Gorillaz - Tranz (Official Video)


  1. the infinint

    the infinint4 시간 전

    this is what happens if you drink too much peppermint tea

  2. トレーナーポケモン

    トレーナーポケモン5 시간 전

    When 2d turned into a fucking god I felt that 😔

  3. Аббосбек Ирмухамедов

    Аббосбек Ирмухамедов6 시간 전

    Love you Gorillaz ❤️♥️💖

  4. Dominika Zaremba

    Dominika Zaremba6 시간 전

    * puts it on 2x speed * what it feels like to drink coffee as a 5 year old

  5. Mauro Mauro

    Mauro Mauro7 시간 전

    no me gusta el rediseño de Russel, se ve pequeño comparado al de plástic beach

  6. Emerald King514

    Emerald King5147 시간 전

    saggy this isn't weed

  7. Samini the B

    Samini the B9 시간 전

    So, I’m Not much of a shipper so I’m curious? Have people started shipping Noodle and 2D?

  8. Creepypasta frisk Dreemurr

    Creepypasta frisk Dreemurr9 시간 전

    Russel is very happy

  9. Keith Etsu Akihiko

    Keith Etsu Akihiko16 시간 전


  10. The lizard Greg

    The lizard Greg17 시간 전

    No I do not dance like that

  11. Green Goo

    Green Goo19 시간 전

    Russel's eyes are white because he's possesed by the blue koolaid man 2-D's eyes are white now, and he's clearly possesed and or on drugs in this video What if when Murdoc got locked up, somthing saw this as an opportunity to prey on the weakest member of the band, 2-D? Maybe when Murdoc comes back, he'll know somthing is up with 2D and get him back to his iconic pure black eyes. Whatever happens, somebody needs to call the Winchester boys cause somthing Supernatural is going on here.

  12. Chloe cuellar

    Chloe cuellar21 시간 전

    I love this video

  13. Dule Rad

    Dule Rad23 시간 전

    pause at 2:46 to see pure happiness

  14. The HealingWordsWriter

    The HealingWordsWriter23 시간 전

    0:55 No one absolutely no one: 2D put himself in the avatar state.

  15. anabel sweet

    anabel sweet일 전

    russel got that new weed

  16. Алексей Сергеевич

    Алексей Сергеевич일 전

    я пидор!

  17. Andre King

    Andre King일 전

    They're high as fuck

  18. Callie McDonald

    Callie McDonald일 전

    Alternative rock at it's best

  19. JaspA games

    JaspA games일 전

    No one seems to notice that noodle does have a smile when playing and that she is enjoying it but russel is just enjoying it more it seems

  20. devonja stafford

    devonja stafford일 전

    is it bad tat i know the keyboard movements and do them when 2D does? No? lol Kay.

  21. noodle z

    noodle z13 시간 전

    It’s actually easy. Not bad :)

  22. captaingrandb

    captaingrandb일 전

    noodle got drunk and dyed here hair orange EDIT: this gave me eye ligma

  23. Sekki

    Sekki일 전

    Someone fill me up ,why theres 2 different animations???

  24. codtrap -boots n cats

    codtrap -boots n cats일 전

    Me: 1:55 My sister: 2:00 As you can see she isnt here anymore

  25. codtrap -boots n cats

    codtrap -boots n cats일 전

    2-D:high as shite Noodle:daydreaming Ace: just weird But russel: *happyness noises*

  26. Marvin Rivas

    Marvin Rivas일 전

    I am most fell asleep listening to this while doing homework

  27. Louis Hayden

    Louis Hayden2 일 전

    2:21 lol

  28. WesmanXL

    WesmanXL2 일 전

    2-D creo que se drogo solo para esta musica porque hay mucha epilepsia :v

  29. WesmanXL

    WesmanXL2 일 전

    2-D was drugged by this song

  30. Adyn Leopold

    Adyn Leopold2 일 전

    What the fuck happened to Murdoch

  31. noodle z

    noodle z13 시간 전

    That’s not Murdoc. It’s Ace from The PowerPuffGirls

  32. Toxin Creature

    Toxin Creature2 일 전

    And this is why we don't do drugs kids

  33. nickiinatsumii :/

    nickiinatsumii :/2 일 전

    Im tranzgender

  34. Aaden Pollard

    Aaden Pollard2 일 전

    People ask why ace is so cool and I just say because he's ace now shut up

  35. AR13S_ TH013

    AR13S_ TH0132 일 전

    That was the best acid trip

  36. Anyuta Nazarova

    Anyuta Nazarova2 일 전


  37. alex

    alex2 일 전

    is this what it's like to be on acid

  38. Yeet Meat

    Yeet Meat2 일 전

    Russel has turned into noodle, noodle has turned into russel

  39. Aptiş Elif

    Aptiş Elif2 일 전

    Is this what happens when you chew 5-Gum?

  40. Chezepuff Owo

    Chezepuff Owo2 일 전

    My friend downloaded this song on his phone and then blasted it through our whole school bus to freak me out

  41. Fresh Sans

    Fresh Sans2 일 전

    Noodle transformate to my mother (Anastasiya Derbentseva)

  42. Eisen

    Eisen2 일 전

    ok but where tf did that keyboard come from

  43. slivki 1st 2.0

    slivki 1st 2.02 일 전

    Обожаю эту группу

  44. Alex Rodriguez

    Alex Rodriguez2 일 전

    2:29 the first time i listen this

  45. Alexander Chippel

    Alexander Chippel2 일 전

    Amazing how 2-D cam still pull of the "shitty 15 year old" mustache despite being in his mid 40s.

  46. toxic giant

    toxic giant3 일 전

    Hold up ace looks like the hulks creapy weak brother

  47. isabel Cordova Cordova

    isabel Cordova Cordova3 일 전

    I like this song muy grupo favorito gorillaz 2019xD

  48. toxic giant

    toxic giant3 일 전

    Can English speak you?

  49. Epsilon 356

    Epsilon 3563 일 전

    This song kinda sucks, but the video is beyond fire. Reminds me why I started liking the Gorillaz when they first came out.

  50. 『 палава палачинка 』

    『 палава палачинка 』3 일 전

    Ace's nose is longer then my life expectancy

  51. codtrap -boots n cats

    codtrap -boots n cats3 일 전

    20 likes and ill blast this at my parents house

  52. toxic giant

    toxic giant3 일 전


  53. codtrap -boots n cats

    codtrap -boots n cats3 일 전

    Not gonna happen i guess

  54. Pheelleep

    Pheelleep3 일 전

    Top 10 greatest crossovers in history, why isn’t Cartoon Network & Adult Swim spamming this 24/7 in between commercial breaks?😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  55. Hank Hill

    Hank Hill3 일 전

    Gota be honest noddle got some tiddys now

  56. Hank Hill

    Hank Hill3 시간 전

    noodle z thank you my dued

  57. noodle z

    noodle z13 시간 전

    codtrap -boots n cats Uhm... she’s actually 28 right now going onto 29 in October. Hahah.

  58. codtrap -boots n cats

    codtrap -boots n cats일 전

    She is 17 Goddamnit *slaps u* - noodle protecter