1. Dusk Darthon

    Dusk Darthon2 시간 전

    There was an opportunity to play the ghostbuster's theme when they started the car and they didnt take it. Other than that, im excited for this movie

  2. HubbMU

    HubbMU2 시간 전

    I like how the 2016 film occurred in an alternate universe and doesn’t exist here.

  3. Matthew Bedford

    Matthew Bedford2 시간 전

    This is one finger flipped off to the misandry of feminism...

  4. Eric Rahman

    Eric Rahman2 시간 전

    If u actually discard 2016 ghostbuster from your head, this trailer is satisfyingly epic

  5. D3 bunker

    D3 bunker2 시간 전

    Woman fear ghosts. Not fight against them

  6. sgtcojonez

    sgtcojonez2 시간 전


  7. Luke Alberts

    Luke Alberts2 시간 전

    Siphoning the little remaining mirth out of an otherwise lifeless franchise. This movie appears devoid of humor.

  8. Drenzik Duma

    Drenzik Duma2 시간 전

    This kid is pissing me off now, he's like The Rock. Just bcz we like a character from Stranger Things doesn't mean we want to see this guy in every movie.


    _THE_COW_LOVER_2 시간 전

    I love the part where they played the original theme song Oh wait.....

  10. DivinityRBX

    DivinityRBX2 시간 전

    *I think we got It 3 guys*

  11. Ichi Capeta

    Ichi Capeta2 시간 전

    Well, this is way more far more interesting than the previous movie, which shall not be name.

  12. Arthur Conant

    Arthur Conant2 시간 전

    Wait no ghostbusters theme song no Dan Akroyd clip?????? What’s going on

  13. Reo Roy

    Reo Roy2 시간 전

    Its kinda appropriate Finn Wolfhard in this movie. Stranger Things references Ghostbusters so many times it feels as if Finn got sucked into the Upside Down and was transported into a parallel universe where he is a ghostbuster

  14. Tico Nice

    Tico Nice2 시간 전

    Women, now kids 👎👎, what's next house plants 😋

  15. 1000 abonnés sans vidéo challenge !!

    1000 abonnés sans vidéo challenge !!2 시간 전

    Tellement stylé la vidéo 😮 Clique es regarde mon nom !

  16. nhem panharith

    nhem panharith2 시간 전

    Boring trailer

  17. David Parks

    David Parks2 시간 전

    Now THAT is a sequel. I, my Daughter, and two Grandchildren will be there with bells on, on opening day. Oh and put us down for a Blu Ray, some lunch boxes and coveralls as well. :) Thank you guys.

  18. Zeronos

    Zeronos2 시간 전

    Well as far as I know there are 3 Ghostbusters before this. 1,2 and of course 3.. the video game. Well there is the animated ghostbusters and another animated (my personal favorite) ghostbusters. Well that's all right?

  19. Annie1962

    Annie19622 시간 전

    why not...

  20. Jozoëph Sceptre

    Jozoëph Sceptre2 시간 전

    This is actually incredibly interesting

  21. Spooked Is here

    Spooked Is here2 시간 전

    Thought it was stranger things s4 for a min lol


    КТО-ТО ИЗ ГРОТА2 시간 전

    Как долго ☺

  23. paulbsmokin

    paulbsmokin2 시간 전

    Lol! Nothing like the 2016 joke. This one seems legit.

  24. roma 123

    roma 1232 시간 전

    залакайте коммент вдруг американцы подумают что я что-то умное нарисал))

  25. Earl Donajkowski

    Earl Donajkowski2 시간 전

    I like Bill murys voice over!!!!!!

  26. Schmid is Lit

    Schmid is Lit2 시간 전

    If there's something strange In your neighborhood Who you gonna call?

  27. Andrea Peters

    Andrea Peters2 시간 전

    Yes yes yes!!!

  28. d o r a e r i

    d o r a e r i2 시간 전

    Say no more. I'm going to see this movie.

  29. The Unknown Jones

    The Unknown Jones2 시간 전

    woo 30 years.... GHOSTBUSTERS 2 IS CANNON BAY BAY

  30. Keith Robinson

    Keith Robinson2 시간 전

    Looks pretty amazing

  31. BEYOND hunting

    BEYOND hunting2 시간 전


  32. Paul Jones III

    Paul Jones III2 시간 전

    So a movie version of the original Stranger Things 😂

  33. King Apple Jack

    King Apple Jack2 시간 전

    This ain't it

  34. Just Barely Me

    Just Barely Me2 시간 전

    For some reason as i watch this trailer on repeat a certain quote seems to play in my mind over and over again, and it goes a little like this; "...and young enough to carry their own franchise for 10 to 12 years" -- Wade W Reynolds (aka Deadpool)

  35. silver hawk47

    silver hawk472 시간 전

    Now that looks like a proper Ghostbusters movie

  36. Toast's Dark Jokes

    Toast's Dark Jokes2 시간 전

    Anotha One- Dj Khaled

  37. Nostrodumbass 8

    Nostrodumbass 82 시간 전

    Stranger Things: Ghostbusters

  38. Saf Mujib

    Saf Mujib2 시간 전

    Every movie has to be a Spielberg excrement in 2019

  39. 1800 Subscribers With 0 Videos?

    1800 Subscribers With 0 Videos?2 시간 전

    For some reason this feels like a stranger things rip off lol

  40. David Bjorgvins

    David Bjorgvins2 시간 전

    I love this trailer.