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Greatest Hits Golden Oldies - 50's, 60's & 70's Best Songs (Oldies but Goodies)


  1. Music For Memory

    Music For Memory20 일 전

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    +Amairani ruiz: THERE GOOD SONG P..I LIKE THEN

  5. Amairani ruiz

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    Music For Memory atolladero

  6. David Peres

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    No entiendo ni madre pero estan chidas las canciones

  7. Elba Vera Varillas

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    666 el diablo

  8. Djsolo Angel

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    I'm a DJ but I love oldies songs

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  10. Angel Magalona

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    I'm listening,12-12-18,thanks for sharing

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    very good job bravo

  12. anne fey

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    Ahh these are the best songs ever. I love classic ,my friends thinks I'm weird cuz I listen to old songs 😂♥️♥️ But I wished I can listen to Put your head on my shoulder by Paul Anka here. It's my favorite ♥️

  13. Idamaria Baccelli

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    Musica meravigliosa e bei tempi con bellissimi ricordi non ci sono parole una più bella dell'altra

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  15. Transaction Coordinator

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    6. Devoted to You - James Taylor & Carly Simon 15:37

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    Good job and excellent sound quality. Many good memories. Thanks MFM!

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    the king elvis slow

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    Hernaldo zuñiga no tengovmsñas

  21. Hector Manuel Corona Nuñez

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    Bee cera

  22. IDontKnow Channel

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    I love this song by rica

  23. Dodex

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    I’m 13 and love these old songs idk why tho

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  25. mrdivalde

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    Too bad I do not have time to listen more often, my 70 years are there ...

  26. José Ademir Alvin

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    Melhor solo de guitarra que já ouvi...!

  27. José Ademir Alvin

    José Ademir Alvin4 일 전

    Melhor solo de guitarra que já ouvi...!

  28. Kwon Lim

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    Really. thanks I enjoy all version music's. Again thanks for music memoriy

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    𝓣𝓱𝓪𝓷𝓴 𝔂𝓸𝓾 ❤️️❤️️❤️️

  30. Erika Mancilla

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    Buenos recuerdos con estas Maravillosas canciones 😍😍😍

  31. supri adi

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    lagu yg sering aku dengar ketika aku masih kecil.......... dan sekarang aku sudah berkeluarga, Jadi teringat ketika masa anak-anak ketika mendengarkan lagu-lagu ini......

  32. Moises

    Moises5 일 전

    I am 18 years old, why do I live in this music? Am I anachronistic being condemned to listen to various artist whom no longer are alive?

  33. cristopher Y

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  34. Bonnefoi Gilles

    Bonnefoi Gilles5 일 전

    A les années 60 à 70 et + c'étaient des années inoubliables

  35. beatriz carreño

    beatriz carreño5 일 전

    Que voces aquellas ,que tiempos aquellos realmente maravillosos y i también inigualable

  36. Rose Lieberman

    Rose Lieberman5 일 전

    These songs are the songs that I grew up with and love . i play some of them on my guitar Baruch Hashem and still needs practising

  37. Susan Picard

    Susan Picard6 일 전

    oh likes this music i do.

  38. John Jones

    John Jones6 일 전

    How much we want to remember the oldies and the times...

  39. Wind Dancer

    Wind Dancer6 일 전

    too sad! looking for upbeat dance music! thx.

  40. Gabriela Berzunza

    Gabriela Berzunza6 일 전

    Maravillosos años llenos de bellos recuerdos, que te transportan a momentos lnolvidables con tan bellas melodías,gracias por subirlas.

  41. Jòhanna Sieders-English

    Jòhanna Sieders-English6 일 전

    This music during my high school. This combination was my best of times!!!

  42. Luz Maria Mora Fuentes

    Luz Maria Mora Fuentes6 일 전

    Muy buenas rolas

  43. ilonika werner

    ilonika werner6 일 전

    warum enttäuschen Menschen immer wieder ! Ich verstehe es nicht. Es schmerzt sehr. Ich will ei einfach nicht mehr verstehen.Lasst mich einfach nur in Ruhe.

  44. netgra2007

    netgra20076 일 전

    16. Love is Blue-Heather Batchen 46:26

  45. Richard Groenland

    Richard Groenland6 일 전

    Something came to us that we always remember,

  46. Mahmoud Jadalhaq

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  47. Doremberg Moura Sa

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    very good

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  49. Jose Jesus Guerrero

    Jose Jesus Guerrero6 일 전

    Un cirdial aludo desde Califas Oakland para toda la banda. De la vueja escuela..old school miusic

  50. Perez Perez

    Perez Perez7 일 전

    Ahhh! Pinches comerciales, como joden.

  51. Mohammed Alouan

    Mohammed Alouan7 일 전

    All my youth.

  52. Georges Lefèvre

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    Excellente compil, MERCI

  53. Toyninja Ruangsing

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  54. Cassaundra Miller

    Cassaundra Miller8 일 전

    If they can just play only songs like this an no rap.

  55. James cooper

    James cooper8 일 전

    I found my heart in San Francisco. Searched all over the country, hawaii too. I look no more. I found it. My wife had it along. I'm a man that loves his woman. ❤

  56. Odette Samson

    Odette Samson8 일 전

    tres belle musique qui suit les annees0

  57. Officer Sargent Duke

    Officer Sargent Duke8 일 전

    37:13 is bobby darin dream lover my favorite old song i was born in 1949 and still living

  58. harumi ratusko

    harumi ratusko8 일 전

    que bonitos temas para enamorarse y volver recordar viejos tiempos

  59. effirly 57

    effirly 578 일 전

    Dengerin lagu2 jadul sy jd merasa muda lg, Trim's

  60. Ann Tremmel

    Ann Tremmel8 일 전

    Although I was born in the 70"s, I grew up listening to music from the 50's and 60's from my parents. This is a great playlist and brings back many happy memories. :)

  61. rudbeckie1

    rudbeckie18 일 전

    PRIMA PRIMISSIMA ! Gratias ago tibi !

  62. Marize Santos

    Marize Santos8 일 전

    há que bom lindas

  63. Etrella D Corona

    Etrella D Corona9 일 전

    How funny we all sat on benches at the movies sitting on a bench trading candies with luv & friend ship for life

  64. Gabriel Tv

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  65. Allyn Webert

    Allyn Webert9 일 전

    Some songs others don't have. Thanks!

  66. Mara Rosa

    Mara Rosa9 일 전

    Amo muito essas músicas me faz lembrar minha infância



    Je retrouve beaucoup de variétés que j'écoute souvent. Superbe idée.

  68. Ivan Bezerra

    Ivan Bezerra9 일 전

    saudades de um tempo maravilhoso que vivemos de uma geração que ouvia musica de qualidade não de hoje uma verdadeira porcaria.

  69. David V.

    David V.9 일 전

    The version of "Devoted" is terrible. Listen to the original by the Everly BRothers to hear true mastery!

  70. mette helena

    mette helena9 일 전

    How I miss my dance partner, who is across the seas! You dance, baby! (We all need someone to hold on to in these troubled times.)

  71. Onofre Rigor

    Onofre Rigor10 일 전

    Music for Memory, thanks for making me younger by 60 years. Feel happy and energetic all the time.

  72. Onofre Rigor

    Onofre Rigor10 일 전

    Sounds of YesterYears are real MUSIC in the air TODAY!♡♡♡

  73. Jorge Maldonado

    Jorge Maldonado10 일 전

    Thanks /merci/ obligado/ gracias

  74. mariali santander

    mariali santander10 일 전

    oh myyyyy...great selections....thank you!!!!

  75. Esmeralda Hernández

    Esmeralda Hernández10 일 전

    Simplemente música hermosa...logra trasladarte a esos lugares especiales en los que desees estar!!!

  76. Juan Francisco Aguilar

    Juan Francisco Aguilar10 일 전

    Recuerdo del 50 60 y 80 es vello recordar el pasado mis amigo con esa música se enamoraba las persona de ese siglo Grasias yutud por poner esa música maravillosa

  77. John James

    John James10 일 전

    I was born in 1989. My parents were in their 40s though, so they listened to this music, and I'm glad they did because I love this era of music.

  78. Claudia De Los Santos

    Claudia De Los Santos10 일 전

    60 y 70 las mejores décadas.

  79. Juha Lundberg

    Juha Lundberg10 일 전

    Wonderful music... These were played by my parents in my childhood. Mahtavaa kuulla näitä tällaisena kokonaisuutena. Isäukkoni kupsahti ollessani 14 ja hän kuuneli noita vanhempia biisejä radiosta :)

  80. Yee Jing Koh

    Yee Jing Koh10 일 전

    I just get goosebumps everytime I listen to the sound of silence

  81. Qiaodan Lin

    Qiaodan Lin10 일 전

    Really nice💐🌸💥👍👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  82. Flavia Nunez Morales

    Flavia Nunez Morales10 일 전

    Y tu sabes inglés?,yo no se ni siquiera buscar las traducciones,ni idea q dicen,las melodías claro q son conocidas x mi,pero no son de mi entero agrado

  83. Денис Дедков

    Денис Дедков10 일 전

    18:08 29:03 40:00 57:37

  84. Hilton Alexander  Pilco Solari

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  85. Marek Mintarko

    Marek Mintarko10 일 전

    To jest Beatifull

  86. Fabian Delgado

    Fabian Delgado11 일 전

    Ruta y ruta manejar hasta el fin con esta musica...

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  88. Franco Beltrán

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  89. Miguel Delgado Martínez

    Miguel Delgado Martínez11 일 전

    la mejor epoca de musica disco me encanrava ver a mis hermanas bailar

  90. zelda hyuga

    zelda hyuga11 일 전

    Son relajantes me encantan

  91. Raimunda Rodrigues

    Raimunda Rodrigues11 일 전

    Que saudades!!! anos 70 quantas recordações...

  92. Freddie Weir

    Freddie Weir12 일 전

    lovely don't play this music anymore i will just have to buy myself a deiorion lol

  93. Gustavo Hernández

    Gustavo Hernández12 일 전

    " Nuestros pensamientos, nuestras palabras y nuestros actos son los hilos de la red que tendemos a nuestro alrededor" Swami Vivekenanda

  94. Laura Bennett

    Laura Bennett12 일 전

    Man does this bring back some GOOD memories. I just cried listening to these old favorites. THANK YOU

  95. lucineia marinho

    lucineia marinho12 일 전

    Linda seleção de músicas inesquecíveis.

  96. Gerhard Niederreiter

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  97. Edith Zuñiga

    Edith Zuñiga12 일 전

    Música como esta ya no hay que tiempos 😁

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    --------- WHATS APP KOH --------- +(65) 9433-3363

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  100. ThaielLoquendo

    ThaielLoquendo13 일 전

    #1. Stand By Me-Ben E. King 0:00 #2. The Sound Of Silence-Simon & Garfunkel 3:01 #3. When A Man Loves A Woman-Percy Sledge 6:07 #4. All By Myself-Eric Carmen 9:02 #5. Ain’t No Sunshine-Bill Withers 13:33 #6. ???-??? 15:37 #7. Oh Carol-Neil Sedaka 18:07 #8. Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round The Ole Oak Tree-Tony Orlando 20:24 #9. ???-??? 23:51 #10. Pretty Woman-Roy Orbison 26:06 1#1. Sultans Of Swing-Dire Straits 29:03 # 12 until I kissed ya - Everly Brothers 34:51 #13:Dream Lover - Bobby Darin 37:13 #14: save all your kiss for me - Brotherhood of Man 39:47 #15: One Way Ticket - Eruption 42:51 #17 Fly me to the Moon - Frank Sinatra, 49:36 #18:Your So Vain Carly Simon 52:19 # 20: kiss sweeter than wine - Jimmy Rodger 59:40 #24: Born Too Late - The Poni Tails 1:11:25 #26: Baby, I Need Your Lovin - Johnny Rivers 1:17:14 #27: Doo Wah Diddy Diddy - Manfred Mann 1:20:04 # 28: Are You Lonesome Tonight? - Elvis Presley , 1:22:29 #29: You Beat Me To The Punch - Mary Wells 1:25:34

  101. Irene Louya

    Irene Louya13 일 전

    suber musik

  102. Irma Hinojosa

    Irma Hinojosa13 일 전

    Toto Hold the line.

  103. lor an

    lor an13 일 전

    Souvenirs....souvenirs.... j adore

  104. Bernarda Pino

    Bernarda Pino13 일 전

    que hermosa canción esos tiempos nunca mas seran iguales mi niñes fue muy sufrida pero a la ves linda

  105. clear 53

    clear 5313 일 전

    hi. greats from Brazil. excellent songs