Former FBI Agent Explains How to Read Body Language | Tradecraft | WIRED


  1. chris hanson

    chris hanson14 시간 전

    the fact he is sitting down tells me he has weak legs

  2. Aleynah Lovendino

    Aleynah Lovendino14 시간 전

    but who won the poker game??

  3. ilhan h

    ilhan h15 시간 전

    Bad guy points a gun at you and loads it Dude: he could possibly kill you, you can tell by

  4. Lutfi Ortega

    Lutfi Ortega16 시간 전

    I wonder what T-Pose means in Body Language

  5. learning / DIYS

    learning / DIYS16 시간 전

    GO BUY MY BOOK!! *summarizes every chapter in video. *

  6. Del Mac

    Del Mac16 시간 전

    He comes across way to nice to be a FBI agent.

  7. Sophie Nicholls

    Sophie Nicholls16 시간 전

    i'm not hiding anything i just have anxiety


    ƧΛƬΛП ΛƧƧ18 시간 전

    7:54 him's way higher

  9. isaac martz

    isaac martz22 시간 전

    This guys book is so good yall should check it out "What everyBODY is saying" i havent ready the dictionary one though so i cant vouch for it

  10. Blah Blah

    Blah Blah일 전

    Well I knew how to bluff before this now I'm just bored I naturally bluff and lie for fun

  11. Justin Di Paolantonio

    Justin Di Paolantonio일 전

    This is not true for victims of mind control

  12. Uttkarsh Gonnade

    Uttkarsh Gonnade일 전

    The girl on the poker table has worn two different colored tops in two clips

  13. Travis Lindsey

    Travis Lindsey일 전

    He says everyone's triggered differently then lists all five different triggers , nobody pulls on the neck of their shirt except in the movies

  14. Jason Obuck

    Jason Obuck일 전

    Now I'll do everything opposite

  15. Seph Coren

    Seph Coren일 전

    This is the taste of a liar, Giorno Giovanna!

  16. Christin Soriano, Jr.

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  17. Christin Soriano, Jr.

    Christin Soriano, Jr.일 전


  18. BlueJam

    BlueJam일 전

    What this video taught me: 1. _how to catch spies_ 2. *how to play poker*

  19. Cheesy

    Cheesy일 전

    This is a personal attack

  20. Josette Wilhelm

    Josette Wilhelm일 전

    What comes to mind is all those times in school where the teacher yells at you for having attitude for crossing your arms. It was a self hug this whole time.

  21. Shrek Murderer

    Shrek Murderer일 전

    Alternative title: Former FBI agent teaches us how to play poker

  22. Muerto Nite

    Muerto Nite일 전

    Wired.. Teaching people how to be the best criminal there is

  23. BlueFlames

    BlueFlames일 전

    I can tell iy his body language he is saying "please get me a taller chair"

  24. Sincerely Majestik

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  25. TheNightFall Master

    TheNightFall Master일 전

    Crosses arms to stay warm* FBI agent this person doesn’t like what I have say

  26. Ard Lazaro

    Ard Lazaro일 전

    Anyone looking for a spy in the comments?

  27. Christopher Berg

    Christopher Berg일 전

    I always look people in their eyes, it's literally the window of the soul.

  28. Artegor 15

    Artegor 15일 전

    Thats nonsens. If i would be a spy in times of that man carrier, he would never guess.

  29. Robination x

    Robination x일 전

    Lol i blink about 20 times a Minute

  30. TheeIslandGal sullivans

    TheeIslandGal sullivans일 전

    Considering how corrupted the feds are in s.c. this is funny.... Guess the problem of traching everyonr this they cant see it in their own!!!! Hold the corrupted accountable!!!

  31. Manuelita

    Manuelita일 전

    The other fbi said otherwise when touching your face, grooming your hair, etc

  32. asaeli junia

    asaeli junia일 전

    Book name??

  33. HOT _vaios

    HOT _vaios2 일 전

    8 blink per minute??? I do 12

  34. Kieren Westwood

    Kieren Westwood2 일 전

    "Your blink rate is around 8 times a minute" I immediately blink 5 times in 3 seconds and can't stop blinking. Life is now blinking.

  35. Ashraf Unnisa

    Ashraf Unnisa2 일 전

    Why this is even in my recommendation??

  36. Helena

    Helena2 일 전

    We have presentations at school today, it’ll be fun to observe how uncomfortable my classmates will be

  37. Mollie Stier

    Mollie Stier2 일 전

    So I am normally stressed, get no sleep, bite my lips, flare my nose, and have been taught never to shrug. How would this go in an investigation😂

  38. bread crumb

    bread crumb2 일 전

    this guy should watch kakegurui

  39. Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore

    Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore2 일 전

    Funny that the FBI catches spies and the CIA are spies

  40. Commissioner Badgeface

    Commissioner Badgeface2 일 전


  41. kaleb petty

    kaleb petty2 일 전

    It says they're meeting for the first time, but it shows them multiple times in the video together, smh I'm better than a FBI agent

  42. Scullery Maid

    Scullery Maid2 일 전

    You forget that the video is edited.

  43. Someone Pandes

    Someone Pandes2 일 전

    At the time I’m watching the like count is 666

  44. Ruby McNeil

    Ruby McNeil2 일 전

    I want to see him play BS

  45. • PipeX Pichuante •

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    Oh God there are 666K likes!!?!?!

  46. Plamen Peev

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    I can counter anything that he said.

  47. Ok Boomer

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    666k likes, truly a significant feat

  48. JrPlayz 16

    JrPlayz 162 일 전

    Spies exist!?

  49. Maryam -A

    Maryam -A2 일 전

    Yes, we do exist, kid.



    Humans are born with lie detecting mechanism if you have been fooled you did it to yourself and didn’t observe or were in denial about the deception it’s all in the vibration

  51. Jellyfish

    Jellyfish2 일 전

    i don't trust this former agent. he gives me bad vibes.....yuck

  52. Scullery Maid

    Scullery Maid2 일 전

    I've read some of his writings. He's very knowledgeable and quite skilled. Maybe you have something to hide?

  53. Il Y Aura Du Soleil

    Il Y Aura Du Soleil2 일 전

    7:53 A blind rate of 8 times a minute? Is that even possible??

  54. Scullery Maid

    Scullery Maid2 일 전

    *blink* rate.

  55. Lieke Moes

    Lieke Moes2 일 전

    11:45 The woman magically changed shirts

  56. Austin Adams

    Austin Adams2 일 전

    This dude is like a real life Raymond Reddington 😂

  57. X Cuber

    X Cuber2 일 전

    A mossad agent told the flower bouquet story before u. Stop lyin. I recommend every1 watch inside the Mossad, it's a great documentary

  58. TheYoungKnight

    TheYoungKnight2 일 전

    666k likes Illuminati confirmed!

  59. Beefy Reefy

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  60. Loris Hliddal

    Loris Hliddal3 일 전

    Yeez i‘ve read his book🙏🏽👀

  61. Sandy 1796

    Sandy 17963 일 전

    Trust me this is only 0.1% info hes sharing....

  62. Can Can

    Can Can3 일 전

    What about obese people that can barely stand or woddle when they walk or people in a wheel chair you wouldn't think of a spy with no legs 😁😂 how do you read their body language

  63. Hello Hoshi

    Hello Hoshi3 일 전

    But im always nervous af even when I really didnt do it

  64. Brandon Renwick

    Brandon Renwick3 일 전

    I've held flowers in like 12 different ways, guess I'm just the ultimate spy 🤷‍♂️