Fortnite X Jumpman


  1. xTTGx Twan

    xTTGx Twan13 시간 전

    The OG 1's are cool and all, but I need the 12's or the 11's and I will give you all the money you want Epic!

  2. TobyIsAwesome Gaming

    TobyIsAwesome Gaming7 일 전

    The only problem I have with this is it was literally the day after the John Wick collab like rip my vbucks

  3. Tf Takhar

    Tf Takhar10 일 전

    7 year olds: Omg tHeY MaDe Fortnite jorDaN Into a SHoe StORe

  4. Meme machine

    Meme machine13 일 전

    Bring back please

  5. ABC production

    ABC production13 일 전

    Fortnite Battle Royale: Is The Greatest

  6. Fallen x FreaK

    Fallen x FreaK14 일 전

    They gotta bring these skins back :( i missed it!!

  7. Escape :P

    Escape :P16 일 전


  8. Archive -

    Archive -19 일 전

    Next collab:Fortnite X Supreme Fortnite X Power Ranger Fortnite X Cartoons

  9. Blueberry Yogurt98

    Blueberry Yogurt9819 일 전

    This ltm made me so mad

  10. Daivd Sandoval

    Daivd Sandoval21 일 전

    I am so getting this skin

  11. Rita Garbaliauskaitė

    Rita Garbaliauskaitė21 일 전

    Next fortnite x micheal jackson

  12. Ghost_Knight1678

    Ghost_Knight167822 일 전

    It's actually fortnite X Nike because Nike and Jordan are teammates

  13. Exploding TV

    Exploding TV23 일 전

    Fortnite: **Collaborate with Jordan’s** Also fortnite: Lol lets make the Jordan skins wear nike shoes

  14. Ninja Mime

    Ninja Mime24 일 전

    They put Cyrax from Mortal Kombat in fortnite?!?!

  15. mlgjcladios

    mlgjcladios24 일 전


  16. YoshiGamingYT

    YoshiGamingYT25 일 전

    For those wondering, This ltm is technically still playable

  17. joshua morgan

    joshua morgan25 일 전

    Pls bring this mode back

  18. 69 Agent

    69 Agent25 일 전

    ... subwaysurf x fortnite ? ..... no

  19. YAM24

    YAM2426 일 전

    One of the most subpar and shittiest events EVER

  20. Korey.D Gamer

    Korey.D Gamer28 일 전

    0:03 I Saw Nike

  21. Korey.D Gamer

    Korey.D Gamer23 일 전

    Alex Vilcea Awesome 👏 😎

  22. Alex Vilcea

    Alex Vilcea23 일 전

    Korey.D Gamer jordans are made by nike

  23. JohnStoneZ Roblox and more

    JohnStoneZ Roblox and more개월 전

    What I hate in fortnite Me:*shoots a person* Person:*builds dubai*

  24. Sh11na

    Sh11na개월 전

    Fortnite x Subway Surfers

  25. 307df

    307df개월 전

    Apex is better

  26. TheBlueBeast45 And stuff

    TheBlueBeast45 And stuff개월 전

    What if they vault building Soccer skins can’t do 90s every 5 seconds then

  27. Jonesy

    Jonesy개월 전

    Yo hold up, If its basketball, why are there skateboards?!?!

  28. TK NaNdo

    TK NaNdo개월 전

    This has nothing to do with basket ball

  29. The bear Gamer

    The bear Gamer개월 전

    COMMING soon Fortnite x Nike

  30. JKLitttleMan

    JKLitttleMan개월 전

    Epic games please add avengers weapons and infinity stones and infinity gauntlet and vaulted weapons to creative

  31. Slap shot Studio2006

    Slap shot Studio200624 일 전

    JKLitttleMan vaulted weapons are in creative

  32. TanTheInkster

    TanTheInkster개월 전

    OMG i love the comments here

  33. Hahaga123456 Uyiyuyuyuy

    Hahaga123456 Uyiyuyuyuy개월 전

    The comments are way to funny I swear.

  34. Aiden Hicks703

    Aiden Hicks703개월 전

    Fortnite x Shazam!

  35. Adrian Garcia

    Adrian Garcia개월 전

    Litteraly the most cooked game ever with nonstop laggs

  36. Nilay Lochan

    Nilay Lochan개월 전

    Fortnite:Fortnite X Jordan Michael Jordan: Stop it! Get some help

  37. Spyeye034

    Spyeye034개월 전

    Fortnite X Original Mario

  38. Giancarlo Vanegas

    Giancarlo Vanegas개월 전

    Jordans? But they're wearing Nikes

  39. Diablo Midnite

    Diablo Midnite개월 전

    Wow the male looks so bad

  40. ItzJustFiend 69

    ItzJustFiend 69개월 전

    Fortnite, can you tell me how to level up my save the world heroes in June 2019? I’d really appreciate it

  41. Kahlaa Rabbani

    Kahlaa Rabbani개월 전

    Can fortnite please give samsung galaxy A9 high quality, better fps and better graphics pls?

  42. la moul

    la moul개월 전

    Please fortnite PS3😍😍😍😍



    I did all the challenges

  44. Wincent Śliwiński

    Wincent Śliwiński개월 전

    Fortnite coś takiego że można wybierać ile chce sie vDolców

  45. AdixoxQ YT !

    AdixoxQ YT !개월 전

    What music?

  46. Attila Kenderes

    Attila Kenderes개월 전


  47. Zahide Karacil

    Zahide Karacil개월 전

    old pumgun is 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 new pumgun is😡😡😡

  48. carry

    carry개월 전

    I'm just looking for eye hints

  49. 420Cash Money420

    420Cash Money420개월 전


  50. Slap shot Studio2006

    Slap shot Studio200624 일 전

    420Cash Money420 they did

  51. Chino&Onix Torres

    Chino&Onix Torres개월 전

    Btw i have the jumpman skins add me on Chinesguy46

  52. Chino&Onix Torres

    Chino&Onix Torres개월 전

    I need ikonik skin i love the emote its so cool but im poor my fam has 670 cause we bought a good car

  53. Lil BROXA

    Lil BROXA개월 전

    Você só estão fazendo o jogo piorar

  54. kjsavage45 Stephens

    kjsavage45 Stephens개월 전

    Take team rumble out