Future ft. Kanye West-I Won Lyrics


  1. Anna Ward

    Anna Ward6 시간 전


  2. Sonyai !

    Sonyai !5 일 전

    "I know its becauseeeee of me" still my favorite part

  3. Yxung Trap

    Yxung Trap7 일 전

    Who's still listening?

  4. life with Kyraaa

    life with Kyraaa15 일 전


  5. beee dawg

    beee dawg17 일 전

    Isnt it the same story we all singing and bumping this single af wishing for that special one 😂🏆🏆🏆😒

  6. Cailyn Edmondson

    Cailyn Edmondson17 일 전

    My older sister likes this song

  7. Palaino Santiago

    Palaino Santiago26 일 전

    R.I.P Kobe Bryant and Gianni Bryant

  8. Nyquasha Jones

    Nyquasha Jones개월 전

    Still my shit in 2020 anyone

  9. Leo Kilow

    Leo Kilow개월 전

    Shit i thought i had a 🏆 but umm yeah😌

  10. Wixnce Tv

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  11. Chassity Kellum

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  12. Kai Anderson

    Kai Anderson개월 전

    who listening in 2020 😍🥵

  13. c nation gamez

    c nation gamez개월 전

    Whos still listening in 2020🥵😭❤️

  14. its.chrrish 1

    its.chrrish 1개월 전

    🥰one of my favorite songs🥰

  15. Jieamin Oquendo

    Jieamin Oquendo개월 전

    This go crazy 🤘💜

  16. J_aron

    J_aron개월 전

    2020 and still listening 😁

  17. Lectoria Owens

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  18. T.F.L MUSIC

    T.F.L MUSIC개월 전

    2020 anyone?

  19. Azuree Mayne

    Azuree Mayne개월 전

    2020 me 🥰

  20. Mariah Jo

    Mariah Jo개월 전

    2020 ?


    POLY ROYAL개월 전

    I can finally say... who listening in 2020? 😂

  22. Isabella Martinez

    Isabella Martinez10 일 전


  23. Asiia Babii

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  24. Addyson White

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  25. Emily Perez

    Emily Perez20 일 전

    POLY ROYAL mee😂

  26. Aaliyah Mylisha

    Aaliyah Mylisha개월 전

    Listening in 2020 ? 💕

  27. samar aldafari

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  28. Talkswithchloe __

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  29. coochie massa

    coochie massa개월 전

    Wasspoppin 2020 😂🤝

  30. Curtis Mcmanus

    Curtis Mcmanus개월 전

    Who Still Listening To This In 2020

  31. Toxicwaste xx

    Toxicwaste xx개월 전

    knowing the fact that you’ll never be mine hurts🥺💔.

  32. Val Smith

    Val Smith28 일 전

    They don't want you either? Goals am I right😂

  33. Samantha Torres

    Samantha Torres2 개월 전


  34. Rodney Kenemore

    Rodney Kenemore2 개월 전

    i dedicated this to my gf bc im not single but it is a good song

  35. Cassandra DeRego

    Cassandra DeRego2 개월 전

    Kim is blessed. They are so good for one another. 💕

  36. cherry tingz

    cherry tingz2 개월 전


  37. iconic qwueen•13 years ago

    iconic qwueen•13 years ago2 개월 전

    This song randomly popped up in my head 12/10/19

  38. Lil B.M edits and more

    Lil B.M edits and more2 개월 전

    This my mens and me song!!!.

  39. Dark._potatoes

    Dark._potatoes2 개월 전

    Dec. 2019?

  40. Germayla Cornwall

    Germayla Cornwall2 개월 전

    At school single with my bestie cathy dedicate to “ me myself and I “💍💕❤️ love babe 😘

  41. Levi Cus

    Levi Cus2 개월 전

    If your single and can't think about the good parts of being single, treat yourself upgrade yourself you will attract the best people.

  42. Prettyface_. Babys

    Prettyface_. Babys2 개월 전


  43. Mery Lun

    Mery Lun2 개월 전

    this my song right here

  44. Mery Lun

    Mery Lun2 개월 전

    anyone else 2019?

  45. Bryan Bortko

    Bryan Bortko3 개월 전

    Shit made me cry

  46. Fidel Mora Garcia

    Fidel Mora Garcia3 개월 전

    This song make me cry

  47. Fidel Mora Garcia

    Fidel Mora Garcia3 개월 전

    This song make me cry

  48. Taate Bsh

    Taate Bsh3 개월 전

    This song touches the heart, 2k14 is when I met the love of my life & now itll be a lifetime itll I'll be able to be with him again, living without him hurts everyday. I LOVE YOU ALWAYS JBRTCJR

  49. OffTopicHaley

    OffTopicHaley3 개월 전

    who is listening in 2020?

  50. nikki Bass

    nikki Bass3 개월 전

    My jam ❤️❤️❤️🔥🎼🔥❤️❤️❤️

  51. Finest_Yuliya

    Finest_Yuliya3 개월 전

    Who listening in 2020 and still single?? 👇🏽👇🏽

  52. Addyson White

    Addyson White18 일 전


  53. uverxa _

    uverxa _22 일 전


  54. kayleigh sheehan

    kayleigh sheehan개월 전

    Who's listening in 2020jan 3🙃

  55. Digz the Swag King

    Digz the Swag King개월 전


  56. breaunna williamson

    breaunna williamson2 개월 전


  57. Aliyah Steptoe

    Aliyah Steptoe3 개월 전

    To all my single laddies this is still for u lmao 🤣.

  58. Nia Simone

    Nia Simone3 개월 전

    2019 💜🍁


    CARIB_BQUEEN3 개월 전

    Who going to be listening still in the upcoming years 🥰

  60. David Cordova

    David Cordova4 개월 전

    I remember we sang this the last day you were here now listening to it makes tears come to my eyes makes me think of all our memories I love you paola I miss you your my trophy but Ik we ain't never gonna get back together 💔

  61. Luna Muna Swift

    Luna Muna Swift4 개월 전

    Those NBA and nfl players didn't want her so now you have her😂😂😂😂😂😂

  62. oof vlogs

    oof vlogs4 개월 전


  63. Ms Alvarez

    Ms Alvarez4 개월 전

    2020? Anyone (The song is from the future

  64. Ms Alvarez

    Ms Alvarez4 개월 전

    2019? Anyone

  65. Mina lee

    Mina lee4 개월 전

    🥰🥰🥰 2019?

  66. Miyaaa Nation

    Miyaaa Nation4 개월 전

    2019 ??? jus me okay 😩

  67. Digz the Swag King

    Digz the Swag King개월 전


  68. Pravin Patel

    Pravin Patel3 개월 전

    Miyaaa Nation me too this is to my baby boy🥺🥺🥺❤️❤️

  69. desired x kalani

    desired x kalani4 개월 전

    “i just wanna show you off, you already know that you’re the perfect one” 🥺🥰😍 !

  70. Emma Marie

    Emma Marie4 개월 전

    If Ciara was the trophy, wouldn't that mean he ended up losing?

  71. no other none

    no other none4 개월 전


  72. ThaRealJaaz2x

    ThaRealJaaz2x4 개월 전

    Im still listening. 😍😍😍😩🥺

  73. sashae larmond

    sashae larmond4 개월 전

    ThaRealJaaz2x your not the only one 😭🥰💓

  74. Athina Clayton

    Athina Clayton4 개월 전

    2019❤️ i hate being single 🔓💔