Game of Thrones Season 8 Pitch Meeting


  1. Dhruv Goyal

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  2. ceddy3

    ceddy33 시간 전

    That was just awesome. So funny

  3. Matt Smith

    Matt Smith4 시간 전

    Yo Screen Rant. Can you do pitch meetings for the fast and furious movies? They are all a bit ridiculous with plenty of content to make fun of.

  4. Brandon Waldo

    Brandon Waldo5 시간 전

    He is dressed like nice guys



    "Well Danny sort of forgot about the Iron Fleet, but they certainly haven't forgot about her!" - This line was so cringey I though it was just written for Pitch Meeting - no idea one of the actual writers of the show said this! 🤮🤮🤮

  6. MG Wray

    MG Wray11 시간 전

    Do a pitch meeting for the New Child's Play and do not forget to talk about the dead cat.

  7. David Ekstrom

    David Ekstrom13 시간 전

    To be fair I did forget about the horse

  8. Pacroid

    Pacroid15 시간 전

    This would all be funny.....but..sadly it's all true. :( So I'm laughing for other reason. Great vid :)

  9. the void

    the void일 전

    Do into the woods please please please

  10. Shishir rajput

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  11. commandoslayer

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    The horse is very sad they all forgot about him🐴

  12. Zerpician

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    It's very comforting to know that it wasn't just me waiting until sundown to watch GoT because of those dark episodes. It really made me think that my TV was cheap and couldn't render the colors properly. FU D&D

  13. Ostrich_king 8341

    Ostrich_king 83412 일 전

    Do a 2 and a half men pitch meeting there’s so much to talk about and make fun of.

  14. Rick Shad

    Rick Shad2 일 전

    Do Shazam Please

  15. Silverwind X

    Silverwind X2 일 전

    I’m glad I never put the time into the show to be disappointed in the end. My troll side is also happy about the end so people around me can finally stop bringing up the damned show cuz they hate it now. It’s a win-win.

  16. Richard Moniz

    Richard Moniz2 일 전

    Subverting expectations is TIGHT 😂

  17. Sean Stewart

    Sean Stewart2 일 전

    The council of surviving characters? The moment Dany landed in Westeros is the real ending for me!

  18. Sean Stewart

    Sean Stewart2 일 전

    Omg! This is so spot on it’s scary!

  19. Khalith

    Khalith2 일 전

    “Looking upset with her Starbucks.” 😂

  20. Blotted

    Blotted2 일 전

    Those two fuckers who created the show couldnt spend one more year to finish the show after 9 years, so they rushed it and destroyed what potentially could have been one of the best TV series in history.

  21. Derek Edwards

    Derek Edwards2 일 전

    Pitch meeting for silence of the lambs! That would be super easy barley an inconvenience!

  22. Kook Shanty

    Kook Shanty3 일 전

    I personally liked this season but this video sums up the issues very well

  23. Amy Eachus

    Amy Eachus3 일 전

    This was so perfect. A lot of season eight seemed to be based on video game rules - armies respawn, health respawns, seemingly impossible bosses killed in anticlimactic ways...

  24. dirtaylulu

    dirtaylulu3 일 전

    "The Council of Surviving Characters" LUL what a group name...

  25. shequita washington

    shequita washington3 일 전

    @ScreenRant @TheRyanGeorge - Can you do one for The Lord of the Rings?

  26. Digital Thanatos

    Digital Thanatos4 일 전

    Seriously I don't mind you taking alot more time! Take more episodes! Do you need time to remember small details? Do you care about the fans or how you're disrespecting the author of the source material? Please take more time........ PLEASE!

  27. Veteran Drunkard

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  28. Peter Murphy

    Peter Murphy4 일 전

    "Well it sounds like a compilation of moments that can benefit from being spread over 20 episodes instead of 6." "Yeah, I mean that's a good point but keep in mind that I don't wanna."

  29. Squim

    Squim4 일 전

    When did Jamie ever redeem himself, he was always a POS

  30. Maxed Out Society

    Maxed Out Society4 일 전

    Can you pitch Pokemon I choose you

  31. Robert Pyatt

    Robert Pyatt5 일 전

    The most accurate thing ever!!!

  32. Shakia Carter

    Shakia Carter6 일 전

    This... this is literally how it went.

  33. John Doe

    John Doe6 일 전

    The best part about this is he actually quotes d and d in this video

  34. JR

    JR6 일 전

    Do hunger games bro

  35. Phil Wilson

    Phil Wilson6 일 전

    How difficult would it be to DESTROY Game of Thrones in a shortened, 6 Episode Season ? 🤔 Oh ! It Will Be Super Easy ! Barely An Inconvience ! 😁

  36. rm biased; forever rain

    rm biased; forever rain6 일 전

    Please do a brooklyn 99 episode

  37. Patrick Fabermann

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  38. João Bertoncini

    João Bertoncini6 일 전

    I keep coming back just to watch more episodes and a longer season being offered and refused consistently.

  39. Ketsia Henry

    Ketsia Henry7 일 전

    Watching this was painfully accurate

  40. Blonde Oddball

    Blonde Oddball8 일 전

    This is perfection.

  41. yoboyrob201

    yoboyrob2018 일 전

    i was weak every time he offered more episodes. yo, hbo would have given they ass a whole other season just to get it right. they could have let someone else finish the series right.

  42. SpartacusColo

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  43. lwandile dube

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    3:45 LOL

  44. Witssen

    Witssen8 일 전

    Do 1970 Waterloo :D

  45. AbdulRahman AlHamali

    AbdulRahman AlHamali8 일 전

    I am actually very happy with GoT season 8, because it introduced me to something much greater: Pitch Meetings!

  46. Zomawa lover-//

    Zomawa lover-//6 일 전

    I was 3 weeks diesppoted 3 weeks of nightmare for me

  47. Harmen Greven

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  48. Joe Mills

    Joe Mills8 일 전

    The fact that ONLY nearly 50% of fans were disappointed with the finale makes me want to do a Thanos.

  49. Ecliptor Calrissian

    Ecliptor Calrissian9 일 전

    I want to marry Ryan. No, I want to marry two or three of Ryan!

  50. MC Mark Markson

    MC Mark Markson9 일 전

    Shittiest game of thrones season of all time makes for the best pitch meeting episode lol.

  51. MorphikNull

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    Next please do How to train your Dragon