Gutfeld: The better Trump does, the more insane the left acts


  1. Kanley West

    Kanley West18 시간 전

    I'm perfectly fine with a fern plant as the real president of the U.S. Not kidding, that's our reality now.

  2. Harry Gaul

    Harry Gaul일 전

    Gutfeld is funny. Hillary Clinton says " the Democratic candidate is a Favorite of the Russians!!!"

  3. NewtNukem

    NewtNukem일 전

    I like Donald Trump's forward, mic Drop kinda ways. TRUMP 2020, FACTS win...

  4. speedy

    speedy3 일 전

    More proof God has a sense of humour. Schiff for the shiftiest dude I've ever seen.

  5. 250rochelle

    250rochelle3 일 전

    The best show ever !!! That guy really looks like that lying sleaze ball stiff neck shift !

  6. Robert Kotal

    Robert Kotal4 일 전

    The middle east for more than 3,000 years has been a mess

  7. Sunny Day

    Sunny Day4 일 전

    I hit LIKE before I watch 😂😂. Good to have something to cheer us up ! You couldn’t make this up if you tried !

  8. Glenda Killough

    Glenda Killough5 일 전

    I was just thinking the same thing about them all being on the same drug.

  9. Logan Ainsworth

    Logan Ainsworth6 일 전

    "well maybe we have a better president than you do" every time he speaks i begin to like him more and more

  10. Geoff Shaw

    Geoff Shaw6 일 전

    I wonder if you pitched a bucket of water over Hillary,would she begin to melt like The Wicked Witch in THE WIZARD OF OZ?

  11. Happy Camper

    Happy Camper6 일 전


  12. Athena Millay

    Athena Millay6 일 전

    Hillary is so bent on making the Russians the scape goat for everything! She's stuck in the 60s! It's sad that she is so lacking in self awareness.

  13. Lino Faiumu

    Lino Faiumu6 일 전

    And that is why we love your President Trump from here in NZ

  14. iga boa

    iga boa7 일 전

    YES "impeachment appears as staged, managed production (as in the: movies)! In last decades ONE president Donald John Trump: triad to restore our nation and peace on the world, and for this reason He was constantly attacked, because He wasn't as previous one for: fame, money or gossips, but He truly worked hard to benefit American people. Well this wasn't in interest of previous money hungry deceptive leaders, so they use their deceptions to "impeached him based on their own dishonest statements". They (where they came from, who raised them?) are confused and also very envious of LOVE, which Trump receives from people People got use to trust AIR MEDIA and worship Talk Shows Hosts of Celebrities (Hollywood), YET MOST PEOPLE are WISER and MORE TALENTED, as you can see on: accomplishments of honest president Trump, his honorable kids, their trustworthy supporters, and look in the mirror: you are one of them (most likely).

  15. Toby Swofford

    Toby Swofford7 일 전

    Dumbass Democrats are completely unhinged and batshit crazy.

  16. Petie Stewart

    Petie Stewart7 일 전

    did you see President Trumps little smile heheheee i love him , we have the BEST POTUS EVER

  17. Christine T

    Christine T8 일 전


  18. cybrscot

    cybrscot9 일 전

    Hillary should do cougar porn

  19. cybrscot

    cybrscot9 일 전

    LOL Fareed Z, just because he's a smart internationalist he thinks he can redefine words.

  20. Julpepsi fortold of in the Bible Repent

    Julpepsi fortold of in the Bible Repent9 일 전

    Maybe we hAve a Better president than you

  21. Master Wong

    Master Wong9 일 전








  24. NY Giants 4 life

    NY Giants 4 life9 일 전

    On the same script or on the same drug lol smdh I never heard it put that way wow so funny

  25. Ford Mustang

    Ford Mustang9 일 전

    “Maybe we have a better president than you”....bahahahahahaha love you President Trump!!!!! KAGA 2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸!!!

  26. Rob Keyes

    Rob Keyes10 일 전

    What a bunch of f**Ken morons. They all need a psych eval

  27. David Zalek

    David Zalek10 일 전

    I'm not a hater but, I loathe the Democrats and I thank God for opening my eyes and mouth to share my love of our beloved president Donald Trump #2020👍👍👍👌☺️

  28. Robert Krump

    Robert Krump11 일 전

    Go get'em gutfeld

  29. alexander engdahl

    alexander engdahl11 일 전

    SO TRUE!!

  30. CHARLES Parr

    CHARLES Parr12 일 전

    I think Hillary should form a third party. Then we'll know who really are the craziest!

  31. Love Being a Wife

    Love Being a Wife13 일 전

    LOVE your videos!!!!

  32. Rita Revell

    Rita Revell13 일 전

    I thought these were suppose to be debates, when do we get to hear what these dip wads plan to do do for the U.S.A. So far all we hear from the Dem/Socialist party, is Trump Trump Trump.

  33. Esteban Lopez

    Esteban Lopez14 일 전

    Donald Trump song donald donald Trump's Trump's Donald Trump Go keep America great again beautiful Day.

  34. Justin Walker

    Justin Walker14 일 전

    Awesome show

  35. HA RUST

    HA RUST14 일 전

    Hillary Clinton is a GOP and Russian asset, she is working for both of the Republicans and the Russians. This was clear in the 2016 elections when she helped solidify President Trump’s successful campaign.

  36. Paul Csuhta

    Paul Csuhta14 일 전

    Is President Trump just the greatest !

  37. Paul McGhee

    Paul McGhee14 일 전

    BOOM... and Trump hits the dab like Mia Khalifa ....LOL

  38. John Lee

    John Lee14 일 전

    I thought bug eyed monsters came from Mars, then I saw Schiff... He's freakin' *scary*.

  39. Doug Wagner

    Doug Wagner14 일 전

    They the democrats are trying to divert that they have infiltrated the US for years brainwashing our youth to follow their socialist ways which is a nice word for communism where has that worked kiddo's?

  40. Doug Wagner

    Doug Wagner14 일 전

    We are are a republic?

  41. Marcy Smith

    Marcy Smith14 일 전

    Gutfeld!! You’re too funny 😂

  42. The Jason

    The Jason14 일 전

    We the people will landslide those voting booths in November...

  43. The Jason

    The Jason14 일 전

    We invited the french to win the American revolution, and we used it to build the Constitution of the United States. I took an Oath to the Constitution I don't care who helps me uphold it....

  44. Terry Tablet

    Terry Tablet15 일 전

    Greg you conservatives don't understand humour 😆💩

  45. Tim K

    Tim K15 일 전

    this is such a great spot

  46. me

    me15 일 전

    Derzhi rossiyu rossiyu velikoy, comrades.

  47. Blu€D@c0l0r

    Blu€D@c0l0r15 일 전

    So Ross Perrot was a russian asset that elected Bill Clinton.

  48. YCE

    YCE15 일 전

    That one womans laughing makes up for the rest of the silence on the dead jokes

  49. Donnie Young

    Donnie Young15 일 전

    The democrats running are either...A) Blithering Idiots. B) Evil as Sin. C) On Drugs. D) or All the Above..... Any answer could be taken to the square root if needed (This is only used to pronounce emotional and mental disgust ).

  50. Pale Moogle

    Pale Moogle15 일 전

    Tulsi & jil just aren't crazy enough for the left

  51. Larry Loewen

    Larry Loewen15 일 전

    You made me laugh and that’s hard to do because I live in Western Canada

  52. Caren Allen

    Caren Allen16 일 전

    Trump will run away with the race...that’s the only reason for this crazy impeachment

  53. Lori Cataldi

    Lori Cataldi16 일 전

    Criminal Trump has done nothing! Except up the deficit 66%! He's the bigglest failure!

  54. Dana Webb

    Dana Webb16 일 전

    They always use the Russians as a bogyman.

  55. JoeU54

    JoeU5416 일 전

    LMAO! I LOVE The Schiff skits! Keep em coming!



    Would LOVE to have a president with the balls of Trump. From Costa Rica, best wishes to the US

  57. Nathaniel Smith

    Nathaniel Smith17 일 전

    Trump 2088

  58. George Johnson

    George Johnson17 일 전

    This was funny stuff great entertainment keep it up and I will keep watching.

  59. Kenneth Besig

    Kenneth Besig17 일 전

    President Trump is great!

  60. gary webb

    gary webb17 일 전

    Trump is a force of nature. Rolling Thunder. Hell on Wheels. He said Wam Bam an get the hell out Hillary. She is a bonafide but. All the so called smart men who bet there millions on her made a bad bet. All because the knew she could be bought an manipulated. Her on the inside an Bill working the outside. Bad bet guys. So is Biden an Warren. Save your money. The horse to bet on is Tulsi. But she might be to smart for you. An doesn't want to keep wars going. Dam. Not looking good for the Deep State players. Hmm!