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  1. Music For Memory

    Music For Memory6 개월 전

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  2. Mummy Holden

    Mummy Holden2 일 전

    Music For Memory

  3. Conchauj Rey

    Conchauj Rey15 일 전

    Music For Memory is da ily

  4. Felicitas Capolinas

    Felicitas Capolinas29 일 전

    Thank you

  5. Kennedy Sinyinza

    Kennedy Sinyinza29 일 전

    True this is music for memory

  6. Kmak 91

    Kmak 91개월 전

    Sam cooke

  7. Liz McCarter

    Liz McCarter3 시간 전

    This brings back so many memories from my childhood.

  8. Mary Waynick

    Mary Waynick15 시간 전

    16...Love is blue ...Sylvie Varten 19 Heart of Gold ...Neil Young 21 Hit the Road Jack...Ray Charles 22 In the Summertime...Mungo Jerry 23 Hold the Line...Toto 25 More than a Feeling....Boston

  9. Ramon Guardado

    Ramon Guardado일 전

    Young people from today enjoy this kind of music because is good, and we old people liked it because it brings you memories from the past, it transports you to that time. The best music forever.

  10. mokhtarapandi hussin

    mokhtarapandi hussin일 전


  11. Laura Hernandez

    Laura Hernandez3 일 전


  12. Hilda Nathania

    Hilda Nathania3 일 전

    One old song,a thousand old memories

  13. James Quattlebaum

    James Quattlebaum3 일 전

    I am 85 years young and I love my music when I was 20.

  14. ELVIA G C

    ELVIA G C4 일 전

    GRACIAS JEHOVÁ QUE poner en el camino tú hijos y hijas por qué hora se volvieron más rebeldes y usted sabe que SOY fuerte PERO es por usted padre Jehová y Jesucristo AMEN

  15. Jena Lira

    Jena Lira4 일 전

    The caliper of these songs are a testament to an era when strength of character mattered. We've lost something & need to find our humanity again! 😭 When human life is worth less than a house pets...js. I do wish all of you love & peace & happy listening. Dans wife

  16. Jena Lira

    Jena Lira4 일 전

    Love you Jenna I'm actually Jens mom. Why is dads YT acc under your name? Lol.

  17. black jack1171

    black jack11714 일 전

    I'm 17 i love 50-70's especially blues and country....

  18. Magdalena Križnik

    Magdalena Križnik5 일 전

    I am 20 years old and I love so much this old songs. Music was much better before then now.. Not only music, everything....

  19. Essential Comics

    Essential Comics5 일 전

    These are all so beautiful. I have several new favorite songs.

  20. メルエム

    メルエム6 일 전


  21. Eleazar Calimlim

    Eleazar Calimlim6 일 전

    Iam currently 16 years old and Iam not shy to brag that I like classic music more

  22. Alex Navarro

    Alex Navarro4 일 전

    im 21 and same here, not all of it but many

  23. Melanie Montoya

    Melanie Montoya4 일 전

    You’re amazing. Me too

  24. Essential Comics

    Essential Comics5 일 전


  25. Maria Emarat

    Maria Emarat6 일 전

    Yes 2019 ❤️❤️

  26. xSad.Sally

    xSad.Sally7 일 전

    I'm 13 and this makes me feel warm and comfortable inside. I'm actually happy this was is my recommended! :D Although i'm kinda sad since the song "Lets Twist Again" wasn't on here. It's a really good song idk. ;-;

  27. Paumen Rodolphe

    Paumen Rodolphe7 일 전

    A toi

  28. Paumen Rodolphe

    Paumen Rodolphe7 일 전

    A toi

  29. Sarah Cesar

    Sarah Cesar8 일 전

    1452019... 😍😘💞😍😘💖😍😘💬🗨💫✨😍😘



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  31. Hernan Pozo

    Hernan Pozo8 일 전

    exelentes temas

  32. Funny Doo

    Funny Doo10 일 전

    Tangina ka andrew e hahaha

  33. Maltina Samhungu

    Maltina Samhungu11 일 전

    Proper music, these days too Much noise

  34. Marie me100

    Marie me10011 일 전

    you know i never really like this kind of music when i was a little girl but seing my grandmas friends and her siting down drinking to this is a memory i wont forget rip grandma oh and now i miss those times and i love this music now lol.

  35. Carolyn Smith

    Carolyn Smith11 일 전

    This was the time when the music was the best and it lives forever.

  36. Hi Doulabme

    Hi Doulabme11 일 전

    Am I only the 15 yrs old girl listening and appreciating these kind of music?

  37. Michalina Johnson

    Michalina Johnson11 일 전

    Nope you're not the only one. But I'm 12 :)

  38. Aarsh Rana

    Aarsh Rana11 일 전

    iam in my 80s and loving this collection

  39. Michalina Johnson

    Michalina Johnson11 일 전

    I'm 12 and me too

  40. Ethan 1327

    Ethan 132712 일 전

    Hahaha ano, this good, hehehe, this good

  41. Drmunch Plays

    Drmunch Plays13 일 전

    I’m a 13 year old and I like the music back then than it is now... is that weird?? It’s just that I don’t know anybody my age who listen’s to 60/70/80s music and I feel like I might be made fun of for not listening to music nowadays.

  42. Michalina Johnson

    Michalina Johnson11 일 전

    I kinda just keep it a secret. I'm 12 so you're not the only one :)

  43. Rma

    Rma13 일 전

    Me from the DRcongo 🥰🥰🥰


    MISU MISU14 일 전

    Mue la reclamă cu Netflix

  45. Nancy Bingham

    Nancy Bingham14 일 전

    I was born in the 40s & this music brings back wonderful memories - thanks for posting

  46. Owen William

    Owen William15 일 전

    To bad Banyak iklannya😮😡😡😡 From indonesia



    I'm 13 -_-

  48. Michalina Johnson

    Michalina Johnson11 일 전

    I'm 12 🤮

  49. Kathleen Smith

    Kathleen Smith15 일 전

    OMG. THIS IS FANTASTIC. BELIEVE IT OR NOT IHAVE TONS AND TONS OF THIS MUSIC ON 45’s AND OR ALBUMS. VINAL!! Some on cassette and on 8 track. Yes don’t laugh I have a stero that plays 8track and more. Unbelievable but true. I love my music. I also have original Elvis albums too like new. This makes my heat smile. I have 3 CD PLAYERS THAT EACH HOLD 200 CD’s. I’m one happy 67 year old lady. Lol 😍🥰😘

  50. wilf fuentes

    wilf fuentes15 일 전

    This is music i loved it perfect for my siesta always....thanks people

  51. Jessica Guilfoyle

    Jessica Guilfoyle15 일 전

    Im 16 and listening to this

  52. Michalina Johnson

    Michalina Johnson11 일 전

    12! **stands in corner bc I'm a little fetus**



    I'm 13 yay! **high fives**

  54. Wendy Asevedo flores

    Wendy Asevedo flores16 일 전

    Unos de mis mejores gusto's frenlet hils

  55. Ross Baker

    Ross Baker16 일 전

    I am 70 yo listened to these songs as a youth with a small transistor radio with a ear plug while I went to sleep. So niiiiice, think I’ll take a nap while this is playing. Thank you😄

  56. Noretta Steed

    Noretta Steed16 일 전

    These music take you wwaay back

  57. Andrea Martina Kitzing

    Andrea Martina Kitzing16 일 전

    Super schöne Musik!

  58. Prins Dawn Music

    Prins Dawn Music16 일 전

    Hey there, I wrote a song, and I included a little bit of of golden oldies elements there, plz check it out

  59. James Viles

    James Viles16 일 전

    love all the true music

  60. Francisco Gabriel Vargas Hernandez

    Francisco Gabriel Vargas Hernandez17 일 전

    46:26 cuál es??

  61. Ruben Morgan

    Ruben Morgan14 일 전

    Love is blue

  62. Thomas Miller

    Thomas Miller17 일 전

    great video varied with some of the best sings of the period.

  63. Azrael

    Azrael17 일 전

    I feel old.. I prefer these songs to the modern songs nowadays.

  64. Angel Rodriguez

    Angel Rodriguez17 일 전


  65. Hari Haran

    Hari Haran17 일 전

    Kindly make subtitles

  66. Jud Young

    Jud Young17 일 전

    During those years the Hearts of the People were as beautiful as those romantic Songs. Honesty, sincerity, Love, Friendship and tons of the good things in true Men of Good will.

  67. Veronica Salvalai

    Veronica Salvalai17 일 전

    Es hermoso recordar viejos tiempos

  68. Philip Gerlach

    Philip Gerlach17 일 전

    Listening to stuff like this just reminds you that you are getting OLD!!!!! :)

  69. Jocelyn Lo

    Jocelyn Lo18 일 전


  70. Pedro Elias Schossler

    Pedro Elias Schossler18 일 전

    por favor me dis quem canta essa musica não sei ingles

  71. real Military

    real Military18 일 전

    Thanks a lot

  72. aeronamics production

    aeronamics production19 일 전

    This reminds me of when my dad used to show me all the songs of the 50s through 80s This brings back good memories

  73. J AG

    J AG19 일 전

    This music talks for us and to us.

  74. Jamie and Jasmine Cretz

    Jamie and Jasmine Cretz19 일 전

    This is kind of music I and my twin grew up on this old stuff, sounds great better than all of this music is full of violence, drugs, slurs, killing people, I hate that kind of music...

  75. Misaki Rodriguez Sierra

    Misaki Rodriguez Sierra19 일 전

    Nota: continuar a partir del min 47:15 😂

  76. George Lowry

    George Lowry20 일 전


  77. George Lowry

    George Lowry20 일 전

    lets rock and roll,who is with me?

  78. George Lowry

    George Lowry20 일 전


  79. Ana Gonzalez

    Ana Gonzalez20 일 전

    Good memories.

  80. charlie stemple

    charlie stemple21 일 전

    I never stopped

  81. Cori In The House

    Cori In The House22 일 전

    I'm 15 and from NJ and this music gets me turnt

  82. Kevin Marshmallow

    Kevin Marshmallow22 일 전

    I'm 16 from the worst state in the US (NJ) and this is straight fire

  83. Brandon Ngui

    Brandon Ngui22 일 전

    My grandfather going to turn 98' which these songs bring him back his memories back.. thanks for grateful songs !!

  84. Ahmad Abdalla Jama

    Ahmad Abdalla Jama22 일 전

    Oh darling darling stay it's still 2019

  85. Maïka Bernard

    Maïka Bernard22 일 전

    Je n'ai que 14 ans et ces chansons me ramène à une époque que je n'ai jamais connu. La musique change, les gens évoluent. Mais CETTE musique, elle reste la même. Et c'est fantastique!

  86. Glitterpony Rainbow

    Glitterpony Rainbow23 일 전

    I’m 12, with the world weirdest taste in everything, but these songs make me so freakin happy and calm. It helped me out of a state where I almost commited suicide..Thanks for this video!❤️

  87. jocattu

    jocattu23 일 전

    Very nostalgic

  88. jocattu

    jocattu23 일 전

    Very nostalgic

  89. Brian Mastaw

    Brian Mastaw23 일 전


  90. marlies riedel

    marlies riedel23 일 전

    es waren tolle zeiten super musik

  91. mohd fazil

    mohd fazil23 일 전

    Can give me the list of this all music in this video. Please.. Hehhe peace

  92. frank christie van antwerp

    frank christie van antwerp23 일 전

    I am 70 years old and there has and never will be better music than the 60's thanks

  93. Rahman Santalia

    Rahman Santalia23 일 전

    Some song turn me back to 70's era

  94. Stephen Pusley

    Stephen Pusley24 일 전

    I am 67yrs old and this music is as great as when it first come out.brings back alot of memories.ty

  95. Jules Duval

    Jules Duval15 일 전

    Hey Stephen, I am 68, and I'm right there with you. I remember the tunes like they were YESTERDAY!

  96. Jose G Velasco

    Jose G Velasco24 일 전

    Beautiful songs for ever

  97. Jenna Kaiser

    Jenna Kaiser24 일 전

    18 years old here, playing this soundtrack on repeat in my apartment. Love older songs. Back when everybody was original and didn’t all have the same beat.

  98. 範馬勇次郎

    範馬勇次郎24 일 전

    I m 16years japaneseman. Thank you for upping this I truly gratitude you I like pretty woman and do I didi

  99. Namsomnia

    Namsomnia24 일 전

    67 years old. & these songs are bringing tears to my eyes, what did we know then how corrupt our governments were and more so now..

  100. Patriotic Frog

    Patriotic Frog24 일 전

    i wish the 50s-60s were today,in the late 2010s the SJWs and leftists gained power in the west,i just wish conservatism was the dominant culture in the west,cause unfortunatebly in romania,the dominant culture will always be leftist cause corrupt politicians take state money and give it to themselfs,sell government property for cheap and they get the money and spread lies that the people who actually want to make romania a better place are actually corrupt and don't want anything good for romania.i just wish the world would be a good place again

  101. Angus Uchiha

    Angus Uchiha25 일 전


  102. candance twilley

    candance twilley25 일 전

    I'm only 13 and I love this music more than any other music.

  103. Yolanda López

    Yolanda López25 일 전

    Canciones bellas de fondo,para recordar momentos inolvidables que no volveran,pero en nuestra recuerdo sigue vivas como si fuera Ayer.😍👍buna selecion de canciones.

  104. meghali das

    meghali das26 일 전

    Roses are red Violets are blue This song's are proof that Old is gold

  105. Wild Vixen

    Wild Vixen24 일 전

    I don't know why but I find your comment awkwardly adorable Lol 😅🤣

  106. anony subscribe

    anony subscribe27 일 전

    love is blue is not original paul mariat.

  107. ridwan ag

    ridwan ag27 일 전

    hearing this album my heart was very calm, thanks...

  108. Danielle Gomez

    Danielle Gomez27 일 전

    I am 11 years old and I am totally in love with this style of music. Today’s music can’t even compare to oldies. Today’s music is (no offense) really bad.

  109. Peyton Gentry

    Peyton Gentry3 일 전

    Same I love retro music

  110. Maria Fandel

    Maria Fandel10 일 전

    god when i was u age i got in touch with this musik now i am 52 and still love it i hear other to but here if feel so good so safe so everything

  111. Michelle Dean

    Michelle Dean18 일 전

    Enjoy it! It's the best! I love it!

  112. Carlota Flores

    Carlota Flores23 일 전

    So glad I found this.such great memories.such great music.

  113. Carlota Flores

    Carlota Flores23 일 전

    I am 60 and never have let this music go.I have tried to listen to recent music and it doesn't compare.some good most bad.lets keep listening.

  114. Aunt Kitty Hashtag

    Aunt Kitty Hashtag27 일 전

    Will be 74 this July and love oldies. Remember the words too, no dementia yet lol.I even remember what I was doing, who I was dating and my very first kiss at age 12. My freckeled faced next door neighbor boy LOL. It was so innocent and I remember being so embarrassed. I can still do all the dances and the stories I could tell of days of yore. Was 18yrs old when They killed President Kennedy and experienced the civil rights movement, yes I've seen alot. Some good, some bad but all history.

  115. Any Voss

    Any Voss27 일 전

    Love it thank you

  116. anthony Blanco

    anthony Blanco27 일 전

    very easy to understand and soothing to the ear and very relaxing, thats why i luv oldschool music.

  117. Pirho

    Pirho27 일 전

    Always listening to this while cleaning up my appartement. Thanks :)

  118. zynkdina 7

    zynkdina 727 일 전

    Me while reading History book.... LoL 😂

  119. cineasta

    cineasta28 일 전

    definitivamente esta es la verdadera música de todos los tiempos. saludos desde Colombia, para todo el mundo.

  120. jambu bongok

    jambu bongok28 일 전

    nice to listen

  121. Lorde Melodrama

    Lorde Melodrama28 일 전

    ah good decades never fade

  122. Jayden (3005) Jefferson

    Jayden (3005) Jefferson29 일 전

    you know when i listen to this it makes me really feel like i lived another life. idk why but all these songs are so nostalgic and i feel like if heard these all be4 but i havent . and sorry if i used the word nostalgic wrong

  123. Jürgen Vierke

    Jürgen Vierke29 일 전

    Ja,das ist noch Musik für die Ohren und Gemüht

  124. Felicitas Capolinas

    Felicitas Capolinas29 일 전

    Thank you

  125. c grable

    c grable개월 전

    The best music you ever heard was when you were young, if you are 40 your best music will be different than those who are 70. It's a natural thing, music doesn't age but we do. Now going to spin my Billy Vaughn LP. :-)

  126. kookvminyoongtaejinmonseok

    kookvminyoongtaejinmonseok개월 전

    Im 13 and i love this kind of songs and my favorite old singer is Julie London, her voice is relaxing