Ghost Ex Gets Toxic After FaZe Sway *PICKAXES* him in 1v1 fortnite rematch!


  1. Ultimate Fortnite

    Ultimate Fortnite23 일 전

    *Bugha Announces New FCS Squad In Fortnite Chapter 2! (BEST SQUAD IN FORTNITE?) : ***

  2. f r

    f r22 일 전


  3. NovaSZN

    NovaSZN23 일 전

    Ultimate Fortnite shut up

  4. Zoilo Clavijo

    Zoilo Clavijo3 일 전

    Faze ex?

  5. Emilio Yared

    Emilio Yared5 일 전


  6. ZaKTricKzzz ‘

    ZaKTricKzzz ‘10 일 전

    Who remembers when ex was pickaxeing sway back then in like season 4

  7. YoFalc0n :/

    YoFalc0n :/4 일 전

    ZaKTricKzzz ‘ me😂

  8. CallMeSniipez

    CallMeSniipez17 일 전

    he’s not in ghost...

  9. Viv YT

    Viv YT18 일 전

    Ex is so trash

  10. The Kxng Of The Hill

    The Kxng Of The Hill19 일 전

    what was the move where he jumped placed a ramp edits through the floor

  11. Law

    Law19 일 전

    How could play so well now but against zayn he was dog shit

  12. Scorch Sucks

    Scorch Sucks19 일 전

    Only real fans know that was shah not ex in the thumbnail

  13. I'm a BOT

    I'm a BOT20 일 전

    Am I the only one that missed the part where he gets toxic??

  14. Fer

    Fer20 일 전

    He not in ghost

  15. Chabelo

    Chabelo20 일 전

    They finally got a new picture for sway

  16. Kxlten

    Kxlten20 일 전

    whistles sounds fat

  17. timmy

    timmy20 일 전

    Damn it used to be the opposite n ex would make fun of sway crazy how things change lol

  18. Black Mamba

    Black Mamba21 일 전

    8:02 cheap shoted him and still couldn’t kill him lol fukn bot

  19. Reaper

    Reaper20 일 전

    Imagine calling ex a bot when u cant even kill a person in team rumble

  20. JsfSzn

    JsfSzn21 일 전

    Ex isn’t even in ghost anymore lmao

  21. Proxima Vixzen

    Proxima Vixzen21 일 전

    Not in ghost anymore btw

  22. ༒Vivid༒

    ༒Vivid༒21 일 전

    Y’all do realize Ex is not in ghost anymore?

  23. HYDN_Sakura

    HYDN_Sakura21 일 전

    What I don’t understand is how did he lose to ZAYN 🤦🏻‍♂️ Ex you’re still goated bro 💯

  24. Jadiel Martinez

    Jadiel Martinez21 일 전

    Is it me or sway laugh is creepy

  25. Contrxils

    Contrxils21 일 전

    If yu was in the stream yu know it wasn’t serious bro y’all do way to much 😂

  26. Matt -

    Matt -22 일 전

    Not even in ghost any more


    FYS LEGEND22 일 전

    0 subs 114k viewers

  28. Musa Mbye

    Musa Mbye22 일 전

    Ex fucked him from the beginning jesus😂

  29. Elisha Darko

    Elisha Darko22 일 전

    Ghost ex comment vs faze sway like

  30. Uwu Cute

    Uwu Cute22 일 전

    Whats so special about someone getting pickaxed????????


    GBN_ PRINÇE22 일 전

    Ghost Sway??

  32. pluhto

    pluhto22 일 전

    They’re friends though so does it even matter?


    YXNG LASTROM22 일 전

    What is better pickaxe guadane o pickaxe un the eye

  34. lilbape17

    lilbape1722 일 전

    imagine not playing zaynszn like dis

  35. Solar Scythe

    Solar Scythe22 일 전

    Ex is the only person that could actually beat Sway 😂

  36. Dark Warrior bomber dna

    Dark Warrior bomber dna17 일 전

    solar sway won

  37. Wdzy

    Wdzy18 일 전

    Clix as well lol

  38. Azure Seed

    Azure Seed20 일 전

    @Reaper oops

  39. Reaper

    Reaper20 일 전

    Wistles btw not whistles

  40. Azure Seed

    Azure Seed20 일 전

    whistles can

  41. TC33

    TC3322 일 전

    Ex is grinding

  42. Andrew Castillo

    Andrew Castillo22 일 전

    Ex is goated 🐐

  43. Svmeerr

    Svmeerr22 일 전

    ngl sway got fucked in the first clip lmaoo

  44. Stacy Brown

    Stacy Brown22 일 전

    Found ex settings 7:11

  45. Stacy Brown

    Stacy Brown22 일 전

    I ment 7:10

  46. Swaq

    Swaq22 일 전

    8:40 literallywhat i just said

  47. Pillow_Quilyte

    Pillow_Quilyte22 일 전

    The pickaxe kill is at 6:59

  48. Joy Rivera Miranda

    Joy Rivera Miranda22 일 전

    Why Ghost got to over build so much ??

  49. Jason sTAsh

    Jason sTAsh21 일 전

    Overbuilds where? Tf

  50. Sxi

    Sxi22 일 전

    I was not worried for the rep of ex when i saw the title bc i now that they joke around like that

  51. Ky

    Ky22 일 전

    Ex Is so smart he played sway so much to where he covers all his angles sway likes to get this is why ex can probably kill sway more than a lot of other people . sheesh even tagging sway is hard but ex makes it look possible

  52. Dxrzo

    Dxrzo17 일 전

    EnochVlone there is something called playing for fun

  53. Haron Anderson

    Haron Anderson19 일 전


  54. RKJ Jonathan

    RKJ Jonathan19 일 전

    Ifann :/ fr😂 this mans acting like he’s god

  55. Preparino Hererino

    Preparino Hererino19 일 전

    EnochVlone yo wtf sway is not a fucking saint or whatever

  56. injun sniper

    injun sniper22 일 전

    let me wash my hands quick #sweat

  57. Kenyel Vazquez

    Kenyel Vazquez22 일 전

    Ima put an ar to cuz jus fuk it


    DROID_SCUM22 일 전

    Why do people get so toxic ? It is possible to have a good 1v1 and accept the loss without being toxic...just shows that you need more practice and not being toxic gives u an opportunity to learn from those better then you.

  59. Reaper

    Reaper20 일 전

    Dude shut up they’re friends

  60. Pircle

    Pircle22 일 전

    facts i always have to wash my hands

  61. ong bryan

    ong bryan22 일 전


  62. Angel Ramirez

    Angel Ramirez22 일 전

    Wait thats a pic of ex he sounds like 40 maybe 41 years old 😂

  63. LittleYash

    LittleYash18 일 전

    @XpertFN 17 Hes the same age as bugha rn

  64. XpertFN

    XpertFN19 일 전

    He turns 18 in November or something like that

  65. Torrey Neely

    Torrey Neely19 일 전

    He prolly like 13😂

  66. Procise

    Procise21 일 전

    U must be a kid

  67. dcm on mobile

    dcm on mobile22 일 전

    Dang sway was clapping whistles

  68. TYGER_BroxerYT

    TYGER_BroxerYT22 일 전


  69. Danny Doodoohead

    Danny Doodoohead22 일 전

    TYGER_BroxerYT thank you my good sir

  70. VorpalBTW

    VorpalBTW22 일 전


  71. Tasha Waldon

    Tasha Waldon22 일 전

    I watched the stream he was not even that mad

  72. EEquxlity

    EEquxlity22 일 전

    Why y’all keep calling him Ghost Ex when he left Ghost

  73. EEquxlity

    EEquxlity17 일 전

    He just wasn’t grinding I guess , cuz he barley made videos and barley stream so I think they had to let him go

  74. DTP avalos

    DTP avalos17 일 전

    Why did he left

  75. Vexify On Ipad

    Vexify On Ipad19 일 전

    For views

  76. OpsFN

    OpsFN20 일 전

    EEquxlity he want the clout

  77. Suhh Cuhh

    Suhh Cuhh22 일 전

    Anyone still remember Ex clapping sway easily back in Chronic days?

  78. xd BlazeRektU

    xd BlazeRektU22 일 전

    It never was easy with them u dummy

  79. Aaron Coria

    Aaron Coria22 일 전

    FaZe EX

  80. Jueks

    Jueks23 일 전

    Ex is not in ghost lol

  81. StayRuthless

    StayRuthless23 일 전

    But the thing is he’s not in Ghost Anymore 😂

  82. WraithSZN

    WraithSZN23 일 전

    Ex aint even in ghost

  83. Reczi

    Reczi23 일 전

    Ex ain’t in ghost u uncultured swine bag

  84. Ant_ Promaster

    Ant_ Promaster23 일 전

    Ex surrender

  85. Iconix

    Iconix23 일 전

    This man turned down 70 dollars and I can’t even get 10

  86. Bad Aimz-z

    Bad Aimz-z23 일 전

    I feel ya 😭

  87. I'm TrixXz

    I'm TrixXz23 일 전

    Ex? More like Excuses