George Lucas NOT Happy With Ending! The Rise Of Skywalker (Star Wars Episode 9)



    MIKE ZEROH개월 전


  2. Carl Johnson

    Carl Johnson개월 전

    If You can remember that when Senator Palpatine told Anakin that Through The Dark Side of The Force he was able TOO make the metaclorines to make Anakin's Mother pregnant with Anakin, so In Actually Reality for The Skywalker Family TOO Be Related to Emperor Palpatine is Correct.

  3. Chris Corkum

    Chris Corkum개월 전

    Help us George Lucas, delay the film until May 2020 is our only hope.

  4. Jennifer Hausman

    Jennifer Hausman12 일 전

    Disney ruined another great movie and I feel bad for George Lucas

  5. Avi Fine

    Avi Fine21 일 전

    imagine if rey was actually Shmi! LOL i mean, that would probably melt my mind.

  6. A couple of tacos

    A couple of tacos23 일 전

    Of course he doesn't like it. It's supposed to have Mary Sue wipe the floor with Palpatine. It's feminist, liberal, social justice warrior diarrhea

  7. Bakunawa BenHierro

    Bakunawa BenHierro24 일 전

    3:44 shes a palpatine?

  8. olijadu

    olijadu25 일 전

    I'm done with this. JJ Abrams team ruined star wars already with the two disasters they released. It's been damaged so much it cannot be fixed with one movie, it would have to be that episodes 7 and 8 were a dream, then maybe it would have a chance. U killed Han Solo, that is not risk taking, that's just stupid. Luke sky waler is Jake Skywalker as mark Hamill said because dudes behavior is just unrecognizable, not the same guy. Carrie Fisher died,.. sad. Rey has defeated everyone already in the episode 7 within 2hrs , after thinking force was a myth hrs before so why do we need 8 or 9, she already kicked everyones ass w no training. It's just a complete disaster. The trilogy would need to be remade w George Lucas in full control and a new director w some sense

  9. Suzie.q Popcorn123

    Suzie.q Popcorn12328 일 전

    Check out 5-25-77 a star wars related film, pretty good and the song from it I Can't Get There From Here by Alan Parsons is amazing.

  10. rcbatman

    rcbatman28 일 전

    Disney destroyed Star Wars #BoycottDisneySW

  11. Blackball

    Blackball28 일 전

    Disney's Sequel Trilogy never happened...and never will.

  12. Pouc Pouc

    Pouc Pouc29 일 전

    Disney took over Star Wars as a machine to print money. It seems that they put no effort to study the interest of the public which is more into the storylines and character developments (see how episodes 1 to 3 were received compared to episodes 4 to 6). Besides no real character developments, simple transpositions of previous storylines, there is very little work. In the context of the saga, the appearance of the new order in the lifetime of our heroes does not make sense (vast accumulation of material and “human” ressources, non detected by a new republic with should be concerned by making sure that nothing persists of the old empire!?!). We have no idea what happened to the new republic (well, this is what happens when you just copy and paste episode 3, and tweaking it a little bit and so forth), what path our heroes chose in an Universe without the threat of the empire, etc... In brief, they brought nothing to the table while expecting people to cash in (see the ridiculous pricing for the Star Wars attraction at ‘Disney’s parks). There is so much more to say that put simply, in my opinion, it is not worth to go and watch Disney”s Star Wars. At this stage, the best they could do would be to create an independent studio free of their supervision to create real movies and just cash in.

  13. Raji Fredrick

    Raji Fredrick29 일 전

    Shouldn't have sold his own ideas in the first place, now they are disneys. So who cares. Disney is for little kids who dont care about plot holes

  14. A B

    A B29 일 전

    Kevin Smith? Let me laugh

  15. Nelson Lopez

    Nelson Lopez29 일 전

    This was a great video. Thank you for posting it. You sir have a new subscriber.. *(MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU ALWAYS)..

  16. Nelson Lopez

    Nelson Lopez29 일 전

    So *(George Lucas) is not happy.? Really you don't say...? So where the HELL WAS HE. When they were pushing *(THE LAST JEDI).? How Mark Hamill was telling Disney. This is not the Jedi Way. If you can *Redeem DARTH VADER. After all the evil crap he has done. But a little kid with a bad dream. You have to kill him..? It was all Agenda Driven. Remember - *(THE FORCE IS FEMALE) / Distroy the pass, Kill it if you have too). I'm sorry *(Disney / Kathleen Kennedy / & George Lucas). This is your mess. I have walked away from STAR WARS. The same guy that has raised his kids. The same guy that has taken time off from work. Plus taken his kids out of school. For opening day STAR WARS Movies. I'm So Freakin done with it. For myself it's only 4 movies. Episode: 4, 5, 6, & Rogue One. Plus DARTH MAL He is just bad ass. You can go see this new crap. I'm not. *(MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU ALWAYS)..

  17. Maximus

    Maximus29 일 전

    Good. That’s for selling it to these libtards you flog

  18. ArmyGuyDan

    ArmyGuyDan29 일 전

    Kathleen Kennedy pissed all over George Lucas legacy

  19. Hecka Nice

    Hecka Nice29 일 전

    The rise of skywalker should be the rise of anakin skywalker as in resurrected through the force, the most powerful feat of power

  20. Knapweed

    Knapweed개월 전

    Rhetorical question of the week, "What happened to artistic integrity?". How the fuck did we get to the situation where a movie's plot was determined by public outrage and opinion? Imagine how the greats, like Hemmingway, DH Lawrence or HG Wells would react if they were told the public wouldn't approve of their particular plot and they needed to change it. Art now is the province of whores and pimps, figuratively speaking, and profit is the ONLY motive. Even KOreporter has been fucked up by making the profit motive the priority.

  21. L

    L개월 전

    Fuck Star Wars. Not watching shit!!!

  22. Cerise Jones

    Cerise Jones개월 전

    These three new trilogy movies do not exist for me. I seen the force awakens, never seen the last jedi, will not see the rise of skywalker. What a load of garbage this new trilogy is. Those morons at disney just made the orig trig useless by bringing palpy back. I can't believe disney fucked up that bad lol...

  23. Reality isnt A choice

    Reality isnt A choice개월 전

    It's the William Wallace solution.. Rey choosing to identify as something , that's it

  24. Reality isnt A choice

    Reality isnt A choice개월 전

    There is no starwars after the battle of Endor. Anything else is not the movie your looking for.. You can go about your business.. Move along.

  25. Sten Pruks

    Sten Pruks개월 전

    3 different endings? Still deciding on the story? Yep, it's gonna suck. The Rise Of The Dumpster Fire

  26. Brother Mike

    Brother Mike개월 전

    Rey being a descendent of Luke, Han, or Leia is cheap - it would be another instance of pure plot convenience and it would raise too many questions that can't be answered this late in the game. It's also incredibly predictable. The idea that Palpatine created her is so *fucking cool* - it gives a new context to her background and abilities and strongly challenges her identity. It's a great follow up to Luke's perceptions of her in VIII, and it even retcons Palpatine's terrible death scene at the end of VI - *it's subversive.*

  27. sen3.14

    sen3.14개월 전

    She just goes to live on the farm for some reason 😂

  28. kurt schulmeyer

    kurt schulmeyer개월 전

    I don't care what George thinks;he went to to dark-sode and sold-out to disney. Tough for him

  29. Frank Murphy

    Frank Murphy개월 전

    Will buy the movie off the street for a dollar that way we save money from seeing this piece of crap of a movie that time should have forgot

  30. Jacob Frey

    Jacob Frey개월 전

    He’s a turkey neck anyway

  31. Arkboi21

    Arkboi21개월 전

    Sorry, not sorry. I'm actually hoping that Episode 9 fails and flops massively at the box office. I hope that fans revolt and there is public outrage. Why? Because that is the ONLY way that Disney will ever pay attention and notice something's wrong. They won't listen and make significant changes unless money is involved (loss of it). It's the only way they'll understand and publicly acknowledge that they shouldn't have injected identity politics into the movies and settled for mediocre writing, story-telling, and acting.



    Star Wars the rise of sky walker is a Star Wars movie I learned so much here

  33. Preston Covell

    Preston Covell개월 전

    I have a theory that in the end both the force ghost of Lea and Luke and Anakin are going use the force to some how be absorbed in to Ray to give her the power to defeat Palpatine. Only then could she truly be able to take on the Skywalker name because they would be a part of her. That would add closure to the story.

  34. Josh Furey

    Josh Furey개월 전

    Disney ruined Star Wars after the Force Awakens. BOYCOTT DISNEY.

  35. Dan McMullan

    Dan McMullan개월 전

    Rey IDENTIFYING herself as a Skywalker...where have I heard this kind of language before? Keep "woke" culture out of the story. It already ruined The Last Jedi.

  36. James IRON

    James IRON개월 전

    In the name of the Galatic Republic I declare episodes 7,8 and 9 NOT canon! Let's redo it entirely George c'mon!

  37. r kumar

    r kumar개월 전

    What if she was dubbed/handed down the title of Rey Skywalker by both the force ghosts of Luke and Leia as the proper right to carry the Skywalker name ???

  38. KC Wright

    KC Wright개월 전

    They should have went a totally different direction and not focus on the Skywalker piece, that’s the problem. There are plenty other Star Wars stories to tell outside of the Skywalker story.

  39. H. Jens Voss

    H. Jens Voss개월 전

    Do what Glass did at your own peril Disney.

  40. Steve Reynolds

    Steve Reynolds개월 전

    If there is a pleb side of the force it is strong within Disney

  41. Steve Reynolds

    Steve Reynolds개월 전

    So, Disney has just over a month now to get creative and prepare there excuses.

  42. keith cox

    keith cox개월 전

    You can't trust anything Kevin Smith says