Fortnite - High Stakes Returns


  1. NOOB _1O10

    NOOB _1O10시간 전

    Why you so lazy

  2. عبدالرحمن الجهني

    عبدالرحمن الجهني시간 전

    مو عرب

  3. Limis Elf Nr3

    Limis Elf Nr3시간 전

    Can you bring the ice king shield plZ



    Android redmi note 5 please

  5. Destroyer 010

    Destroyer 010시간 전

    Deleted rocket launcher kanker hoer

  6. Destroyer 010

    Destroyer 010시간 전


  7. Destroyer 010

    Destroyer 010시간 전


  8. Destroyer 010

    Destroyer 010시간 전


  9. Destroyer 010

    Destroyer 010시간 전


  10. Mordified

    Mordified시간 전

    Hey fortnite i doubt youll see this but im writing this just to get my anger out i am quitting your game bc my stretched res isnt working anymore its not your fault but it’s unplayable and with normal res it lowers my fps my name is THE RASCAL21

  11. Graceyn Walker

    Graceyn Walker시간 전

    Epic, you need to step up your game. Dont let Apex Legends beat you. You gotta stay #1 for a bit longer.


    THE THINYT시간 전



    THE THINYT시간 전


  14. soldier shadow the shadow clan

    soldier shadow the shadow clan2 시간 전


  15. Chandu Maurya

    Chandu Maurya2 시간 전

    Everything is fine but this game still not in mobiles...only expensive phone will able to run fortnite... please try to improve and make it to run on 3gb ram phone also

  16. Craig Jenks

    Craig Jenks2 시간 전

    Ve bucks

  17. Craig Jenks

    Craig Jenks2 시간 전


  18. Alma Mty

    Alma Mty2 시간 전

    My épico games name is Enric_Gaming10

  19. Alma Mty

    Alma Mty2 시간 전

    Im number 1 fan

  20. Alma Mty

    Alma Mty2 시간 전

    Can you put the reaper pickaxe back please

  21. Elephant Seal

    Elephant Seal2 시간 전

    Add guitar blocks with/without distortion

  22. villion_

    villion_2 시간 전

    I bought the new staeter pack through the playstation store and i still didnt get it

  23. Smiley177 YT

    Smiley177 YT2 시간 전

    Only mobile players can like this I’m a nasty one 🔥 It would be cool if u could take a look at my channel

  24. יזל גאנם

    יזל גאנם3 시간 전


  25. Бадр

    Бадр3 시간 전

    Dislike from apex lol

  26. Nguyen Ly

    Nguyen Ly4 시간 전

    EpicBandieserSpielemitdenNog ops

  27. هيـكـل haykal

    هيـكـل haykal4 시간 전

    We want Arabic servers

  28. Boris Pashayanov

    Boris Pashayanov4 시간 전

    fortnite is the most stupid ever created in the world

  29. Boris Pashayanov

    Boris Pashayanov4 시간 전

    i mean most stupid game

  30. Polskilew Lor

    Polskilew Lor4 시간 전

    You speak polish epic games

  31. Polskilew Lor

    Polskilew Lor4 시간 전

    You speak polish epic games?

  32. Polskilew Lor

    Polskilew Lor4 시간 전

    You speak polish?

  33. Mario Skoglund

    Mario Skoglund5 시간 전

    Amiibo just for Nintendo switch

  34. rinzler05 boti

    rinzler05 boti5 시간 전

    My fortnite is not opening!😭😭😭

  35. Joker Gaming

    Joker Gaming5 시간 전

    The frame with ace was cut

  36. Salazar Berzelius

    Salazar Berzelius6 시간 전

    Best Ltm by far.

  37. Savin Herpeche

    Savin Herpeche6 시간 전

    When is the starter pack coming out in usa

  38. RivenX A

    RivenX A6 시간 전

    Please add fortnite to all phone pls

  39. ZD AM

    ZD AM6 시간 전


  40. mr pizza

    mr pizza7 시간 전

    fortnite i'm having major weird issues with your game and i need assistance. my textures are all faded. i fall through the map all the time. trees start to flout and dissaper without anyone hitting them. what is wrong with the game. plz plz plz reply.

  41. مجدي الغامدي

    مجدي الغامدي7 시간 전

    Hi lm jana🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦

  42. NLgames

    NLgames7 시간 전

    Fix your game ffs

  43. Drifter 12

    Drifter 127 시간 전

    And a edit style

  44. Drifter 12

    Drifter 127 시간 전

    The cube can return any day now make a skin that the head is a cube and suit is drift’s vest pants blue

  45. MAJ KNA2008

    MAJ KNA20087 시간 전

    Pleas pleas return black knight to itemshop

  46. Νίκος Καρπαθάκης

    Νίκος Καρπαθάκης8 시간 전

    Vault the airplanes please why again no please vault it

  47. xxvilikexx

    xxvilikexx8 시간 전

    Lessz Magyar beállítás a játékba?

  48. Luzion

    Luzion8 시간 전

    Playground Sucks Now You Little Shits

  49. Vinson Djingga

    Vinson Djingga8 시간 전

    Epic Games, Can you please add a blackpink skins since the Ikon skin is in Fortnite. And Release the blackpink skin ones blacpink release their new song

  50. king you tube

    king you tube8 시간 전

    الي مسحوب منة السوني لايك

  51. Games Moments

    Games Moments8 시간 전


  52. Phawitra Handley

    Phawitra Handley9 시간 전

    Please put a default that you can chose what one u want to be

  53. Joel Reinhardt

    Joel Reinhardt9 시간 전

    Make the Double Pump Great

  54. megaproshark

    megaproshark9 시간 전

    Add stretch for console fornite or else

  55. Commander cody

    Commander cody10 시간 전

    Who else is sad that the skin is back but you got it from season 5 like me :(

  56. Alan YouTuber

    Alan YouTuber10 시간 전

    Give FVfamilys kids back

  57. philip hayden

    philip hayden12 시간 전

    Fix our wins cause i had 46 solos now i have 22

  58. Hanz M

    Hanz M12 시간 전

    Why Chase And Mike Playing This Game??? 😠😠😠

  59. Snipergaming42

    Snipergaming4212 시간 전

    Pls epic bring back Dante and Rosa, 😰 I didn’t get one first time and I really want one

  60. Khaild Aldubaikhi

    Khaild Aldubaikhi12 시간 전

    Give FGTV kids back

  61. Bartosz Fusiarz

    Bartosz Fusiarz13 시간 전

    Wypierdalaj z tym gownem

  62. Galvin 590

    Galvin 59013 시간 전

    Bring basketball skin back

  63. MasterJupiter 15

    MasterJupiter 1514 시간 전

    So epic made styles for whiteout and overtaker but not burnout and redline... Please make styles for burnout/redline

  64. Basketball Life

    Basketball Life14 시간 전

    I think a cool new gun would be energy sniper it does 100 dmg but only dmgs sheild like so they see

  65. alexander keh 2

    alexander keh 215 시간 전

    Fortnite is game addiction. I hate fortnite

  66. Nick Name

    Nick Name15 시간 전

    Will return Meri maruder

  67. seodes9

    seodes915 시간 전

    great idiots arrange the match

  68. hh leader

    hh leader15 시간 전

    Congrats on 5 mil❤❤❤😁😁😁

  69. BCLT470

    BCLT47015 시간 전

    What if season 8 Is the sequel to Season 4

  70. oloca gertudio

    oloca gertudio15 시간 전

    Hello epic games please can you make a mg3 or mg34 in the game?thanks

  71. Romi

    Romi16 시간 전

    WhEre‘s my OG SprAy picKaxe and cOntRail

  72. jaden caldwell

    jaden caldwell16 시간 전


  73. jaden caldwell

    jaden caldwell16 시간 전

    And add the shotgun sniper back it was so good

  74. AlphaGail 2.0

    AlphaGail 2.017 시간 전

    Hi fortnite, there is this player named aidaki123 and he bullied me. Can you give him a warning please. He called me names. Please or anyone here please help me

  75. Jebbi . Com

    Jebbi . Com16 시간 전

    Im not from epic games but here is a tip: just try forget all about it. :)

  76. 97QUITO

    97QUITO17 시간 전

    para cuando modo capitana marvel

  77. LAM123916YT

    LAM123916YT17 시간 전

    Please reaper come back

  78. StackzGamingz

    StackzGamingz17 시간 전

    Fix the game and I’ll buy tier 100

  79. Blade X

    Blade X18 시간 전


  80. DonCrafts1 - Brawl Stars

    DonCrafts1 - Brawl Stars18 시간 전

    C4 is gone

  81. OsitoGameplays

    OsitoGameplays18 시간 전

    Seria genial el regresi de charca chorreante

  82. Arnaldo Pérez C

    Arnaldo Pérez C18 시간 전

    Fornite dame un franco en la partida

  83. Gianni Visosky

    Gianni Visosky18 시간 전

    More food fights plz

  84. Krista Norris

    Krista Norris18 시간 전

    Fine! 1 like for the guided missile to go to creative

  85. DeeDee

    DeeDee19 시간 전


  86. Gacha Bunny Luv

    Gacha Bunny Luv19 시간 전

    Which gun is better... Tactical shotgun or Pump shotgun??

  87. gaming with terry cherry

    gaming with terry cherry19 시간 전

    rip guided missles

  88. Doxin_King

    Doxin_King20 시간 전

    Bring back Tender defender tender defender tender defender tender defender tender defender tender defender tender defender tender defender tender defender tender defender tender defender tender defender tender defender tender defender tender defender tender defender tender defender tender defender tender defender tender defender tender defender tender defender tender defender tender please.

  89. PatrickPlayz 4life

    PatrickPlayz 4life20 시간 전

    When the f### will u guys bring red knight back i have been waiting for months

  90. 3030MLG

    3030MLG20 시간 전

    epic extend this please

  91. Julian Manrique

    Julian Manrique20 시간 전

    Bring back the bunny skin

  92. Courrupted Panda

    Courrupted Panda20 시간 전

    I got a solo win today and it didn't show up so I wondering if you could get the stats record up to date

  93. Big Chungles

    Big Chungles20 시간 전

    make her a member of the midnight crew

  94. Man of power

    Man of power20 시간 전

    Hey epic games could you put fortnite on Samsung tab a

  95. Adam Schockaert

    Adam Schockaert20 시간 전

    You said they were never returning

  96. Alex N

    Alex N21 시간 전

    I know epic probably won’t see this but if you do, add hop rocks into creative mode. I would love to see the creativity of the mini games with this item!

  97. Wadey1217 Blocksworld

    Wadey1217 Blocksworld21 시간 전

    I’m glad that you can get the llamas on your back now.



    Hey Epic Games I did not know about fortnite when anything came even infinity gaunlet came out so I never got a chance to play that game mode so can you bring the infinity gaunlet back in fortnite for a long time it's my dream thanks

  99. MewTwo h8s My Hero Academia

    MewTwo h8s My Hero Academia22 시간 전

    fortnite sucks

  100. Itz Toxic

    Itz Toxic22 시간 전

    What im wondering is where is the og wildcard style

  101. Sharkbot Jones

    Sharkbot Jones22 시간 전

    Lol this is what happens when u quit Fortnite you miss out on everything

  102. Sharkbot Jones

    Sharkbot Jones22 시간 전

    Well there goes my last rare skin

  103. Mike Gaming

    Mike Gaming22 시간 전

    Hey Epic! I would love to have the permission to publish my own Creative islands! My friend and I have been working on sick islands and I would love to be able to publish! My island is going to be a Deathrun with 12 challenging levels and it’s called “The Brudal Run” and if you need my username to check my islands to see if they are safe and possible it says it on my fortnite videos! And I’m almost to 100 subs and when I hit it I get a creator code? Bye epic love your game!

  104. • Erectangle •

    • Erectangle •22 시간 전

    Nothing in this trailer is in the game... Guided missile: No C4: No Atk: No Shockwaves: No Decent Skin: No .....oh yah grappler too