth...

  8. The Blackout Gameguy

    The Blackout Gameguy개월 전

    I think they forgot about the fake part of wwe

  9. coolio diablo

    coolio diablo2 개월 전

    Not gonna lie though, I’m pretty impressed with the legitimacy of that wrestling ring. Did not expect that from these hillbillies.

  10. FaZe CrAzY626

    FaZe CrAzY6262 개월 전

    I love how they out the audience facing the sun instead of away lmaoo

  11. Erik L

    Erik L2 개월 전

    Has he ever reacted to streetbeefs?

  12. axaxaxaxaxaxa

    axaxaxaxaxaxa2 개월 전

    i like it when he throws the weakest fucking kick in the history of kicks and the other guy almost fucking dies

  13. ZeroTwo

    ZeroTwo2 개월 전

    One fan brought an ar-15 fat bagz is at a big advantage

  14. FS septakaz

    FS septakaz2 개월 전

    watch street beefs

  15. Basillic

    Basillic2 개월 전

    How did wolf survive fatass's jump? He's supposed to be pancake!

  16. Adam Foraker

    Adam Foraker2 개월 전

    Someone please tell me what fat bagz intro song was lol 😂

  17. Oh Yeah Yeah

    Oh Yeah Yeah2 개월 전

    Watch streetbeefs

  18. friedrich von martens

    friedrich von martens2 개월 전

    why they all so fat

  19. Marnic Putter

    Marnic Putter2 개월 전

    this is cancer

  20. Dank Jesus

    Dank Jesus2 개월 전

    This guy, knows EVERYTHING about ALL references

  21. THOTH

    THOTH2 개월 전

    I like how theres 15 likes and 10 dislikes. Apparently they only have 5 fans

  22. George Jensen

    George Jensen2 개월 전

    I want to change my KOreporter feed to copy cr1tikal's exactly. I imagine there is some absolute gold that KOreporter is hiding.

  23. Alex Povich

    Alex Povich2 개월 전

    You have to react to the wrestler New Jack

  24. Zach Baringer

    Zach Baringer2 개월 전

    This is hard to watch lol.. but I had a good time.. and that’s not shit on my shirt haha

  25. Aaron Preedy

    Aaron Preedy2 개월 전

    I'm friends with fat bagz he's a nice guy

  26. Eren Dreemurr

    Eren Dreemurr2 개월 전

    4:24 Arin Hanson is the ref 😂

  27. Kevinator _

    Kevinator _2 개월 전

    Welcome to the middle of nowhere nothing to do u.s.a.

  28. Javier Santacruz

    Javier Santacruz2 개월 전

    Watch ESW Backyard Wrestling pleaseee

  29. Christopher Brooks

    Christopher Brooks2 개월 전

    3:02 was the best part he actually got elbowed haha

  30. Just Reaper Gaming

    Just Reaper Gaming2 개월 전

    And the crowd goes mild!

  31. Ian James

    Ian James2 개월 전

    This is better than wwe

  32. Jacob Cass

    Jacob Cass2 개월 전

    I Call that Cringefest

  33. pure luck, no skill

    pure luck, no skill2 개월 전

    why are always so many children around

  34. Cora Bloxies

    Cora Bloxies3 개월 전

    This looks like something that would be part of The Office

  35. Lofish Music

    Lofish Music3 개월 전

    I could swear that fat bags is someone I know!

  36. Zach Baringer

    Zach Baringer2 개월 전

    I get that a lot

  37. James Wright

    James Wright3 개월 전

    Does anyone know when this was streamed on TwitchTV?

  38. Johnny Clash

    Johnny Clash3 개월 전

    When he hit that kid I lost it loool...

  39. Matt Davis

    Matt Davis3 개월 전

    These guys are acting like drunk John Marston

  40. Mike Cheresne

    Mike Cheresne4 개월 전

    I would rather pay to listen to your commentary than to watch one of these shity ass wrestling matches! Watching two female dogs hump is way more exciting than the bullshit these guys were doing

  41. Only With Buts

    Only With Buts4 개월 전

    Don't worry guys, the toddler is there to ensure it's " Kid Friendly " All according to the plan!

  42. Nabil El Maniaa

    Nabil El Maniaa4 개월 전

    The blood isn't fake at least

  43. Breathe?

    Breathe?4 개월 전

    everyone is a G until you dig up the undead woman to wrestle

  44. ThrustMe

    ThrustMe4 개월 전

    The one with blood on their face should be called Period Face. I'm still waiting on the killer clown, Needles Kane.

  45. Carl Mangiameli

    Carl Mangiameli4 개월 전

    0:57 My mans has the double beer

  46. george kern

    george kern4 개월 전

    So fake and stupid lol

  47. KingBlue

    KingBlue4 개월 전

    This is actually how they appoint public officals in some counties. Wolf's championship makes him both Chief of Police and Senior Midwife.

  48. Sgt.Barnie’s Lonely Hearts club band

    Sgt.Barnie’s Lonely Hearts club band4 개월 전

    We need more

  49. Someone

    Someone5 개월 전

    0:45 poor kid in orange shirt, didn’t get a handshake

  50. Chthonian121

    Chthonian1215 개월 전

    The Pre-show to AEW All Out looks amazing

  51. Nedsketit

    Nedsketit5 개월 전

    React to street beefa

  52. Sabin Figaro

    Sabin Figaro5 개월 전

    Bring out the Green Bastard!! Other than that, this makes me sad...

  53. Ricardo Ronaldo

    Ricardo Ronaldo5 개월 전

    0:48 kid in yellow gives up on his high five, losing his will to study hard and go to college

  54. TheKayasto

    TheKayasto5 개월 전

    so this is what a family reunion looks like in alabama.

  55. Night Sky

    Night Sky5 개월 전

    Leaked footage from KH3 ReMind dlc

  56. Monkey Ninja

    Monkey Ninja5 개월 전

    This on acid is great

  57. Zack4343

    Zack43435 개월 전

    You got monetized on this one, congratulations.

  58. Taylor Hope

    Taylor Hope5 개월 전

    Fat bags looks like a fat Jake Paul

  59. The Don

    The Don5 개월 전

    Fat bagz looks like he would try to sell a cop in uniform methadone

  60. Zach Baringer

    Zach Baringer2 개월 전

    The Don fat bagz might be a crack head but he’s no methhead haha

  61. Chairdolf Sitler

    Chairdolf Sitler5 개월 전

    I feel like all of these men are alternate versions of diary of a wimpy kid Greg if he never stopped eating to get heavier to wrestle

  62. GWR C

    GWR C5 개월 전

    You came in the wrong neighborhood FOOL