1. TeaWap

    TeaWap4 개월 전

    RIP MY MONITOR..💥🔫 we're almost at 100k on instagram! FOLLOW

  2. Ashley Pearson

    Ashley Pearson4 일 전

    TeaWap NASH NASH 21

  3. Alex Martinez

    Alex Martinez20 일 전

    C.C. Melling Okllopo

  4. John Payne

    John Payne20 일 전

    That's on you man

  5. Ghostninj a

    Ghostninj a개월 전

    TeaWap use a camp fire but then get the fire out

  6. Blake Ford

    Blake Ford개월 전

    SLOFY jjj

  7. xmasleon fn

    xmasleon fn17 시간 전

    Is ur name flower

  8. Kenya Downs

    Kenya Downs18 시간 전

    He. Bad. But. Now good. He. Had. V. Bu

  9. Tiktoker 125

    Tiktoker 125일 전

    Fort nite bots will use die in front of a good player

  10. Ibraimi Faredin

    Ibraimi Faredin일 전


  11. 00 00

    00 00일 전

    0:09 it says Travis Scott in the kill feed

  12. Samantha Nelson

    Samantha Nelson일 전

    Tea warp the type of guy to leave the room when someone throws a stink boom

  13. mrstonewolf 777

    mrstonewolf 777일 전

    🐀 and 🔐📋 is what I play on

  14. Kobe Bambach

    Kobe Bambach일 전

    Bot to try and get in a storm

  15. scotty dh

    scotty dh일 전

    bots see a pistel on a trap and he gets it

  16. Jennifer Varga

    Jennifer Varga일 전

    Your funny

  17. Dominic Huling

    Dominic Huling2 일 전

    I don’t think u have a doorbell teawap

  18. Dominic Huling

    Dominic Huling2 일 전

    Did he just say gir friend 🤔

  19. Leanne Condon

    Leanne Condon2 일 전

    He use code tfue

  20. Anthony Chavez

    Anthony Chavez2 일 전

    Are you in FAZE CLAN

  21. Mathias Margine

    Mathias Margine2 일 전

    10M views WTF??

  22. Chintana Vanderslice

    Chintana Vanderslice3 일 전

    Tea wap are you serious you had a lunch pad you idot

  23. Chintana Vanderslice

    Chintana Vanderslice3 일 전

    Best video ever

  24. Fear Carter11

    Fear Carter113 일 전

    That nose tho



    Fortnite bots the type to use shield position but not med cets

  26. V1CT0RY28

    V1CT0RY283 일 전

    Teawap the type of guy to drink/heal when in 99 Shield or Health

  27. bholah vima

    bholah vima4 일 전

    Teawap the type of guy using a car battery to recharge the reboot van more quickly

  28. Daymon Dernier

    Daymon Dernier4 일 전

    teawap the type of guy to use a grenade on teamate, thinking there an enimies, then die

  29. Elijah Austin

    Elijah Austin4 일 전

    What the hell are u d9ing

  30. Jebediah Jackson

    Jebediah Jackson4 일 전

    You will not delete my account sucker

  31. apex legends beast mode

    apex legends beast mode4 일 전


  32. redcub gamer

    redcub gamer4 일 전

    the comments always says fortnite bots

  33. Sue Brandreth

    Sue Brandreth5 일 전

    Who's watching this in December 2019

  34. Royal Knight_YT

    Royal Knight_YT3 일 전


  35. Perzi Kills

    Perzi Kills4 일 전

    Yes i am

  36. Caleb Gilbert

    Caleb Gilbert5 일 전

    R.I.P monitor Killed By A Stupid 🔫 Gun 1998 - 2019

  37. orange justice

    orange justice6 일 전

    Teawap the type of guy who tries to no scope with snipers

  38. reham adel

    reham adel6 일 전

    He doesn’t have any mind at all

  39. reham adel

    reham adel6 일 전

    He is very crazy


    EPIC GAMING7 일 전

    Bots like to shoot people like noobs and other bots

  41. Grazia Perez

    Grazia Perez7 일 전

    3:20 LOL!😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  42. Bobby MX

    Bobby MX9 일 전

    Fortnite bots to drink a sheld when they are thirsty

  43. GG Empire

    GG Empire9 일 전

    Btw Travis Scott was in your game doorbell😂

  44. Brandon

    Brandon10 일 전

    0:13 Travis Scott in the kill feed

  45. Duckboy Ducks rule

    Duckboy Ducks rule10 일 전

    Teawap the tipo guy tries to kill opent but uses real axe when getting kill

  46. Gauge Osborne

    Gauge Osborne10 일 전

    Your awesome TeaWap

  47. XoticFN

    XoticFN10 일 전

    His name was noob lol