Friends: Ross Asks Rachel Out for the First Time (Season 1 Clip) | TBS


  1. Nabil

    Nabil4 일 전

    Kinda cute how Rachel forgot about her cookie.

  2. Donald's Gambling Channel

    Donald's Gambling Channel11 일 전

    took him long enough to ask her out

  3. NaturalDivineGoddess

    NaturalDivineGoddess13 일 전

    Where Can A Carbon Copy Like Ross Be Found?? Oh That's Right At The "Paleontology Museum"

  4. Kimisha Corry

    Kimisha Corry개월 전

    He finally did it

  5. Vinicius Machado

    Vinicius Machado개월 전

    How DARE you turn off your TV during the Star-Spangled Banner?!

  6. Audrothewise

    Audrothewise2 일 전

    Oh no

  7. Ace Hardy

    Ace Hardy개월 전


  8. Curtic Carmichael

    Curtic Carmichael개월 전

    This didn’t count.

  9. Ayden Zerbo

    Ayden Zerbo개월 전

    I love this video and I ❤️ Friends!!

  10. TBS

    TBS개월 전

    Same Ayden, same