GIANT SEAFOOD on Africa’s Biggest Island! Catch and Cook with Primitive Technology!


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    i thought you pee your pants.. haha.. this is not mean.. im tyring to be funny haha

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    And I thought here that there are starving kids in africa... guess I don't have an excuse to tell my kids to eat their food now

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    Amazing tour, food and of cause people. Can feel his joy.

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    Those people look so happy and healthy 💕

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    Everyone there is so peaceful

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    That was not a tuna...I guess spanish mackerel altough i didnt see it well enough but for sure some kind of mackerel. You also payed allot for it... I guess threefold what they ask for normally but i would have given them that too.

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    i want to be like you someday

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    Misplaced compassionate Sonny: go be free Chinese mitten crab Mitten crab: fuck yessss 🦀 Sonny: realizing what he’s done🤯😂

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    Im from Minnesota

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    *throws crab back in ocean* Crab: You fool, you fell victim to one of the classic blunders.

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    Did no one see that chicken

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    Crab: got you b*tch haha

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    Total love every videos.

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    That was wonderful and a lovely day. Carefree and looks like not a care in the world

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    Get yo white trash ass the fuck out of here

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    They are all so gorgeous🤩


    BADMOJO일 전

    VIETNAM 66-68 ......USMC.... LOVE IT THERE ..

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    The head cook is beautiful! All of them are beautiful people. The food looks great!!

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    I’m addicted to this channel now!!

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    click like if you are White and offended because a woman is happily cooking with love for her people.

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    People look so happy

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    Damn mans really pissed himself @ 1:12

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    Everytime hè take something in his mouth : Hmmmmmm

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    Why do blacks eat like slobs literally drooling over eachothers food and then proceed to eat eachothers saliva but then again blacks are still cavemen

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    Their Beautiful smiles show money can't buy happiness

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    Great Video..... Huge Respect for Letting that crab free.......

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    Yum my favourite breadfruit. Cooked beautifully. So yum. Just like when I was in Fiji.

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    I don’t know if anyone else thinks this but this is my opinion:they all look Dominican (not to be rasic if u think i am

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    And he threw it back I’m dead😂😂

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    Princess Marie the kids wanted to cook it you know?

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    Turn up Minnesota gang✨✨✨✨✨

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    The people there all look so beautiful and free, Wish we had some of that in the states.

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    invasive species LOL !!! beeing nice fail right there bro haha

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    Please visit Aklan 🇵🇭the seafood capital of the Philippines!

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    Everyone is so happy 😃, I wish I visited to be with those people

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    I am in love with charlize I wish I had a life partner like her Sonny m gonna be your Patreon now, not coz u r so humble but coz ur intentions are so pure

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    In 1: 12 did he pee on hes pant look and stop at 1: 12 look like he pee heself or he put water on he's face on wet heself.

  40. favorite blue

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    If you reading this so sorry that I said that so sorry.

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    13:18 "an invasive species" *sarcastic clapping*

  42. JP Angeles

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    These people are the origin of Tamil, Pacific Islander, and Austronesian peoples

  43. yohan iron

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    JP Angeles Not all of us, some are coming from descendants if central african tribes

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    Course its chinese

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    Thats a sponge crab its nice

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    They’re so beautiful 😩😍😍 their skin is amazing too omg

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    Tatianna Brown na nothin

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    yohan iron what.

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    Tatianna Brown if only you see the people of the center, a nice brown skin and silky hair

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    Tatianna Brown trueee😭😍

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    They eat like the rich, minus the stress of a capitalist country. Beautiful people, super friendly. Diabetes free

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    No AC running water or toilet papper... Ill stick with the capitalists.

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    13:13 it was at this moment that he knew, *he fucked up*

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    I love how everyone lives so free😎😀

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    i love this

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    1:45 youre welcome

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    I thought they were putting orange Fanta on their oysters 😅

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    Speedy_nibble_ Squeak lmaooo me too, at first 😂

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    'salamat' isn't it a filipino word???

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    The Lady said something like Sarap o-o

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    I’m from 🇯🇲 Jamaica and we eat breadfruit but never like that 👀

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    Emprez Devyyne I know right I’m from Jamaica too

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    the kids tried to warn you... LOL jk they were playing fetch! hahaha

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    you've replaced Andrew Zimmerman's bizarre foods... thank you

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    KOreporter comments: what great and wonderful people Video: shows guy ripping apart a crab while it's alive...

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    Very good point.

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    You only live once.......

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    You don't know that for sure......

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    I just want a weekend there.

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    One of the kids was naked in the end

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    Beautiful people!

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    Do they understand English but not speak?

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    "Is she crying from the lack of free time or the smoke" Inner thoughts: oh no, what if it is a personal issue, like her mother worked like that, and it had a negative effect on her, or what if she is very lonely... "It's the smoke"

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    The kids got the crab again and he chuncked it right back 😂😂😂

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    when you coming to capetown

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    Madagaskar moonshine..

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    Wow these people are beautiful.

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    "Please don't be endangered." lol

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    Hawaii has breadfruit too.

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    SJW's would just love to ruin this way of living.

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    i hate my life

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    You don't park a boat its not a car

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    5$ rainbow lobster wait wattttttrttttt

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    the happiness on all of their faces just warms my heart (':

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    Chinese mitten crab is a fresh water crab, n they never get this kind of appearance.

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    Did he just say "salamat" (thank you in the philippines) to the fish vendor lady? 😂

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    @mademoiselle maëlle oh wow. Nice to know

  90. mademoiselle maëlle

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    "Hello" in our language in Madagascar

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    Go to Sweden and try food

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    Oh My!!!! First time I've ever watched your adventures and I loved the entire video. Your humor brings so much life into the context of your documentary. Now, if you would have just eaten that felt-like crab lol

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    So where’s Motto Motto

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    This guy travels the world in search of good food while I'm sitting here eating microwaved shrimp ramen ohhh the things I would give to do what he does

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    The cooler Logan Paul

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    Being White is a natural privilege. You can go anywhere in the world and people will be so welcoming. The persons who created White people had intense anthropological intellect

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    Those women are cooking, OMG they're being oppressed---Feminists. Meanwhile - the men are out in the ocean risking their lives to find food to bring back to the village, leaving at 2 am doing the most dangerous part of finding the food. Keep in mind, there will be NO food to cook and feed no one IF, no one is bringing in the food.

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    When he threw the crab the first time. Nd the kids brought it back and he said "No my crab" and yeeted it back in the water. I wonder what the crab was thinking?

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    Couldnt bring my dudes a soccer ball?

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    Does it feel strange to be back in the USA Sonny? Thank you for finding a Cajun chef to cook for you! Amazing people!

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    Host: is she crying because i said somthing The guy:no because of the smoke

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    He said "Is she crying because of the smoke or because of the lack of free time? "

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    Ummm ur kinda wrong with the comment

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    Why was there a naked kid infront of like ten people that probably looked at him at least once,no offence,but that’s weird

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    That you said SALAMAT in TAGALOG that means THANK YOU 4:22😁😂

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    It means hello there

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    Jefferson Catanduanes i thought i was the only one who heard him say that 😂

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    11:58 Holy that a bloody massive spoon......hmm.... a massive spoon or a massive scoop of that mash stuff?

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    The mother land 💯

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    Looooooooooove seafood.........Rainbow lobster $5 - (pick me)..........I want your experiences!Stop that ridiculous 'yummy face'.......(Love your work with also videoing other interesting people!) Go - you good thing!😎😎😎🦐🦐🦐🦀🦀🦀🦑🦑🦑

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    King Julien approves this. 😁

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    I have a bread fruit tree back at home in hawaii, my family either eats grilled, boiled, or baked bread fruit (but either way it's good)

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    OMG. They don't eat with their fingers anymore. Black people are truly evolving at an alarming rate.

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    the crab returns .lmfao

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    Cool to see how the French used technology that still rivals the Africans. Charlize is sweet.

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