Game of Thrones | Season 8 Episode 2 | Preview (HBO)


  1. Ankur Deshwal

    Ankur Deshwal40 분 전

    Hey HBO where is ghost and nymeria now ?

  2. xQuuu

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  3. First Name

    First Name시간 전

    We all know that they will probably end the episode just before the battle begins..

  4. Frontrunner on the road

    Frontrunner on the road시간 전

    *Grey Worm is so in love*

  5. Lisa Donnell

    Lisa Donnell시간 전

    The only thing that would convince Dany to step down is her pregnancy. She lost a child already, 2, her baby and one dragon. That may save her.

  6. Lolo

    Lolo시간 전

    i hate the fucking gnome and the dearf girl 1.60

  7. Lisa Donnell

    Lisa Donnell시간 전

    This what Dany has become. Wants justice for her Father's murder, kill him but don't listen to him explain what her father was going to do, the injustice of her Father's behaviour towards his kingdom. Jon saw her as a cold and uncaring queen, sitting on the throne was her desire, and if resistance is met, she burns them alive. Jon, is nothing like her. He was protected by Ned, Benjn, taught the importance of what Winter is Coming means and keeping them at bay. She and Cerci hate each other from afar, their lust for the throne is their goal, then to rule. Jon telling Dany he's a king, doesn't need her consent, doesn't care about the throne. His driving purpose in educating and instilling real fear about the dead is scoffed at. Davos, his change from supporting Stannis and his claim to the throne changed drastically when he met and saw Jon as being the best to rule because he sees the extreme danger all will face should they win. I fear Dany will not agree to Jon on the throne. She and Cerci see the 2 men in their lives as secondary. She'll use Jon's fervor to her advantage. I fear she'll go against Jon's claim to the throne, but deep down she knows he would make a great king, and is threatened. All of Jon's acts of courage may be undone and called into question once his true identity is known. Dany may turn against his right to the throne, even telling him that he never wanted or cared about being a king.

  8. Anthony Delorme

    Anthony Delorme시간 전

    I guess we'll find out when this episode comes out if Arya actually does die in the second episode (context: Jimmy Fallon April Fools)

  9. Ayoub Sabi

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    متى سيتم عرض باقي الحلقات

  10. Duniya Muchatlu

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    Dany will do Jon snow’s Fire test instead of DNA

  11. Benedict Cucumberbitch

    Benedict Cucumberbitch2 시간 전

    Daenerys is officially the least likable character now in the show (after bran ofc)

  12. l JK l

    l JK l2 시간 전

    I still don't know how they should win the battle. I mean at the very moment when a living falls the Nightking can let them rise from the dead. The dead will cut through them like a damn mowing machine.

  13. Jay Zikonta

    Jay Zikonta2 시간 전

    I cnt wait!!! Someone just hack it already. Geeeeeez

  14. Somuchsecrets

    Somuchsecrets2 시간 전

    The real question is: Will Hodor become a nightwalker ?

  15. Paco Rabanne

    Paco Rabanne2 시간 전

    PLEASE can you add in 4k !!! Shit SUPPORT!

  16. Theresa O'Regan

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  17. simG4

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    Sorry for my bad english, but you must know the episode have linked in France

  18. Mister Xrd

    Mister Xrd2 시간 전

    Night King for the MK 11!

  19. Yash Nath Sharma

    Yash Nath Sharma2 시간 전

    0:20 Arya : it's got many faces, I look forward to seeing this one. Meanwhile Dany : Don't point your arrow at me , I m your queen...

  20. Moderator

    Moderator2 시간 전

    Getting real tired of how petty Daenerys is. Humanity facing extinction? Bending the knee is more important. Willing allies for the battle? Grudge time.

  21. LuPo.Z

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  22. Đoàn Anh Thư NGUYỄN

    Đoàn Anh Thư NGUYỄN3 시간 전

    Am I the only one who hears the "about all the things we would do to that man" in Sansa's voice, not Daenarys'?

  23. xexew

    xexew3 시간 전

    donc kill jamie pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase

  24. HAR DY

    HAR DY3 시간 전

    This is how i prepare for my semester exams

  25. Luda Braca

    Luda Braca3 시간 전

    I didn't knew the that guy with ships gonna fuck cersei

  26. 貘Dante

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    Kdo je tu taky Čech 👌❤️?

  27. suleyman tolga Buran

    suleyman tolga Buran3 시간 전

    the use of trebuchet looks interesting.

  28. Ismail xxx

    Ismail xxx3 시간 전

    bitch better not harm my man jaimie

  29. Awkward Orange

    Awkward Orange3 시간 전

    They say night king is probably not dead. Is it possible the night king is no one but who knows...

  30. Karen Whymark

    Karen Whymark3 시간 전

    Seriously 😐 is that all your gonna bloody show? Joker’s 😤🤬🤷‍♀️

  31. joe mama

    joe mama3 시간 전

    No way Jaime survives ...he will die next episode

  32. Emad Ali

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  33. marina masi

    marina masi4 시간 전

    Yes Dany, the loss was impressive -.-''

  34. males41

    males414 시간 전

    “Sansa’s a bitch, she will betray Jon!” “Daenerys is crazy like her father, she will burn them all” “Jon is so stupid, he betrayed the north”... Typical Got fandom, they will shout whatever they hate on the internet that people barely give a damn.

  35. Rohit Singh

    Rohit Singh4 시간 전

    Bhnchod war tumne episode 3 me hi dikhani hai

  36. Josh lini

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  37. Aspa Kouki

    Aspa Kouki4 시간 전

    The irony of this scene where Dany says "All the things that we would do to the man who murdered my father." while she sits at The Winterfell head table where Rickard and Brandon Stark sat!

  38. 4touchdowns1game

    4touchdowns1game4 시간 전

    Don’t let this distract you from the fact that Hector is going to be running three Honda civics with spoon engines, and on top of that, he just went into Harry’s and bought three t66 turbos with nos, and a motec exhaust system.

  39. Cemil Kaya

    Cemil Kaya5 시간 전

    Geçmişin inrikamları

  40. Jun Paolo Ferreras

    Jun Paolo Ferreras5 시간 전

    Jamie bends the knee to Dany, after Bran tells him about Cersei's lies, plans and pact with Euron.

  41. Saqib Nadeem

    Saqib Nadeem5 시간 전

    *Spoiler* Jaime did not kill his father.

  42. Il giovane dal golfino rosso

    Il giovane dal golfino rosso5 시간 전

    Sansa vs Daenerys? Wow!

  43. gaurav kumar

    gaurav kumar5 시간 전

    Meanwhile in King's landing. "Where are my elephants?? 🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘"

  44. A. Louise

    A. Louise6 시간 전

    Bronn is going to kill Dany this season. Last season Tyrion mentioned an arrow potentially killing her before she could name who would take her place on the throne in case of her potential death. Jorah mentioned all it takes is an angry man with a crossbow. Well, Bronn has that crossbow. 😳 Hell, we even got a taste of it when he fired the scorpion at Drogon.

  45. arif Nazrin

    arif Nazrin6 시간 전

    Jaime finally made a good choice leaving king landing by joining them in winterfell to fight alongside the alive

  46. Patterrz

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  47. Jakara

    Jakara6 시간 전

    Daenerys: i want the help of the lannisters pls come to winterfell *a lannister comes to winterfell* Also daenerys: how dare you come here kingslayer I am making a trail

  48. Thé Dárk Kníght

    Thé Dárk Kníght6 시간 전

    don't know why but I hate this dany bitch....

  49. Thinh Nguyen

    Thinh Nguyen6 시간 전

    how long do we have until ep2. Too long 😅

  50. Afnan Saif

    Afnan Saif6 시간 전

    Bran:Jaime can you push me? Jaime:What? Bran:I mean my wheelchair!!

  51. Nicole Mitchell

    Nicole Mitchell7 시간 전

    Oh my goodness, I’m scared.

  52. Gawdzirra93 _

    Gawdzirra93 _7 시간 전

    Sansa really is becoming a Caitlyn/Cersei/Littlefinger hybrid. Learned from the best.

  53. paddy lafferty

    paddy lafferty7 시간 전

    Bran has got to be the night king.... just a theory but one i think has some curious points to it and as the show goes on is making me think more on it ....also tyrion is the mad kings bastard maybe lol

  54. JPVNG67

    JPVNG677 시간 전

    there are things that we already know with a certain...first there will be no happy ending..more now that daenarys is Jon one or both have to die...witch death will shock more? Jon its a certain thing and in a way a bit annoying to know that for sure

  55. anglekan

    anglekan7 시간 전

    Is this a poor man's lord of the rings?

  56. Rácz Béla Rácz

    Rácz Béla Rácz7 시간 전

    so you know nothing about it

  57. Yeji Lee

    Yeji Lee8 시간 전

    I am starting to hate Dany for serious

  58. Alcatraz Namikaze

    Alcatraz Namikaze8 시간 전

    Is it just me or Danny has grown to be immature and hyprocritical?

  59. Chaotic Icerain

    Chaotic Icerain8 시간 전

    I'm just wondering who arya shot... damn i wish i didn't watch this xD trailer

  60. Lazarus Immortalius

    Lazarus Immortalius8 시간 전

    So you guys just come here to make the same exact comments you made on Facebook huh. Repost repost repost copy paste over & over. Probably dont even watch the show at all.

  61. ThatElfNerd

    ThatElfNerd8 시간 전

    Dany, I swear if you kill Jaime after he risked Cersei's wrath to warn you of her betrayal... I used to believe in her all the way up to season 6. It was easy to support her, as the people she fought were all scum. Starting season 7 however, she's been often too prideful for her own good. She's been making harsh decisions just to force submission. Burning House Tarley, forcing Jon to bend the knee, those are not the actions of a benevolent ruler. Rather than force subjugation, she should've been showing how she'd be better than Cersei. With how shit the regimes have been in recent years, it shouldn't be that hard. Banishing Sam's father and brother to the wall would've shown proper punishment for defiance without alienating the rest of the southern lords. Recognizing the North's choice of Jon as king and proposing an alliance with the North rather than force him to bend the knee would've meant a less icy reception at Winterfell. By flaunting her power, the people will tolerate her presence in the battle of the long night, but she's lost all chance at respect.

  62. Ripley Wilson

    Ripley Wilson8 시간 전

    intellectuals: can’t believe she’s upset even though her crazy father deserved it dany stans: she didn’t know he was like- dany in season 7: ik the type of man my father was and i hope you won’t judge a daughter for her father’s sins i’m sorry, she didn’t know what now?

  63. ninja noob

    ninja noob9 시간 전

    I will be happy when i see the trailer for s3 of westworld

  64. JinXPrince

    JinXPrince9 시간 전

    Question: does everyone in the westerous know why Jamie killed the mad king (the exact reason,not just because he was mad)

  65. captainvlog

    captainvlog9 시간 전

    You can tell based on the episode length that it's going to be a filler episode. You'll likely see the white walkers at the very last second and then the following episode will be the big one. Also thinking that they're going to realize that they have starks in the Crips that are going to come and kill people from the inside. Why else make such a showing with the crips?

  66. Bridget G

    Bridget G9 시간 전

    I know the closed captioning says "you" but it sounds like Dany says "he never should have trusted Cersei". If so, who is Dany referring to - Tyrion or Jon? 🤔

  67. Mission Entertainment

    Mission Entertainment8 시간 전

    You are looking sexy

  68. Alex Cp

    Alex Cp9 시간 전

    Wooow amazing

  69. ネルソンDoterOtakU

    ネルソンDoterOtakU10 시간 전

    lo esperare con ansias el next episodio

  70. sapo 360

    sapo 36010 시간 전

    HBO the Season 8 até the last ? Or You are making other ?

  71. Adrian Maydana

    Adrian Maydana10 시간 전

    Gggggg.....primer comentario en español,...alguien más esperando el domingo ?

  72. cj

    cj10 시간 전

    I think daenerys will turn evil

  73. Security First

    Security First11 시간 전

    Olenna Tyrell was right: *“The Lords of Westeros are sheep. Are you a sheep? No. You're a dragon. BE a dragon.”* Jon Snow to Sansa over Daenerys, same: *“You want to worry about who holds what title, I'm telling you: It doesn't matter!”* Like divided Americans or Africans in the face of dangerous foreign adversaries, they're obsessed with petty squabbles and trials (the Kingslayer in this case), when *they should be focused on the Night King.* I think Jon Snow dies in the end...He gets too carried away and not naturally strategic...same thing happened at both Battle of the Bastards and while Dany & co were waiting for him to escape the Army of the Dead... Not sure if Dany survives. If the two (Jon Snow & Dany) make it to the last Episode, nice. Great balance for Westoros. Problem is, there's too much baggage and noise from the North. Not just the Wildlings. They are generally as *stubborn as goats.* To quote Ser Davos! Rants, I know.......But I feel better now😜

  74. Security First

    Security First6 시간 전

    +Rácz Béla Rácz OK then. No problem. Have it your way. But as I recall, GoT was hacked/leaked which forced changes in the story. As an artist I know fans too set in their ways have the least fun. 🔴

  75. Rácz Béla Rácz

    Rácz Béla Rácz6 시간 전

    +Security First it's not about how attached I am, I just don't want to see a main character die twice, it would hurt the story imo

  76. Security First

    Security First6 시간 전

    +Rácz Béla Rácz I agree. But we're already hooked.😋 Even great stories have boring highs and lows. It seems you're emotionally attached to Jon. *Confess! Confess! Shame! Shame!*😜

  77. Rácz Béla Rácz

    Rácz Béla Rácz6 시간 전

    +Security First but killing him again would be repetitive and boring

  78. Security First

    Security First7 시간 전

    +Rácz Béla Rácz It's a fantasy series. Hello...We're beyond stupid. What're you? Young? As Lord Varys said last week: *Respect is how the young keep us at a distance, so we don't remind them of an unpleasant truth...Nothing lasts.*

  79. Edna Osayan

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  80. Gabriel Alves Cavalcanti

    Gabriel Alves Cavalcanti11 시간 전

    Nossa !!!

  81. Herlon Costa

    Herlon Costa11 시간 전

    A putaria vai rolar nesse ep corooooooooiiiiiiii

  82. Bruhh Whatt

    Bruhh Whatt11 시간 전

    Really, she's still bitchin about it. Her father was the Mad King who killed thousands of people. Danny pls just STFU already.

  83. Hugh Burgess // Adjacent Radio

    Hugh Burgess // Adjacent Radio11 시간 전

    “Next week, on.. *Seinfeld music* Game of Thrones: Season Eight!” Bran: it’s freezing out here, someone gonna give me a push? Jaime: I could lend a hand *laughter* Cersei: all I wanted was those elephants! Euron: is this trunk big enough? *laughter* Dany: you burned my father! Sam: ohhh snaaaap! Tyrion: *looks deflated* *laughter*

  84. David Ignacio

    David Ignacio11 시간 전

    Dany over here looking up Jaimes past tweets lol

  85. James Fitzgerald

    James Fitzgerald11 시간 전

    I don't like the direction they're taking with Dany, she is becoming a lot more like her father and is just so smug now, she needs to chill her ego down a ton, she isn't in Essos anymore, people aren't just gonna sit there and take it anymore (yes, I know she has always had an ego but it's even worse now).

  86. Eliecer Vargas Yau

    Eliecer Vargas Yau11 시간 전

    I am scared...!

  87. Stephen Parallox

    Stephen Parallox12 시간 전

    Hey, got a joke for you all... How do you say "goodbye" in high Valerian? The Answer: Dracarys!

  88. Gustav Okpu

    Gustav Okpu12 시간 전

    in this time period

  89. Andrew Booker

    Andrew Booker12 시간 전

    John snow will choose death than life .to be with his first love the wielding that he love s and remember he's dies and comes back to life . He's seen .both sides and the red preist know s it .why want a baby buy snow ?

  90. Gustav Okpu

    Gustav Okpu12 시간 전

    do we have aliens here?

  91. Jennie OH

    Jennie OH12 시간 전

    They are just murdering each other anyway...

  92. Mission Entertainment

    Mission Entertainment8 시간 전

    You are from which country

  93. horacio1464

    horacio146412 시간 전

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  94. Sabina Nasiri

    Sabina Nasiri12 시간 전

    whoever is reading this... you’re beautiful🖤

  95. refael 9261

    refael 926112 시간 전

    Rip aria stark

  96. Rupesh Shetty

    Rupesh Shetty12 시간 전

    After GOT they should give us prequel

  97. addisuper

    addisuper13 시간 전

    i hate Daenerys SO MUCH...i hope she dies soon!

  98. Juan Arocha

    Juan Arocha13 시간 전

    I just got an erection

  99. booognish

    booognish13 시간 전

    This looks bad

  100. Golden Grape

    Golden Grape13 시간 전

    I guess bran couldn’t wear his glasses on set or they would call him the “four eyed raven”

  101. Adamant

    Adamant13 시간 전

    bas je dobra ona scena sa seksom

  102. nikola jankovic

    nikola jankovic13 시간 전

    jebem im mater nisu stavili ono kako su snimali. nisu stavili taj deo mamu im jebem


    KOTY MUSIC13 시간 전

    The battle is coming

  104. Anne Music

    Anne Music13 시간 전

    Bran is a mood: just sitting there judging people and spilling tea about them to others

  105. Moose Moose

    Moose Moose13 시간 전

    arya kills jamie and wears his face.

  106. abdulkarim

    abdulkarim13 시간 전

    A Man is waiting for episode 2...

  107. TheBestBumInW1

    TheBestBumInW113 시간 전

    I really liked her at first. Cannot stand her now. Annoying bitch.

  108. Melisa Córdoba

    Melisa Córdoba14 시간 전

    Still waiting for #gendrya

  109. k a

    k a14 시간 전

    So only Targaryen’s can ride dragons? Jon/Dani/Knight king?