Game of Thrones Season 8 Pitch Meeting


  1. Ethos

    Ethos2 시간 전

    So Arya just runs up and stabs the Night King in the third episode, instantly killing the main threat for the last seven seasons anti climatically without even one sword fight with Night king or his generals!? Yeah, yeah. Super easy. Barely an inconvenience.

  2. yuriydee

    yuriydee5 시간 전

    Im watching this almost a year later and now im pissed off about the ending again ughhh

  3. David Powell

    David Powell9 시간 전

    The best pitch meeting video IMO. The 5 sunglasses bit cracks me up.

  4. Stuart Watkin

    Stuart Watkin12 시간 전

    I had finally gotten over the disappointment of season 8 and then this popped up in my suggested videos, so I watched it again and it broke my heart all over again at how rushed and disappointing season 8 really was

  5. Matt Millward

    Matt Millward18 시간 전

    eh the faceless man plot was to ensure she was able to kill night king, but everything else spot on

  6. Michael Somjen

    Michael Somjen18 시간 전

    I highly doubt it was only almost half the fan base did not like season eight. I strongly suspect its probably alot more than half the fan base. Most people I have spoken too and the comments on the the last four seasons and especially season's seven and eight really didn't like it!

  7. Waisoserious

    Waisoserious일 전

    5 pairs of sunglasses LMAO I'm ded

  8. Dominic Raynes

    Dominic Raynes2 일 전

    Nailed it!

  9. Ryan Maliek

    Ryan Maliek2 일 전

    The sheer stupidity of Tyrian getting to push for the new king WHILE HES ON TRIAL FOR TREASON, Braun being master of coin when he’s awful with money and admitted he doesn’t understand the concept of borrowing money the season before, Tyrion who is good with money and does understand loans NOT being made master of coin over Braun, & Braun understanding war better than anyone else in the room but not being made master of war is just mind blowingly idiotic.

  10. Chute No Bigode Games

    Chute No Bigode Games3 일 전

    Muito top o seu canal Screen Rant se inscreva no meu canal TB o/

  11. absolut_height_advantage

    absolut_height_advantage3 일 전

    This video is like therapy for me. I keep coming back

  12. Bean Dar

    Bean Dar3 일 전

    Who else just pretending it ended differently?

  13. idk

    idk13 시간 전

    i'm still pretty excited for season 5 to start

  14. SpikeTFA

    SpikeTFA2 일 전

    Aragorn becomes King

  15. Ryan Maliek

    Ryan Maliek2 일 전

    Bean Dar Everyone knows it was cancelled after season 7, and there was no season 8...

  16. Shocktrooper1366

    Shocktrooper13663 일 전

    I never even watched this show and feel the pain GOT fans feel

  17. Mr. L

    Mr. L4 일 전

    “Sansa is gonna be queen!” “Wait why? She’s a punching bag that does literally nothing the whole series. Why would she be queen?” “Because.” “Wow, ok.”

  18. J Bertenshaw

    J Bertenshaw4 일 전

    I can't wait for a Divergent one.

  19. Lexi Lann

    Lexi Lann4 일 전

    5 pairs of sunglasses xDD

  20. Cataclysmic Dildoser

    Cataclysmic Dildoser5 일 전

    GoT / S8 is the biggest dissapointment in storytelling/worldbuilding/charactersation & the entertainment area in general, right after Disney-SW, and it shall never be forgotten

  21. Free-fly BE

    Free-fly BE5 일 전

    Still here 2020 - 'never forget'

  22. Mick Kenny

    Mick Kenny5 일 전

    Who's here in Feb 2020 for therapy?

  23. thegreenmanofnorwich

    thegreenmanofnorwich5 일 전

    Best season ever!

  24. blood hand

    blood hand6 일 전

    “Oh, subverting expectations is tight!”... ...”well...” LMFAO this was perfect! Season 8 treated us as though we were all just morons. Or it was a simple 🖕to the fans. Either way...SHAME! FOR SHAME WRITERS! SHAME! FOR SHAME SHOW RUNNER! No trial by combat, no discussion...FOR SHAME! Burn them Dro!

  25. Ryan Maliek

    Ryan Maliek2 일 전

    blood hand Well my expectations of a good season 8 were DEFINITELY subverted.

  26. Jim Bendtsen

    Jim Bendtsen6 일 전

    Perfection. I have to subscribe. Such unredeemable bullshit from greedy, brain-dead media whores deserves to be skewered.

  27. blood hand

    blood hand6 일 전

    Don’t try watching this pitch while snacking. Ryan nearly killed me with an “eating Dorito/laugh”’combo.😂😂😂😂 DIED so funny👍

  28. jovedo27

    jovedo276 일 전

    This guy looks and sounds just like major Hughes from Fullmetal Alchemist

  29. Ryan Maliek

    Ryan Maliek6 일 전

    Plot twist. Bran warged into Dany and her dragon in kings landing, and it was really HIM killing everyone. He continued to control Dani until the very end knowing Jon would eventually kill her to save everyone. He then warged into Jon and forced him to confess to the murder. He also warged into Tyrion at the trial and forced him to push for Bran to be king. He wargs into Sansa and forces her to banish Jon to the Northlands beyond the wall because he actually cares a bit for Jon, enough to spare him, and he may need him later on too. He wargs into Arya and plants the thought to go sail west, keeping her away long enough for his tyrannical reign as king to solidify, and he keeps her alive as he may need her in the future as well. He keeps Tyrion around as he will need his cleverness to keep his reign intact. He wargs into the others on the council and forces them to agree to let Winterfell stay independent (as it IS his birthplace), but agree to let themselves be subjugated under his iron fist. After the dust settles, we get the final piece of the puzzle. A flashback that shows Bran warg into the mad king, forcing him to try and burn the city to the ground, then wargs into Jamie forcing him to kill the king, thus setting the entire “Game of thrones” into motion. It shows him letting his father and all the others die along the way, because it’s the only way HE could be king. We then see him laughing maniacally as he knows he’s fooled EVERYONE.

  30. leyelikan bature

    leyelikan bature6 일 전

    Everything was forgettable in GoT season8

  31. Thom Poz

    Thom Poz6 일 전

    If you kept watching this fking crap for 8 seasons, you deserved this ending.

  32. SuicidalPooh

    SuicidalPooh7 일 전

    six feet under continues to be the only satisfying ending to a series from HBO

  33. t c

    t c7 일 전

    I love the fact that he keeps saying "You can have more time!"

  34. lloyd debnam

    lloyd debnam7 일 전

    What happened to the children of the Forest? Just asking. And Bran was promised he would fly.

  35. Comic Girl

    Comic Girl8 일 전

    This is so painful to watch even today. What could have been!

  36. Riette

    Riette8 일 전

    I want a T-Shirt that says: "This is super easy. Barely an inconvenience"

  37. Kadar Abdullahi

    Kadar Abdullahi9 일 전

    "Did you say say Starbucks??"😂😂😂

  38. Pork Fist

    Pork Fist9 일 전

    Seriously this is the most realistic explanation of why game of thrones went down the shitter.

  39. Joshua Crandall

    Joshua Crandall9 일 전

    "The council of surviving characters."

  40. SR Trailers and Interviews

    SR Trailers and Interviews9 일 전

    Still feeling this.



    When you say why? You should say Why Not?! All enthusiastically and stuff... 😀

  42. AdamG1983

    AdamG19839 일 전

    This video cut deeper than the knife that slit Catelyn's throat

  43. blumusdu

    blumusdu9 일 전

    "Would you like some time, you can have it" 😂😂

  44. schaddly

    schaddly10 일 전

    i keep seeing the shirt, but not the pitch meeting.... A Clockwork Orange!!!

  45. Christopher Moon

    Christopher Moon10 일 전

    This dude should narrative everything! Lol

  46. slash vs world

    slash vs world10 일 전

    It wasn't Starbucks damnit. It was the coffee/food cart from the behind the scenes documentary. Well, it's true

  47. AdamG1983

    AdamG19839 일 전

    It's funnier saying that it's Starbucks

  48. Josh Mitchell

    Josh Mitchell10 일 전

    "You can have more episodes if you want." I was freaking dying

  49. Andrew494

    Andrew49410 일 전

    Imagine spending like 8 years watching a TV show only for it to go kaplunk at the last moment and ruin the entire series

  50. its the current year

    its the current year10 일 전

    They blew their chance to work on a star wars film but after Disney saw the backlash they were dropped altogether. Lol reap what you sew I guess

  51. Mmariankaa

    Mmariankaa10 일 전

    "Did you forget about the horse?" "I forgot about the horse. She forgot about the horse. It's a very forgettable horse" I DIED.

  52. John Maelius

    John Maelius5 일 전

    Sounds like a line from seinfeld.

  53. Peter Mudd

    Peter Mudd10 일 전


  54. mondler rocks

    mondler rocks10 일 전

    I'll say this video was more interesting than got season 8

  55. Jack Maddox

    Jack Maddox11 일 전

    I know I'm super late to this, but after the scene where Arya is Tywin's servant girl at Harrenhal, and Arya tells him about Aegon and his sisters riding the dragons, I had this fantasy of seeing Dany on Drogon, Jon on Rhaegal, and Arya flying around on the back of Viserion, and the three of them kicking lots of ass all over Westeros. That would've been pretty cool, I think. Oh well....

  56. Nepafarius

    Nepafarius11 일 전

    Why did the Night King's motivation to kill bran have to be memories,rather than his powerful warging and history manipulating abilities? You know, the COOL parts of his powers? Fucks sake, D&D are like kids who took one philosophy class and think they understand the universe.

  57. Kristen Broughton

    Kristen Broughton11 일 전

    This pisses me off so much, not because it's bad or not funny, but because it's so true and I'm still mad at the show nearly a year later.

  58. Cory Holt

    Cory Holt11 일 전

    Forcing modern law into midevil themes is tight!!

  59. Cossty

    Cossty11 일 전

    When drogon destroyed the iron throne everybody thought that drogon did it because he knew that it was the reason why danny died. I read article somewhere about interview with D&D where they said that drogon was aiming for john but he missed and that is why he destroyed the throne. When i heard that i didnt know if i am suppose to laugh or cry.

  60. Gaming Cinema

    Gaming Cinema3 일 전

    Oh... My... God... They really didn't know how to end the show... Now, I guess they did't even rushed the 8th season, they were just not competent to finish it, they had no any idea of how to do that. Goddamn it.

  61. Alex Garcia

    Alex Garcia11 일 전

    I guess i shouldnt bad for forgetting my hat. Danny forgot a facckking fleet!

  62. A. Moati

    A. Moati11 일 전

    dis video is my therapy.

  63. JHaz

    JHaz12 일 전

    They tyrian is like I'm pretty sure I don't want to be the hand of the queen anymore. Because of the child murders? Because of the child murders, that's right.

  64. sanwayzar

    sanwayzar12 일 전

    This video is the perfect answer to Season 8 apologists.

  65. Akeem Atherton

    Akeem Atherton12 일 전

    I just realease after watching dozens of your content I wasn't subscribed smh

  66. JUMOWA

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    I just stumbled upon your channel today. You are a torpedo of humor! Have a sub!

  67. rick sandoval

    rick sandoval13 일 전

    Love this bid, great content