Generations React To Area 51 Memes Compilation


  1. FBE

    FBE4 개월 전

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  2. dat boi

    dat boi4 개월 전

    No I don't think I will

  3. Fkuino

    Fkuino4 개월 전

    FBE aliens demons

  4. to fucking hell you fucking cunt

    to fucking hell you fucking cunt4 개월 전


  5. Linkan

    Linkan4 개월 전

    Stop ruining everything ffs...

  6. Alien

    Alien4 개월 전


  7. Jacob Moler

    Jacob Moler4 개월 전


  8. Trtltri27

    Trtltri274 개월 전

    Awwww maaaan

  9. ETL TTC

    ETL TTC4 개월 전


  10. Arkku

    Arkku4 개월 전

    if people actually go there i hope nobody gets shot

  11. Margaret A.

    Margaret A.4 개월 전

    lol the raid is happening on my birthday

  12. Rockstar Miami

    Rockstar Miami4 개월 전

    🦏🧛‍♂️🦹‍♂️🧝🏻‍♂️ Me and the boys storming area 51

  13. Itz The unicorn squad

    Itz The unicorn squad4 개월 전

    September 20th is only 2 days before my brothers birth day this only means one thing .... MY BROTHER IS A ALIEN😮😮😮!

  14. Kailey Mendes

    Kailey Mendes4 개월 전


  15. Hypex

    Hypex4 개월 전

    2019 the meme year

  16. Marieal ann

    Marieal ann4 개월 전

    Oh god Imagine KOreporter rewind 2019

  17. Benedetta Tomasetti

    Benedetta Tomasetti4 개월 전

    Omg u're right

  18. Reizoe Dour

    Reizoe Dour4 개월 전

    Ok i have a rpg my dad from irac i thingk

  19. Emiliano Huayek

    Emiliano Huayek4 개월 전

    You know what that means

  20. someone somewhere

    someone somewhere4 개월 전

    they 100% moved all the aliens from area 51

  21. bonnif

    bonnif4 개월 전

    hecks nah

  22. Team Gaming

    Team Gaming4 개월 전

    It’s still happening

  23. Nolan Akers

    Nolan Akers4 개월 전

    TFW they think we playin’.

  24. WolfGirlPlayz // Minecraft

    WolfGirlPlayz // Minecraft4 개월 전

    Who here knows what they do in area 51? Hint: Google it.

  25. Uno Reverse Card

    Uno Reverse Card4 개월 전

    This may not be the great time but CREEPER

  26. Mascotan

    Mascotan4 개월 전


  27. Emiliano Huayek

    Emiliano Huayek4 개월 전


  28. copy cat

    copy cat4 개월 전

    @Rifty Real milf hours so way back in the mine

  29. Rifty Real milf hours

    Rifty Real milf hours4 개월 전


  30. Arcturus

    Arcturus4 개월 전

    #Area51 I Will Naruto Run And Will Be Fast As Fuck Boiii

  31. Soranaru

    Soranaru4 개월 전

    8:40 I honestly thought that was Jesus

  32. *Dabs Flirtatiously*

    *Dabs Flirtatiously*4 개월 전

    "Do you believe in aliens?" *Sweats in Whovian*

  33. samx d

    samx d4 개월 전


  34. Retarded Deku

    Retarded Deku4 개월 전

    Both of you guys are probably 9 years old.

  35. R_O_L_Y

    R_O_L_Y4 개월 전

    samx d your mom

  36. Killer Kall

    Killer Kall4 개월 전

    A guy hacked nasa and there were classified files about non terstial officers

  37. Killer Kall

    Killer Kall4 개월 전

    Politicains and millatry personnel said aliems are among us

  38. Killer Kall

    Killer Kall4 개월 전

    In the new area 51 aliens where hiding in underground bases and both humans and aliens died

  39. Killer Kall

    Killer Kall4 개월 전

    Area 51 moved somewhere else...

  40. Tu Madre

    Tu Madre4 개월 전

    man fuck TED

  41. cstew69

    cstew694 개월 전

    Hey ainsley

  42. Phishy Phish

    Phishy Phish4 개월 전

    Ted looks so familiar but idk who he is

  43. CrazyBenaman Gaming Corner

    CrazyBenaman Gaming Corner4 개월 전

    Please don't let it be- Ad: Deodorant!

  44. justfor temporory

    justfor temporory4 개월 전

    Aliens are probably cat girls end cat traps.

  45. Eric Siau

    Eric Siau4 개월 전

    here's a Area 51 raid plan for ya, BRING EVERY VEHICLE IN THE THE STATES AND GO "MAD MAX" THEM MD BOIS! Their biggest mistake, worlds biggest battle wreck seen in space!

  46. justfor temporory

    justfor temporory4 개월 전

    Eric Siau People die when they are wrecked.

  47. Orion Cocanour

    Orion Cocanour4 개월 전

    9:18 is my exact thoughts every day

  48. IvanaPM

    IvanaPM4 개월 전

    0:06 and 5:23 are the f best

  49. Zackneb

    Zackneb4 개월 전

    my grandmas been there and she said something about big fucking silver rocket

  50. Dusan

    Dusan4 개월 전

    20 th September is Friday I have school noooo

  51. cstew69

    cstew694 개월 전


  52. Carlos Campos

    Carlos Campos4 개월 전


  53. Asher Santana

    Asher Santana4 개월 전


  54. Crazy Kid

    Crazy Kid4 개월 전

    5:03 Shane Dawson: interesting

  55. Alvild bache

    Alvild bache4 개월 전


  56. Alvild bache

    Alvild bache4 개월 전

    Diego De La Riva of course

  57. Diego De La Riva

    Diego De La Riva4 개월 전

    As long as you serve us olive garden afterwards

  58. Toshiro Hitsugaya

    Toshiro Hitsugaya4 개월 전

    "This is my favourite meme" its not a meme its a fact my naruto pact

  59. Chris

    Chris4 개월 전

    Imagine if Russia helped us out 👀

  60. Rogan Kane

    Rogan Kane4 개월 전

    *Hell March Intensifies*

  61. Joseph Salcedo

    Joseph Salcedo4 개월 전

    We will come and help you with our AK-47's, RPG'S, T-34's and T'90's, Russian Bear's and of course Vodka!!! We would also bring Gigantic Speakers so that we would first sing our Glorious! National Anthem before we begin Our raid.

  62. Chris

    Chris4 개월 전

    Shpata 1 😂

  63. Shpata 1

    Shpata 14 개월 전

    Chris OM-

  64. ousama aldzajairi

    ousama aldzajairi4 개월 전

    anime weebs community is crazy they..........ehem we are the best

  65. Darth The Cow

    Darth The Cow4 개월 전

    #area 51

  66. I named my car Jimin so that I can Park Jimin

    I named my car Jimin so that I can Park Jimin4 개월 전

    Where my naruto runners at?

  67. 叶楊观

    叶楊观4 개월 전

    What if they us Facebook

  68. Chicken Lil

    Chicken Lil4 개월 전

    The real alien are underground probably

  69. Jhoy Angeles

    Jhoy Angeles4 개월 전

    Doesn’t the government know about this soo doesn’t that mean they already have frikin alien guns for us

  70. lil moey

    lil moey4 개월 전

    9:18 this man is "SPITTING STRAIGHT FACTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

  71. Grayson Bruce

    Grayson Bruce4 개월 전

    All they do there is make military technology

  72. Ariyana Godfrey

    Ariyana Godfrey4 개월 전

    Watch there be a massacre at Area 51 on the news on September 20

  73. Gacha Melon

    Gacha Melon4 개월 전

    Catherine is our tour guide

  74. fortnite ft.

    fortnite ft.4 개월 전

    First we walk 🚶 then we run 🏃

  75. Dean Kosanovic

    Dean Kosanovic4 개월 전

    I am still going

  76. JudeYT

    JudeYT4 개월 전


  77. Christopher melton

    Christopher melton4 개월 전


  78. Moyo Family

    Moyo Family4 개월 전


  79. Wyatt Guilliams

    Wyatt Guilliams4 개월 전

    The guy mentioning Orsen Wells is speaking the truth It was a joke but there will be people who take it seriously

  80. Lisa Voller

    Lisa Voller4 개월 전

    Who would win Howard the alien or Keanu Howard the alien win

  81. C's In

    C's In4 개월 전

    The sad thing is that probably only 33.33% of people know how big a joke this is, the other 66.66%… I'm hoping natural selection quickly starts working its way through.

  82. arno victor

    arno victor4 개월 전

    Hope the military kills them all

  83. manuel_2877_

    manuel_2877_4 개월 전

    People will storm Area 51

  84. john cox

    john cox4 개월 전

    Great fun

  85. Ananya Meka

    Ananya Meka4 개월 전

    “ what is 2019?! This is so f***in weird” 😂🤣🤣🤣

  86. FearlessTabbit YT

    FearlessTabbit YT4 개월 전

    Who coming

  87. Trey Buck

    Trey Buck4 개월 전

    Catherine works for the FBI

  88. Cody Keller

    Cody Keller4 개월 전