Future ft. Kanye West-I Won Lyrics


  1. desired x kalani

    desired x kalani4 일 전

    “i just wanna show you off, you already know that you’re the perfect one” 🥺🥰😍 !

  2. Emma Marie

    Emma Marie5 일 전

    If Ciara was the trophy, wouldn't that mean he ended up losing?

  3. no other none

    no other none일 전


  4. ThaRealJaaz2x

    ThaRealJaaz2x9 일 전

    Im still listening. 😍😍😍😩🥺

  5. sashae larmond

    sashae larmond8 일 전

    ThaRealJaaz2x your not the only one 😭🥰💓

  6. Athina Clayton

    Athina Clayton12 일 전

    2019❤️ i hate being single 🔓💔

  7. Sayana Fenderson

    Sayana Fenderson12 일 전

    Who still listening in 2019❤️🔪?

  8. casey cumbus

    casey cumbus18 일 전


  9. Lano M

    Lano M19 일 전


  10. Josie Nunez

    Josie Nunez21 일 전


  11. Armani Samone

    Armani Samone24 일 전

    Who’s here in 2019❤️🥺 and single asf 💍🥺

  12. Suzanne Akins

    Suzanne Akins26 일 전

    My baby daddy trying to say this is his song for me 🙄🙄 same trash he tried to tell me years ago

  13. Nasha Olivier

    Nasha Olivier28 일 전

    Omg I dedicate this song to myself like bruh❤😭😎

  14. Frank Insunza

    Frank Insunza29 일 전

    I want a girl 😭😭 just to be otp with her she ain’t even gotta talk, just her presence is enough 🥰💘💯

  15. Prycilla Kitson-Williams

    Prycilla Kitson-Williams개월 전

    2017-2019 me & bae's song stg i hope he gets out soon 💙💙💙💙🤞

  16. Gaming with hakeem

    Gaming with hakeem개월 전




    Kanyeeeeee I love y I don’t care who hate me for it I lov u Kanye even when I didn’t understand English I was loving u the way u sing and how much u care for wht u put your heart of

  18. SoSick Customs

    SoSick Customs개월 전

    Luvv this sound

  19. Sweet Love

    Sweet Love개월 전

    2k19 🔥🔥🔥

  20. Felix Rataiya

    Felix Rataiya개월 전

    Dominique sandate

  21. Life With te

    Life With te개월 전

    August 2019🤪?

  22. Its leeanna

    Its leeanna개월 전

    1:48 😍🔥🔥

  23. Jaelinne G

    Jaelinne G개월 전

    This always gonna be a hit 😩🥰

  24. Jessica Dryer

    Jessica Dryer2 개월 전


  25. Sergio Gonzalez

    Sergio Gonzalez2 개월 전

    Kayne: I wanna dip that ass in gold Me: is that dress blue and black or Gold??

  26. Stoop V

    Stoop V2 개월 전

    Kayne killed the haters “ I made it over Nba , Nfl players so everytime I score it feels like the superbowl “

  27. sheila segura

    sheila segura2 개월 전

    Still my shit till today ! 🥺😭😍

  28. Dino Fernandes

    Dino Fernandes2 개월 전

    This is for my long long girl in New York ☹️

  29. Blade Cutz

    Blade Cutz2 개월 전

    Who’s listening in 2019

  30. Truth Martini vevo

    Truth Martini vevo2 개월 전

    i wish someone felt this way about me 😩

  31. Princess Brielle

    Princess Brielle2 개월 전


  32. ok

    ok2 개월 전


  33. Babywoodjess

    Babywoodjess2 개월 전

    I just noticed the line about Kim wowwwww

  34. Gregorio Rosales

    Gregorio Rosales3 개월 전

    Kayne ducked it up

  35. Serenity.-.

    Serenity.-.3 개월 전

    ; 2019 I wanna dedicate this song to somebody so bad , but I’m the most single nd lonely person I know 🥺😐

  36. The Best

    The Best3 개월 전


  37. Jahnse

    Jahnse3 개월 전


  38. Liv & AJ Perez

    Liv & AJ Perez3 개월 전

    I would dedicate this sing to my gf but yk I'm just over here single asf 😑😂

  39. Ala Elharth

    Ala Elharth3 개월 전

    Anyone else annoyed by that lil scream in the background or just me 💀

  40. yafavvkaee

    yafavvkaee3 개월 전

    Ala Elharth 😂😂😂😂😂😂rt

  41. iPrestige

    iPrestige3 개월 전


  42. Me Kei

    Me Kei3 개월 전

    My son listen too this song everyday 🤣this all he play 💪🏾who listen too this song everyday ? Cause this is a nice song for ur boyfriend or girlfriend

  43. Noell Brown

    Noell Brown3 개월 전

    ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ my song

  44. Kyrie Rich

    Kyrie Rich3 개월 전

    And I’m nice,strong and rich🤷‍♂️

  45. Kyrie Rich

    Kyrie Rich3 개월 전

    I sad because I’m single 😪

  46. RIP X

    RIP X3 개월 전


  47. XxWolf LordxX

    XxWolf LordxX3 개월 전

    Am I the only one who thought this was called trophy 🏆😂

  48. Kyrill M

    Kyrill M3 개월 전

    metro. boomin.

  49. alexandria Valdez

    alexandria Valdez3 개월 전

    4055 anyone ?😌

  50. Storm 7

    Storm 73 개월 전

    Who's watching in 2014,2015,2016,2017,2018,2019?

  51. Andioop —

    Andioop —3 개월 전

    “Ever since I got with you I feel like done won me a trophy” 🥺

  52. Isaiah Bates

    Isaiah Bates3 개월 전


  53. George Opar

    George Opar3 개월 전

    Yes Kanye...

  54. petty fusion

    petty fusion4 개월 전

    This reminds me of my ex😩💔💔

  55. Angelica Ayala

    Angelica Ayala4 개월 전


  56. Jasmine Hurd

    Jasmine Hurd4 개월 전

    Is this not on iTunes???

  57. AntiSocial

    AntiSocial4 개월 전


  58. Jeverson Gaston

    Jeverson Gaston4 개월 전

    Why is it called future it should be trophie

  59. Chassity Kellum

    Chassity Kellum4 개월 전

    My man dances with me whenever this song comes on. Love him for life

  60. Life Of Nana

    Life Of Nana4 개월 전

    Play the Isley brothers

  61. Vanelys Hernandez

    Vanelys Hernandez4 개월 전

    who listening in 2019😍

  62. Sayana Fenderson

    Sayana Fenderson12 일 전

    Vanelys Hernandez me too

  63. Kayla Ramlogan

    Kayla Ramlogan14 일 전


  64. kiersten

    kiersten4 개월 전


  65. Caleia Eatman

    Caleia Eatman4 개월 전