G-Eazy - All Facts (Audio) ft. Ty Dolla $ign


  1. El Pacino

    El Pacino일 전

    Halsey Halsey Halsey

  2. TheMastaPlan

    TheMastaPlan일 전

    boy is fuckin sayin whats on his mind, regardless of what Hasley says, there are TWO sides to every story....sounds like lack of communication was what broke them up....head up G

  3. TheMastaPlan

    TheMastaPlan일 전

    just hearing this now, please dont hate on me for being late...this track is FUEGOOOO (ALL CAPS)

  4. Gabriel Watt

    Gabriel Watt4 일 전

    My favorite Indian

  5. Bionic Mask

    Bionic Mask4 일 전

    Who is here before the comment section reaches 1k?

  6. Emily Jo

    Emily Jo4 일 전

    love this song and these g eazy vibes. but disappointed bc just found out parts of this is too similar to Sonder-Too Fast

  7. Candee Cabezas

    Candee Cabezas7 일 전

    Feel it

  8. Snowflakezaiah

    Snowflakezaiah8 일 전

    G should make more songs like the old ones he made

  9. Snowflakezaiah

    Snowflakezaiah일 전

    @jhamumama bruh he a legend

  10. jhamumama

    jhamumama4 일 전

    listen to I wanna rock feat. Gunna. G's back with slick black hair and no Halsey. Just no limits, me, myself and I. listen to 1:09 of the new song hahah. fucking sick

  11. prettyflirty_7

    prettyflirty_711 일 전

    Drake and G eazy need to collaborate 💯🔥🔥

  12. hany alabboud

    hany alabboud11 일 전

    3 times (prrrr) 😍

  13. JeremiahGaming

    JeremiahGaming14 일 전

    "If you don't give it to me I'ma get it somewhere else"

  14. Eric Rubio

    Eric Rubio16 일 전

    That's the real eazyy

  15. CreekieB06

    CreekieB0616 일 전

    G back to slappin 🔥

  16. Used Burrito

    Used Burrito16 일 전

    This is the vibe

  17. sha pl

    sha pl16 일 전


  18. sha pl

    sha pl15 일 전

    Repeat x20....

  19. Joy Singh

    Joy Singh18 일 전

    Searched underrated it showed me this

  20. Tyron Wilson

    Tyron Wilson19 일 전


  21. Nada Souda

    Nada Souda20 일 전

    Devon support... His first raps... Not Halsey.. Devon

  22. last Doge alive

    last Doge alive15 일 전

    @Nada Souda She Supposedly cheated on him with His producer and Good friend Christoph Anderson. He produced most of the old songs such as These things happen and B sides etc. She cheated on G with him But The story is not clear. It may Be also because they just Drifted apart because of Gs Fast lifestyle. Not making time for her because of tours and shows, Either she cheated on Him or they just Drifted apart . . They performed Let's get lost live even after the breakup at Voodoo music festival 2016 . She even wished him happy birthday on Instagram in 2017

  23. Nada Souda

    Nada Souda15 일 전

    @last Doge alive why him and Devon broke up I don't know their story... Does she cheat on him

  24. last Doge alive

    last Doge alive15 일 전

    @Nada Souda obviously

  25. Nada Souda

    Nada Souda15 일 전

    @last Doge alive but also G eazy cheat on halsey..... Maybe for this reason

  26. last Doge alive

    last Doge alive15 일 전

    @Nada Souda yes

  27. bunnie dignium

    bunnie dignium21 일 전

    On repeat 🔁

  28. Anderson Silva

    Anderson Silva23 일 전

    Eazy gonna pick up more consistent casual fans like me w this.🔥🔥🔥

  29. wavyjas

    wavyjas24 일 전

    mmm i’m lovin dis 😩😍

  30. Nigel Romabau

    Nigel Romabau24 일 전

    😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄 😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄 *Jesus Cristo é o Filho de Deus, que morreu e ressuscitou dos mortos para nos dar a vida eterna.* *Ele também prometeu curar seu corpo.* *Isto é amor verdadeiro!!! (Basta perguntar a ele)*

  31. Jennifer Lavallee

    Jennifer Lavallee26 일 전


  32. Monica G

    Monica G26 일 전

    What sample is this in the song?

  33. Ethan

    Ethan25 일 전

    Sonder - Too Fast

  34. Erik

    Erik26 일 전

    "Hello, fire department." "Yeah, its Gerald again..."

  35. Ya Boi Seanie

    Ya Boi Seanie27 일 전

    Dammmmnnnn Young Gerald

  36. Cody G

    Cody G27 일 전

    Hes always gonna come back to the roots for his og fans🙌🏻

  37. Josue Chaidez

    Josue Chaidez29 일 전

    Has that “been on” feel from his older songs. Enjoying it

  38. N. Saf.

    N. Saf.29 일 전

    So chill. On permanent playlist repeat.

  39. illsaneful

    illsaneful개월 전

    B-Sides: 1. Spectacular Now 2. All Facts 3. No Rappers The rest are alright, but i'll bump the above on repeat.

  40. Sam_3x _

    Sam_3x _14 일 전

    Its Eazy?

  41. Infinity_lullaby

    Infinity_lullaby21 일 전

    agree 100%

  42. nypz cs

    nypz cs개월 전


  43. Kevin Mock

    Kevin Mock개월 전

    Listen to your fans G! Take it back to your roots.

  44. Amber Shockley

    Amber Shockley개월 전

    I hear you .

  45. Iqtidar Ali

    Iqtidar Ali개월 전

    G larkay halsey ka scene lag raha hai mujhay vibes are all about halsey

  46. last Doge alive

    last Doge alive18 일 전

    It's about Devon Baldwin

  47. Evazzion ™

    Evazzion ™개월 전

    This song is perfect from the beginning to the end

  48. Jordan Ochoaatx

    Jordan Ochoaatx개월 전

    Who he talking bout thoe

  49. MAC

    MAC개월 전

    Just pull up in Pasadena, CA

  50. AugieCriedWolf

    AugieCriedWolf개월 전

    Crazy as a musician I can hella relate to this....

  51. Kono Dutch

    Kono Dutch개월 전

    I have better paintings and thats facts.... Plus I can write better... But i hate the limelight never thought she would do that.... Let this whole thing fade to black

  52. Kono Dutch

    Kono Dutch개월 전

    See but i never claimed anyone as my Baby..... Dont move too fast

  53. Faiz G

    Faiz G개월 전


  54. nick wolters

    nick wolters개월 전

    So true .. just wish I knew what I was loosing

  55. Skele T.O

    Skele T.O개월 전


  56. Jennifer A.

    Jennifer A.개월 전

    Ima really need a music video for this

  57. bryburns31

    bryburns31개월 전

    Me too dude

  58. Ima duck

    Ima duck개월 전

    Ima duck

  59. Parbhdeep Singh Sidhu

    Parbhdeep Singh Sidhu개월 전


  60. blackgeorge

    blackgeorge개월 전

    TY$ saved this song.

  61. artu165

    artu165개월 전

    Lots of people saying this isn't about Halsey, but when G and Ty first teased the song. Halsey was with them at the recording booth. When he says "you said promise one thing, cut the bitches off. I took you to dover street and bought you vetements" Halsey started laughing and covering her face like she was embarrassed. A. Kind of like "can't belive you said that on the song" So it's definitely about Halsey. Although when they teased it, they had just gotten back together, so this is probably about their first breakup not the second time they broke up

  62. Dallagnol PGR BR

    Dallagnol PGR BR개월 전

    Just pray for me :p

  63. Yaaas Queen

    Yaaas Queen개월 전

    Addicted to this song 🎶

  64. Travis Collins

    Travis Collins개월 전

    Why does it seem like every song I listen to has Ty dolla sign on it in some capacity?

  65. Alexander Divox

    Alexander Divox개월 전

    This thing is dope!

  66. CountChocula 99

    CountChocula 99개월 전

    Ive been boppin to this every day in my car on my commute to college

  67. Vince Llorente

    Vince Llorente개월 전


  68. Brian Nave

    Brian Nave개월 전

    Hard ass song ✌

  69. Matt Chan

    Matt Chan개월 전

    Just me or it seem like he write this with Halsey in mind. And Halsey replied on her verse from Post Malone’s Die For Me? Lol

  70. Full out Metal

    Full out Metal개월 전

    Matt Chan no one cares about Halsey

  71. MCOOH! Music

    MCOOH! Music개월 전

    G this flow reminds me of your first stuff 💯 🔥🔥🔥 all your stuff dope keep doing you. All Facts

  72. zeokenX

    zeokenX개월 전

    G Eazy Logic and Slim Shady need to all get together and remix this beat

  73. Ben Smithers

    Ben Smithers개월 전


  74. Sandra Robin

    Sandra Robin개월 전

    Such a good collab

  75. Thomas Stevens

    Thomas Stevens개월 전

    $$$$$$$$🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 too short tho

  76. Puppet lover

    Puppet lover개월 전

    It's about dam time a new school rapper used old school beatz 2019!!!

  77. Eric Fernandez

    Eric Fernandez개월 전

    Dammmm GEAZY.......THIS IS THE SHIT🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥......SHOTS AT HALSEY 😂🤣😂