Fortnite - Junk Rift - New Item


  1. what am i doing whit my life?

    what am i doing whit my life?2 시간 전

    Player[368] was *struck by the banhammer*

  2. Gerald Boy

    Gerald Boy2 시간 전

    Epic:Destroy B.R.U.T.E.S Us:Destroys builds,throws them for materials and ammo

  3. Renorrey Morato

    Renorrey Morato13 시간 전

    Just like air strike and storm flip, the opponent needs to hold still

  4. Mayumi Kuroki

    Mayumi Kuroki일 전

    Now you don’t have to look out for a mech you’ll have to look out for a triceratops

  5. Matthew wong

    Matthew wong5 일 전

    On 0:12 its says in the chat someone was stuck by the banhammer

  6. Gerald Gijsbertsen

    Gerald Gijsbertsen9 일 전


  7. Chuck Douglas

    Chuck Douglas10 일 전

    O.16 someone struck by the ban hammer

  8. خالد الحسن

    خالد الحسن13 일 전

    جي ح

  9. L3vi G4mer

    L3vi G4mer13 일 전

    Pro player: i am inevitable Mech: hold my rocket Junk rift: Im gonna stop this man whole carreer.

  10. J1 Japs

    J1 Japs13 일 전

    Mechs:I'm inevitable Giant dino falling from the sky: the f### u say to me u little $***

  11. Vlogs with Ethan

    Vlogs with Ethan14 일 전

    0:12 someone got ban

  12. Nik Belikov

    Nik Belikov14 일 전


  13. Maciej Wisiorowski

    Maciej Wisiorowski15 일 전

    Epic if your watching this rey shuld be a pet

  14. Jeron

    Jeron15 일 전

    You are dying plzzz be popular than Minecraft destroy Minecraft ;)

  15. Xtreem

    Xtreem15 일 전

    0:12 Someone is banned

  16. Yoel Izaguirre

    Yoel Izaguirre15 일 전

    F u

  17. Mandy MARVEL

    Mandy MARVEL15 일 전

    Epic games can you add the team math but you can ride it that will be fun?

  18. Ghost Doggg

    Ghost Doggg16 일 전

    0:12 player261 got banned


    AWWSOM PUGGZ16 일 전

    Wait... the junk rift is a rocket connected to a rift jar... and the rocket thingy makes that tiny rift.... reminds me of the rocket event..

  20. MB77

    MB7717 일 전

    0:12 Can we get a big rip in the chat for the guy who got struck by the ban hammer

  21. FBI

    FBI17 일 전

    Who else came here because someone was struck by the banhammer

  22. RLX Riki

    RLX Riki17 일 전

    00:13 (Player 261) was struck by banhammer

  23. Lion Pagaduan

    Lion Pagaduan19 일 전

    At 0:16 a epic employee got struck by the ban hammer lol😂😂

  24. Amaan Babar

    Amaan Babar19 일 전

    FORTNITE I bought the Red strike pack but got no v bucks

  25. yt elmukelmu

    yt elmukelmu19 일 전

    Delete mecs + plus moisty Mire and greatsy grove and turbobuild

  26. SmithBros Inc

    SmithBros Inc19 일 전

    No one asked for this

  27. FaTe_Reaper._.

    FaTe_Reaper._.19 일 전

    Someone gets killed by banhammer

  28. Elijah Miller

    Elijah Miller20 일 전

    It said that someone was struck with the ban hammer after he killed him with a dinosaur look at the kill feed😂😂

  29. Max 101

    Max 10120 일 전

    0:12 f in the chat for the person who got struck by the ban hammer

  30. JJ Said

    JJ Said20 일 전



    ERZ HOLOCOR321 일 전

    0:11 some one got band

  32. Cassie della pesca

    Cassie della pesca21 일 전

    If only the mechs would be vaulted I would have no more depression 😿 One 👇🏻 one vote for the mechs to be valued

  33. LitMarkYTツ

    LitMarkYTツ20 일 전

    Now turbo building is gone

  34. Dawixxx Gaming

    Dawixxx Gaming21 일 전

    Delete a robots

  35. afraid mantis683

    afraid mantis68321 일 전

    bra someone got banned by epic on epics trailer for the junk rift

  36. xDrizzii

    xDrizzii21 일 전

    Just got the notification?Yt wyd

  37. FNC Rayen

    FNC Rayen21 일 전

    somebody was struck by the ban hammer

  38. Raven

    Raven21 일 전

    0:12 Player [261] was struck by the banhammer how does no one see that?

  39. Raegan TEM

    Raegan TEM21 일 전

    Me:*sees someone was struck BT the ban hammer* Also Me: HOW??? 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  40. Joseph Hare

    Joseph Hare21 일 전

    Delete fortnite

  41. Joseph Hare

    Joseph Hare21 일 전

    Delete fortnite

  42. Joseph Hare

    Joseph Hare21 일 전

    Delete fortnite

  43. Joseph Hare

    Joseph Hare21 일 전

    You are ruining the game

  44. Frantic-jv

    Frantic-jv21 일 전

    Anyone see the player was struck by the banhammer

  45. Nisa Tasyurek

    Nisa Tasyurek21 일 전

    Some one was getting banned epic

  46. Harry Millward

    Harry Millward21 일 전

    0:11 Its was Ninjas fault Edit: Someone got banned, look in the deathchat

  47. Credible Jumper

    Credible Jumper21 일 전

    But was it patched yet?

  48. omar aboraya

    omar aboraya21 일 전

    0:14 Player gets struck by the banhammer


    BLAK KING21 일 전

    А русские есть?

  50. TomFoodKungFu

    TomFoodKungFu22 일 전

    The best way to get the brute is to arrest it with a police car

  51. NDH Mendex

    NDH Mendex22 일 전

    I use this item soooo much. Thank you Epic Games!!!

  52. MarioneteGaming

    MarioneteGaming22 일 전

    *When you run out of ideas*

  53. Ksnow 42

    Ksnow 4221 일 전

    MarioneteGaming that happened way back in 2017

  54. le pro enfoiré

    le pro enfoiré22 일 전

    But fortnite goooog

  55. Il King del Mobile

    Il King del Mobile22 일 전

    Wait is the sound of the scar like this : 0:01

  56. KFC Durant

    KFC Durant22 일 전


  57. AprianexGaming

    AprianexGaming22 일 전

    still wont work against mechs, they can just boost.. stoopid

  58. Tobey

    Tobey22 일 전

    Me when my teammate gets knocked by a junk rift: *SHIIIIIZAAAAAAAAAAA*

  59. Gowelneld Scaryboy

    Gowelneld Scaryboy22 일 전

    Vydáno před 53 minutami a je zam 1,1 mil zhlédnutí tyvole😂😂😂

  60. MXD Gt

    MXD Gt22 일 전

    Who got a question about the publishment ?

  61. matthew isla

    matthew isla22 일 전

    fix the lag and freezing on this patch, its unplayable

  62. SC Productions

    SC Productions22 일 전

    Add a bus driver skin, picaxe, and a glider.