1. Alex Caminiti

    Alex Caminiti5 시간 전

    Considering the immaculately produced trailer, I don't really see how this could not be amazing... and as a child of the 80s, I'm not just stoked about this film... but I'm especially stoked about the fact that they are using the same proton beam visual. If it ain't broke don't fix it is a sentiment that's been almost completely lost from the collective consciousness of artists and the like. "Better" doesn't mean better. Write a story people care about and connect with - that makes sense - and film/edit it well.

  2. WillALN

    WillALN5 시간 전

    So, we just gonna ignore that 2016 reboot?

  3. emme

    emme5 시간 전

    When u guys doin Ghostbusters with 4 guys

  4. Kamruz Bari

    Kamruz Bari5 시간 전

    Looks awesome.

  5. Virtual_Abyss

    Virtual_Abyss5 시간 전

    I dont know why but i thought this was a new videogame trailer based on the thumbnail.

  6. zerocool gonna hack u

    zerocool gonna hack u5 시간 전

    What kind of bs ghost buster movie is this? Bill Murray must be proud

  7. Deevo

    Deevo5 시간 전

    Did they use a barograph as a seismograph?

  8. Doonastar

    Doonastar5 시간 전

    Is this set in Derry? And the Losers club are back as the young Ghostbusters?? Im Done

  9. Glitch Madhushanka

    Glitch Madhushanka5 시간 전

    First WW84 and now THIS? Ya, Man...

  10. duN dUN DUN

    duN dUN DUN5 시간 전

    This is really being done right. The key was to not aim to be like the original film in any way. What do you know?

  11. Chris Westergaard

    Chris Westergaard5 시간 전

    2:16 Slimer

  12. NotMeGaming

    NotMeGaming5 시간 전

    "Ghostbusters" 2016 - Ghostbusters meet Cancer Ghostbusters 2020 - Ghostbusters meet Stranger Things

  13. Blaise Dahl

    Blaise Dahl5 시간 전

    So why isn't this trending yet!?!

  14. JP H

    JP H5 시간 전

    Isn’t this a bit like dynamiting a dead horse after riding it into the desert and shooting it becuz eeequaliteee?

  15. Special K

    Special K5 시간 전

    This trailer combines Ghostbusters with a stranger things

  16. Restless Classic

    Restless Classic5 시간 전

    Where's the upbeat story and classic theme song? That's what made the original film fun.

  17. Beat of blues

    Beat of blues5 시간 전

    Well, the director has been nominated for Best Director before, so there's a bit more hope this time around.

  18. Frank Moussette

    Frank Moussette5 시간 전

    Looks better than GB 2016 and I am more excited for this, but I cant shake the feeling this is using the Stranger Things/IT formula trend of using kids as the protagonists. BUT to be fair, I can see it as plausible to see the children of the original GB follow in their fathers footsteps, but why they arent adults themselves at this point seems odd to me...I guess you gotta draw in that young audience somehow. Regardless, I hope this is and does better. Looks pretty alright *thumbs up*

  19. Kane Reynolds

    Kane Reynolds5 시간 전

    Now this is how you make a proper ghost buster sequel! Very nice tip of the nostalgia hat. Can’t wait.

  20. Camel Spotter

    Camel Spotter5 시간 전

    Already so much better than 2016. Nobody asked for a sequel, we wanted a continuation. This also looks to be way more respectful to both the original movies and to the fans.

  21. Enjiki

    Enjiki5 시간 전

    1:40 The mine is named after Ivo Shandor! Its a Mandala used to power up a destructor form, Gozer worshippers comfirmed!

  22. MurderMike41370

    MurderMike413705 시간 전

    Guaranteed not to flop

  23. no

    no5 시간 전

    Ok so they understood the problem.

  24. W.A.R.

    W.A.R.5 시간 전

    LOS ANGELES TIMES: "As previously announced, the new installment is not associated with 2016's all-female “Ghostbusters” revival..." LESLIE JONES COMPLAINING: "It’s like something trump would do." NEXT-GEN FANS: Ok, boomer!

  25. BoutYoungAnnaLee

    BoutYoungAnnaLee5 시간 전

    I'm not crying...

  26. Gumball_Watterson

    Gumball_Watterson5 시간 전

    Looks like Scott Lang has finally found himself a job after Endgame

  27. To the threshold.

    To the threshold.5 시간 전

    This. THIS is how you follow up a classic.

  28. Rain Blox

    Rain Blox5 시간 전


  29. rockonblackops777

    rockonblackops7775 시간 전

    So 2021?

  30. NephiTheSpaceWarrior

    NephiTheSpaceWarrior5 시간 전

    I'll bite. At least it didn't try to insult its audience and effects doesn't look ugly as sin.

  31. RayThePurple

    RayThePurple5 시간 전

    I ain't afraid of no ghosts

  32. time engineer

    time engineer5 시간 전

    just put the Ray Parker Jnr Song in this and I'm sold. To be clear, not a cover, not a re-imagining.. THE ORIGINAL.

  33. Tyrone Swartz

    Tyrone Swartz5 시간 전

    R.I.P Harold Ramis. There will never be another Egon Spengler quite like you. Your spores, molds and fungus will live on for all times.

  34. Alex Runyan

    Alex Runyan5 시간 전

    I just hope it's better then the reboot.

  35. Artwork by Christopher Cayco

    Artwork by Christopher Cayco5 시간 전


  36. Kurt Cobain

    Kurt Cobain5 시간 전

    Now we're fuckin talkin

  37. DoughyInTheMiddle

    DoughyInTheMiddle5 시간 전

    I actually teared up at " grandfather died," then she moved the suits on the rack, and I looked at that curly mop of hair. RIP Spengy.

  38. António Soares

    António Soares5 시간 전

    This one looks way more serious than the others!

  39. William

    William5 시간 전

    Bag of shite.

  40. mjlancraft

    mjlancraft5 시간 전

    OMG amazing !