BTS Performs "Idol" on AGT - America's Got Talent 2018


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  3. K Escrln

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    I'm back here to laugh at how jimin got the camera man whipped for him 🤧

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  5. 김현정

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    이게노래냐 쓰레기지

  6. ludmila

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    Can I say something about others? Or I’ll get kicked out? *I kinda feel that this comment section is JIMIN’s zone now* 😂

  7. Desiree Santos

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    I’d be one of those judges to go on stage and dance with them 😂

  8. Jada Steele

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    Give this cameraman a raise people!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. signoaspire

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    They all have the same plastic surgery face.

  10. Got faith Dfaith

    Got faith Dfaith일 전

    I love them omg😍😍😍😍

  11. khadija yasmin

    khadija yasmin일 전

    Why’d they skip jungkook’s part?!

  12. Helen Grace Habuyo

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    I'm a newbie BTS fan and i love JIMMMIIINNNN 😍😍😍

  13. Droguita II

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    ayudA m muero

  14. Ισsεя

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    Welcome to comment section Oh,correction. Welcome to Jimin's appreciation comments section!

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    My boi Big Will😂

  16. Yulia Wln

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    love❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ i like BTS😘

  17. Lil_meow_ meow__

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    I've been looking everywhere but I can't see the judges reactions does anyone have a video that has there reaction?

  18. Yese Castel

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    so in love with them

  19. Thi Thi

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    BTS 😍❤❤❤ Jungkook is the sunshine in my heart

  20. yoo hoo

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    지민이가 최고다 진심

  21. Got faith Dfaith

    Got faith Dfaith2 일 전

    I like bts

  22. Got faith Dfaith

    Got faith Dfaith2 일 전

    I love bets I like rm

  23. Jaejong Lim

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    Jimin. I love Jimin. He sure has adorable smile.

  24. អ៊ន ឆវី

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    I love you idol❤❤❤

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    I'm jimming in 🤦😳😳😳

  26. Yona Shirayuki

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    Every comment is on Jimin😂😍

  27. Pizzi TV

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    Tôi cần cánh tay người Việt Nam qúa!!!!

  28. Toan Nguyen

    Toan Nguyen2 일 전

    B T S Rm

  29. Emma Paumelle

    Emma Paumelle2 일 전

    The part of jungkook after suga didn't be here

  30. reina lyn

    reina lyn2 일 전

    Hobi really slayed this performance, they all did. 😍

  31. JxsminM KZ

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    They are my idols- contratulations!!!

  32. Fathima Mehreen

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    I love bts like if u like

  33. Seon Choi

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  34. pjmmygxx

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    Jimin was looking extra yummy that day 😍

  35. Efti

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    They got some fuckin great moves👍

  36. Nesa Grg

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    BTs 💕💕💕💕💕👌👌💕✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️💖💖💖😘😘😘😘😘😘😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  37. Erilyn Tuallawt

    Erilyn Tuallawt3 일 전

    Even Cameraman can't handle him once you jimin you can't jimout 😂


    BTS IS LIFE3 일 전

    2:52 that me in the background on the right 😂 he was feeling it!

  39. Thinh Nguyen

    Thinh Nguyen3 일 전

    This looks like AGTS on BTS concert

  40. Watermelon Noir

    Watermelon Noir3 일 전

    Yes Jimin 💖

  41. mìłkû tëà

    mìłkû tëà3 일 전

    Did they skip jungkook’s rap?

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  43. BTS ARMY

    BTS ARMY3 일 전

    You know I just saw an app ad Candy crush saga but I thought the saga was Suga.

  44. Jin Ho

    Jin Ho3 일 전

    why did they skip like 2 parts?

  45. Tae kook

    Tae kook3 일 전

    jungkook is so hot omggg

  46. Popsnow YT

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    2:51-2:53 black guy's face

  47. Anna and Andrea channel

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    Itz birthday of rm happy birthday

  48. 박주홍

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    아 자랑스러워라ㅋㅋ앞으로 더 흥하세요

  49. Thaleia Guertin

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    Well we all know who the camera man's bais is...jimin but you know same💜

  50. Lai Saepharn

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    Who loves jungkook here like if you agree?

  51. Jin Mochi

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    This comment section literally belongs to jimin😂

  52. Yue Miking

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    One of the kids from FBE reacts is one of the back dancers lol

  53. scotlandlover0

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    ### 0712 BTS 0712 BTS ### That's not a problem. He just wore it for the independence day not to mock the disaster and Don't hurt Koreans by emphasizing only bomb victims. There are much more victims in Korea by Japan. Check the billboard article LiberationTshirtNotBombTshirt The purpose of this t-shirt is not to mock victims but to remember the painful history and the liberation day. Many Koreans were also killed by the bomb. Don’t misunderstand and blame on BTS. Blame on ppl who deliberately distort the meaning behind.

  54. Anuska Lamichhane

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    Hit like if you love jungkook most from bts❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  55. lmonayde

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    um im looking at jin wtf

  56. Bunny does gaming

    Bunny does gaming4 일 전

    Bro I swear bts has became so big since they debuted like they’re are globally know by everyone like omg before they weren’t even recognized by korea but now woahh

  57. Golden baby Bunny kookie

    Golden baby Bunny kookie4 일 전

    There’s 2 member in a red suit Jimin has the lighter colored one and suga has the darker one

  58. Shensparky Vicente

    Shensparky Vicente4 일 전

    I think BTS is the first group who performed first in AGT😂👌

  59. Stefani vlogs

    Stefani vlogs4 일 전

    ㅑㅅㄴ 놰ㅏㅐㅜㄹ ㅠㅅㄴ ㅐㅜ ㅁㄹㄱ

  60. pawClub crew

    pawClub crew4 일 전

    im junshook about jim moves that bts does

  61. Lemon 'tis Bae

    Lemon 'tis Bae4 일 전

    1:36 I've never been interested in these Korean boy bands but Who is the one singing??? His rapping is so good I wanna know who he is uwu

  62. Busan Boy

    Busan Boy3 일 전

    Lemon 'tis Bae, You're welcome 😇

  63. Lemon 'tis Bae

    Lemon 'tis Bae3 일 전

    Busan Boy oooh thank you!!!

  64. Busan Boy

    Busan Boy4 일 전

    Lemon 'tis Bae, The one who raps at 1:36 is Min Yoongi or you can call him Suga (is his nickname)😇 If you want to listen to him more, then search on KOreporter (Agust D) is his mixtape 😅

  65. Tae’s Baby Alien

    Tae’s Baby Alien4 일 전

    Name something more powerful than Yoongis Kick I’ll wait

  66. prabhhlen kaur

    prabhhlen kaur4 일 전

    BTS Is r hero's IDOL and the IDOL song goes to them. No one in comparison with them. Wooow great performance atmosphere. LUV THEM A LOT. Favourite IDOL group ( lots of kisses😚😚😚😚💋💋💋💋)

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  68. 김현우

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    방탄때문에 한국어 배우는 외국아미들 많을 듯

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  70. IloveLIFE

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    wHy DiDn'T tHe JuDgEs StAnD uP???????

  71. Dwania Gordon

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    Gi mi little suga 😍😙😘

  72. Thanh Phan

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  73. SWAG Yoongi

    SWAG Yoongi4 일 전

    They win the program, yeah?

  74. Ananya's Lifestyle

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    Reading the description I would say and am sorry to say but.... BTS might be the biggest boy band on the planet but not the biggest band on the planet cause its one direction

  75. Ananya's Lifestyle

    Ananya's Lifestyle22 시간 전

    +Busan Boy 🙂

  76. Busan Boy

    Busan Boy22 시간 전

    Ananya's Lifestyle, So?? It is a BTS video, why you should mentioned 1D here? If they will reunite good for them, that does not mean that is BTS end, lol.

  77. Ananya's Lifestyle

    Ananya's Lifestyle23 시간 전

    +Busan Boy I too listen to bts songs and am not comparing am just reminding that 1D is coming back in 2020

  78. Busan Boy

    Busan Boy일 전

    Ananya's Lifestyle, For a k-pop group, this is amazing what they accomplished, and they still winning and winning. You can't compare a boy band who is singing only in english, and a boy band who sing in korean english, japanese. Of course 1D had succes, because they sang only in english, and we all know that english is an international language. BTS become popular without to sing their songs in english. So don't compare them, because they are very but very different.

  79. Busan Boy

    Busan Boy일 전

    Ananya's Lifestyle, In this moment BTS is winning over all the bands as well. But yeah, you can think whatever you want.

  80. nghi nghi

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    This is jungkook ❤❤❤❤❤💗❤❤❤❤❤❤💗❤❤💗❤❤❤❤💗💗💗💗💗💗❤

  81. Stiff Dicc

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    Btchfck where tf is young money at

  82. Juphil  Jiji

    Juphil Jiji4 일 전

    3:02 that hip thrust tho!!!

  83. Juphil  Jiji

    Juphil Jiji4 일 전

    I like that even the backup dancers are so good too! I LOVE BTS but we gotta appreciate those dudes that keep up with them and add a little flare to the performances.

  84. Neko/Fox Alisha

    Neko/Fox Alisha4 일 전

    JIM-IN not JIM-OUT

  85. Kim Long Nguyễn

    Kim Long Nguyễn4 일 전

    they are so good

  86. SaMtha BTS

    SaMtha BTS4 일 전

    The cameraman has eyes for Jimin.

  87. Oinam Depot

    Oinam Depot4 일 전

    Jimin Jungkook Jimin Jungkook

  88. Berna Trujillo

    Berna Trujillo5 일 전

    They skipped mushrooms part😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  89. Victoria Byford

    Victoria Byford5 일 전

    0:22 true fan girl

  90. Sophie Lee

    Sophie Lee5 일 전

    Why is no one talking about RM he is just as hot and talented as Jimin



    Ohh that's right (actually all of them)

  92. ekswAyZee yee

    ekswAyZee yee5 일 전

    BTS are really in a hype beast mode. Conquering the world.

  93. MD Renthley

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  94. Kerubin Ancheta

    Kerubin Ancheta5 일 전

    what?! why I didn't oriented

  95. Ana Jasmin

    Ana Jasmin5 일 전

    simon cowell: name the price bang pd: what do you mean simon cowell: you know, the secret bang pd: the secret to what simon cowell: bts' success

  96. Isssa Broke

    Isssa Broke5 일 전

    I wanted to see there reaction😭



    OMG sameeee

  98. Lets Play und Bleistift Kolibri 24

    Lets Play und Bleistift Kolibri 245 일 전

    ich denke ehr weniger das sie ins deutsche Super Talent schaffen xD Leider kommen die nicht auf die Idee sie einzuladen denke ich mal. Super Auftritt. Sie können gerne auf der Dokomi irgendwann auftreten ;)

  99. Eman.S Hameed

    Eman.S Hameed5 일 전

    It's all about you baby jiminah😉T.T

  100. 안상현

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    한국인 손~~~~~~

  101. Alicia Benitez

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    I love you Jimin❤bts

  102. karsyn !

    karsyn !5 일 전

    Why are they even on America’s Got Talent? Bih we been know that

  103. Llia J.

    Llia J.5 일 전

    Oooooh America is making them sloppppppyyyyy

  104. J * M

    J * M5 일 전

    P. S, new armys. Having a bias is great and showing your love them is even better. But don’t forget that there’s 6 others to hype up as well 💙.

  105. J * M

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  106. Gachafan Gacha

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    99.9% of the comments are about Park Jimin💜

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  109. Ss J

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  110. x Bubbels x

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    Everyone has fallen in love w/ jiminie-ssi and i have fallen more in love with my yoogie-ssi 💕