BTS Performs "Idol" on AGT - America's Got Talent 2018


  1. Ankku98

    Ankku982 시간 전

    I mean jimin is so fine but my eyes are always searching for hoseok no matter what

  2. idonthaveaname andidontcare

    idonthaveaname andidontcare시간 전


  3. Jithin Krishna R

    Jithin Krishna R5 시간 전

    I'm gay

  4. vale kk

    vale kk5 시간 전


  5. Lourdez Diana Jordan Medez

    Lourdez Diana Jordan Medez6 시간 전

    Los reyes del kpop

  6. Euphoria Kookie

    Euphoria Kookie17 시간 전

    Me: *watching performance* Me: *Realizes that they skipped Jungkooks part* Also me: *dies*

  7. Jeremy Branch

    Jeremy Branch19 시간 전

    Why are all the guys so HOT and TALENTED!?!?

  8. idonthaveaname andidontcare

    idonthaveaname andidontcare시간 전

    cause they're bts :D I'm not saying other groups aren't as hot, since I Stan a lot of groups....


    INIAKU CHANEL19 시간 전


  10. pastel_bxnny

    pastel_bxnny21 시간 전

    Where is Jungkook's lines?? (rap part) 😧😧😧

  11. Sarah Jane Sanica

    Sarah Jane Sanica22 시간 전

    i love BTS!!! Especially jungkooie

  12. Durga Nair

    Durga Nair22 시간 전

    I am so happyyyy😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍

  13. Primera 1

    Primera 123 시간 전

    Imagine the outrage if they press the red buzzer

  14. Cucumber Lemonade Pie 101

    Cucumber Lemonade Pie 101일 전

    While they are are performing in front of AGT judges... Me: oppss looks like bts is having another audition 😂

  15. Aaron Ortiz

    Aaron Ortiz일 전


  16. Chris James

    Chris James일 전

    my lil sister a huge fan.. didnt know who these guys were till she show me.. now I cant stop listening

  17. Tiago Pires

    Tiago Pires일 전

    I'm a army, but i dont see why BTS is in AGT, is "AMERICAN got talent" i think should be only americans there.

  18. Purple U

    Purple U일 전

    +Tiago Pires i see. But i heard that Tyra Banks tried to invite them...and bts was in US around that time.(us tour)😀

  19. Tiago Pires

    Tiago Pires일 전

    +Purple U yeah,i know it, buti think should be only american artists in the show, you know, "american got talent bring korean artist to the show" dont sound right to me, well, thats my opinion

  20. Purple U

    Purple U일 전

    Agt just invited bts for opening performance. Nothing is wrong😁

  21. Piece of trash

    Piece of trash일 전

    At 0:53 is that rm saying damn in the background😂🤔

  22. Danseuse étoiles girl -

    Danseuse étoiles girl -일 전

    Je vous adore les BTS 😘😍

  23. Jeliane Gargantilla

    Jeliane Gargantilla일 전

    My boys looks stunning on the stage❤

  24. Tariq Mehmood

    Tariq Mehmood일 전

    Love V

  25. Sidney Andrin

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  26. Md Shishir

    Md Shishir일 전

    V and jimin both are good

  27. Karyl Teo

    Karyl Teo일 전

    BTS!!!! 💞💖

  28. Girl İrem power

    Girl İrem power일 전

    TURKEY 💗👄💗💖BTS

  29. Nor Asmiza

    Nor Asmiza일 전

    their many comments of jimin....the red suits is jimin...he have a good voice and same like minions...haha....i cant believe that perfomens at (AGT) ...but i am jealous....arghhhhh!!!!!

  30. Janzram

    Janzram일 전

    I love how some homies in the audience just whip out their army bombs lol what XD So extra I love it

  31. Ann Camayodo

    Ann Camayodo일 전

    Did anyone notice that jungkook don't do his rap lines. 🤔

  32. Takupudi Balakrishna

    Takupudi Balakrishna일 전

    Wowwwww.. 😢😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  33. Lidia Juarez

    Lidia Juarez2 일 전

    Al menos pisaron mi continente,no? Eso es algo 😂 :"v

  34. grace elizabeth

    grace elizabeth2 일 전

    i relate to all the girls scream crying in the audience

  35. İlaanda

    İlaanda2 일 전

    Vay amq

  36. nania be

    nania be2 일 전

    Jimin 😍😍😍❤

  37. cochita

    cochita2 일 전

    Omg 😍😍😍

  38. Francesco Leks

    Francesco Leks2 일 전

    That exhausted me

  39. Sjsksks Mdmdmdmd

    Sjsksks Mdmdmdmd2 일 전

    Gidin siz bu amerikaya Türkiyeye gelmeyin

  40. touka dragoneel

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  41. Tae Tae World

    Tae Tae World2 일 전


  42. Phailox

    Phailox3 일 전

    i usually dislike live performances. They're usually subpar compared to the music videos etc. BTS live performances are simply different. Such a high production value, choreography and stage presence on that stage.

  43. stephanie YS

    stephanie YS3 일 전

    Jimin is so hot

  44. Mittens

    Mittens3 일 전

    *smashes Golden button 10 Times*

  45. Erin and Alisa

    Erin and Alisa4 일 전

    I feel so old it’s already been 4 months since they performed on AGT! It feels like last week!

  46. idonthaveaname andidontcare

    idonthaveaname andidontcare시간 전

    riGHT THATS WHAT I WAS THINKING :0 now it's 2019 and I'm hyyyyped

  47. alexis sandefur

    alexis sandefur4 일 전

    there is no way am I seeing things im dreaming there is no way WHAT!!!!!! im shocked

  48. Layla Kotb

    Layla Kotb4 일 전

    그들은 재능이있다

  49. lqzy artist

    lqzy artist4 일 전

    L O O K. A T. J I M I N H E S. S O. B E A U T I F U L

  50. lqzy artist

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  51. No Idea

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  52. Night Fly

    Night Fly4 일 전

    Who else saw Will dancing from React channel in the background?

  53. alyse!

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  54. DIY Haveen Nzar

    DIY Haveen Nzar4 일 전

    Hey,Jimin You nice,keep going

  55. Iman Fatihah

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  56. Silverbird 3000

    Silverbird 30004 일 전

    2:13min and 2:25 min. These scenes (and many others) made me Jimin biased. This is one of the first BTS videos I watched and now I am a big stan

  57. idonthaveaname andidontcare

    idonthaveaname andidontcare시간 전

    welcome :)

  58. 방탄혜

    방탄혜4 일 전

    BTS 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  59. Lourdes Carreras

    Lourdes Carreras4 일 전

    Who else started again the video only to see Jimin all the time?😍 (the red suit guy😍😍😍😍)

  60. Lazim Trollzz

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  61. tae with suga and a kookie

    tae with suga and a kookie5 일 전


  62. Miguel Perez

    Miguel Perez5 일 전

    Bts eres hermoso

  63. Ametrine Pie

    Ametrine Pie5 일 전

    I love how this entire comment section is Jimin and a bunch of new ARMYs being born 😔✊ and the old ARMYs helping them know who our beautiful mochi in the red suit is

  64. Its Sam

    Its Sam5 일 전

    2:06 I sPottEd a fAn bOi

  65. tric bumo

    tric bumo5 일 전

    bts love~

  66. R. Moon

    R. Moon5 일 전

    They look like hot CEOs

  67. Prina

    Prina5 일 전

    People in comments: "OMG WHOS THE GUY IN RED HE'S SO HOTT" Jimin: "mY nAMe iS jiMiN"

  68. Epi Susilawati

    Epi Susilawati6 일 전

    *And this, people , Is what got me into BTS and made Jimin 😍my bias*

  69. siratun muntahar

    siratun muntahar6 일 전

    2:52 the black guy omfg

  70. Marie C

    Marie C6 일 전

    Yo why they skip Jungkooks part? Not that he didn’t look sUpEr sExY aNyWaY...but still

  71. eight Zoe

    eight Zoe6 일 전

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  72. 김아미

    김아미6 일 전

    봐도 봐도💜😍

  73. Kay Money

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  74. Ahmed Mojahed

    Ahmed Mojahed6 일 전

    I wish i was there

  75. Anh Lê

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  76. KXV237

    KXV2376 일 전

    I’m still not over this!!! Omg!!!

  77. Eva Penner

    Eva Penner6 일 전

    I didn't know it was actually BTS !

  78. yaakub abu bakar

    yaakub abu bakar6 일 전

    I can't believe they make this song on AGT

  79. bangtanarmy since2014

    bangtanarmy since20146 일 전


  80. Emika Szeto

    Emika Szeto6 일 전

    world wide hansom Answer : JIN love Jin he eat so cute omg i am dead.!c:

  81. priyanshi bijalwan

    priyanshi bijalwan7 일 전

    Bts is awesome ❤️❤️❤️

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  83. f.c. ot7

    f.c. ot77 일 전

    Amo esta presentación

  84. 청우

    청우7 일 전

    이제는 외국에서도 백댄서 들도 춤연습열심히하고, BTS는 외국에서도 공연 많이하고 BTS대단하다!

  85. Dini Rusma

    Dini Rusma7 일 전


  86. I Sued Min Yoongi

    I Sued Min Yoongi7 일 전

    Damn Jimin is really killing all the new people that are getting into BTS in the comments 💀

  87. k0rzza

    k0rzza7 일 전

    So yes or no?

  88. Jenna Mattson

    Jenna Mattson7 일 전

    Yes, red suit guy is Jimin 😂

  89. Infires Taekook

    Infires Taekook7 일 전

    Jimin killed it! 🔥

  90. Katie McGuire

    Katie McGuire7 일 전

    I loved the whole performance, but I have something to say, that I know a lot of you guys may not like but it's just my opinion. All of their vocals were amazing, and I can tell they put a lot of time and effort into what they do. All the members could work on some stuff in their vocals to make their performance even better. But for right now, I will just talk about the vocal line. With Jin, He still sounded great, don't get me wrong, but when he sings at 2:22, you can hear how he real punches the note for love myself, when he does that, he needs to make sure he connects the notes evenly so that it doesn't go out of proportion, making it sound like he punches the notes for love myself as much as he did, but throughout his performance, you can hear how he was giving it his all, but he just needs to dial back some of his volume to help build suspense, connect his vocals so one doesn't become more louder than the other, and start from a pianissimo and crescendo his words at 2:22-2:25 then it would build that vocal variety and make his performance even better. Next, we have Jimin who did pretty well, he obviously practices a lot, but something I noticed from him his posture. When people sing, there's a certain posture that they need to have to make their notes sound clean and their vowels and words sound smooth. All he needs to do is to lift up his head a little more, straighten his back just a tad more than he had and take good deep breathes before he sings to make sure that he won't stop in the middle of his singing to get a breathe because he did not take that deep of a breathe. Another thing I noticed is that at 2:26-2:28, the high note he sings comes out really good but it also sounds strained, which can in turn hurt his throat and effect how he sings for the rest of the time being during his performance. When he sings that note, he should open his throat more and let it come out naturally instead of straining his voice to create that note. Jungkook, the man with the voice, I was very pleased with how he sang, his posture looking great, but everybody could use practice and some more work to it. Obviously, they have to dance when they sing, which can effect how they sing and how breathes they may need to take, Jungkook and Suga are perfect examples of this, but let's just go on about Jungkook for right now, his vocals are good but something I witnessed is that when he starts singing that sometimes he won't take a big enough breathe to where it makes him stop for half a second and take a breathe where that breathe in the song is not needed. Great vocals overall and performance. V, had a nice performance. His vocals are perfect, you can hear every note and word, but, if you go back to 0:42-0:46, you can see that his alignment and posture isn't the best. Yes I already know what you might say, "He is dancing, he can't have the same posture while he is dancing" but in turn he actually can because every move he does, he can improve by not having a hunched back at some points in the performance and keeping it straight so he can have that room that he needs to make his breathing easier which can effect his singing.

  91. Septi Septiani

    Septi Septiani7 일 전


  92. Tasya Lisarib

    Tasya Lisarib7 일 전

    Army please vote bts in seoul music awards 2019!😭😭

  93. Abida Hassan

    Abida Hassan7 일 전

    Jimin cutie

  94. Jimin Oppa

    Jimin Oppa7 일 전

    so im here reading the comments and saying yeah yeah yeah thats bts ,thats my lovely amazing jimin ....we purple you guys

  95. German Her

    German Her7 일 전

    When hormones are more important than good music

  96. Maruhi Madouce

    Maruhi Madouce8 일 전

    They are the best kiss uuuuuu

  97. ladykihja

    ladykihja8 일 전

    jimin jimin with the red suit- ur too damn hot and sexy

  98. Clinquant Compassion

    Clinquant Compassion8 일 전

    omg the dancer behind jimin at 2:37 his face 😂😂

  99. lps jammer

    lps jammer8 일 전

    In my opinion, I think its pretty amazing there dancing in suits.

  100. BTS Army

    BTS Army8 일 전

    What episode are BTS on AGT

  101. imdadul haque

    imdadul haque6 일 전

    BTS Army final ep.

  102. Jennifer Rodriguez

    Jennifer Rodriguez8 일 전

    *Jimin, you nice. Keep going*

  103. Leila Yussuf

    Leila Yussuf8 일 전

    Am proud to be army💜💜 bts Proud of u guys bangtan 💜💜💜😍

  104. Dakota Webb

    Dakota Webb8 일 전

    Eek yes

  105. Angie Animations

    Angie Animations8 일 전

    Comments: Jimin Comments: Jimin Comments: Jimin Jimin: I’m owning the comment section and I didn’t even buy it!

  106. bts I love u most

    bts I love u most8 일 전

    JIMIN u r looking to much hot more than sun 💘💘💘💘💘 P💟💝💗💘 PA💟💝💗💘 PAR💟💝💗💘 PARK 💟💝💗💘 PARK J💟💝💗💘 PARK JI💟💝💗💘 PARK JIM💟💝💗💘 PARK JIMI 💟💝💗💘 PARK JIMIN💟💝💗💘 PARK JIMI💟💝💗💘 PARK JIM💟💝💗💘 PARK JI💟💝💗💘 PARK J💟💝💗💘 PARK 💟💝💗💘 PAR💟💝💗💘 PA💟💝💗💘 P💟💝💗💘

  107. wine only one

    wine only one8 일 전

    사랑할 수 밖에 없는 아이돌입니다♡♡

  108. Icy Fury

    Icy Fury8 일 전

    It's nice how bts just has a team of backup dancers