Former FBI Agent Explains How to Read Body Language | Tradecraft | WIRED


  1. Villa Pinstriping

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    I'm to stoned fro this

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    Interesting but i found myself wanting to doze off

  3. bbblahoo7

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    @9:20 funk start

  4. Heckle And Slide

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  5. Doug Hanson

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    How they handle the chips. Reactions. Distractions. Nonverbal cues etc

  6. Nazz M

    Nazz M2 시간 전

    "I look at the hair is it healthy" SUCKS FOR U IF THE WOMAN WEARS A HEADSCARF LOL

  7. Doug Hanson

    Doug Hanson2 시간 전

    Verbal and nonverbal Cues.

  8. Peter Thompson

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  9. The Earl

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    It was the flowers. You've made your bed, now you have to lay in it. Lol

  10. Phillip Brown

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    Hes like if a polygraph was person. Pseudoscience much?

  11. 00000000 00000000

    00000000 000000005 시간 전

    Right but say what if a person is Anxious, Just Because he actually has a Social Anxiety Disorder ??


    BRUCE BROWN6 시간 전

    Good job... So now criminals they know how to make their lies better !!! OMG !!!

  13. cattalkbmx

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    A normal person doesn't need to read body language the same way this guy does. He's not really a good pick for this video.

  14. Angelica Ruiz

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    He's a good pick because the topic they're discussing is nonverbal subjects; if a target is a nonverbal one the only way to really assess them is through physical actions/appearance etc. ; it's not over assessment.

  15. Linda M

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    So cool!

  16. DonutsRYummy

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    The story he told sounded just like that of Inglorious Bastards. They didn’t know they were Americans until he asked for 3 drinks, gesturing index, middle and ring finger. Germans Thumb, Index, and Middle is 3.

  17. Ovan

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    How can you tell if a girl is horny☻

  18. D O'Neill

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    Boris, yes Natasha, do we have his new book on microfilm?

  19. Karl Erikson

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    Freemasonic handshake in the beginning

  20. Revolution

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    I like this a lot! Thanks for the post

  21. Mitch Smith

    Mitch Smith9 시간 전

    Good luck trying to decipher my body language. I have so many injuries it makes it easier to stand in certain ways and people think I am behaving one way but in reality I am trying to get out of pain.

  22. Guy LaDouche

    Guy LaDouche6 시간 전

    Mitch Smith Combine that with being a private type person living in a small town with people that have no problem asking intrusive questions. Fidgety & elusive under questioning, they definitely think shady.

  23. Orlando Cabrera

    Orlando Cabrera9 시간 전

    Ummm sorry but those are VERY obvious observations that mostly ANYONE can make. Theres a TON of people that stand differently and can mean different things or nothing at all. Face gestures too..EVERYOME IS DIFFERENT.

  24. k d

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    So are they obvious observations or do they mean nothing?

  25. Stephen B Oliver

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    The FBI actually does something? Nah, but you had me believing they do the job 30 years ago. Fire them all, what do they do besides evade and obstruct anyway?

  26. Linda Mae Mullins

    Linda Mae Mullins10 시간 전

    Had a principle in elementary school,Mrs.Freeman,that would try and take your pulse or something to see if you were telling a lie,told me one time that my heart was beating, so I must have been lying,I told her that it meant that I wasn't dead was all my pulse could tell her about

  27. Judgment Proof

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    Maybe to some degree but not totally. What you dress may not necessarily speak a statement and what you read as body language may not mean nothing at all in some cases

  28. Habeshawit Elul Dawit

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    11:20 girl's pullover was grey and then 11:30 black?🤔

  29. Kim Jensen

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    Google says no

  30. The Sorrow

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    nice joke

  31. Peyt

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    Me: FBI isnt so smart FBI: candles last longer if you do not light them

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    i went off and bought the book right after this video! amazing

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    @Kyle Crary I decided to buy for it's simple looking, ordered topic illustration

  34. MicroMicro

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    @Kyle Crary hey, i just ordered it today. I have not received it yet !

  35. Kyle Crary

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    Is it actually interesting? Was it an easy read?

  36. chris per

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    the flowers? that's how I was taught to do it since I was a child .. that keeps the water in the flowers. and I am not Eastern European.

  37. Nicholas Vonrhine

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  38. Micah J

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    Can someone reply a quick review to this comment? Plz &thx

  39. Draconian Cult

    Draconian Cult54 분 전

    Sure. Looking up or touching your nose does not mean you're lying. He also mentions that while speaking to someone, we should keep eye contact and have a wide smile at all times as this means you're being honest. Hope this helps!

  40. You Need Jesus

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    I have Telepathy.

  41. Dead by Dawn

    Dead by Dawn12 시간 전

    This is only possibility. These don't necessarily mean anything like what he says. Realize, most of the time, he's wrong.

  42. A positive Lifestyle Videos

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    He is not honest something dishonest and deceptive about him

  43. donna NC

    donna NC13 시간 전 This is Bombard’s Body Language I like here reading ALOT better. Check it out😁

  44. Konstantin Bartashevich

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    Sorry man, but Pinocchio nose save money for me at the poker table and earn some too!

  45. manic angel

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    I call BULLISHIT. If any criminal was ever going to be surveyed, this is the idiot you would want to be watching you...

  46. Akshay Kumar

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    Comment section is more interesting than the video.. XD

  47. Pikeandslippers

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    "There's a lot of myths out there." Like, the FBI actually know what they're doing.

  48. zacharie h

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    at 11:40 the woman’s shirt color changed??

  49. Kevin K.

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    All men KOreporter generation of degenerative women. You are welcome!

  50. Dawn a calm kitty

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    Yes I am guilty of the bunny nose! I admit it okay! so FBI< stop following me. I like bunnies.If I shift my feet? Don't take it as meaning anything. I just like to move on my feet! If I don't stand closer it is because you have bad breath. Sorry, but don't hate on me. Guys, don't touch women when you speak to them. Especially if you don't know them! Creeps me out. Okay, my neighbor does that. Crowds and touches. I literally had to push\ him back and told him next time, I slap ya'. HE really is territorial and thinks women are flustered by him. I find him an irritation and disgusting to be anywhere near. A mile wouldn't be far enough. He is just awful that way. Now I literally go in another direction to avoid seeing him.

  51. Gemini the Diva

    Gemini the Diva16 시간 전

    y am I reading comments on ppl writing the script for the FBI agent, and them.

  52. Ana Margarida Vieira

    Ana Margarida Vieira16 시간 전

    It is not just Americans who hold flowers like that, every person does that; also that is definitely not the way people hold flowers in eastern european countries. He could have said, though, that he thought that person was behaving oddly because it is just weird going to a flower shop and not being careful with the flowers he had just bought.

  53. Manda A

    Manda A17 시간 전

    You are lying .. if you move your lips ..

  54. Mitchell Anderson

    Mitchell Anderson18 시간 전

    And when I’m standing around I can’t stand in one position for long. I switch positions often

  55. Mitchell Anderson

    Mitchell Anderson18 시간 전

    I’m just never able to sit still. I always have to be moving at least one part of my body, especially my hands or legs. And I’m almost always doing stuff with my tongue or lips. People always think I’m nervous, but I just bite at my lips a lot 😅

  56. Badly_Dubbed

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    Read this FBI man. (Displays middle finger).

  57. 5kayonekiller

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    You think a Russian spy would know how to hold flowers...