Game Theory: The Murky History of Minecraft's Underwater Gods


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    Well if the monument was originally on land why would the guardians swim/ move like fish?

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    kaaba is not a house of god

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    matpat: makes a video about how coppa is gonna eradicate anything child friendly also matpat: immediately makes another minecraft video

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    He ain't gonna talk about the ship wrecks? K

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    Cuboidal? Didn’t this man literally prove that the minecraft world was round?

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    I would play game theory

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    As soon as you mentioned Mesopotamia, I got so hyped!!! I loved learning about it in the first grading period at school. It was earlier this year btw. To the people reading this comment, let me know if you want to learn anything cool about the civilization. Eeeeeeeee!!!!!! BEST EPISODE OF THIS CHANNEL EVER!!!!!!

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    0:41 we use big brain words here

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    Does the case come with the Nintendo switch

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    The stars tell a story remember this

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    Don't worry Matthew, got you fam


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    🇪🇬🇪🇬 Omg I feel so special bc I’m Muslim, and he’s talking about the Quran. Fun fact, my parents have actually seen pyramids when they were in Egypt. 🇪🇬🇪🇬 *im not special*

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    is anyone gonna talk about those sound files in the ocean that sounds like the kraken?

  22. Beany

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    On the thumbnail it has a picture of a drowned and says the drowned gods. That leaves me to believe there was some sort of disaster in a community of underwater gods. It might have something to do with destructive humans as they’re hostile to players. Some drowned are spawned with a trident which I’m pretty sure is the same weapon used by the water god Poseidon.

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    Everyone: why do we learn all this stuff in school? When do we need this! We won’t use ALL of it! Mat pat: allow me to introduce myself

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    I diagnose ocean monuments with “chronic Islamic”

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    8:03 A lot of fishes in real life can sense water moving. When you swim you MOVE the water I guess.

  29. Danizer

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    There’s a 1 in a million chance to generate a world that has a pre-lit End Portal as I think that might connect to your previous theories.

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    Theory wear! Gotta bye it all!!!

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    there has got to be a vid on the nether when the 1.16 update comes out

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    Dunno. Everything about this is "some religion has a somewhat likewise thing", with several religions. With very shady comparisons. Let's take the Kaaba. It is a unique building - there is only one Kabaa. Meanwhile, there are several ocean monuments. The Kaaba has an inside, the treasure room box hasn't. The Kaaba has inscriptions and that stone the pilgrims want to touch, the treasure room looks like every other room. The one thing it has in common with the Kaaba is that it is a cube. With that logic, I could argue that it is clearly an electric maintenance building, as those also come in cubes. So what you have is vague resemblance to ziggurats. Well, it also vaguely resembles completely different stuff. What we don't have is direct evidence. If there was something that looks as something universal as an altar room, kay, but there isn't anything like that. That said. In the moment you brought up the gold in the video, I had a totally different thought than "religious building". I had in mind that you just showed us the picture of the Guardian in that book. A Guardian is made out of prismarine on the outside, and what seems to be technology on the inside - so, *metal*. Meanwhile, the treasure room has something made out of prismarine on the outside and metal on the inside. That was my connection, which I wrongfully thought that you expected me to make. Now digest that. A giant guardian-like thing. Bigger than an Elder Guardian. My thought was "super weapon". Either that the "treasure room" houses something like an unfinished or unawoken Super Guardian doom robot, or that the construction is the heart of something like a Death Star laser which the monument can fire from that frame on the top of it. I like my idea better, even though I see neither yours nor mine to be really backed up by anything.

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    ah crap I so sorry I missed the livestream

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    You guys should do a theory on the movie Polar Express! Maybe theory on the ghost- mostly because I’ve always wondered about it.🤔 or maybe why the time never changes.


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    You should do a theory on what the bones in the nether update are from