[GOT7 - You Calling My Name] Comeback Stage | M COUNTDOWN 191107 EP.642


  1. Nataya Arsad

    Nataya Arsad3 시간 전

    Idk why but i think JB looks extremly attractive in this part 2:33 - 2:40, he looks super hot

  2. Whipped For Lee Taeyong

    Whipped For Lee Taeyong6 시간 전

    In the process of stanning them and i’m already loving them so much!!! They’re so stable!!!

  3. Farah Rose

    Farah Rose6 시간 전

    Who authorized this disrespect??! I didn't come here to be attacked with visuals and vocals like this! I was not prepared emotionally, physically, mentally. Now carry on while I pick all the pieces of myself off the floor and rewatch this for the 100th time.

  4. อมร พิมพ์เงิน

    อมร พิมพ์เงิน20 시간 전


  5. Being Happy

    Being Happy20 시간 전

    mark and jackson show off their armpit 🙈🙈

  6. Quỳnh Lê Trúc

    Quỳnh Lê Trúc15 시간 전

    Being Happy I see

  7. Hikari Kayi.

    Hikari Kayi.22 시간 전

    I still can’t believe they’re really singing like??? How???? I’m just so shooook. Omg.

  8. Hikari Kayi.

    Hikari Kayi.8 시간 전

    Quỳnh Lê Trúc thats shocking!!! It’s incredible 🤩

  9. Quỳnh Lê Trúc

    Quỳnh Lê Trúc15 시간 전

    Hikari Kayi. They didn’t lip sync. Thanks for realizing that

  10. Sheikh Sheikh

    Sheikh Sheikh일 전

    Bambam mark so cute ❤️ I like you

  11. Uchi Libra

    Uchi Libra일 전


  12. Sydney Freeland

    Sydney Freeland일 전

    i need someone to tell me who sings the pretty note in the bg at around 3:07

  13. Sydney Freeland

    Sydney Freeland20 시간 전

    Zainab Ahmed Ahgase omg thank u. I honestly have only listened to a couple of their songs but I thought it might be him. super talented!

  14. Zainab Ahmed Ahgase

    Zainab Ahmed Ahgase일 전

    Yugyeom 💚

  15. あやそん

    あやそん일 전


  16. linh0988

    linh0988일 전

    Korea don't deserve Got7.

  17. Zainab Ahmed Ahgase

    Zainab Ahmed Ahgase일 전


  18. Vinutha Venkatesh

    Vinutha Venkatesh일 전

    Yo why would yall dance in tight leather suits bro like wtf stylist those boys are dying



    They ain't tight.It's actually the opposite.

  20. Mint Berry707

    Mint Berry707일 전

    @2:33 I fall in love

  21. Anna Griffen

    Anna Griffen일 전

    jB nose ring

  22. Igot 7

    Igot 7일 전

    الله ياخذ jyp

  23. Vivian Nguyen Waage

    Vivian Nguyen Waage일 전


  24. Goodnight Darling

    Goodnight Darling일 전

    This is an example what I wanted in thanksgiving table

  25. Amala S.

    Amala S.일 전

    I do not recall Got7 being this sexy. What happened lmao

  26. Phonwarin Chumkiadtikun

    Phonwarin Chumkiadtikun일 전

    3.8m soon

  27. Jordan Mills

    Jordan Mills2 일 전

    omg bambam is my bias for sure(hes so cute)

  28. Kristen Pasistor

    Kristen Pasistor2 일 전

    wow their amazingly good im a exol but i gotta say they are really amazing the dance moves looks very simple and the performnce nicely done i know good talent when i see one and this is it

  29. _ treefrogs _

    _ treefrogs _2 일 전

    I wanna know if they have crotch holes for fLeXiBiLiTy

  30. annabelle cloud

    annabelle cloud2 일 전

    the octaves and vocal ranges are all over the place on this one. shows that they have talent.

  31. Jessey Boe

    Jessey Boe2 일 전

    Ive been in the fandom for basically w years and i still don't know the fanchant 💀💀💀

  32. Zainab Ahmed Ahgase

    Zainab Ahmed Ahgase2 일 전

    How can you not know the fanchant if you have been a fan for years? I learnt it in just a month or two... It's honestly not that hard... XD

  33. Got7 AHGASEEE

    Got7 AHGASEEE2 일 전

    Please guys don't give up! We've been stuck at 3,7 M for a while now . Let's make it 5 M , then 10M !🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥Fighting!!

  34. Fauzi Seiya

    Fauzi Seiya2 일 전

    bam bam

  35. no homo bro

    no homo bro3 일 전

    So smooth😍😍😍

  36. мч нєαят

    мч нєαят3 일 전

    ⌚ Art. Smile? Where? Oh I Forgot Saved In My Heart.

  37. Bella Puspita

    Bella Puspita3 일 전


  38. Jariya004.

    Jariya004.3 일 전


  39. Jungkook oppa

    Jungkook oppa3 일 전

    I'mma just say it cause no one is. I forgot how to breathe for a whole minute whilst watching this.

  40. Jungkook oppa

    Jungkook oppa2 일 전

    @Zainab Ahmed Ahgase I been stanning them since 2015. They are one of the kpop groups that got me into kpop. But thanks for that because some people be sleeping on them and their working hard to wake them up.

  41. Zainab Ahmed Ahgase

    Zainab Ahmed Ahgase2 일 전

    I hope you start stanning them. Only one year is left in their contract. (doesn't mean they're gonna disband or something God forbid but still don't miss out on their talent)

  42. Wannabeprincess

    Wannabeprincess3 일 전

    Jinyoung should be no 1 for THE MOST HANDSOME FACE OF KPOP ARTIST AWARD

  43. KarakotiHara

    KarakotiHara3 일 전

    I legit thought this was lip syncing until like 2:16 and i am SHOOK

  44. GOT7 with IGOT7 *Aicha*

    GOT7 with IGOT7 *Aicha*3 일 전

    It is pre-recorded thought haha these are like the best parts. And it actually sounds a little different from the MV and i believe that it's not lyp synched since GOT7 doesn't lipe sync most of the time

  45. Yuliana Garcia

    Yuliana Garcia3 일 전

    Everyone stream their mv cause you want to which I know you do ;)

  46. Yuliana Garcia

    Yuliana Garcia3 일 전

    This amazing everyone phrase them!

  47. Susmi M

    Susmi M3 일 전

    Treat them better!! #igot7 #mamamoo

  48. Squishy Monster High

    Squishy Monster High3 일 전


  49. Black dReesS

    Black dReesS3 일 전

    Mark 🥵💞

  50. Amalia Mafzani

    Amalia Mafzani3 일 전


  51. Amalia Mafzani

    Amalia Mafzani3 일 전

    I don't know the members name