Game of Thrones Season 8 EP6 (The Iron Throne) Review, Critiques, Analysis


  1. kriti kanchan

    kriti kanchan일 전

    Dany is my queen always and forever, two imbeciles won't be able to change it.

  2. James Stewart

    James Stewart4 일 전

    I like your idea. Season 9 : Game of Thrones, the Rise of Bran. After being revived by Dragoon, Dragon Mom ( Danny) returns to exact revenge. In the belly of the volcano she becomes mother to dragons, a whole Army of them. And Bran reveals this was meant to happen the whole time. That a Danny that wasn't sullied by the blood of the Kingslandians would have gradually become Dragon Mom anyway and their would have been more destruction. So to save the world, he had to train her rage towards him and make himself the enemy.

  3. UncleBernhard

    UncleBernhard5 일 전

    It sucked!

  4. [Anonymous]_

    [Anonymous]_11 일 전

    so many F-bombs.... MAD QUINN CONFIRMED?!?!?!

  5. Andrea

    Andrea19 일 전

    At first, I thought that Drogon realized it was the hunger for power that killed Daenerys and the Iron throne represented it. And he spared Jon because he knew he didn't want to do that and he loved her. So I really believed Drogon was wise like that. And then the writers said Drogon just wanted to burn a whole world and the throne was accidentally there. And I guess he just missed Jon. So I don't make any theories any more.

  6. Eryn L

    Eryn L21 일 전

    "Crows are all liars" ~ Old Nan Bran, who isn't Bran anymore, knew what he was doing all along

  7. ZadfrackGlutz Zesozose

    ZadfrackGlutz Zesozose21 일 전

    We got Losted, again. Some of us for the last time.

  8. Brian Bernstein

    Brian Bernstein개월 전

    "No more kings elected by bloodline! The lords shall choose!" "....but we lords are elected by bloodline...and we don't always agree.... and some of us want to take over the worl-" "SILENCE! This ending is flawless! Everyone shall live in harmony from now on! All the old evils are gone!"

  9. UncleFonso

    UncleFonso개월 전

    GoT is a misogynist dream .... they raped Dani .... and I will never pay a flat dime for ANYthing DnD are attached to ever. We Do Not Kneel

  10. UncleFonso

    UncleFonso개월 전

    We Do Not Kneel

  11. Winston Poplin

    Winston Poplin개월 전

    What is the intro music? You play it a lot and i LOVE it.

  12. Joseph Courtright

    Joseph Courtright개월 전

    She won all her battles in the books by treachury. I assume this will be the seed of people not trusting her really nice offer of surrender. I expect in the book the people will be told all the horrible things the dragon queen will do to them and be ready to fight her in the streets to a man. I image it like Japan in WW2 when they had been arming themselves with staff to fight the americans.

  13. Maldus Alver

    Maldus Alver2 개월 전

    I have renounced the existing of Game of Thrones TV Series. May the books live forever.

  14. Otha Bojangles

    Otha Bojangles3 개월 전

    I know people with a better story then Bran

  15. Chibz92

    Chibz923 개월 전


  16. Alucard Al

    Alucard Al3 개월 전

    Drogon melting the iron throne as it was in the show was stupid. He is a dragon, no fucks given to human issues. If Dany TOLD him to burn it to symbolize her making the new world THAT I understand and would have had more of a meaning.

  17. rainer

    rainer4 개월 전

    They moidered ma girl Dany.

  18. Nathan Witus

    Nathan Witus4 개월 전

    Dear person, to me your voice is synonymous with Dune and you're wasting your amazing talent on this. Regardless, I'd subscribe again if I hadn't already

  19. Frank Ocean

    Frank Ocean4 개월 전

    Season 8 shouldve been dedicated to the Night king. Then season 9 should’ve shown Dany going mad and fighting Cersei. Finally Season 10 shouldve been Jon Vs Dany. Different writers and 10 episode seasons. That couldve saved the show

  20. Irenio Salazar

    Irenio Salazar4 개월 전

    I feel like I can't ever watch the show again, they've ruined everything. R+L=J meant nothing, The White Walker threat meant nothing, Daenerys' journey meant nothing, Jaime's redemption was ruined, it was all for nothing.

  21. Full Comic Alchemist

    Full Comic Alchemist4 개월 전

    how sick would it be though if it was Bloodravens game plan to become king and an immortal king if he keeps transferring his consciousness

  22. cdreid99999

    cdreid999994 개월 전

    Season 8 was what some hollywood hack would have written.. oh wait.. Also the got game has apparently bought every ad on your videos..

  23. Thaddeus Lehman

    Thaddeus Lehman4 개월 전

    It felt like a forced fart that turns into an accidental shit.

  24. Ralath Aka Defiant

    Ralath Aka Defiant4 개월 전

    I could defend Danny's decent into madness. Could give an argument about how every time she showed mercy or pulled her punches it went badly. All her biggest defeats were from being merciful. How she had lost complete faith in Tyrion and his advise to show caution was falling on deaf ears since his every idea had gone bad. How on the eve of her victory she wanted to set an example and make sure no one ever crossed her. Could go on and on about it. Wouldn't change that the show did a bad job with it and the rest of it just stank.

  25. Lag Swag

    Lag Swag4 개월 전

    The whole last season was litterally FAIL. They rushed every single aspect of the conclusion of every character's story. Season 8 just shows why GOT needed 10 seasons, and was meant to be 10 seasons.

  26. Tony Randall

    Tony Randall4 개월 전

    Jon Snow ends up ranging far far north and becomes the new night king. Dani is taken by Drogon to Asshai to be turned into a red wight (or whatever it is called) thus the song of ice and fire continues.

  27. War Against Myself

    War Against Myself5 개월 전

    It was so special when i rented season 1 from the dvd store "now closing". Then went back and got 2-3. I became so damn addicted, id torrent it faithfully. It got a little worse each year, the script got worse and worse.

  28. Alex Lavezzari

    Alex Lavezzari5 개월 전

    The ones who deserve our disrespect are Benioff and weiss. They didnt want to keep working on the show even though HBO offered them unlimited resources and their egos were do inflated that they refused to pass the torch to someone who was still passionate about Game of Thrones. They ruined the end to what could have been the greatest tv series in the world. Instead its going to be remembered by its horrendous ending for years to come.

  29. Erhardo Kleinheisterkamp

    Erhardo Kleinheisterkamp5 개월 전

    Thanks for sharing. :D

  30. ElGueroIndom TV

    ElGueroIndom TV5 개월 전

    Better ending would’ve been is if while Daenerys is giving her speech, Jon walks towards her to kiss her and then stabs her. Drogon spits fire at Jon in front of everyone, doesn’t die then he says this epic line, “I am Aegon Targaryen, the true heir to the Iron Throne!”

  31. Wisdom Manari'

    Wisdom Manari'2 개월 전

    Jon was burned in season 1. And then all the unsullied would have Killed him

  32. carcillian

    carcillian5 개월 전

    I feel so bad for my man here. These are the broken ramblings of a very intelligent man trying to rationalize that which cannot be explained away by logic. The producers and writers essentially SHIT THE BED and that's all there is to it. There is no rhyme or reason, it's like a random drive-by...there is NO rationale to it. It has completely ruined the show in ITS ENTIRETY!!! It is now UNWATCHABLE because you know what happens. HBO has a history of this with many shows not ending properly and I don't mean Sopranos. Dead Wood, Treme, GoT, Carnivale, Boardwalk Empire, all SHIT THE BED!

  33. Otha Bojangles

    Otha Bojangles6 개월 전

    D&D robbed us of Daeneys POV while she burned the city. I can only assume this is because they didn’t know how to write it or direct Emilia. What a cowardly move

  34. Marcos targaryen

    Marcos targaryen6 개월 전

    Daenerys will Always be my queen No matter what

  35. Hernando Garibaldi

    Hernando Garibaldi6 개월 전

    I like final episode. Although I feel Jon Snow was too retard, thinking he was being dutyful/honorable. He should die on Winterfell for the sake of all the people. And don't get me start with Sansa "Cersei 2 Wildfire Boogaloo" Stark The best parts were Bran the Branch being the God-Emperor of the -7- 6 Kingdoms (possibly he's going to kill Sansa the Tyrant eventualy to regain the North), searching for Drogho as his pet-warg, and the creation of the GoT version of the Holy Roman Empire.

  36. Tyler Robbins

    Tyler Robbins6 개월 전

    Still hurts to this day :(

  37. AlmostEthical

    AlmostEthical6 개월 전

    Game of Thrones morphed into Throne Wars.

  38. TS Xtina

    TS Xtina6 개월 전

    Disrespectful to the fans. Fuck all the way off. They don't owe us anything.

  39. schnarre0

    schnarre06 개월 전

    ...Though petitions won't amount to anything, perhaps alternatives are possible... ....*sense Game of Thrones: The Rise of the Fan Vids*

  40. madadh the wolf hound

    madadh the wolf hound6 개월 전

    I think the they don't get to choose line is the writers talking to the fans. I watch all the you tubers on this show and I've heard many far betting endings than this. I've sure George rr will not be able to watch this season again I know I won't I can't its so much fucking cringes and let downs

  41. madadh the wolf hound

    madadh the wolf hound6 개월 전

    Shite. Thank fuck for the books I'll never watch the last 2 seasons again

  42. Jumeia Thurman

    Jumeia Thurman6 개월 전

    I don’t really feel like Jon got a happy ending though like what is he even guarding at this point with the nights watch

  43. Shaved Ape

    Shaved Ape6 개월 전

    Im liking this before I even watch it. I already know you’re are gonna thoughtfully tear this show (more its writers) the new asshole it so desperately needs. With more care than those dimwit hollywood show runners I’d add. It’s really the only way to fully expel the fetid excrement the “writers” so lovingly filled this aborted homunculus with and forced hbo to lock in our memories. You’re doing the lords work.

  44. Shaved Ape

    Shaved Ape6 개월 전

    Guess I was wrong 😅 Still enjoyed it.You already took ‘em to task anyway, and it was all very cathartic. Thanks.

  45. Popistan Iuliu

    Popistan Iuliu6 개월 전

    Dany's tragedy is the tragedy of a ruler. She fixed the different problems of the cities she's been through. Everywhere she went she left a better world than she found and learned from her mistakes. In the end, she is cornered by Cersei into eliminating her vulnerability / weakness. And her weakness was Mercy for the innocent. A ruler can't afford her/his weakness in plain sight. She/he will be instantly attacked with that weapon. That is why she burns the innocent AFTER the war was won! No one would have ever used the innocent as a weapon ever again and no innocent would have ever suffered. That is the tragedy of a ruler. Sacrifice. A ruler must sacrifice the good of a few for the good of the many. That is the Dany story we are being told. I still think that Dany's speech is being shown through the eyes and ears of Tyrion, who's Valyrian is rubbish and misreads the situation...again. This leads him to quit, to think he was on death row - except he was not - that is why he is alive later in the episode, which leads him to manipulate Jon to kill Daenerys. All because of a huge misunderstanding. It would not be the first misunderstanding...see Rhaegar and Lyanna. Tyrion made a mess in Meereen, in his idealism that a conflict can be stopped. Conflicts can be won or lost, never stopped. Varys made a mess in finding the ideal ruler, a ruler with no flaws - for the good of the realm. There is no such thing! The good for some is the bad for others. Jon made a mess because of his honor, but also sacrificed his vows/his life for the life of his people! - Again the sacrifice theme. Dany was the only one who understood that. And Jon defended her because he was in a similar position. He never intended to kill Dany, but got manipulated by the idiots around. He instantly regrets doing it: "it doesn't feel right". And Tyrion doesn't answer like Arya does to Sansa in S07E07 "you did the right thing", after just a few weeks, Dany was no longer the new NK and the biggest threat to the people. "Ask me again in 10 years" means a huge regret! It means that what Jon did was wrong and he knows it. Jon lives now in agony that he did the wrong thing and even being free ("I'm tired of fighting") and the arrival of Spring can't put a smile on his face.

  46. Joe Majors

    Joe Majors7 개월 전

    The failure of Benihof and Weiscz to realize a show that did credit to GRRM's novels had a great side effect! Many talented people decided to accept the challenge to come up with better story, and some of them did an excellent job. I loved the creativity shown by fan fiction writers, While D & D seemed to go through the motions and count on special effects together with murder and mahem to to tell GRRM's story.

  47. F. T. Morehouse

    F. T. Morehouse7 개월 전

    I think it’s great that all the little princess Are crying Poor princess went for Mad queen too bad she was always going full mad queen

  48. Thess Fangirl

    Thess Fangirl7 개월 전

    Dany going "mad" (which is a vague description) is already being set up, the denigration she felt in the books as she rode Drogon in last one, her delusion she's fireproof there (something shared by her father btw: first sign), and her resolution to embrace fire and blood, along with surrounded with the wrong people (without counting Barristan). Her father didn't snap into full pyromaniac until the Defiance, so it's not as if this was since day 1 (iirc, he seemed actually decent first then got his decline until it spiraled down). The show kind of mess up to make her really fireproof, and whitewashing Tyrion and Jorah, and give her Evil Queen Cersei as "opponent" when she's obviously getting kicked in favor of Young Griff and Dorne. The vision of the dragon cheered by the crowd (Young Griff for sure) while she gets rejected would make her snap among other stuff. The show really really messed up by removing that character, she got "paranoid" of Jon 'I don't want it' Snow makes no sense because he along with Cersei took a plot that wasn't theirs. Bran as King was confirmed, btw. The ending with Jon and Bran make a lot of sense, looking at the past and the result of the other High Council before this one that crowned Aegon V which ended up with his cousin, Lord Bloodraven (another stuff the show ignored! Since he is Bran's mentor and the previous greenseer) banished to the Wall. Now Jon gets banished to the Wall by his king and cousin. It is a fitting ending.

  49. Alexandre d'Atlanza

    Alexandre d'Atlanza7 개월 전

    My theory : Showrunners just fuck up saison 8. THE END

  50. Daniel Foster

    Daniel Foster7 개월 전

    An abbreviated final season is something that happens to a cancelled tv show, not the most popular show in the world. HBO should have dished out even more money to tie this up correctly. It's been a few months now and this show has died away from the public lexicon. A goid ending would not let that happen.

  51. Airehcaz

    Airehcaz7 개월 전

    Ok so I’m one of those asshole that everybody hates: I never liked the show all that much, and could not help but whine about what makes the books so, so, so much better. Yeah I get it, it’s annoying and I’m “that guy” but whatever. I still have only seen all of season 1 and several random episodes up until season 4. I stopped watching the show at all when I knew they were gonna pass the books in the timeline. Once that happened it was game over for me, I didn’t want the future books to be spoiled for me because of this damn show. Yet because it’s popularity and since the internet is a thing, it was pretty much impossible to avoid spoilers. I began to resent the show for this, and was slightly peeved that Martin was taking a decade between book releases (as if I’ve ever written a book though lol...) Now, I’m feeling slightly smug that the show went downhill to sharply in the last 2 seasons. Hopefully I can forget about the show now and enjoy the books free from it’s influence

  52. Justin Ashman

    Justin Ashman7 개월 전

    When Tyrion walked off alone while King's Landing was still being sacked my friends and I looked at each other like, "Uh. He's still supposed to be smart, right?" Then he reached the underneath of the Red Keep before Jon Snow could make it to Danaerys and we were like, "Oh this isn't a serious episode okay."

  53. First of their Name GoT

    First of their Name GoT7 개월 전

    TY for your review. I felt bad for the entire crew. it is not on them. Once showrunners cut GRRM source material down to certain storylines/arcs, they had no idea how to continue those characters once original book material ran out. I truly believe they knew they were out of their element (no original writing skill set) so time to wrap up the show and move on. Then the consequence, the S1-S4 great dialogue ( almost word from word from the books) turned into battle scenes/CGI effects (fan service) and script word count became less and less. Smart characters turned into idiots and went against everything we knew about them. After Hold the door episode, the magical/fantasy feel of the story peaked then disappeared. What was the point of the prophecies, wight walkers, children of the forest, and three eye raven? The story turned into subverting expectations which was, in the end, a ridiculous excuse for "we cannot write meaningful, cohesive dialogue" to continue good character arcs and great storytelling. Lord of the Rings rip-offs, the Mockingjay S8E6 CGI wingspan effect. I don't think D&D really cared about the show, fans, actors, any of it. The word Hubris comes to mind. Oh, yeah and D&D have submitted S8E6 for Emmy consideration for best writing and directing, LMFAO.

  54. Niels Werink

    Niels Werink7 개월 전

    lol anybody noticed the city is rebuild in like 1 episode?

  55. Jacob Battashi

    Jacob Battashi7 개월 전

    Not only that, but by whom. The biggest city in continent turned to ashes with all its people basically

  56. Jonny2Hotty

    Jonny2Hotty8 개월 전

    I wanted to end with Bran turning to the camera with yellow eyes and laugh with evilness like in Michael Jackson Thriller... and then he would jump off the chair and dance with everybody

  57. W M

    W M8 개월 전

    Much more crucial detail was left out than was included in this series finale. It makes for a very unsatisfactory re-watch.

  58. Natilie E. S.

    Natilie E. S.8 개월 전

    Re-watching everything just seems unnecessary now. Because of the few terrible season's 5-8 and the final god-awful episode...Re-watching everything is now POINTLESS.

  59. Viggi’s Destruction Emporium

    Viggi’s Destruction Emporium8 개월 전

    ExPecTATions SubVeRTeD

  60. TheMoonatDawn

    TheMoonatDawn8 개월 전

    I don't buy what they did to Danaerys either. She turned on a dime for the most silly reasons. The show had shrunk in size to a handful of characters and so we're supposed to believe she's going to freak out because a couple of people aren't into her being the ruler............ ridiculous. It would have had to be the whole kingdom to make her decide that if they wouldn't love her, then "let it be fear then". Even with her turning (which I don't believe) the better ending was for Danaerys to live and kill Jon, Tyrion and then took on the other Starks. The ending as it currently stands is full of cheese apart from Danaerys dying.

  61. Lou Lasher

    Lou Lasher8 개월 전

    Season 8 was D&D's attempt to make the Dorne plot line look good.

  62. Suraj Singh

    Suraj Singh8 개월 전

    It would have been great if they showed her descending into madness in a couple of or a single episode...maybe they would have called it The Mad Queen episode...rather than just showing the outcomes of it... They should've shown all thoes times when she was not eating and slowly descending into madness...

  63. Emilce Diaz

    Emilce Diaz6 개월 전

    @Suraj Singh In an episode you can't cover such plot. Madness is a disease that advances in a progressive way. It tooks years to someone to lose his mind. They should at least show in two or three episodes each season that something was not right with her. Well at least we agree that the ending sucks...

  64. Suraj Singh

    Suraj Singh6 개월 전

    @Emilce Diaz yeah...but it was damn necessary...not half a seasons worth but atleast an episode...yes definitely yes

  65. Emilce Diaz

    Emilce Diaz7 개월 전

    It wouln't be enought. Her descendant to madness should at least took half of a season or all a season.

  66. Gia E.

    Gia E.8 개월 전

    They gave us a "rush job."