Ghostbusters Afterlife Trailer REACTION


  1. James McClenny

    James McClenny10 일 전

    If they are going to have Harold Ramis in this movie, I hope it is some tasteful CGI of him as a ghost, and something fleeting, enough to give a nod to his memory without becoming ridiculous. This, coupled with an appearance by the other three originals would be excellent.

  2. Tittyanna Fox

    Tittyanna Fox16 일 전

    gb2016 was a dumpster fire

  3. Doug Mac

    Doug Mac17 일 전

    Does anybody know how Grace gets those pictures to fly into the screen? I’d like to know since I’m starting a channel.

  4. James Ward

    James Ward18 일 전

    2:21 that’s one of the reasons Grace Randolph pisses me off, she is so disrespectful to filmmakers

  5. Telly Vin-a

    Telly Vin-a20 일 전

    had no interest in the 2016 version, have much more interest in this one. it's on the watch list. 😄

  6. Gozer The Gozerian

    Gozer The Gozerian21 일 전

    I want Grace to be my "Gatekeeper" 😈.

  7. Michael Oxley

    Michael Oxley27 일 전

    Where's the quirky humor? That humor is the heart of Ghostbusters and sets it apart from anything else. Hopefully we'll see it when the original cast shows up.

  8. Gdhjs Henna

    Gdhjs Henna29 일 전

    Is it just me or whenever someone from stranger things is in another action mystery or just a movie in general everyone compares it to stranger things

  9. Erika Figueroa

    Erika Figueroa개월 전

    It's a teaser, the point is to leave us wanting more. For me leave it at that. Yes it would be nice to see the team but they don't have to have a huge role for it to be good.

  10. Edson Barros

    Edson Barros개월 전

    no shot-by-shot? :-(

  11. EIixir

    EIixir개월 전

    The trailers for Ghostbusters 2016 didn't make me smile or conjure the feelings of nostalgia, this one did. I'm willing to give it a shot.

  12. Sevedris

    Sevedris개월 전

    Grace you nailed my exact same thoughts on seeing this - "they're trying to make it Stranger Things instead of Ghostbusters" and "where's the original cast? Why are they Force Awakening this when they know what we want to see?" Looking forward to more news!

  13. Luke Harriss

    Luke Harriss개월 전

    Is it me or did I just see slimer when they're racing around down the town high street? 3:32

  14. Jason Bica

    Jason Bica개월 전

    Stranger Things had a Goonies Actor and had a Ghostbusters episode in season two.

  15. Jason Bica

    Jason Bica개월 전

    Maybe why it looks like Stranger Things is because Stranger Things was a rip-off of Ghostbusters and Goonies.

  16. Tone Desh

    Tone Desh개월 전


  17. Tyler Begay

    Tyler Begay개월 전

    I hope this ghostbuster movie will be good as the original 2 movies ghostbuster answer the call was okay has some funny moments though

  18. artemorbid

    artemorbid개월 전

    This film actually looks awesome, I'm excited for it. The trailer looks great. I only saw the original and part two.

  19. DCcookster Reacts

    DCcookster Reacts개월 전

    Its not stranger thing its ghostbusters do not expect to much from the first trailer

  20. Robert Reijers

    Robert Reijers개월 전

    It is nice to hear the line of Bill Murray from part2. Who knows they are in it.

  21. Shamus Tigertail

    Shamus Tigertail개월 전

    I think this being just a teaser trailer they are trying to introduce us to the new elements and characters first, while hooking long time fans with lots of call backs to the original. Shandor Mines, could be where all those weird metals came from for Dana's apartment and the reason Egon moved out there. Pretty sure they want to save all of the original Ghostbusters for later longer trailers with more impact.

  22. Serenity now

    Serenity now개월 전

    yeah, it's going to be bad It seems like an ok family movie I think people tend to forget how raunchy the og Ghostbusters were

  23. GQ daddy

    GQ daddy개월 전

    Take ghostbusters out of this... we have a small town, curious teenagers, a sinister mystery beneath the ground and what seems to be little adult supervision... so, this movie hates adults? lol

  24. charles m

    charles m개월 전

    Looks way better than the garbage that was the 2016 remake...

  25. Venraef

    Venraef개월 전

    They didn't play the theme song!

  26. Rigsby 1

    Rigsby 1개월 전


  27. Nick N

    Nick N개월 전

    Because her dad was a ghost buster I'm assuming

  28. stan

    stan개월 전

    If this movie looks like the Stranger Things who care if the formula works, use it. I like the way this movie looks and Grace, not all scary things happen during the fall season. Their horror all year round in the real world, why just because of it scariest feel this movie it has to be Fall movie?

  29. Eric Valentin

    Eric Valentin개월 전

    This movie looks scary

  30. V-Jose Playing Card Deck Reviews

    V-Jose Playing Card Deck Reviews개월 전

    They want to leave you wanting more. And technically they did appear in the trailer via archival footage.

  31. kemba esnard

    kemba esnard개월 전

    Looks underwhelming, WANT ORIGINAL CAST, but hope it's GOOD

  32. HickoryDickory86

    HickoryDickory86개월 전

    Someone: **releases a modern trailer for **_The Goonies_**** Everyone: "This looks a lot like _Stranger Things_ to me."

  33. Anthony Zanders

    Anthony Zanders개월 전

    HickoryDickory86 please for the love of god I hope they never remake that movie. Don’t touch it. It can’t ever get any better

  34. james lyons

    james lyons개월 전

    Bro are u serious what movie would give away it's best scenes. Alot of movies make this same mistake. when the trio appears which I'm 100% sure we will, it will be in a moment no one knew about and it will be a great suprise I love the trailer and this is exactly what the real fans wanted

  35. jevelock

    jevelock개월 전


  36. Luis Melendez Jr

    Luis Melendez Jr개월 전

    Grace, It’s just a teaser cmon

  37. Samsung Tablet

    Samsung Tablet개월 전

    Remember that stranger things copy the ghostbuster original history

  38. Derek Bolden

    Derek Bolden개월 전

    Oh boy this IS the new Star Wars :-(

  39. Kid Domino

    Kid Domino개월 전

    Ghostbusters but stranger.

  40. Phil Mashek

    Phil Mashek개월 전

    I’ve never seen Ghostbusters

  41. Brandon Hilton

    Brandon Hilton개월 전

    So this is def the first trailer so yea it's not gonna show you much especially all the parts with the original cast, that's considered build up. To say this doesnt feel like a ghostbusters movie is a POV, but honestly it's a respectful acknowledgement of the legacy made by the original unless yall rather random cameos that's shoehorned into a movie like 2016. Wait till the next trailer or better yet we can all just wait until the movie comes out. As for the tone, the original was a dark sarcastic comedy with a horror aesthetic to it, I see no difference in this. Unless yall wanna relive 2016 then have at it.

  42. Ian Crow

    Ian Crow개월 전

    I love you Grace but you step on every note in this trailer. Like that chatty person next you in the theatres that wont stop talking. Drink it in, chat after. Im glad we're getting another Ghostbusters film. If it thanks, we still have the originals.

  43. Michael Bennett

    Michael Bennett개월 전

    Regardless....this looks way better than the last one. Can't wait to forget about that other one.

  44. H S

    H S개월 전

    She so critical and snarky. This movie looks head and shoulders better than (Ballbusters) Ghostbusters 2016. 🙄

  45. Yusef Taufiq

    Yusef Taufiq개월 전

    I completely disagree, Why would you show the original Ghostbusters cast in the 1st Trailer, you gotta build hype.. Slow burn.. The majority of the new generation hasn't even seen the originals anyway.. Ok maybe majority is unfair but many people don't know about the orginals... Why does everyone expect for everything to be shown off in the first damn trailer

  46. John Odom

    John Odom개월 전

    I can't express how annoyed I am that you talked over literally the most compelling line in the trailer.

  47. Jeff

    Jeff개월 전

    Looks interesting but definitely a mistake to not show the original cast. I mean come on, at least tease Bill Murray.

  48. RedLightMax

    RedLightMax개월 전

    Audiences: Sequels are too much like the original. People in this thread: This sequel isn't enough like the original.

  49. Marilyn Winn

    Marilyn Winn개월 전

    Yeah but This ghost busters took place in ny

  50. Lee Croft

    Lee Croft개월 전

    Checkout the German trailer (Ghostbusters Legacy) It has a few extra scenes.

  51. Titantron9000

    Titantron9000개월 전

    I think bringing back the original cast in Star Wars is the worst part of the new Star Wars movies. I know it seems like a good idea, but our new characters are underserved and we don't get a great story. Cameos at most! I would argue that at its heart, the original Ghostbusters is a ghost story. The 2016 reboot completely missed that and decided that Ghostbusters was primarily a comedy. Discarding the original story was just another error. My problems with 2016 didn't have anything to do with the all-female cast, I like all those actresses. I think it was the directors fault for not understanding what people liked so much about the original.

  52. cosmicfish1000

    cosmicfish1000개월 전

    They promised us this would be a direct sequel to the two original movies, I’m here to see the original cast and they’re not even in the trailer!!! Exactly Grace. It’s Star Wars all over again 😡

  53. 0okamino

    0okamino개월 전

    You want the OG team all back together? Well, you're definitely going to need a shovel at some point.

  54. Rude Rodriquez

    Rude Rodriquez개월 전

    F'n Sweet trailer: Goonies/Stranger Things vibe 😈

  55. jsummer979

    jsummer979개월 전

    Is the fiery red/orange scene possibly somebody roasting in the depths of a Sloar?

  56. Starch Wreck

    Starch Wreck개월 전

    Grace Randolph 2016 “Oh cmon guys this looks good!” Grace Randolph 2019 “This looks medium”

  57. James Nieves

    James Nieves개월 전

    Probably saving the OG cast for the final trailer before it comes out. We've seen what happens when you spring the surprise early in a movie's advertising. The hype dies out and low box office returns.

  58. 88Zuke

    88Zuke개월 전

    well, I'm interested, looks interesting and with potential and with a heart

  59. The Wrestling CHICK Network

    The Wrestling CHICK Network개월 전

    I kind already wait for streaming 🤔

  60. Ro G. Videos

    Ro G. Videos개월 전

    Just the mention of a possible pitch meeting that could’ve happened is TIGHT!



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