1. Sleepthroughthefire.

    Sleepthroughthefire.3 시간 전

    0:05 "honestly, my mom won't say it, but wa completely broke"

  2. 5k subs with 0 videos challenge

    5k subs with 0 videos challenge3 시간 전

    *Creepy drama exist* Hollywood: “Let's hire the same actor”

  3. Dustin Bowman

    Dustin Bowman3 시간 전

    Going to be biggest movie of 2020

  4. Anees

    Anees3 시간 전

    GHOSTBUSTERS! 1984: MEN 2016: WOMEN 2020: KIDS

  5. WithDue Respect

    WithDue Respect3 시간 전

    2016 GB: *alright ima head out*

  6. Rizzo The Rat

    Rizzo The Rat3 시간 전

    they really putting Finn Wolfhard in everything

  7. JUDGE

    JUDGE3 시간 전

    Now that looks like a ghostbusters movie. None of the that cheap overtop SJW I am women hear me roar garbage.

  8. The Immortal Deed

    The Immortal Deed3 시간 전

    Like seriously the female version looked better than this

  9. YazourAU

    YazourAU3 시간 전

    Gunners seat? Is that a reference to the TOY? :-)

  10. Jeremy B

    Jeremy B3 시간 전

    Popular 2019 reference of some sort: everyone who says edgy things Me: Cleaning up the farm...

  11. Ambushcrysis

    Ambushcrysis3 시간 전

    Looks boring

  12. Gertrude McFiestafe

    Gertrude McFiestafe3 시간 전

    A bunch of kids fighting ghosts. No Thanks. Huge fan of the Original 2 movies, but this just looks forgettable. "remember that summer we died under a table" Hilarious....

  13. Joe Connors

    Joe Connors3 시간 전

    Isn't anywhere near a tectonic plate? I would hope it's at least on one. Maybe not near a tectonic plate boundary? Other than that it looks great, but I can hear the voices of millions of geologists crying out in pain.

  14. CallMeSnowwy

    CallMeSnowwy3 시간 전

    Me:pls dont be the feminist chick flick like the last ghostbusters Also Me:this has a chance of badness Company:hold my ectoplasm

  15. Euan Blythin

    Euan Blythin3 시간 전

    PAUL RUDD!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Kai D

    Kai D3 시간 전

    I'll just repeat what people keep telling my uncle every day: it may seem kinda refreshing and exiting now, especially considering the last time with the fat chics and the lesbians, but it doesn't get better just because you're doing it with kids now.

  17. 私はEmerald Zeroです

    私はEmerald Zeroです3 시간 전

    Eh. Still like the 2016 reboot. Yeah I said it.

  18. 1LFashion

    1LFashion3 시간 전

    Yup 😎

  19. kuokublaikhan

    kuokublaikhan3 시간 전

    Reminder: Ghostbusters was a comedy.

  20. Biyonzo

    Biyonzo3 시간 전

    Hmm dont know how to feel about it yet.

  21. Nester Ness

    Nester Ness3 시간 전

    Woooo!! hell yeah! the gunner seat comes out like the toy! and obviously bill murreys gonna show up. and they better include ernie hudson.

  22. Gina Chalen

    Gina Chalen3 시간 전

    I need the same soundtrack from 30 years ago!!!!!

  23. Madhatter Gaming

    Madhatter Gaming3 시간 전

    Sony you missed the opportunity to utilize afterlife by avenged sevenfold in this trailer

  24. Chris Corley

    Chris Corley3 시간 전

    Hmm? I have a strange feeling this movie is setting up a possible sequel with... Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, and Ernie Hudson. I'm loving the more realistic Horror vibes!!!

  25. jessy7785

    jessy77853 시간 전


  26. Docang

    Docang3 시간 전

    So... How are the oldies (OG Ghostbusters fan) are gonna relate with this high school popcorn flick?

  27. Yo soy JuCa

    Yo soy JuCa3 시간 전

    Please let die GB now or what will be next a ghost buster dogs movie?

  28. Zitimaj Zerg

    Zitimaj Zerg3 시간 전


  29. Erly Purnama

    Erly Purnama3 시간 전

    You must be aware ghost,Paul will call hank pym to facing you.

  30. Stormy Geddon

    Stormy Geddon3 시간 전

    This looks like Nostalgia Baiting but I will bite!

  31. Chuck Cabrera

    Chuck Cabrera3 시간 전

    Is that the voice of Bill Murray at the end?

  32. Major woody

    Major woody3 시간 전

    16K butthurt SJW's disliked this trailer😎

  33. Chris Curtis

    Chris Curtis3 시간 전

    Why the CG car though? Just why?

  34. Michael S

    Michael S3 시간 전

    So where are the old guys, aren't they gonna be in it?

  35. Scotty McScrotty

    Scotty McScrotty3 시간 전

    Seemingly another Ghostbusters film that completely missed the style, tone, and comedy of the original two films. Although clearly this will be significantly better than the 2016 abomination.

  36. Erik Hawkke

    Erik Hawkke3 시간 전

    When can I buy tickets?

  37. Ein Google Nutzer

    Ein Google Nutzer3 시간 전

    Is this the kid from the apple commercial?

  38. Apon. Com

    Apon. Com3 시간 전

    nah ... i dont dig it

  39. BushBumper

    BushBumper3 시간 전

    I feel like 2016-2019 is literally just nothing but nostalgia bait in both video games and films. Reboots, remakes, etc.

  40. Conner Priest

    Conner Priest3 시간 전

    If your saying this is nostalgia bait might wanna make it 2016-2020 :D

  41. The Kawaii Train

    The Kawaii Train3 시간 전

    Does Finn Wolfhard have to be in everything?? Getting sick of the pandering 80s nostalgia.