Hardcore Wrestling


  1. Mike Cheresne

    Mike Cheresne2 일 전

    I would rather pay to listen to your commentary than to watch one of these shity ass wrestling matches! Watching two female dogs hump is way more exciting than the bullshit these guys were doing

  2. Only With Buts

    Only With Buts11 일 전

    Don't worry guys, the toddler is there to ensure it's " Kid Friendly " All according to the plan!

  3. Nabil El Maniaa

    Nabil El Maniaa14 일 전

    The blood isn't fake at least

  4. Breathe?

    Breathe?18 일 전

    everyone is a G until you dig up the undead woman to wrestle

  5. ThrustMe

    ThrustMe19 일 전

    The one with blood on their face should be called Period Face. I'm still waiting on the killer clown, Needles Kane.

  6. Carl Mangiameli

    Carl Mangiameli20 일 전

    0:57 My mans has the double beer

  7. george kern

    george kern21 일 전

    So fake and stupid lol

  8. KingBlue

    KingBlue21 일 전

    This is actually how they appoint public officals in some counties. Wolf's championship makes him both Chief of Police and Senior Midwife.

  9. Adam Palomino 2

    Adam Palomino 222 일 전

    We need more

  10. Boo Steeb

    Boo Steeb24 일 전

    0:45 poor kid in orange shirt, didn’t get a handshake

  11. Chthonian121

    Chthonian12124 일 전

    The Pre-show to AEW All Out looks amazing

  12. Nedsketit

    Nedsketit24 일 전

    React to street beefa

  13. Sabin Figaro

    Sabin Figaro25 일 전

    Bring out the Green Bastard!! Other than that, this makes me sad...

  14. Ricardo Ronaldo

    Ricardo Ronaldo25 일 전

    0:48 kid in yellow gives up on his high five, losing his will to study hard and go to college

  15. TheKayasto

    TheKayasto28 일 전

    so this is what a family reunion looks like in alabama.

  16. Night Sky

    Night Sky28 일 전

    Leaked footage from KH3 ReMind dlc

  17. Monkey Ninja

    Monkey Ninja29 일 전

    This on acid is great

  18. Zack4343

    Zack434329 일 전

    You got monetized on this one, congratulations.

  19. Taylor Hope

    Taylor Hope29 일 전

    Fat bags looks like a fat Jake Paul

  20. The Don

    The Don개월 전

    Fat bagz looks like he would try to sell a cop in uniform methadone

  21. Chairdolf Sitler

    Chairdolf Sitler개월 전

    I feel like all of these men are alternate versions of diary of a wimpy kid Greg if he never stopped eating to get heavier to wrestle

  22. GWR

    GWR개월 전

    You came in the wrong neighborhood FOOL

  23. Meme Juice

    Meme Juice개월 전

    Are you sure you didn't mean hardcore library? The audience is pretty fucking quiet

  24. Laced

    Laced개월 전

    what a cool sport

  25. Max Donovan

    Max Donovan개월 전

    0:57 my man be drinking from a double can cmon now

  26. Jordan Forehand

    Jordan Forehand개월 전

    Get fat bagz to CZW now

  27. JP1337mod

    JP1337mod개월 전

    Ive actually been to a fans bring the weapons match That my uncle was in

  28. Ethan Armitage

    Ethan Armitage개월 전

    That accidental elbow to the face at 3:00 has me dead

  29. Michael Alejandro

    Michael Alejandro개월 전

    I wish critikal would replace Corey Graves on Raw

  30. Ben O’Neill

    Ben O’Neill개월 전

    The sexual tension between wolf and fat bagz was palpable

  31. isaiahdude21

    isaiahdude21개월 전

    The biggest yikes

  32. Bill Joe

    Bill Joe개월 전

    “Double acting gum”... god damn your validity in chirping then goes right down the drain when you fuck something up that badly lol

  33. Ubert

    Ubert개월 전

    Fat bagz a goat

  34. Mark Kouznetsov

    Mark Kouznetsov개월 전

    Grown up star wars, after they break their light sabers

  35. tofugoast

    tofugoast개월 전

    I would love to see Charlie actually in the audience at one of these “events”

  36. Cameron Archer

    Cameron Archer개월 전

    Hes gonna keep up this publicity and they'll eventually be able to sell out the lawn chair sections

  37. Cracked Emerald

    Cracked Emerald개월 전

    Chuck Wood's son: Yeet Planks

  38. Daniel Moreno

    Daniel Moreno개월 전

    Tbh this looks more interesting than WWE

  39. N O S T A L G I C

    N O S T A L G I C개월 전

    “Shit stain on his shirt”😂

  40. Galvic Online

    Galvic Online개월 전

    Why are there so many kids at this event?

  41. Liam Wright

    Liam Wright개월 전

    America outside the cities and the suburbs

  42. patrick barney

    patrick barney개월 전

    Flying cars they said, live on differnet planets they said.

  43. DK7K

    DK7K개월 전

    3:57 The champ takes it to another level with a surprise home run swing

  44. Mordecai The Awesome BlueJay

    Mordecai The Awesome BlueJay개월 전

    Fat Bagz looks like a now homeless man who's only in this match for the money

  45. Get me 169 subs and I will reveal something

    Get me 169 subs and I will reveal something개월 전

    This is one of the main reasons I moved to Canada.

  46. BeenJamin66

    BeenJamin66개월 전

    I thought his name was fat bagel at first

  47. Trainsguy

    Trainsguy개월 전

    “Wresting dead girl”

  48. gö

    개월 전

    Fat bags didn’t realize that Fingerless Gloves Wolf requires two deathblows instead of one

  49. TheGameMakeGuy

    TheGameMakeGuy개월 전

    Have you seen actual hardcore wrestling were they hammer nails in heads and shit

  50. Satdat

    Satdat개월 전

    This dude Brought Out the FINGERLESS Gloves

  51. jsmpsnn

    jsmpsnn개월 전


  52. gman2015

    gman2015개월 전

    The second guy has a knock off DBZ theme song lol.

  53. Brian Lyers

    Brian Lyers개월 전

    Please stop posting videos where your hair were short we get worried

  54. Kieran Kieran

    Kieran Kieran개월 전

    at this level what's the point having a referee

  55. His Honor Royston Smellyshaft

    His Honor Royston Smellyshaft개월 전


  56. Mariea Kunoichi

    Mariea Kunoichi개월 전

    i could smell fatbagz thru the screen

  57. Chuck Norris

    Chuck Norris개월 전

    On the next episode. Fat bags has had enough *pumped up kicks starts playing*

  58. Yoshi4d

    Yoshi4d개월 전

    Watch BJW Hardcore Deathmatches

  59. Laundry Basket

    Laundry Basket개월 전

    When fat bagz jumps he does splash damage

  60. 3minati

    3minati개월 전

    fat bagz threw that damn crutch far as hell