Giving Myself A Lash Perm


  1. Soon Bean

    Soon Bean7 시간 전

    The eyelid kid story hit close to home

  2. Vöxtur

    Vöxtur일 전

    I got that kit because of this video.

  3. Panic!AtTheFelix TwentyOneFelixs

    Panic!AtTheFelix TwentyOneFelixs일 전

    why does this look like a youtuber apology video until you see the title

  4. Mara Alb

    Mara Alb2 일 전

    WTF! She looks like she aged overnight! With all the money she is making she should take better care of her skin. Horrid!

  5. Boiboi

    Boiboi2 일 전

    I love how her channel is just her taking care of herself and also destroying herself at the same time and we’re all here for it

  6. Leebo Warner

    Leebo Warner2 일 전

    Most youtubers: I made this video for you guys Jenna: *ME TIME*

  7. Maham Ahmed

    Maham Ahmed3 일 전

    This was so uncomfortable to watch but it’s for Jenna beech

  8. Maya Saya

    Maya Saya4 일 전

    On a serious note: Please don’t lift your lashes at home! It’s super unsafe The chemicals needed to make that semi-permanent curl are hazardous if they get into your eye, if even so much as 2 whole drops do you could potentially lose your vision partially or fully in that eye (forever), especially the cheaper the product is because they probably used worse chemicals. This is why all of these at home kits have legal disclaimers saying they’re not liable for any injury caused by using their product, and why most if not all do not freely disclose what ingredients are in them. Go get your lashes lifted by a trained and experienced professional, in a safe environment, with safer chemicals if you really want it!

  9. caitin logue

    caitin logue8 일 전

    Wonder if she’s wild enough to shave her head 😂

  10. Vanessa Lee

    Vanessa Lee10 일 전

    Try brow lamination

  11. Livie Villeneuve

    Livie Villeneuve11 일 전

    Julien said dumbells like a French-Canadian 😂

  12. Colleen Copeland

    Colleen Copeland11 일 전

    She provoked memories I didn’t know I had with that comment about the kids who flipped their eyelids up.

  13. Candy Nums

    Candy Nums14 일 전

    Please try brow lamination you can use that Same perming kit to do it!

  14. Car C

    Car C21 일 전

    A goddess.

  15. kaleigh serino

    kaleigh serino21 일 전

    If you’re of age watch jennas videos while high it’s so much more funny😂😂 I love her when I’m sober also lol

  16. Nancy Ford

    Nancy Ford22 일 전

    My eyelashes naturally touch my brow bone?? When I look up a little they brush my eyelid/brow area

  17. Thunder Rhododendron

    Thunder Rhododendron25 일 전

    My favourite bit was the enjoyment screaming.

  18. Sarah White

    Sarah White25 일 전

    I watched this while giving myself a lash perm, I understand her pain

  19. Witchycryptids

    Witchycryptids25 일 전

    6:51 Birdbox (2018)

  20. Yes I know. I'm Gay. Thanks for noticing

    Yes I know. I'm Gay. Thanks for noticing29 일 전

    One of these days she's gonan singe her arm hair off her body doing weirs shit like this and we will all still love here

  21. Bianca Mancuso

    Bianca Mancuso개월 전


  22. Maartje Goede

    Maartje Goede개월 전

    This is probably tested on animals no?

  23. Teddy AK

    Teddy AK개월 전

    fire signs >>> everyone else

  24. Emily O

    Emily O개월 전


  25. Tia Hall

    Tia Hall개월 전

    This video makes me laugh every time I watch it 🤣🤣🤣

  26. right2julia

    right2julia개월 전

    "in watched plenty of YT videos of lash lifts" Doesn't glue pads down.

  27. Bidaboy

    Bidaboy개월 전

    I actually read crying myself in lash perm

  28. Emily Smith

    Emily Smith개월 전

    This I think is the only Jenna video I'll ever dislike. I love you, Jenna, and I just want you to be safe, they shouldn't have sold you that kit you could've gotten hurt! :((

  29. Kassi S

    Kassi S개월 전

    Ok, so I’m new.. and I’m binge watching every night while I wait for my seven month old to fall asleep... I’ll have you know I just scared her because I ugly laughed. Like a stepped on goose, like a honk with extra air. I was not prepared for the Saran Wrap around the eyes 😂😂🤣 100% worth it. Also, I can confirm Aries behavior is maddening. My husband/baby daddy/ best friend is an Aries (April 11).

  30. S. Kenzig

    S. Kenzig개월 전

    Both my sister and her husband are April 11th babies!

  31. fuck off

    fuck off개월 전

    Every fucking video she makes makes me FUCKING DIE LAUGHING ugh she's my MOM

  32. Audio Leafy

    Audio Leafy개월 전

    Jenna is the only KOreporterr that I can constantly rewatch

  33. Leyla Picou

    Leyla Picou개월 전

    what if an earthquake happened right then? omg this was a year ago haha

  34. Brennah Rose

    Brennah Rose개월 전

    this should be called: "My Aries boyfriend annoys and terrifies me while I'm blindfolded"

  35. DumbBitchDisorder

    DumbBitchDisorder25 일 전

    Tickle My Tootsie that exists, it just goes by the title 50 Shades of Gray

  36. shithead_03

    shithead_03개월 전

    One year anniversary I guess

  37. Stella Rigby

    Stella Rigby개월 전

    i had to stop several times to laugh

  38. YeeYee

    YeeYee개월 전

    My eyes burn just watching this

  39. Anja Lalović

    Anja Lalović개월 전

    jenna: *doing something very wrong* jenna: this is right

  40. Lisa Couch

    Lisa Couch개월 전

    that looks hard jenna

  41. Angela M

    Angela M개월 전

    She's got waaaayyy more patience than I do....cuz I'd never trust that stuff nor have the patience to try anything like that ...that I DID trust ...haha she's so brave

  42. snow G

    snow G개월 전

    I actually love Jenna’s energy better without Julien around.

  43. SirenaRoyal

    SirenaRoyal개월 전

    Aries>Virgo Can I get a hell yeahh from my fellow Aries?? No? Okay, I’ll be alone forever :((

  44. Julie Barlow

    Julie Barlow개월 전

    5:35 she looks like Jake Gyllenhaal

  45. Angela Bruck

    Angela Bruck개월 전

    Lookin like Mona Lisa

  46. MsMay1961

    MsMay1961개월 전

    😂😂😂😂... you're so hilarious 😂😂😂😂

  47. Tonyia Rains

    Tonyia Rains개월 전

    "How dare you say that" 🤣🤣🤣

  48. Tonyia Rains

    Tonyia Rains개월 전


  49. Georgia Barber

    Georgia Barber개월 전

    I literally have my eyelid inside out rn 😂

  50. Kisa Shouta

    Kisa Shouta2 개월 전

    “i know this doesn't look like progress, but i think we made progress“ my life basically

  51. Zachary Allen

    Zachary Allen2 개월 전

    It actually tells you To put glue On your EYES *WHY*

  52. Ronnie Loves Demi

    Ronnie Loves Demi2 개월 전


  53. paisley is nervous

    paisley is nervous개월 전

    how did she do that??

  54. Go Figure

    Go Figure2 개월 전

    Ok so you know the “Thin ones” that you thought gave you a better angle? Yeah those were the under eye pads. The think chunky things that were shorter and lid shaped went on your eye lids

  55. TheMadHatter _19

    TheMadHatter _192 개월 전

    Something about this new house has just totally changed jennas channel. Now its just me time and ITS NEVER BEEN BETTER. This channel makes me laugh my ass off every time.

  56. Joshua Tomasik

    Joshua Tomasik2 개월 전

    My me time is watching Jenna's me time

  57. airen stalheim

    airen stalheim2 개월 전


  58. airen stalheim

    airen stalheim2 개월 전

    where did she buy them?

  59. Austin Morris

    Austin Morris2 개월 전

    Goodbye Spider-Man

  60. Maria Pletneva

    Maria Pletneva2 개월 전

    Lash tinting saves me so much time cause FOR SOME DAMN REASON the roots of my lashes are light and I can't get mascara on there 👀

  61. Samantha Hoctor

    Samantha Hoctor2 개월 전


  62. Abeautifully Maliousgirl

    Abeautifully Maliousgirl2 개월 전

    Off topic comment but am I the only that loves her eyes? They are such a pretty color and I don't know why but I also just realized how blue her eyes are and I love them!! Love you Jenna and Julien :)

  63. D'Koda Jane Ridding

    D'Koda Jane Ridding2 개월 전

    This reminds me of how much I need another “Drunk Testing TV Products”