1. Luis Rodriguez

    Luis Rodriguez4 시간 전

    0/10 no baby yoda

  2. Steel Rhodes

    Steel Rhodes4 시간 전

    HELL YES. Sorry for the language little bit of roid rage happiness

  3. Ilovemusic19582

    Ilovemusic195824 시간 전

    So if the grandfather has all this equipment I wonder which one of the OG characters was the kids granddad.

  4. generic person

    generic person4 시간 전

    I hate when Hollywood uses women actors to make an anti men movie or a women can do anything a man can do movie. Why can’t a movie just be a movie and the characters happen to be men or happen to be women

  5. MrOneye

    MrOneye4 시간 전

    I didn't see the females Ghostbusters and people hated it. Now it got kids? Come on. There's no serious fighting if you have the demographic that would be the FIRST evacuated as the protagonists. Fool me twice...

  6. Ace’s Place

    Ace’s Place4 시간 전

    Is Finn a ghostbuster now?

  7. Help this channel get 1 mil subs with no videos

    Help this channel get 1 mil subs with no videos4 시간 전


  8. yakyakyak69

    yakyakyak694 시간 전

    No SJW preaching lesbos! Yay!

  9. Ricky Tan

    Ricky Tan4 시간 전

    This stranger things and antman cross over looks awesome:D

  10. Elizabeth V

    Elizabeth V4 시간 전

    Hollywood has stopped having original ideas, C'mon you don't need to use the name of a known movie, make your own with your own creative NEW names 🙄



    The remake a couple years ago with the women by far my favourite watch it on repeat not going to lie lads

  12. Derek Mcfadyen

    Derek Mcfadyen4 시간 전

    Hairs on the back of my neck stood up when ecto1 started ..... omg 😁😁😁

  13. The One Freeman

    The One Freeman4 시간 전

    Finds out the original Ghostbusters cast is in this movie as well. Me: *This Does Put A Smile On My Face.*

  14. Dimas Online - Как Заработать Деньги

    Dimas Online - Как Заработать Деньги4 시간 전

    I find it funny ))

  15. Kevin Slater

    Kevin Slater4 시간 전

    YES! This is what we want!

  16. HypersonicMonkeyBrains

    HypersonicMonkeyBrains4 시간 전

    eer wheres the original soundtrack?????

  17. XxWildCrisisxX

    XxWildCrisisxX4 시간 전

    I got it vibes and it’s great

  18. AretnaP 3

    AretnaP 34 시간 전

    The ECTO-1 Siren is What Makes TheTrailer...

  19. Hiba mohammed

    Hiba mohammed4 시간 전

    يارب سخر لي الطاقه الموجودة هنا لتحقيق ما اتمني بأيسر الطرق وافضلها لي ...يارب يسر امري وارزقني جميع خيرك من مال وزواج ومشروع ناجح ....يارب

  20. Chastity Dillard

    Chastity Dillard4 시간 전

    Now this... this is what we asked for :D

  21. Little Pasca

    Little Pasca4 시간 전

    So they’re the grandchildren of... Luigi?!

  22. Shoobie Doobie

    Shoobie Doobie4 시간 전

    Ant man and the stranger things kids doing ghostbusters what a crossover

  23. 佐藤 - Satō

    佐藤 - Satō4 시간 전


  24. Christopher Sweeney

    Christopher Sweeney4 시간 전

    Just from the trailer, it looks like they have finally done a reboot right... We'll have to wait and see.

  25. Lilly Winks

    Lilly Winks4 시간 전

    Yes another one!

  26. Coprobot322

    Coprobot3224 시간 전

    I hope they make a Stranger things movie

  27. Proknoi

    Proknoi4 시간 전

    Ghostbusters 2016: you are trash, will never be anything more than trash, you're career should end, you're not funny Ghostbusters 2020: hey, a movie that isn't trying to pander to feminists and the politically correct mental illness. I want to go see that.

  28. Bambi Benzi

    Bambi Benzi4 시간 전

    4 female ghost busters THE FEMINIST ARE TAKING OVER *I'm an adult virgin*

  29. Victor Ha

    Victor Ha4 시간 전

    Im pleasantly surprised. But I'll just about watch anything with Paul Rudd.

  30. 25 subs with no videos

    25 subs with no videos4 시간 전

    who ya gonna call?

  31. The blisters On Ringo's fingers

    The blisters On Ringo's fingers4 시간 전

    To be honest I'm not very impressed, so far. Looks more like a special episode of stranger things than a ghostbusters movie to be honest. I really don't get why other people who grew up with the first 2 are already this hyped by this little. But hey, thats just like my opinion.

  32. Tleps Sdrawkcab

    Tleps Sdrawkcab4 시간 전

    I want this to do well if for nothing else but to spite that other asshole director.

  33. xUltimatexInstinctx

    xUltimatexInstinctx4 시간 전

    No more

  34. Cam M

    Cam M4 시간 전

    Ghostbusters was a comedy.

  35. Cazador de Tesoros Mich.

    Cazador de Tesoros Mich.4 시간 전

    In the treasure hunt there are sometimes real ghosts ... 😨 En la cazeria de tesoros a veces hay fantasmas reales...😨

  36. thomas the dank engine

    thomas the dank engine4 시간 전

    So the last Ghostbusters isn't canon???

  37. luncher scot

    luncher scot4 시간 전

    just i don't like it

  38. This Channel Is Junk

    This Channel Is Junk4 시간 전

    the 80's is NOT ancient history.. its NOT archaeology..... for gods sake........

  39. Sheryl S.

    Sheryl S.4 시간 전

    Okay... I'm intrigued. :)

  40. Wubzcromio

    Wubzcromio4 시간 전

    80s Aesthetic: Exist Finn: allow me to introduce myself