1. CessnaDriver2

    CessnaDriver212 분 전

    Looks far too serious. No humor at all.

  2. Doug Nading

    Doug Nading13 분 전

    Ok, definitely derivative and I was never a big Ghostbusters fan, but I like at least how this seems to be playing out.

  3. FBI

    FBI13 분 전

    Hopefully this is better than the remake

  4. heavydny86

    heavydny8613 분 전

    Ghostbusters: Young Adult They're taking an 80's comedy movie about an atomic powered pest control business that fought a ghost invasion and they're giving it the Stranger Things treatment? I'm not feeling this switch to young adult.

  5. Jake The Muss

    Jake The Muss13 분 전

    They had to do this after that all women abomination 😂

  6. Unfinished Business

    Unfinished Business13 분 전

    poco loco

  7. Han Solo

    Han Solo14 분 전

    well, I found the universe dan Akroyd and co-created also very interesting you don't need to make a comedy about it.

  8. Sabrina Patenaude

    Sabrina Patenaude15 분 전

    This one actually looks scary!! I can't wait!

  9. MrHunterseeker

    MrHunterseeker15 분 전

    No thanks. This looks just as bad as the last one.

  10. htc htc

    htc htc16 분 전


  11. polako

    polako16 분 전

    Guys, hear me out... Stranger things... but... ghostbusters?

  12. LadyArmand2000

    LadyArmand200016 분 전

    It looks like they've removed the comedic aspects. This will still probably be far better than the remake.

  13. haml28

    haml2817 분 전

    junk.... just let it be...

  14. Zeke Jordan

    Zeke Jordan17 분 전

    “There hasn’t been a ghost sighting in over 30 years” SJW and Leslie Jones: “How dare you”.

  15. Gamer fan 844

    Gamer fan 84417 분 전

    I want to see

  16. Noah Roblox

    Noah Roblox18 분 전

    Alternate title: Mike leaves hawkins because hes bored and Then gets reminded of his middle school halloween costume and becomes a real ghostbuster and sees some other girl that looks like eleven somewhere in the trailer

  17. Carlos Carlitos

    Carlos Carlitos18 분 전

    This looks awesome can't wait to see it , so hyped !

  18. Jim Tilley

    Jim Tilley18 분 전

    Soooo were talking about Goonie Ghostbusters? OK I'm in.

  19. red deader

    red deader18 분 전


  20. Scotchings

    Scotchings18 분 전

    I thought this was gonna be another poorly made all female one, but this, this is what I needed.

  21. minggnim

    minggnim19 분 전

    Oh great. Another movie full of kids. Enough with the Goonies!

  22. David McRoberts

    David McRoberts19 분 전

    Already I like better than the others

  23. 3.2M subscribers

    3.2M subscribers19 분 전

    “What the hell happened here”

  24. Vigilante

    Vigilante19 분 전

    Sony please don’t let us down with this

  25. Dan Bowl

    Dan Bowl19 분 전

    Hahahahaha as funny as ever guys! Very cool.

  26. banzaiperson

    banzaiperson19 분 전

    This is the direction Sony should've gone in. A sequel that's mostly divorced from everything else in the main plot is a solid direction to go in.

  27. Saki Toko

    Saki Toko20 분 전

    This is just YESSSSSS🥺🥺

  28. carlos argueta

    carlos argueta20 분 전

    Woooow... I want See that

  29. bandit

    bandit21 분 전

    A true trilogy has been accomplished 👻 Take that leslie jones 🤣😭 Everybody will now forget about that terrible reboot you were in 👍🏼

  30. John Smith

    John Smith21 분 전

    Seems this is going in a great direction, kudos!

  31. James J.M.S.S

    James J.M.S.S22 분 전

    "Anywhere near a tectonic plate, no fault lines, no fracking"........ - *Special Report:* You have a much higher chance of meeting an actual ghost than experiencing an earthquake caused by fracking

  32. C Burch

    C Burch22 분 전

    Love that they scrapped that 2016 shite

  33. Magna Quam

    Magna Quam23 분 전

    It’s not Ghostbusters unless a Ray Parker Jr. song is in it.

  34. XJlover

    XJlover24 분 전

    Filmed in Alberta!!!

  35. BeatingTheBush

    BeatingTheBush24 분 전

    i mean really tho who you gonna call

  36. jesse battista

    jesse battista25 분 전

    it really feels like a love letter to harold ramis

  37. Andres Eloy Blanco

    Andres Eloy Blanco25 분 전

    cool trailer, the music is a little off... missing the Ghostbuster original theme song


    THE TANMAN25 분 전

    Hey it’s the guy from any man

  39. Bran Greene

    Bran Greene25 분 전

    I have goosebumps, so stoked for this