GIANTS - Opening Ceremony Presented by Mastercard | 2019 World Championship Finals


  1. Asvidania Senpai

    Asvidania Senpai3 시간 전

    Where's yasuo? :(

  2. 草四 叶

    草四 叶8 시간 전

    Riot game to riot studio?

  3. Lucas Fernandez Prieto

    Lucas Fernandez Prieto12 시간 전

    En las demás no

  4. Lucas Fernandez Prieto

    Lucas Fernandez Prieto12 시간 전

    Que diferencia en la voz de true damage

  5. King_ Aries87

    King_ Aries8712 시간 전

    I got chillz when the spot light hit keke and then she and Becky hit that chorus! 👌👌

  6. Kagome Higurashi

    Kagome Higurashi13 시간 전

    Song made by Akali gidle Soyeob

  7. Sorn Yuji

    Sorn Yuji14 시간 전

    Lion is one bop

  8. DarkKnight Gotham

    DarkKnight Gotham15 시간 전

    Yugi : wow!!! I luv soyeon 😍

  9. Respect Yasuo Mains

    Respect Yasuo Mains18 시간 전

    Where is my t-posed dj?

  10. Respect Yasuo Mains

    Respect Yasuo Mains18 시간 전

    The raps is much better in the animation

  11. เจเจ็ท สามายᄑ_ᄑ

    เจเจ็ท สามายᄑ_ᄑ19 시간 전

    Where my yasuo😢😢

  12. László Nagy

    László Nagy20 시간 전

    1:36 😍😍

  13. GiorgosSSJ

    GiorgosSSJ21 시간 전

    Haven't seen Keke Palmer after Nickelodeon and The Nickelodeon Movie Rags

  14. ᄋᄋᄋᄋ

    ᄋᄋᄋᄋ22 시간 전

    SOYEON is GENIUS. Luv so much soyeon

  15. Altundag Arşad

    Altundag Arşad일 전

    yasuo :(

  16. Skyfi

    Skyfi일 전

    Keke palmer was a Disney star...what a blast of nostalgia

  17. MineZerTHD

    MineZerTHD일 전

    Como amo a la China, japonesa o koreana o lo que sea, la amo :u

  18. Will0w Rose

    Will0w Rose일 전

    These effects are amazingggggg

  19. YOUNG SOO Kim

    YOUNG SOO Kim일 전

    몇번을 봐도 이건 소연이 캐리했다 역시 적폐챔

  20. Rui Castro

    Rui Castro일 전

    Duckwrth straight out of Car Mechanic Simulator with that outfit

  21. LFSDS

    LFSDS일 전

    Akali-Soyeon é a minha rapper favorita

  22. Rose Smith

    Rose Smith일 전

    I dont think I've ever seen soyeon in shorts that short lmao she did great

  23. Marselin D.

    Marselin D.일 전

    Oh my Soyeon💜

  24. 졸귀탱사이온

    졸귀탱사이온일 전

    에코의 얼굴 분장은, 테크나인이 떠오른다. 테크나인이 랩을 했다면 어땠을까...!

  25. viniciu rodrigues

    viniciu rodrigues일 전

    Diogão muito mais ekko que o ekko.

  26. Karen J

    Karen J일 전

    Soyeon pls sit on me

  27. Alicia Abdullah

    Alicia Abdullah일 전

    soyeons live singing was so stable i am shook beyond words

  28. _1209

    _1209일 전

    this song is amazing!!!!!!!!!! but i still stan K/DA , POP/STARS still hypes me to this day

  29. hide side

    hide side일 전

    무대연출 지린다...

  30. j y P

    j y P일 전


  31. Zi Khaza

    Zi Khaza2 일 전

    It's been a month and I'm still wondering how soyeon got her long hair.. anybody know? :/

  32. Karen J

    Karen J일 전


  33. CL5W

    CL5W2 일 전

    am i the only one who wanted to see the dj yasuo ... and git disappointed 😔

  34. Micheal

    Micheal2 일 전

    Am I the only one who came here for everyone else besides the K-POP star? Cause literally didn’t know who she was until I read like 47 out of 50 of the top comments.

  35. teariee

    teariee2 일 전

    Daaaang, everyone slayed at this performance! The tech stage VFX is also ridiculously good!! 🔥🔥🔥👏👏🔥🔥🔥

  36. Dalia Paulín

    Dalia Paulín2 일 전

    I'm watching this again... and I did notice they changed the audio????!! seems more -live-, weeks ago when I saw this looked more like playback :O!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  37. Dương Trần

    Dương Trần2 일 전

    Omg this is the most stunning magical stage i have ever laid my eyes on! My eyes are so blessed... I love ekko'S stage, even the rappers can do teleport i love this so much omg TT TT. The production team smashed this performance HARD! Sit down children, this is the story of a legend that you could ever had a chance to lay your pity eyes on this blessing!

  38. Long Phạm Hoàng

    Long Phạm Hoàng2 일 전

    That is very good

  39. Afro_ Cowboy_

    Afro_ Cowboy_2 일 전

    I thought by watching this I’d be less confused by which one is which

  40. M4L

    M4L2 일 전

    Becky G is the best

  41. Sandra Nyakoon

    Sandra Nyakoon2 일 전

    Omg this is beyond awesome IT'S SO COOOOOL