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Greatest Hits Golden Oldies - 50's, 60's & 70's Best Songs (Oldies but Goodies)


  1. Music For Memory

    Music For Memory3 개월 전

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  2. raffaella calastri

    raffaella calastri3 일 전

    è bello, grazie a questa musica, di sognare e ricordare la mia bella e e spensierata gioventu

  3. raffaella calastri

    raffaella calastri7 일 전

    grazie per avermi fatto rivivere. con questa compilation le varie tappe della mia vita

  4. robert durand

    robert durand12 일 전

    +Catherine Manuguerra 5

  5. Víctor Hugo Ramos

    Víctor Hugo Ramos13 일 전

    Buena selección grandes memorias tnks a lots x this

  6. Fred Nutz

    Fred Nutz20 일 전

    You want the applause then try adding a play list. No subscription here.

  7. maria summerer

    maria summerer시간 전

    I cannot take requests as i have a channel.Your songs will come up.

  8. Carlos Lopez

    Carlos Lopez시간 전

    Órale 😎👍!!!!!!!

  9. maria summerer

    maria summerer3 시간 전

    I am trying to play my songs on tv.They are not in sequence

  10. maria summerer

    maria summerer2 시간 전

    Music For Memory

  11. Jennifer Smith

    Jennifer Smith4 시간 전


  12. Katrina Moore

    Katrina Moore10 시간 전

    Getting married next year, 50's theme, some of these songs will be in our playlist.. I'll be 51 (divorcee/widow) and he will be 50 (this will be his first). We love the oldies, our parents listened to this, so we grew up listening to a variety of music.

  13. Alejandra Videau

    Alejandra Videau13 시간 전

    Insoportables los anuncios. Cada dos temas. Impresentables. Una lastima.

  14. Vlôugé

    Vlôugé13 시간 전

    I'm teen but I listen those songs for no reason.

  15. Jerry Mclemore

    Jerry Mclemore15 시간 전

    I'm 64 greatest music lots of memories. Was the best years for music.

  16. Lutzch Martin

    Lutzch Martin일 전

    I so much this old song..its really wonderful..thank you.

  17. ninja

    ninja2 일 전

    I'm a 13 year old boy and I friggen love this music it makes me feel very happy when I'm down I hate now a days music sadly all my friends like the new music but personally I love love this music

  18. Oly Salinas

    Oly Salinas2 일 전

    Excelente esta recopilación de canciones! Me traslada a aquellos tiempos de mi juventud. Maravilloso! Saludos desde Venezuela. POR UNA VENEZUELA LIBRE Y DE LOS VENEZOLANOS

  19. aussiejubes

    aussiejubes2 일 전

    WAY too many ads! I heard one song after the first two ads played, then immediately after the first song, another 2 ads were queued, the first one was a 6 minute ad. Um NO. I'm all for watching ads to give back to the people who create content, but you're having a laugh putting four long ads within 2 minutes of each other. Won't be continuing to listen to this or clicking on your vids again.

  20. hiswillbedone 2121

    hiswillbedone 21213 일 전

    A different age.. The world was a better place.

  21. rednecks garage

    rednecks garage3 일 전

    Im 27 and i was raised around this music my dad loved it

  22. FazeWayz

    FazeWayz3 일 전


  23. Brandon Smit

    Brandon Smit3 일 전

    Jesus these adverts are fucken annoying

  24. Alexander Nuila

    Alexander Nuila3 일 전

    Muy bueno lastima los anuncios que interrumpen a cada momento matan la inspiracion

  25. Jonalyn Pementel

    Jonalyn Pementel4 일 전

    I love you so much THIS song,...👊👊👊👊👊👊🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏❤❤❤❤❤❤🤝🤝🤝🤝🤝🤝👍👍👍👍👍👍💪💪💪💪💪💪

  26. Glo Jackson

    Glo Jackson4 일 전

    Hi. Thanks so much...😄😄

  27. Maribel Najera

    Maribel Najera4 일 전

    Me encantan esta rolitas ❤❤

  28. Jackson Fisher

    Jackson Fisher5 일 전

    I clicked just because of the title because I wanted to know if Micheal Jackson was in here.

  29. Jorge Russell

    Jorge Russell5 일 전

    Que tienpos aquellos= años maravillosos

  30. melodies2013

    melodies20135 일 전

    MARVELOUS SELECTION !! Thank you so much for uploading !!!!

  31. Des Green

    Des Green6 일 전

    Best music eva

  32. Jhon Ryan Garados

    Jhon Ryan Garados7 일 전

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  33. Jhon Ryan Garados

    Jhon Ryan Garados7 일 전

    All by my self

  34. Jhon Ryan Garados

    Jhon Ryan Garados7 일 전

    I'm just burrowing my moms phone

  35. Jhon Ryan Garados

    Jhon Ryan Garados7 일 전

    I am jhon ryan 11 years old and i still love this song im i am from philipines

  36. Stephen Spreckley

    Stephen Spreckley7 일 전

    Great stuff. Shame about the litter of ads.

  37. John Fonfrias

    John Fonfrias7 일 전

    Oh Wow, with the exception of 2 or 3 tunes, I knew all these great classic collections that made it a beautiful morning & a wonderful ride down memory lane. Thank you for posting & sharing !

  38. nadia balevska

    nadia balevska7 일 전

    Благодаря за хубавата музика,връщате ме в младоста!!!

  39. G Thomas

    G Thomas7 일 전

    I am 61 I was rasid in the 50's This music will never be forgotten

  40. Glenn Rogan

    Glenn Rogan7 일 전

    great songs of 50 /60

  41. Francesco Del Tevere

    Francesco Del Tevere8 일 전

    #18. You're so vain - Carly Simon 52:19

  42. Charles Lindley

    Charles Lindley8 일 전

    I was thinking "sultans of swing" was later than this.

  43. Ariana

    Ariana8 일 전

    The best music to wake up with. 👌

  44. Elson Mojica

    Elson Mojica8 일 전

    2019 Reminiscing?

  45. guimbanian25

    guimbanian259 일 전

    1. Stand By Me-Ben E. King 0:00 2. The Sound Of Silence-Simon & Garfunkel 3:01 3. When A Man Loves A Woman-Percy Sledge 6:07 4. All By Myself - Eric Carmen 9:02 5. Ain’t No Sunshine-Bill Withers 13:33 6. Devoted To You - Carly Simon James Taylor 15:37 7. Oh Carol-Neil Sedaka 18:07 8. Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round The Ole Oak Tree-Tony Orlando 20:24 9.Stupid Cupid - Connie Francis 23:51 10. Pretty Woman-Roy Orbison 26:06 11. Sultans Of Swing-Dire Straits 29:03 12.Till I Kissed You - Everly Brothers 34:51 13. Dream Lover - Bobby Darin 37:13 14. Save All Your Kisses for me - Brotherhood of Man 39:47 15. One Way Ticket - Eruptions 42:51 16. Love is Blue-??? 46:26 17. Fly Me to the Moon - Frank Sinatra 49:36 18. Your So Vain - Carly Simon 52:19 19. Heart Of Gold-Neil Young 56:32 20. Kisses Sweeter Than Wine - Jimmie Rodgers 59:40 21. Hit The Road Jack-The Raelettes 1:02:00 22. In The Summer Time-Mungo Jerry 1:03:59 23. Hold The Line-Toto 1:07:29 24. Born Too Late - The Poni Tails 1:11:25 25. More Than A Feeling-Boston 1:13:53 26. Baby I need Your Loving - The Four Tops 1:17:14 27. Doo Wah Diddy - Manfredd Mann 1:20:04 28. Are you Lonesome Tonight - Elvis Presley 1:22:29 29. You Beat Me to the Punch - Mary Wells 1:25:34

  46. nikola karaivanski

    nikola karaivanski9 일 전

    So old,but so gold

  47. Wonderland Games

    Wonderland Games9 일 전

    These songs are way better than now days songs just saying

  48. John James

    John James9 일 전

    Thanks. Love it

  49. Angel navarro

    Angel navarro10 일 전

    When the music was written under the influence of love, roses, and red wine.

  50. UrbanCryo

    UrbanCryo10 일 전

    9:57 ME RIGHT NOW

  51. Yong Ko Han

    Yong Ko Han10 일 전

    Thanks so much. This oldie music boosts my energy to work on my thesis

  52. Waldy Rojas

    Waldy Rojas11 일 전

    Thank you for this music 🎶🎶🎶

  53. YouDon'tKnowNapitanumul? Bitch!!!

    YouDon'tKnowNapitanumul? Bitch!!!12 일 전

    Am I the only one who is 18 years old......

  54. Ivan José Piacentini

    Ivan José Piacentini13 일 전

    Será q as músicas de hoje, serão tocadas daqui há 50 anos?

  55. Luciana Obermüller

    Luciana Obermüller13 일 전

    Das ist Musik

  56. Michael  Alexander

    Michael Alexander13 일 전

    beautiful songs

  57. Celeste Michelle del Villar

    Celeste Michelle del Villar14 일 전

    Listening Feb 10, 2019 👌

  58. Johnny Estrada

    Johnny Estrada14 일 전

    50 60 70 all the music had a meaningful thoughts it had great stories and heart now look its all looking horrible i wish there was a time machine and all of us that feel so much love no matter what color you are its just a color we all have the same insides but now with this new president it seems we all going backwards love for all you good people still out there

  59. Nasreen Reza

    Nasreen Reza14 일 전

    Those were the days. Love always old songs

  60. Daryn

    Daryn15 일 전

    I was born in 94, but these songs all remind me of my childhood. My parents always listened to the oldies stations in the car and these were the songs I listened to growing up. Good memories

  61. Maikel Medina

    Maikel Medina15 일 전

    They music

  62. Celeste Spradlin

    Celeste Spradlin16 일 전

    Thank you...brings back great memories

  63. Janice Murphy

    Janice Murphy17 일 전

    Follow the singers great entertainment that we seem to have lost. A W

  64. Aditya Putra Gumelar

    Aditya Putra Gumelar17 일 전

    Greetings from person who were born in 1993 i love all the playlist~ you ask to me why i love or know classic song? because my daddy who were born in 1955 still listening to classic song when I was a child, thats why i know and remember the classic song :) Oldies but Goodies 👍

  65. Silvia Servin

    Silvia Servin18 일 전

    Que hermosas melodías, para recordar y que nunca pasan de moda, saludos desde Hermosillo, Son. México

  66. Memories Are What Make Us Who We Are

    Memories Are What Make Us Who We Are18 일 전

    Thanks, MFM. Oh, God, do I feel really good listening to your song collection but man, do you make me feel really old at the same time!

  67. raffaella calastri

    raffaella calastri18 일 전

    grazie all'autore di questa splendida compilation che mi ha permesso di ascoltare i brani che ascolto sempre con immenso piacere interpretati magistralmente dai cantanti fuoriclasse

  68. Himalaya Brasov

    Himalaya Brasov19 일 전

    ha ha

  69. jack leake

    jack leake19 일 전

    I am a DJ of 29 years and I still play and listen to this music because it brings feelings and soul to the music Keep this music living

  70. Alvin Tiangco

    Alvin Tiangco20 일 전

    mick jagger- your so vain

  71. Sara Vila

    Sara Vila20 일 전

    Que buena música, aunque no la disfruté en su tiempo, pues soy de los 90's...pero la conocí a través de mis hermanos mayores...y Ahora la amo....esta si es música.

  72. Leslie Ballesteros Natividad

    Leslie Ballesteros Natividad20 일 전

    Estas padres

  73. Abigail Bocanegra

    Abigail Bocanegra20 일 전

    Me pueden ayudar diciéndome cual es la cancion que va después de Stand by me, please!!! Quien la canta? como se llama?

  74. Vicente Roman

    Vicente Roman16 일 전

    Abigail Bocanegra la cancion se llama "Los sonidos del silencio " Gaturfield ,

  75. Vicente Roman

    Vicente Roman16 일 전

    se llama " los sonidos del silencio " Gaturfield

  76. Robert Keuschnig

    Robert Keuschnig20 일 전

    leider keine schönen melodien

  77. AFD die beste Partei für Deutschland

    AFD die beste Partei für Deutschland21 일 전

    Wunderschön waren die Jahre . Heute ist alles kaputt durch die kranke Merkel !

  78. Verbrecher regieren Deutschland

    Verbrecher regieren Deutschland21 일 전

    Da war die Welt und die Musik noch richtig TOP !

  79. samuel castellanos

    samuel castellanos21 일 전

    Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round The Ole Oak Tree-Tony Orlando 20:24

  80. Verbrecher regieren Deutschland

    Verbrecher regieren Deutschland21 일 전


  81. nemo

    nemo21 일 전

    I was born in 1948, so this was my sound track (apart my beloved classical music)

  82. Elly Gerrits

    Elly Gerrits21 일 전


  83. rich fairbrother

    rich fairbrother22 일 전

    Cheryl's going home-Blues Project\

  84. Iran Mafra

    Iran Mafra22 일 전

    Lindas músicas. Bons tempos

  85. Fernando Silva

    Fernando Silva22 일 전

    Estas maravilhosas musicas Faz-me Relembrar os meus Bons Tempos de Menino e Moço

  86. Rod Smith

    Rod Smith22 일 전

    6. is Devoted To You - Carly Simon & James Taylor

  87. Steve Nev

    Steve Nev23 일 전


  88. America Gil

    America Gil23 일 전

    como se llama la canción del minuto 18:08 ?

  89. America Gil

    America Gil18 일 전

    +Jorge Negrete gracias mil :)

  90. Jorge Negrete

    Jorge Negrete19 일 전

    America Gil Neil Sedaka. oh Carol

  91. Martin Brettell

    Martin Brettell23 일 전

    Brilliant songs!!

  92. Piret Siin

    Piret Siin23 일 전

    Leidsin oma vana lemmiku ;))

  93. breno highland

    breno highland24 일 전

    silence is not a cancer

  94. Hellen Gallant

    Hellen Gallant24 일 전

    thank you very much great collection its takes me back to those days

  95. jim smith

    jim smith25 일 전

    Next to stars above, music next of all free, Enjoy all human beings, you, me, us, All

  96. Margaret Kaim

    Margaret Kaim25 일 전

    28)Are you lonesome tonight? Elvis Presley

  97. Contreras Roni

    Contreras Roni25 일 전

    Javi dont bother, you wasting your energy on your Coz Ruby Esmeralda Contreras..

  98. Onofre Rigor

    Onofre Rigor25 일 전

    These are the kind of music to be tuned all the time. MUSIC FOR ALL SEASON FOR ALL TIME. SALUTE.

  99. easyrider911eyefly

    easyrider911eyefly25 일 전

    I like oldies songs

  100. E.H. J.

    E.H. J.25 일 전


  101. Martin Cedillo

    Martin Cedillo26 일 전


  102. john blum

    john blum26 일 전


  103. rl8tn

    rl8tn26 일 전

    Best music of all times hands down!! cant be beat hooorah!

  104. Illza Oosthuizen

    Illza Oosthuizen26 일 전

    Good music in beginning

  105. Jackie Moss7

    Jackie Moss726 일 전

    We have our memories agnes they were our days never to be forgotten

  106. Judy Hough

    Judy Hough26 일 전

    Great music brings back great memories

  107. Gine Mclaurin

    Gine Mclaurin27 일 전

    Great Songs...................

  108. Juan Gonzalez

    Juan Gonzalez22 일 전


  109. Ereezy beatz

    Ereezy beatz27 일 전

    im only 24 n i know this is the real music.

  110. mapeta1964

    mapeta196427 일 전

    Música del Recuerdo. Excelentísima.

  111. Karen Polemeni

    Karen Polemeni27 일 전

    That was music!