Full Match | Seoul Dynasty vs. Vancouver Titans | Stage 1 Playoffs | Day 3


  1. DarkRubeN0360 GamingYT

    DarkRubeN0360 GamingYT9 개월 전

    13:49 that scream tho lmaooooo

  2. Timgrinxx

    Timgrinxx9 개월 전

    "Soul Dennisty"

  3. Donovan Perry

    Donovan Perry9 개월 전

    I want to sign up for the overwatch league so I can support my team and have fun and I am going to play as Genji Shimada.

  4. MonkGoneGamer

    MonkGoneGamer9 개월 전

    So little money for the winner. Only 2 hundred thousand?

  5. Mu-Wei Kuo

    Mu-Wei Kuo9 개월 전

    Koreans vs Koreans,,, am I watching clone war??

  6. Navy J

    Navy J9 개월 전

    The crazy thing is that Seoul saw how good their Sombra did against the GOATs comp.. and yet they still tried to GOATs back at them on Hollywood!??! losing point after point.. where is the coach on this?

  7. Ben Riggs

    Ben Riggs9 개월 전

    39:40 "Jjanu oh my god" chill bro, your voice ok?

  8. unseen monster

    unseen monster9 개월 전

    Lets go Ryujehong!!

  9. 라라해둔둔이는

    라라해둔둔이는10 개월 전

    탱버워치 노잼이다 진짜

  10. 급식마시쪙

    급식마시쪙5 개월 전

    미래에서 왔습니다 222 호리사 호디 고정이 더 재미없는거같습니다 ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

  11. CACA-man1 PCH

    CACA-man1 PCH10 개월 전

    The the ow league should make goats illegal

  12. Orokamono

    Orokamono10 개월 전

    Whats the song when the seoul dynasty came in?

  13. Lyan Jazmin

    Lyan Jazmin2 개월 전

    82 it was personally made for them

  14. Suyoung Cha

    Suyoung Cha10 개월 전

    Why is everyone on team Vancouver all Korean?

  15. Jason Nham

    Jason Nham9 개월 전

    Vancouver Titans roster was originally team RunAway; famously accredited as being the South Korean tier 2 team that beat Seoul Dynasty. As a result they all got signed to Vancouver Titans. As to why the entire roster consists of them or why they were all allowed to be signed? I assume it’s because they were all signed on contract prior to regulations on region restrictions? Idk

  16. Joel Hong

    Joel Hong10 개월 전

    ask every other team with all korean rosters :/ ex. london and new york city

  17. Prince AlfA

    Prince AlfA10 개월 전

    i hate this 3/3 games. any game in the league with actual skill?

  18. 낙엽

    낙엽3 개월 전

    but 3/3 meta was far better than 'double barrier meta'

  19. Dragon Magic

    Dragon Magic9 개월 전

    Twenty dollars says you are a bronze

  20. Dragon Magic

    Dragon Magic9 개월 전

    Twenty dollars says you are a bronze

  21. Cameron Baldwin

    Cameron Baldwin10 개월 전

    I remember the good old days when seoul would wreck

  22. Daniel Williams

    Daniel Williams10 개월 전

    Love how long it takes for these vods to be uploaded...

  23. Pure_SkillPL

    Pure_SkillPL10 개월 전

    Fck my life ...

  24. Kamlesh Patel

    Kamlesh Patel10 개월 전


  25. rodrigo santana

    rodrigo santana10 개월 전


  26. Tbh Tempest

    Tbh Tempest10 개월 전

    Busan: 11:31 Hollywood: 26:56 Anubis: 1:00:39 Rialto: 1:25:36

  27. Raoul

    Raoul10 개월 전

    Tbh Tempest heroooooo

  28. Muhammad Syahzani

    Muhammad Syahzani10 개월 전

    Blackpink in your areaaa ! lol everything nowdays about korean tho :3 they own this world

  29. SicaQueen

    SicaQueen10 개월 전


  30. Makina

    Makina10 개월 전

    this is only a month late

  31. DrewX

    DrewX10 개월 전

    Let’s goo