Giant 6ft Water Balloon - The Slow Mo Guys


  1. Kelly duong

    Kelly duong시간 전

    Wow dan looks so different

  2. Lo Peezy

    Lo Peezy2 시간 전

    I'm here cause I wanted to show my sis this video then ask her to find a slow mo vid of skin being punctured

  3. Grusael

    Grusael11 시간 전

    uploaded since 03.05.2011 and 180 mio Views, How ?

  4. Oscar INNES

    Oscar INNES15 시간 전

    2019? October?

  5. Richard Gordon

    Richard Gordon일 전

    You’ve got to admit we all must be pretty simple minded to watch this video.

  6. Krążownik gwałciciel alfa 50

    Krążownik gwałciciel alfa 50일 전

    And thats how it all started

  7. Ghostking [GD]

    Ghostking [GD]2 일 전


  8. Matthieu Rousseau

    Matthieu Rousseau3 일 전

    4:27 repeat repeat

  9. MANNY

    MANNY3 일 전

    4:28 fillet

  10. Aitor Lucea

    Aitor Lucea4 일 전

    180 milipn and 800 thousand likes

  11. Zane Carlson

    Zane Carlson4 일 전

    They did this a year earlier than I was born

  12. balaji kumaran

    balaji kumaran4 일 전

    Who is seeing this in 2019 and wondering DAV is so lean ?

  13. Jacob Gragges

    Jacob Gragges5 일 전

    I feel uncomfortable with Dan not being thicc

  14. X 12

    X 125 일 전

    I never new that videos that were made 8 years ago would be this interesting in October 2019

  15. Aali Sufyan

    Aali Sufyan5 일 전

    Tiktokers need to find you location😂🤣🤣😂😂

  16. WhatsApp status videos

    WhatsApp status videos5 일 전

    This is how much litre water he use 👇 👇 👇




  18. Ricki Gamer

    Ricki Gamer5 일 전

    Oooohhh, I remember watching this video when I was little!

  19. Jonathan Meyer

    Jonathan Meyer6 일 전

    My childhood

  20. Gacha Loves me

    Gacha Loves me6 일 전

    4:25 your welcome

  21. angelo cacchione

    angelo cacchione6 일 전

    Skinny ? Nearly a million likes , well done :)

  22. Carson Lai

    Carson Lai6 일 전

    This is their most viewed video. tf?

  23. Patricio Rangel

    Patricio Rangel6 일 전

    This was made when I was 0 I was born in october21 2010

  24. SANDY Dharshu

    SANDY Dharshu6 일 전

    You guys are wasting water come and visit Tamilnadu State you will not be there for a while

  25. Nolan Sobota

    Nolan Sobota6 일 전

    KOreporter recommended this to me!?!? 2019 anyone? Edit:Thanks for all the likes!!! 👍 | \/

  26. Billie-jo—123

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  27. Reginal Rizqyafi

    Reginal Rizqyafi6 일 전

    my child hood XD

  28. The Griffo

    The Griffo6 일 전

    I remember watching this when it first came out, then my friend and I proceeded to break my bathroom scale with the largest water balloon we ever made. Good times

  29. Men Kem

    Men Kem6 일 전

    How did this stupid video get 180M viwes

  30. Emerald Elite

    Emerald Elite6 일 전

    Touch my Awesome Button! ⚡️

  31. Emerald Elite

    Emerald Elite6 일 전

    “Thanks” says s a r c a s t I c a l l y

  32. SpooktoberSammy

    SpooktoberSammy6 일 전

    i clicked the upside down one

  33. vohveli toffe

    vohveli toffe6 일 전

    Why in recomended 2019?

  34. Alfonso Berganza

    Alfonso Berganza6 일 전

    I like your cat 0:55

  35. Charlie Templeman

    Charlie Templeman7 일 전

    Watch this at 0.25 playback speed lol lol lol lol lol 😂

  36. Rahul Thakur

    Rahul Thakur7 일 전

    8 year ago i were at school.

  37. Lani Nguyen

    Lani Nguyen7 일 전

    Roses are red violets are not blue youtubes recommendation system decided to make me check this video to

  38. Opdude Op

    Opdude Op7 일 전

    Who's watching in 2019 and does not want to see other comments about this.

  39. TWB

    TWB5 일 전

    Who is a hypocrite?

  40. Boyogamer123

    Boyogamer1235 일 전


  41. Yirmi753 - Brawl Stars

    Yirmi753 - Brawl Stars7 일 전

    October 11 2019?

  42. Alec Schwartz

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  43. Hangxung Rai

    Hangxung Rai7 일 전

    I came here cause of Will Smith

  44. ThE wiZ

    ThE wiZ7 일 전

    180 m

  45. Mr Magic Dragon

    Mr Magic Dragon7 일 전

    I used to watch you guys all the time back in the day 2011 until now

  46. Brenna Runion

    Brenna Runion7 일 전

    I watched this in school😂

  47. MR. CH33S3Z

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  48. Konquers ツ

    Konquers ツ7 일 전

    *I Remember Watching This 8 Years Ago*

  49. Kittens Mittens

    Kittens Mittens7 일 전

    this was my childhood vid

  50. Austin

    Austin8 일 전

    This is so old🤔🤔🤔

  51. Krishan Parmar

    Krishan Parmar8 일 전

    wow who's watching this in 2019!

  52. Malena btsk

    Malena btsk8 일 전

    I remember watching this when I was 7 years old 😂😂

  53. Arcane Demonz

    Arcane Demonz8 일 전

    Oh my god same xD

  54. Ευαγγελος Ζερβας

    Ευαγγελος Ζερβας8 일 전

    Only True legends have put this on 0,25 speed

  55. Elmiana

    Elmiana8 일 전

    I can't believe they use the same sound while slow motion

  56. ClumsyLuke Gamer

    ClumsyLuke Gamer8 일 전


  57. Vlogish Kay

    Vlogish Kay8 일 전

    1:47 I looked 😭😭😭

  58. Floris Van Dee

    Floris Van Dee8 일 전

    Want is the name of the product

  59. Stoevarie Rafal

    Stoevarie Rafal8 일 전

    What happen to dan? Hahahaha

  60. Steele Comrade

    Steele Comrade8 일 전

    Anyone remember the advert for the channel?

  61. Matt Tyson

    Matt Tyson8 일 전

    October 2019 - Come on KOreporter why does this always happen. Last month I got a recommendation for a MKBHD video about how he finally got Windows 7😂😂😂😂

  62. imani Forbes

    imani Forbes8 일 전

    5his was before I was born

  63. loureh

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  64. boom

    boom9 일 전

    2:00 i think we need a Copyright claimer @Fortnite

  65. N Kemp

    N Kemp9 일 전

    2:08 this COOLS