Groups Day 8 | 2019 World Championship


  1. Ragab Bankato

    Ragab Bankato개월 전


  2. David Turner

    David Turner개월 전


  3. Juan Darío Hernández

    Juan Darío Hernández개월 전

    5:10:21 That Joker laughter, though...

  4. Frontbattles

    Frontbattles개월 전

    I wanna beat wako in the face for chewing with his mouth open

  5. Violetto Chan

    Violetto Chan개월 전

    Where's RNG bro?

  6. Wenjun Ning

    Wenjun Ning개월 전

    How funny would it be when you have three teams in quarter finals but none make it out? omegalul IG was the one out of the three last year from LPL but the other two omegaluled and failed. IG Somehow 3:0 FNC in the end... Hopefully its a good yr for EU lol.

  7. parallax univers

    parallax univers개월 전

    Sounds like a bet !

  8. David Burnworth

    David Burnworth개월 전

    Dude has a bad game, and everyone is up in arms about it. It's na did any one really think we'd get out of these groups this year.and even if we did no chance in winning.

  9. Jimmy C

    Jimmy C개월 전

    Pick/Bans: -2015- BKT / SKT 25:05 AHQ / IG 1:45:27 TL / DG 2:43:42 TL / AHQ 3:39:43 DG / IG 4:34:58 DG / AHQ 5:29:20 IG / TL 6:21:33 Game: -2015- BKT / SKT 32:42 AHQ / IG 1:51:22 TL / DG 2:50:34 TL / AHQ 3:46:48 DG / IG 4:40:21 DG / AHQ 5:34:14 IG / TL 6:29:15

  10. noah weinand

    noah weinand21 일 전

    Jimmy C you're a god among men

  11. keysuke

    keysuke개월 전

    Thank you so much

  12. Dimitrios Koutsoumpakidis

    Dimitrios Koutsoumpakidis개월 전

    When are the Finals?

  13. benedictoe

    benedictoe개월 전

    Lol even mithy made it to worlds without TSM HAHAHA

  14. よしなつ

    よしなつ개월 전

    sure a cancer team could win any match up thanks DWG for testify that

  15. Shocker

    Shocker개월 전

    NA = Not Advance

  16. Rémi Busseuil

    Rémi Busseuil개월 전

    Do you guys like this season? Watching people getting one shot all other the place with no skills involved... Sorry not for me

  17. Kelvosaurus

    Kelvosaurus개월 전

    The shy is crazy good! He shouldve join Damwon.. I think the shy and showmaker duo could be really big..

  18. ᄒᄃᄅ

    ᄒᄃᄅ개월 전

    Nuclear destroyed NA

  19. Chris Ott

    Chris Ott개월 전

    (Not a fan of any team) - Team Liquid, thank you for the interesting picks with Anivia and Scion. Interesting picks are always good. They are the reasons to watch. But why'd you have to tilt in the dragon pit. ugh.

  20. FuzzySlays

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  21. orange rice

    orange rice개월 전


  22. William Li

    William Li개월 전


  23. Chuckle Chan

    Chuckle Chan개월 전

    06:06:00 I found the spitting Teemo Guy hahaha

  24. 무지님

    무지님개월 전

    1:24:23 bgm what name?

  25. Nguyen Rosie

    Nguyen Rosie개월 전

    roses are red violets are blue there's always an asian that better than you dont worry, an asian team will win worlds

  26. Nguyen Rosie

    Nguyen Rosie개월 전

    @Adrian Caine yeah, in your dream

  27. Adrian Caine

    Adrian Caine개월 전

    Roses are red Violets are blue The 2019 world's champions are named G2 don't worry, last year the chinese won this year europeans already won MSI and will win worlds

  28. hiten84

    hiten84개월 전

    5:07:39 Damwon vs IG Baron fight

  29. Alex Krasowski

    Alex Krasowski개월 전

    Rip splyce

  30. lins

    lins개월 전

    I was really rooting got TL but not mad at all they lost their games. They play bad :/. I mean, bot was good, but I’m really disappointed with xmithie and jersen’s performance.

  31. Link You

    Link You개월 전

    griffin vs ig , the big wall for them is the shy, sword cant definitely match up to him

  32. Third World Party

    Third World Party개월 전

    Reckless really likes gum.

  33. Michael Harley

    Michael Harley개월 전

    It helps to relieve stress.

  34. Hiền Phạm

    Hiền Phạm개월 전


  35. rickenbacker40011

    rickenbacker40011개월 전

    They shoulda went into the alcove

  36. Mackenzie Perrault

    Mackenzie Perrault개월 전

    Haha qt

  37. Jomar Marfil

    Jomar Marfil개월 전

    Team Liquid Update please 😂😂

  38. IDharok

    IDharok개월 전

    Why anivia why

  39. Nuraby _

    Nuraby _개월 전

    4 out of NA's 5 wins were against LMS, a region with no infrastructure, no money, a tiny playerbase, and after this year, no LMS. NA would be a wild card if it wasn't for Riot propping them up.

  40. PokeKid5000

    PokeKid5000개월 전

    @DanteLovesPizza lmao OK miss thing

  41. DanteLovesPizza

    DanteLovesPizza개월 전

    @PokeKid5000 I'm not butt hurt in the slightest; I'm speaking the truth. You're the one who felt offended by the truth and decided to have a go.

  42. PokeKid5000

    PokeKid5000개월 전

    @DanteLovesPizza idk why ur butthurt so badly

  43. DanteLovesPizza

    DanteLovesPizza개월 전

    @PokeKid5000 Point is, it was never Asia vs Europe. Europe was never a contender, most of the time they only managed to make more progress because they drew weaker teams for the quarter-final match up, allowing them to reach semi-finals which quickly gets seen through when they get booted out in semi-finals, hence not making it to finals most of the time, hence my comment regarding final match ups. I can read fine, you're the one who can't read or spell, and lacks logic, hence can't deduce what I meant, which makes perfect sense, because the only thing you have is trisomy 21.

  44. lostn65

    lostn65개월 전

    NA Week 2 strikes again.

  45. Prince Of Greece

    Prince Of Greece개월 전

    If anything this game right here proves my point ive been saying about Jensen for years now. Hes garbage under pressure, he chokes in a lot of big games more often than not. Im sure TL will be looking for a new mid next season lmao

  46. Colonel J

    Colonel J개월 전

    Imagine if bjerg didn't re-sign with TSM and join TL...

  47. Alex Wu

    Alex Wu개월 전

    I think RNG need Bjerg more.

  48. Harold P

    Harold P개월 전

    Analyst & casters are so EU! I wanna see them crushed.

  49. Harold P

    Harold P개월 전

    One down!

  50. jaidsalgado

    jaidsalgado개월 전

    I will no longer watch worlds since NA is gone at group stage 😢😥😢😥😢

  51. Skyshadow1

    Skyshadow1개월 전

    Be happy cloud 9 last year saved NA from being wild card region next year or the following one.

  52. The Sky Walker

    The Sky Walker개월 전

    farewell, im sure you will be missed :D

  53. Todd Y W

    Todd Y W개월 전

    How could Jensen be so bad?He was like torn apart by Rookie completely,he didn't make tl a better team in world in this year

  54. Mackenzie Perrault

    Mackenzie Perrault개월 전

    Wasn't nearly as bad as their jungle

  55. Hawks

    Hawks개월 전

    Jensen is what held C9 back and he is now what's holding TL back. I can't understand how people think he is top 2 in NA. It's pretty obviously not. He's probably 3rd or 4th with a pretty big gap between the top 2 and him.

  56. abul hashim

    abul hashim개월 전

    6:03:33 when you realize you're not good enough.