GranAids Is The Perfect Holiday Gift For Your Grandma - CONAN on TBS


  1. Miranda Twumasi

    Miranda Twumasi개월 전


  2. Matt Ferguson

    Matt Ferguson개월 전

    The awkward pause was the best

  3. Pax Vostrum

    Pax Vostrum개월 전


  4. Hany Saad

    Hany Saad개월 전

    Why does the actress look so familiar?

  5. Ron Harmsen

    Ron Harmsen개월 전

    Ryan Reynold's 'Just Friends' movie?

  6. Helgali

    Helgali개월 전

    That apparel is da bomb.

  7. matiastoat42

    matiastoat42개월 전

    Great punchline! XD

  8. HazardousPleb V

    HazardousPleb V개월 전

    Why have the two tokens?..... Christmas should be a time to feel safe, not have to keep an eye on your wallet

  9. mukund p

    mukund p개월 전

    Please...more of these sketches rather than boring guests or stage sketches

  10. obscure

    obscure개월 전

    These sketches need more Conan

  11. Niborino9409

    Niborino9409개월 전

    Lol the awkward silence at the end is gold 😂

  12. Sarah H

    Sarah H개월 전

    I want to point out that not all Grannies are like that.

  13. crystal

    crystal개월 전

    Not all men, but for grannies

  14. mukund p

    mukund p개월 전's just casual ageism ..the last hope for modern comedy writers to depend their jokes on...everything else is so PC

  15. soccerzz5

    soccerzz5개월 전


  16. UnwaveringBackBone

    UnwaveringBackBone개월 전

    So when you tell granny you're *not* having kids or you *don't* want kids she'll hear that you do. Well c'est la vie!

  17. Shadow Heart

    Shadow Heart개월 전

  18. Dr Shrimp Puerto Rico

    Dr Shrimp Puerto Rico개월 전

    Betty white looks good

  19. Sam Draper

    Sam Draper개월 전

    Ha Ha Ha these trump jokes are the best. It’s as if the joke writers for all the late night talk shows are the same. Honestly no funny anymore. Just sad

  20. TheMowens

    TheMowens개월 전

    Someone is projecting...



    @Pidro Martin lol right. If the shoe fits

  22. ldlemos

    ldlemos개월 전

    @Pidro Martin sic 2020!!!!!

  23. Pidro Martin

    Pidro Martin개월 전

    Woman said "white supremacists" and you heard Trump? You wearing Granaids?

  24. Patreeko theArtist

    Patreeko theArtist개월 전


  25. Jonelle85

    Jonelle85개월 전

    You guys could’ve come up with a better name than "GranAids" lol

  26. jazy921

    jazy921개월 전

    Nobody: KOreporter CC: grenades

  27. Sirlene Andria

    Sirlene Andria개월 전

    It's because of "hearing aid" and the fact that Aids makes granny happy.

  28. UnwaveringBackBone

    UnwaveringBackBone개월 전

    Had me thinking of KoolAid for old people

  29. Drew Peterson

    Drew Peterson개월 전

    Nah it's pretty perfect

  30. Jim

    Jim개월 전

    Jonelle85 aids was part of the joke