FREE STUFF BEAUTY GURUS GET | Unboxing PR Packages ... Episode 17


  1. GloMur

    GloMur2 시간 전

    what is your hair color?

  2. Chez Keightley

    Chez Keightley일 전

    Hello Tati.. Cheslyn here ALL THE WAY FROM SOUTH AFRICA... XXXX love watching,your channel.. It's so uplifting and helpful.. thank you..💗💋💗💋

  3. Patti Ferris

    Patti Ferris3 일 전

    Love how grateful you are for your blessings and the pride you show in your husband. Happy Anniversary!

  4. Kashish Kalra

    Kashish Kalra3 일 전

    In simple words - I love her!!!!! She is just so kind and beautiful

  5. M Catherine W

    M Catherine W4 일 전

    You’re so much fun to watch. It gives me life dreams to watch you guys. Former Nordy myself. Woop woop

  6. Narumi Mitchell

    Narumi Mitchell5 일 전


  7. Jennifer Casas

    Jennifer Casas7 일 전

    Omg you guys are such couple goals. Happy anniversary by the way. I just wanna say thank you for inspiring me. You are the most sweetest, generous, beautiful (inside and outside) person ever. Love you💗

  8. Magalie Roy

    Magalie Roy8 일 전

    hello tati , I would like to review your palette positively , send me one please lol

  9. Garson Klein

    Garson Klein12 일 전


  10. Perla Payero

    Perla Payero12 일 전

    LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Lily’s makeup adventure

    Lily’s makeup adventure13 일 전

    How do you get entered in to the giveaways. Btw keep up the great work you are incredible. 😁

  12. Tammy Eaton

    Tammy Eaton15 일 전

    Benefit furniture? It’s the couch that concealer built! LOL

  13. Tammy Eaton

    Tammy Eaton15 일 전

    The Three’s Company theme music is so funny! I remember that program. It was groundbreaking and somewhat transgressive for the era . It was also really funny.

  14. Steffanie Morris

    Steffanie Morris15 일 전

    How do I get into this free give a free give aways??

  15. frances h

    frances h16 일 전

    I’m new to all of KOreporter and makeup channels but you 2 are so much fun to watch!

  16. Jeevita Ashokprabhu

    Jeevita Ashokprabhu17 일 전


  17. Pauline Messager

    Pauline Messager17 일 전

    Wow all the stuff that you received is amazing 😱😂

  18. Shawn Alexander

    Shawn Alexander17 일 전

    Tati is beautiful

  19. debora mitchell

    debora mitchell20 일 전

    You guys are the picture of Love, So adorable. Tati, you are gorgeous, Have a sweet day!!!!

  20. sydney waters

    sydney waters20 일 전

    y’all are so cute i love this seriesss

  21. Jess.2244

    Jess.224422 일 전

    He is adorable 😍

  22. Sutherlin Taylor

    Sutherlin Taylor22 일 전

    Hey tati I love your videos especially the one where you unboxed with Taylor and he hit you with the ball. I would love to win this givaway.

  23. britney beers

    britney beers23 일 전

    My daughter loves watching you as well asany winnings with her

  24. Lucy Stone

    Lucy Stone28 일 전

    Being to get her for 9 years is not a lot my parents have been together for 22 years and there still not married

  25. Nida Fatima

    Nida Fatima개월 전


  26. Heidi Renee

    Heidi Renee개월 전

    has she done the give away yet?

  27. Joy Hendrich

    Joy Hendrich개월 전

    Happy anniversary! Enjoyed you both!

  28. Madelyn Hart

    Madelyn Hart개월 전

    aww the way she looks at him (9:40)

  29. Neels

    Neels개월 전

    24:13 I love him so much 😂😂❤️❤️❤️

  30. I need Halp 24/7

    I need Halp 24/7개월 전

    Tati I just started watching your videos and I love them so much ❤️❣️

  31. Roik Mariana

    Roik Mariana개월 전

    So good stuff 😊

  32. Anna Hordov

    Anna Hordov개월 전

    Love Fenti foundation but I broke out after wearing it for 1 week. It looks great on me! I do like the concealer, works great. Try it!

  33. LuLu

    LuLu2 개월 전

    Now that’s a man who loves his woman❤️❤️❤️

  34. Alexandra Hall

    Alexandra Hall2 개월 전

    What is the machine beauty blender sent!

  35. Ruqaiyah Hossain

    Ruqaiyah Hossain2 개월 전

    I enjoyed watching unboxed the PR packages 📦 and I just love the lipstick and foundation 💄💯💕

  36. Mollie MaKay

    Mollie MaKay2 개월 전

    The makeup walker from Benefit is the best!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  37. Jordan Fields

    Jordan Fields2 개월 전

    I’ve never won anything, is it possible that I can?

  38. Christina Simon

    Christina Simon2 개월 전

    I absolutely love watching your channel. You Inspire me. I want to start a channel but I dont feel like anyone would watch.

  39. Kaumadie Wickramasinghe Nugawela

    Kaumadie Wickramasinghe Nugawela2 개월 전

    Just celebrating 9 years of being together too 😘

  40. Kaumadie Wickramasinghe Nugawela

    Kaumadie Wickramasinghe Nugawela2 개월 전

    What you you think of Great Lash Mascara Tati?

  41. Dhruvi Patel

    Dhruvi Patel2 개월 전

    Periodt Tati periodt😂😂😂😂😂😂

  42. Debra Mendoza

    Debra Mendoza2 개월 전

    Is it too late to enter the giveaway...

  43. Bonnie B

    Bonnie B2 개월 전

    I always wish to get the giveaway...but I never got it..Tati pls?

  44. Blai M

    Blai M2 개월 전

    When he said," I will wash my hands after I will wash my hands." I felt that

  45. Nasfikry Nasir

    Nasfikry Nasir2 개월 전

    Never notice you mention Malaysia!!!! I am your fan from Malaysia Tati 🇲🇾♥️

  46. Marie Banderych

    Marie Banderych2 개월 전

    Relaxing video

  47. Jess Parrott

    Jess Parrott2 개월 전

    this look with your hoodie is INSANE! I LOVE IT!! get it girl!!!!

  48. Brittany Kirkpatrick

    Brittany Kirkpatrick2 개월 전

    24:13 LMAOOOO

  49. Monica Okram

    Monica Okram3 개월 전

    Will i b lucky someday.. To get tati give away

  50. Monica Okram

    Monica Okram3 개월 전

    Perfect couple

  51. Arianna Ames

    Arianna Ames3 개월 전

    this video reminds me that even though i’m high maintenance there are men out there that don’t mind 😂❤️

  52. Giovanna Pagnoncelli

    Giovanna Pagnoncelli3 개월 전


  53. Alice Kury

    Alice Kury3 개월 전

    Imagine being a food KOreporterr and getting sent loads of snacks

  54. Ma. Amayadorie Noble

    Ma. Amayadorie Noble3 개월 전

    im so obsessed with your makeup and the way you apply your makeup ❤️❤️

  55. Noelle Devlin

    Noelle Devlin3 개월 전

    Love you guys. Your videos are very informative

  56. Samantha montero

    Samantha montero3 개월 전

    Love it

  57. Jannae Sweetz

    Jannae Sweetz3 개월 전

    🤣🤣Your husband is so awesome!!! You guys are great on camera together..... I love the joke you said about your table / Walker

  58. Jamie Williamson

    Jamie Williamson3 개월 전

    Your so lucky to have all that makeup. I only wish I could afford some good makeup. You are my favorite Tati

  59. Melanie Tyler

    Melanie Tyler3 개월 전

    You two are so great ❤

  60. Salma Ayman

    Salma Ayman4 개월 전

    remember??? remember?? she sounded very responsible and serious concerned way but cute too