Gordon Ramsay Is Blown Away By Tribe's Curry | Gordon's Great Escape


  1. Amee Kamson

    Amee Kamson10 시간 전

    It's was surprised

  2. SSSNNNAAKKEEE!!!!!!!!!!

    SSSNNNAAKKEEE!!!!!!!!!!일 전

    9 months ago today



    These are the only tribe Who can make food when there is nothing left

  4. kresd Gaming

    kresd Gaming4 일 전



    KING-TURTLE4 일 전

    Eye opening, This is why Gordon is great... he learns from the simple life

  6. victor doulo

    victor doulo4 일 전

    lol Gordon said everything here in Nagaland is from the ground .. how about the other spices do we get them from moon ?? anyway thanks for visiting Nagaland .. wishing you from Nagaland

  7. Zanshun Zimik

    Zanshun Zimik5 일 전

    Did this people knew the wealthiest chef was there in the kitchen with them?

  8. Charles Bruce

    Charles Bruce7 일 전

    Your cooking sucks gordon

  9. Patrick Star

    Patrick Star7 일 전

    Patrick Star gonna eat you hehehehe

  10. kamei katashillu

    kamei katashillu7 일 전

    Please visit manipur state. I will be there coz i am a die fan of you.

  11. Rise up

    Rise up7 일 전

    in orther to get to that tribe in Nagaland,, u first have to come to our state's only international airport which is in our town then u will have to travel to that another state called Nagaland,, that means u came in my town n i didn't even know,☹️

  12. For Miupa

    For Miupa8 일 전

    Wow....just wow🤣🤣🤣😍😍

  13. DaBestKingAdan

    DaBestKingAdan8 일 전


  14. Shaz Javed

    Shaz Javed8 일 전

    As long as he doesn't pass the recipes off as his own!!!!

  15. René Torres

    René Torres9 일 전

    fun chef

  16. Clara oswald

    Clara oswald10 일 전

    That is awesome and both his and their dishes looked amazing

  17. Mine Gaming108

    Mine Gaming10810 일 전

    Where do they get their glasses from

  18. queen chilli

    queen chilli12 일 전

    That is how my Idol go down to the Earth 🥰😇🙏🏻🙏🏻👍🏻👍🏻!!! Mr Incredible Master Chef ever .

  19. Mark Oliver

    Mark Oliver12 일 전

    4:06 Gordon puked

  20. Mark Oliver

    Mark Oliver12 일 전

    Gordon had to like it or they would skinned him alive and ate him.

  21. Puffin Bread

    Puffin Bread12 일 전

    C u r r y

  22. Bank Head

    Bank Head12 일 전

    He keeps a sandwich stashed

  23. Miss A

    Miss A12 일 전

    I'm from the capital of Nagaland....this is how we usually cook, and trust me it's good

  24. Karie Moody

    Karie Moody12 일 전

    Mr Posh, hates everything posh....

  25. Prenade ZUNO

    Prenade ZUNO12 일 전

    Says if tastes delicious but will never serve it in his restaurant

  26. Lotus

    Lotus12 일 전

    I want to see a kitchen nightmare series in foreign countries.

  27. T-800 Model 101 Infiltrator Unit.

    T-800 Model 101 Infiltrator Unit.13 일 전

    *Later that night:* Gordon Ramsay is blowing away his hotel toilet.

  28. Rupesh Sapkota

    Rupesh Sapkota13 일 전

    Gordon come up with the idea to eat typical Nepali food Welcome Nepal And you will not be dissappointed

  29. Angela Bowman

    Angela Bowman13 일 전

    Who gives a fuck

  30. Jeannie Hernandez

    Jeannie Hernandez13 일 전

    It's amazing how this Chef is so humble and so amazing and have a good heart he is real some people will not do that but him he has a good heart and a good soul

  31. Benju

    Benju13 일 전


  32. Rick Lopez

    Rick Lopez13 일 전

    He didn’t say anything mean cause he knew he would have been held captive and taken it up the arse twice a day by the natives

  33. DepressionFeather

    DepressionFeather13 일 전

    Tribal Chef: Western Chef: Apple Juice

  34. chilaw2004

    chilaw200413 일 전

    Love this series. GR may be more at home in an ultramodern Western kitchen but he has the commitment to squat in the dirt and chop up venison on a board on his lap and be pleased with it.

  35. Saeed AL Ghannami

    Saeed AL Ghannami14 일 전

    I just had my lunch, but I feel I m still hungry watching this 😋😋

  36. Chubz Zzz

    Chubz Zzz14 일 전

    Nothing india is what naga makes different

  37. misuzu9254

    misuzu925414 일 전

    If y'all never been to a village or a small town or had your nani cook for you using a choola and ancient family receipes, y'all will NEVER understand why Gordon appreciates these recipes over the rest.

  38. BlinkFU

    BlinkFU14 일 전

    I love this man. Very respectful towards his teachers and always eager to learn. He is fantastic.

  39. I_Like_cheese

    I_Like_cheese14 일 전

    Thank god I have Hulu

  40. Karol Sjolund

    Karol Sjolund14 일 전

    Ramsey is no Bordain.

  41. Brandon Liu

    Brandon Liu14 일 전

    Poverty is what makes the curry so dam good

  42. Jackson Fung

    Jackson Fung14 일 전

    Ramsey: “wow this flavor is exquisite, the aroma is out of this world” Tribe: “Ok Gaijin”

  43. Adam

    Adam4 일 전

    Japanese just called. Want their word back.

  44. Benya D

    Benya D14 일 전

    nagaland dish are the best

  45. 0m3n

    0m3n14 일 전

    It's strange... Most would think people that live like that would be miserable... But in reality they usually live a happier life because of the simplicity and less toxic way of living

  46. manasjyoti rabha

    manasjyoti rabha14 일 전

    Bamboo shoots smell like piss, and Gordon's like, "that's a fascinating smell!"

  47. manasjyoti rabha

    manasjyoti rabha7 일 전

    @Miss A you're an asshole.

  48. Miss A

    Miss A8 일 전

    @manasjyoti rabha ha ha ha!!!

  49. manasjyoti rabha

    manasjyoti rabha8 일 전

    @Miss A it was just a joke.

  50. Miss A

    Miss A9 일 전

    @manasjyoti rabha why u hating then man...and moreover there are different varieties which differs from place to place

  51. manasjyoti rabha

    manasjyoti rabha9 일 전

    @Miss A I know. I grew up eating it every other day.

  52. Carrie Ritts

    Carrie Ritts14 일 전

    Your kitchen is disgusting.... You let people eat off of this 😂😂😂. Say something to that dude....he'll cut your balls off with that machete Ramsey

  53. Tae Tubol

    Tae Tubol14 일 전

    Gordon bringing basket home with some recipes 🤔

  54. Cipher

    Cipher15 일 전

    Gordon Ramsay. Someone who knows how to respect other cultures.

  55. Grickery

    Grickery15 일 전

    I guess I'm off to India…

  56. Steve Cj

    Steve Cj15 일 전

    It brings back fond memories of my times in the military eating with poor people around the world always a smile and kindness shown to us .

  57. C ZHU

    C ZHU15 일 전

    What I admire Gordon is his openness and respect for different cultures

  58. Joshuel Frye

    Joshuel Frye15 일 전

    Gordon: how many westerners cook here? Girl: none. Gordon: I'm the first? Girl: yes. Gordon: *drinks*

  59. Adam

    Adam4 일 전

    Girl : "And the last. You are dessert!"

  60. Sagar

    Sagar13 일 전

    Joshuel Frye 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  61. Dehydrated Water

    Dehydrated Water15 일 전

    "gordon ramsay is BLOWN away by curry" Gordon: *this is delicious.*

  62. opugilist

    opugilist16 일 전

    It's an awfully big coincidence that he loves every shit pile put in front of him, as long as it's made at a camp in a jungle. Put these people in a westernized kitchen with a proper uniform and he'd still be telling them how shitty the food was. Almost as if he's figured out social media, and what is "hip".

  63. Scott Ponciroli

    Scott Ponciroli16 일 전

    I like this side of you Gordon the screaming chief is not who you really are when I see this real person it makes it more interesting

  64. Lee Turnbull

    Lee Turnbull16 일 전

    After this bamboo trees were imported to the west in the millions, now the village has no dried bamboo

  65. First Last

    First Last16 일 전

    Simple is his favorite word

  66. ViBeiKho KeSiYie

    ViBeiKho KeSiYie16 일 전


  67. punk rex

    punk rex16 일 전

    That's probably North India and I am guessing it's sikkim, or nagaland or maybe one of the 7 sisters...because north east people have a very good English accent... the rest of India speaks nenglish,we speak english

  68. Saumyesh Pandey

    Saumyesh Pandey17 일 전

    A warning: when you're in Nagaland, remember they're headhunter and don't tell them their curry sucks because they can make you the next meal.

  69. J K

    J K15 일 전

    They dont practice headhunting anymore...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!