Gender Reveal Video! (UNEXPECTED TWIST- Finding Maya)


  1. Daishja Brown

    Daishja Brown3 시간 전

    Your journey has truly touched my soul an I hope and pray you find Maya in the near future. Keep your faith and stay strong❤️ you’re all a truly inspirational family.

  2. Squirmy Seabird

    Squirmy Seabird4 일 전

    This seems like a bad case of gender disappointment... dress is bomb tho.

  3. Robyn 25

    Robyn 252 일 전

    Squirmy Seabird couldn’t agree more. I pray that they will learn to accept the boy and learn to love him as much as they would have if he was a girl. If they do adopt a girl, poor kid is going to feel so inferior.

  4. Erika Perez

    Erika Perez7 일 전

    Can you PLEASE respond to my email or to my IG message about my order i made in JUNE!!! I was supposed to get it and I still haven’t received it!!!! I’ve been trying to reach you and I can’t !!!!! Please I have a trip coming up and I need the dress 😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😳😳😳😳😳😳

  5. Robyn Smith

    Robyn Smith20 일 전

    💖💖💖💖💖 🕊️

  6. Bethanie Garcia

    Bethanie Garcia28 일 전

    Thanks for the love guys. 💗💗💗 I got an awesome email from my brother this morning who is on a mission on the east coast.. he included a screenshot from when I emailed him months ago... I’ll quote it here so you can read since I can’t post the screenshot... “Duuuude the weirdest thing happened.. I went to the temple again about having a baby right? This was on my birthday actually... and I felt sooo strongly that we would be adopting her instead of having her! Like the spirit was so strong it was crazy, and then I told Nephi about it and he felt the same way. Then we went back again just this last Thursday, but together this time, and didn’t get much more information except to just “wait and see how things unfold” and that “if I am already pregnant, that will change the plan up”.. I’m paraphrasing haha but that was the jist of it and you know what? I think I’m pregnant! I’ll be testing for it in a couple of days, but it makes me nervous.. and confused! Haha, because Heavenly Father would have known I was already pregnant on my birthday when He inspired us to start looking into adoption. I just don’t understand what it all means right now, but I have a feeling things will all make sense eventually as we continue to go to the temple and pray about it all...”

  7. Kourtney Vanalstine

    Kourtney Vanalstine28 일 전

    Congratulations on the little boy and good luck on finding Maya! I am praying for y'all! God has got your family and you guys are such a blessings to this world!

  8. Alice Marion

    Alice Marion29 일 전

    Oh my gosh, congratulations you guys !!, can’t wait to meet them xxxx

  9. Ingrid Beatriz Caamal

    Ingrid Beatriz Caamal29 일 전

    You guys are a blessing I been struggling of getting pregnant again I lost my first born due to an ectopic pregnancy. I been wanting to adopt but my husband is afraid I pray that God that you'll see Maya and her mother. I am certain God will touch the birth mother heart love you God bless you

  10. Amanda Taylor

    Amanda Taylor29 일 전

    Congratulations on another little prince!!

  11. Cassie Dodgen

    Cassie Dodgen개월 전

    I am so happy for y’all! I will be praying that y’all find Maya.

  12. Mauvy Ocean

    Mauvy Ocean개월 전

    Congratulation having a baby boy I praying 🙏 you finding maya soon I will always support your family I love your family

  13. Mauvy Ocean

    Mauvy Ocean개월 전

    Beautiful MV Full of Happiness family I'm crying cause it's so touch I wish my next life will have beautiful family as your

  14. jeno jeno

    jeno jeno개월 전

    i’m truly tearing up so hard, you guys are such a beautiful family, all the luck and blessings to you ♡

  15. Maya Papaya

    Maya Papaya개월 전

    This video and the blog are so heartwarming. I hope Mayas birth mother finds you soon. I have always felt I was meant to be a mom through both adoption and having my own. My fiance isn't on board with adopting. But I hope after our first little one is born he might start to think differently. You have such a beautiful family and I cannot wait to see where this journey takes you! God bless❤

  16. Jabin Lee Cango

    Jabin Lee Cango개월 전

    😍😢😭 thank you for being adoptive parents.

  17. Alyssa Ray

    Alyssa Ray개월 전

    I’m sobbing. God bless this family, I really feel the love and compassion in this family ❤️😭

  18. Katie Bushman

    Katie Bushman개월 전

    Congratulations! We adopted (out of foster care) a little one the same age as our birth child. It's an amazing, challenging, exhausting, heart-filling experience. I hope for all the best for you and your beautiful family, and I encourage you to keep your hearts open to whatever path you are lead down to find your daughter!

  19. Peachechan’s Journeys

    Peachechan’s Journeys개월 전

    Congratulations to you guys

  20. Steph Kress

    Steph Kress개월 전

    So very happy for you and your beautiful family. I can tell there is so much love going around and to see how excited you all are for both Gio and Mia. What a blessing. Double congrats!

  21. whatchamacallit

    whatchamacallit개월 전

    Love your letter ❤😭🙏

  22. Kaleb RoseGold

    Kaleb RoseGold개월 전

    This is very very Beautiful I will Hope and I will Pray that you find Maya soon 💖💖💖

  23. Clariz Uy

    Clariz Uy개월 전

    At first i thought that theyre having twins but when they said theyre adopting a kid i freakin cried💕😭

  24. amy Perez

    amy Perez개월 전

    You have such a beautiful family

  25. dedeswife

    dedeswife개월 전

    Foster care is the way. I promise there is a child there for you through fostering to adopt.

  26. achoiinamillion

    achoiinamillion개월 전

    wow. I mean... Praying for you guys. I genuinely didn't think it was possible to see a family who had so much love to give. The best of luck to you!

  27. Heather Lerma

    Heather Lerma개월 전

    Maya will be heaven sent, that’s for certain. Also, Maya is going to be one lucky girl!

  28. starsfell

    starsfell개월 전

    Well, this is fucked up.

  29. XLilMermaid85X

    XLilMermaid85X개월 전

    Congratulations Garcia Family on these two precious children from God. Your hearts are so beautiful. Maya is already so blessed and so very loved. I pray that God touches the heart of her mother and guides her to you soon. What a wonderful moment that will be to see what God has placed in your hearts become a reality. I cannot wait to see your post when Maya has found you all and to see her beautiful face ❤❤

  30. Destiny Rivera

    Destiny Rivera개월 전

    I'm sobbing this is perfect 💖

  31. natalia garcia

    natalia garcia개월 전


  32. Geeks and Quilts

    Geeks and Quilts개월 전

    omg my heart

  33. Melissa Grey

    Melissa Grey개월 전

    So many wonderful children in the foster system for adoption. Why need a mother?

  34. Karla Vanderley

    Karla Vanderley개월 전

    But why be judgemental of their decision? This is what they want to do. I’m sure there’s a pregnant mother out there looking for a caring family to care for her baby too. It’s a beautiful thing what they want to do, so don’t judge them just because you think they “could do better”. Smh

  35. Robyn Perrotto

    Robyn Perrotto개월 전

    Read the blog. Doesn’t exactly describe why you aren’t looking into the kids already in the foster system for your Maya.

  36. Designer Daddy

    Designer Daddy개월 전

    Melissa Grey we’ve always been open to adopting any age, gender, and race, but if you have time, please read Bethanie’s blog. It will explain why we made this decision! 💙

  37. Gorgie Tickles

    Gorgie Tickles개월 전

    Poor Geo not getting much attention :(

  38. Bethanie Garcia

    Bethanie Garcia개월 전

    Gorgie Tickles We are equally excited for and love both of them with all our hearts. 💗

  39. Classy Zombot

    Classy Zombot개월 전

    Praying for your search to find Maya and for Gio’s arrival as well! 💛

  40. Nancy Astorga

    Nancy Astorga개월 전

    So beautiful 🥺♥️

  41. Kirsten Ingram

    Kirsten Ingram개월 전

    How amazingly beautiful! Congratulations to the whole family!!!

  42. RomanovTV

    RomanovTV개월 전

    OH HOW WONDERFUL! You lovely people! Good luck! ❤❤❤

  43. Dezzy

    Dezzy개월 전

    I’m crying your family is full of love

  44. crazylovebug456

    crazylovebug456개월 전

    I wish you all the luck in finding Maya! I can feel the love you have for her already. You’ll find her. :)

  45. Bethanie Garcia

    Bethanie Garcia개월 전

    crazylovebug456 Thank you so much for the encouragement. We’re anxious to have our whole family complete. 💗💗💗

  46. Elif Citoglu

    Elif Citoglu개월 전

    I'm in tears. That was so beautiful and so touching. Congratulations and best of luck in finding Maya. Both she and her brother are going to part of a wonderful family ❤️

  47. isa heredia

    isa heredia개월 전

    What a gorgeous video intro I felt so mesmerized, so perfect, so on point. What a great family full of love 💖

  48. isa heredia

    isa heredia개월 전

    Yeah, my heart felt bad when she started crying, but also the intro was so professional make me feel like I was watching a disney promo

  49. Dezzy

    Dezzy개월 전

    isa heredia it’s so funny I had posted my comment and read yours and the only thing I can think of was full of love lol I guess this video embodies love

  50. Amieé Xo

    Amieé Xo개월 전

    What a unique journey, please continue to let us be a part of it 💕