Funny Pranks Compilation | AFV Funniest Prank Videos 2018


  1. Adrian 02

    Adrian 0212 시간 전

    7:36 cracks me up

  2. Sommuk Fc

    Sommuk Fc4 일 전


  3. Твой Личный Драгдиллер

    Твой Личный Драгдиллер5 일 전

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  4. Твой Личный Драгдиллер

    Твой Личный Драгдиллер5 일 전

    o yeas

  5. Reena Nisha

    Reena Nisha6 일 전

    😸😹😺 it is very very very funny

  6. Hi i like games

    Hi i like games7 일 전

    8:57 you scared her so much she became melody from out of my mind

  7. Zeenen Gandhi

    Zeenen Gandhi8 일 전

    13:02 Very funny

  8. Besufkad Zegeye

    Besufkad Zegeye8 일 전

    wow this amazed funny video

  9. Kai Dyer

    Kai Dyer9 일 전

    1:00 he said some “OW” 😂😂😂

  10. Kai Dyer

    Kai Dyer7 일 전

    Antonio Fernandes can I help you?🤨

  11. Antonio Fernandes

    Antonio Fernandes7 일 전

    Kai Dyer a×"*÷"`¤฿`¤¤*"*:Ω*"**"*"3Ω3¬3°^v

  12. Syarifah Nurasiah

    Syarifah Nurasiah10 일 전


  13. David Buffa

    David Buffa10 일 전

    6:00 why you laugh at me

  14. Вера Черний

    Вера Черний10 일 전


  15. Вера Черний

    Вера Черний10 일 전

    ша посмотриу

  16. Conehead arias

    Conehead arias10 일 전


  17. Samana azhar

    Samana azhar10 일 전


  18. Samana azhar

    Samana azhar10 일 전

    Aapki and admirable with is offering always

  19. Samana azhar

    Samana azhar10 일 전

    Choti lag rahi hai itna Agra mein lagana hai kutte ke pille Mujhe dekhna hai

  20. Samana azhar

    Samana azhar10 일 전

    Colours haramkhor

  21. kamran hafeez

    kamran hafeez11 일 전

    1:00 if we did the same in India its us and our father's belt then

  22. Chris Knight

    Chris Knight11 일 전

    Alot of it was child abuse u never scream at a child nor u draw on the child face etc. Fuch those parents who did that

  23. Chris Knight

    Chris Knight11 일 전

    Alot of it is. Cruelty like hitting the child and the child face went down in the. Cake , and etc 🤬😡

  24. Pallavi Singh

    Pallavi Singh14 일 전

    in 2:18 that cat jumped so well 🤣

  25. Monir khan

    Monir khan14 일 전


  26. Elizabeth Hall

    Elizabeth Hall14 일 전

    But that's what makes it so funny:)

  27. Elizabeth Hall

    Elizabeth Hall14 일 전

    The kids that opened the Christmas presents were so spoiled: (

  28. Best Videos

    Best Videos15 일 전


  29. Valeron Makaruch

    Valeron Makaruch15 일 전

    Взрослые не должны себя так вести с детьми.Дибилы...

  30. Del Logan

    Del Logan15 일 전


  31. Кома К2

    Кома К216 일 전

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  32. Olivia Watson

    Olivia Watson16 일 전

    4:43 that kid played dead

  33. Roberta Baiasu

    Roberta Baiasu16 일 전


  34. Roberta Baiasu

    Roberta Baiasu16 일 전


  35. Jimmy Hu

    Jimmy Hu17 일 전

    The kids should at least be grateful they got something.

  36. James Wade

    James Wade17 일 전

    At 1:40 he said did someone call my namema

  37. cedric  Lawrence

    cedric Lawrence19 일 전


  38. Misna Inna045

    Misna Inna04520 일 전


  39. hegeree tube

    hegeree tube20 일 전

    V good prank I liked it

  40. Joãoツ

    Joãoツ20 일 전

    *mano que engraçado velho ksksksks* (Merece meu like :3)

  41. Emmalee Ray

    Emmalee Ray21 일 전

    Poor grandpa

  42. whataloadofbollox

    whataloadofbollox21 일 전

    for every like I will add nothing.

  43. Song of love official

    Song of love official21 일 전

    How about a playing heavy metla in the hood video?

  44. Isthekhar Barbhuiya

    Isthekhar Barbhuiya22 일 전


  45. Regina o Nazarrea

    Regina o Nazarrea22 일 전

    This aint funny it is harmful ecept for not hurting clips

  46. Chloe NEWS

    Chloe NEWS23 일 전

    12:54 Jesus that actually scared me

  47. géza káli

    géza káli24 일 전

    Mit nem hagysz bekit az embereknek?!

  48. Jaspreet Singh

    Jaspreet Singh24 일 전


  49. Datik Indriastuti

    Datik Indriastuti25 일 전


  50. Ema Tes

    Ema Tes25 일 전


  51. ライダーAchilles

    ライダーAchilles25 일 전

    12:02 reminds me of Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory

  52. Vito Gonzalez

    Vito Gonzalez25 일 전

    White kids get all salty for not getting a present. Spoiled lil shits 😂😂😂

  53. jessica wolford

    jessica wolford26 일 전

    The sneeze one the kids scream sounded like pigs

  54. Brett Butler

    Brett Butler28 일 전

    #3:27 kids are un great full

  55. Australias Most Wasted

    Australias Most Wasted28 일 전

    5:03 when the snake on the table haha

  56. i 1373

    i 137325 일 전

    Australias Most Wasted It’s a lizard.

  57. FunnyTime

    FunnyTime개월 전

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  58. Anthony Torres

    Anthony Torres개월 전

    Some pranks were rude pranks and people need to stop pushing people into cakes Poor people🥺🥺🥺😭😭😭😩😩😣😖😔

  59. رورو بنت سوريا

    رورو بنت سوريا개월 전


  60. Devojeet Taye

    Devojeet Taye개월 전

    5: 57 was really bad don't do that too any1 beause it's may kill by you m serious

  61. NOISEf7

    NOISEf7개월 전

    why is he running when her water brake prank

  62. Ruth Montgomery

    Ruth Montgomery개월 전

    BMC I have a few questions about the speech therapist and and and and and I will

  63. Guddu Jha

    Guddu Jha개월 전

    Hii Godmonig gis mydam ka pati bi das ma hi ya kisi mydm ka bach na hi hota hi agar o sxs karana chahati hi to kol kara mujha kamana ka lia ak dos cha hia mara ag 37 hit 6 fit wt 75 kalar shiwmla lali goray my indin hu hindi chy things

  64. swag_kid88

    swag_kid88개월 전

    2:29 my dAd