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  1. Psfan101 Studios

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    Hey it's big chungus

  2. Star SFM

    Star SFM3 일 전

    This show's comedy is really good so that's talking why is the best show in CN, keep doing good work! :)

  3. Nathan Rodriguez

    Nathan Rodriguez3 일 전

    Huh a corn with a dog I call that a corn dog ha get it?

  4. KingzillaPlayzLive

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    3:51 (IT CHAPTER 2 SPOILERS) spider stanley vs richie

  5. Tiffany Hu

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  6. LLama Tales

    LLama Tales7 일 전

    *"and my reward for dieting"*

  7. MK22 Studios

    MK22 Studios9 일 전

    Who got the Jurassic World reference tho

  8. Fin The Orca

    Fin The Orca12 일 전

    3:50 SCP 173 Gumball: Breach!! Edit: I noticed he said fridge.

  9. Arianaswolrd Majesty

    Arianaswolrd Majesty13 일 전

    3:12 scp foundation in a nutshell

  10. MatiasJrYT

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  11. Deborah Sambi

    Deborah Sambi13 일 전

    the punny the bright lights and the other hand i the frog full m"ovie. this will help me wi'th fewa minutes .the first one of our refurbished to be a problem with my family and the other hand in my life

  12. Super Mario Minecraft Jesson

    Super Mario Minecraft Jesson14 일 전

    Is it ironic I got an ad for quizzing yourself on the keto diet before this video?

  13. Blue_Cloud XD

    Blue_Cloud XD14 일 전

    Did anyone else think the car was going up and down cause Richard was inside it?😂🤣

  14. amazing_fudge :P

    amazing_fudge :P14 일 전

    Richard ❌ Rikard ❌ Richardio ✅

  15. Tj Gamemode

    Tj Gamemode15 일 전

    No Richard is not on a diet

  16. Bubbly editz

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    Mmm, was night. MN.hiko Kapri

  17. E Ra

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    Let’s go to the store BUT YOU JUS- nvm me bourd

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    The kings and queens of skinny,

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    Love it

  22. Booming EVILS

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    S A I L A R D

  23. Alexander Agcaoili

    Alexander Agcaoili19 일 전

    The last time he was this fat he ate a burger from every joyful burger in Elmore

  24. The Bloody wolf lol

    The Bloody wolf lol19 일 전

    I love your show I’ve been watching since the beginning 2011 you’ve entertained me for years I love tawog and the characters on there pls make a movie I would cry if you didn’t

  25. Animegurl1 Blackbutler

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    Fish Finger and Night Towel ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  26. Reese1105092018 Dancin Shove bOy

    Reese1105092018 Dancin Shove bOy19 일 전

    2:00 before the car falls sideways, gumball is in the backseat, but when during the car is falling sideways, he's in the front.

  27. Shauna Soete

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    The hungry 😋 is w

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  30. just under average

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    Richert is DUMMY THICC

  31. Ava Daege

    Ava Daege21 일 전

    Did anyone know that Richard has eyelashes!

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  33. Little Bit

    Little Bit21 일 전

    Who noticed Darwin is 9 they are 3 years apart when gumball got Darwin Darwin was born and gumball was 3 in a half

  34. Dirty Deeds

    Dirty Deeds22 일 전

    Richard’s face when he gets in the car is hilarious!!!🤣🤣🤣

  35. Super saiyan 2 Shallot

    Super saiyan 2 Shallot22 일 전

    There is nothing that I’m more glad of than eating am not fat btw

  36. Yep it’s Avin

    Yep it’s Avin22 일 전

    Nobody: My gym teacher: 1:49

  37. Emma Thornhill

    Emma Thornhill22 일 전

    1:06 RICHARD!!!!! You can do MATH?!!!!!

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  39. beth foor

    beth foor22 일 전

    3:42 Top 1 scary nightmares Hamburger

  40. Diego's Legos

    Diego's Legos23 일 전

    3:18 Darwin: All quiet here, Night Towel. Gumball: It’s Night Owl! Me: 😂

  41. Xenom

    Xenom23 일 전

    Pleaseeeee new episodes I enjoy every second watching Gumball

  42. Michael Jackson Vlogs

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  43. Nataly Amir

    Nataly Amir23 일 전

    That's a totally awesome diet Mr. Watterson

  44. Ed SkyNight

    Ed SkyNight23 일 전

    So was that bit where Richard was locked up supposed to be a parody of Alien?

  45. Carsforever 5

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    Richard: aaaaauauauauaauauuuuuuauauauauauuauauauauaua Captions: Music

  46. Jackieabxxcv Hutchinson

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    Terrible service and the staff

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    Im watching gumball now its this episode

  48. Drelyn Smalls

    Drelyn Smalls23 일 전

    Cheese toilet paper? Really.

  49. Sonic and Ben 10 fan 2019

    Sonic and Ben 10 fan 201924 일 전

    Keep making videos I pretend this series never end

  50. Randome Guy Vlogs and stuff

    Randome Guy Vlogs and stuff24 일 전

    Darwin:Hay mister dad like your new role neck sweater Richard:I’m not wearing a role Neck Gumball:Oh it’s your actual neck role Me:R.O.F.L

  51. Ya Wee

    Ya Wee24 일 전

    My dad looks like Richard

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  56. Ayah Asad

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    2:13 Every kid using google to help them with their math homework

  57. M T

    M T24 일 전

    Wait...... If there is no food in the fridge how did gumball and darwin get their milk!?!

  58. DatFortniteDuck l

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    Like to give Richard a burger

  59. Jhonny Phyo Rebecca

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    Mr dad is fat

  60. Caden Nadeau

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    Welcome back to another episode of *WHY IS THIS IN MY RECOMMENDED SECTION*

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