1. Highrish

    Highrish10 일 전

    that blade is beautiful good job man

  2. Russian Bot

    Russian Bot19 일 전

    You should make a buckler shield.

  3. Lt James Cooper Mason

    Lt James Cooper Mason개월 전

    I know you make swords but how about a shield to accompany your next sword .Perhaps a nice Turkish scimitar or an Arabian Kabyle...!they still dig up sharp bronze today

  4. Cole Saunooke

    Cole Saunooke개월 전

    next time you should try casting and maybe make a full sword out of it that would look gorgeous but so does this !

  5. Zeke Andrew

    Zeke Andrew개월 전

    When the doctors said to cut out soda I don’t think this is what they meant🤣

  6. Alien Wired

    Alien Wired개월 전

    You need to think how they did it in ancient times.... grind both sides, not just one side at a time.... not everything is machined

  7. Mr hacker man XD

    Mr hacker man XD개월 전

    The ancient Greeks believed a special metal fell from mount Olympus this metal was called Celsic bronze and turned monster like giants, trolls, hell hounds and much more into golden dust just so you know

  8. Ariel LaPlante

    Ariel LaPlante개월 전

    I want one

  9. super8ben

    super8ben2 개월 전

    Something to remember when considering the strength of this sword, is that you are using “bearing bronze,” a modern industrial bronze alloy rather than traditional “ancient bronze.” As bronze was originally made of only copper and tin, even when work hardened it would have been less resilient that yours. If you ever try bronze forging again, I recommend alloying your own from copper and tin, it’s quite relaxing.

  10. Scott Maranto

    Scott Maranto2 개월 전

    Looking back. An air compressed needle gun might have done the same work faster as the ball peen.

  11. Zex Grayson

    Zex Grayson2 개월 전

    Alec : I'm having trouble sanding this blade ... *sees Will* Alec : Ayyyyyyyyyyeeee

  12. Charles Avery

    Charles Avery2 개월 전

    Challenge yourself and try your hand to make a blade from woots Damascus

  13. Damen Chen

    Damen Chen2 개월 전

    Annabeth’s dagger from Percy Jackson anyone? No just me ok....

  14. Chris Graham

    Chris Graham2 개월 전

    they are so amazed at bronze, they musta forgotten there's thousands of years of human civilization history called ...dun dun dun..... THE BRONZE AGE !!!!!

  15. Robert McPherson

    Robert McPherson2 개월 전

    If you're impressed by bronze, try to find a good flint knapper who can show you want a really good flint edge can do.

  16. Mike Hays

    Mike Hays2 개월 전


  17. David Gigi

    David Gigi2 개월 전

    I swear this dude would be really useful in a zombie apocalypse 😂😂

  18. Bae J

    Bae J2 개월 전

    hi what’s the red stuff for?

  19. Truth Preppin

    Truth Preppin2 개월 전

    Is it possible to make Mokume blade?

  20. perry lc

    perry lc2 개월 전

    Yeck what’s that red stuff? Go back to blue.

  21. Ashy Eldridge

    Ashy Eldridge2 개월 전

    12:02 asmr tapping

  22. Jonathan Schubert

    Jonathan Schubert3 개월 전

    Red daicum? WHO ARE YOU?!?!?

  23. rthomaswright

    rthomaswright3 개월 전

    14:15 - Got to love them googly eyes.

  24. Hunter Connors

    Hunter Connors3 개월 전

    You should try to go on forged in fire

  25. Irakli Inasaridze

    Irakli Inasaridze3 개월 전

    dude talks too much...

  26. Shepherd2305

    Shepherd23053 개월 전

    How much did the Stiletto sell for?

  27. steven higgins

    steven higgins3 개월 전

    You should take a look at mythbusters and how they did the human limb tests using ballistic gel and something to replicate bone and see if the sword/dagger will cut through it. This would be an awsome test for the majority of weapons you create :)


    METALMAN3 개월 전

    Expert here: work hardening is a process that hardens the material be repeatedly applying stress to said material, this frightens the molecules within it causing them to huddle together for safety, over time this builds the molecular confidence and the material learns that he can get the girl if he believes in himself.

  29. Игорь Смолов

    Игорь Смолов3 개월 전

    blue tape ,...тупо, все на сеней изоленте, вот и весь секрет.

  30. Justin Knibbs

    Justin Knibbs3 개월 전

    Love the channel and love your work, you’re a true craftsman. My only comment/complaint would be please stop using single use plastic for testing like Neil Kamimura did. He’s another super skilled blade smith and he realizes the damage single use plastic is doing to our planet. Thanks guys, and keep up the awesome work. You guys are great.

  31. JR Hamilton

    JR Hamilton3 개월 전

    I'm gonna name drop for you, Neil Burridge. Just gonna leave that card on the end of the table.

  32. Trinity Rail Productions

    Trinity Rail Productions3 개월 전

    8:26 Steele's Super Sharp & Surprisingly Shiny Short Sword

  33. John Bradley

    John Bradley3 개월 전

    So, "stronger than a poorly heat-treated steel blade." That's why the Iron Age came second. It's not that much harder to mine, but until someone figured heat-treating and tempering, it was useless.

  34. Zamolxes77

    Zamolxes773 개월 전

    Uhm tempering was figured out in italian shops, in 1400's if memory serves. 1400 AD, some 2000 years after iron age started. The reason why it happened later is because it requires hotter fire to be able to work iron, so it took a while to upgrade the smelting furnace.

  35. Superface9864

    Superface98643 개월 전

    You should electro plate a knife with gold

  36. Matthew Biddiscombe

    Matthew Biddiscombe3 개월 전

    Alec, 2 things: 1. Love to watch someone else also obsessively flip random items 360 degrees upon grabbing them 2. Watch ClickSpring, he is the GOAT of bronze craftsmanship (he's on KOreporter)

  37. Michael Farley

    Michael Farley3 개월 전

    Wait...when did the power hammer get googly eyes?!

  38. Aldo Gutierrez

    Aldo Gutierrez3 개월 전

    Next big project: Damascus steel-sub hilt-integral bolster-cocobola handle-leather lanyard-gem stone inserted bushcraft knife with quick release straps-altoid, tinder, Wet Stone & Fire Starter pockets leathre scout sheath. Maybe thow in some twisted gold wire flukes and custom lanyard beads to. Alec Vs. Will kind of challenge. so each one of you guys can have their own knife.

  39. tinyturtle00

    tinyturtle003 개월 전

    Theoreticly could you embed it in pitch to use it in the mill?

  40. Brandon Dirocco

    Brandon Dirocco3 개월 전

    Is it asymmetric or are my eyes bugging out

  41. ch4rlyb0y

    ch4rlyb0y3 개월 전

    bronze age in montana :3

  42. gregory h

    gregory h3 개월 전

    Wish you guys use diamond Stone or Hard Stone to put a better sharp edge on this Bronze Dagger. Just like the OLD Black Smith Did

  43. gregory h

    gregory h3 개월 전

    Alec you have a grinding Machine use it and learn how to shape the grind wheel to do different angle with the Diamond cutter. We use that at our machine Shop. Also you need a small CNC machine if you going to do it do it right. Good Luck

  44. Padman531

    Padman5313 개월 전

    14:48 Will: "I guess I'm just really good at sharpening things"

  45. Smokey420Greenleaf

    Smokey420Greenleaf3 개월 전

    i have an idea for a time when you're feeling super ambitious.... how about a full Damascus suit of armor? Thumbs up if you think he should do it!

  46. J S H

    J S H3 개월 전

    The work hardening is due to the copper content of the Aluminum Bronze. Try a Silicon-Aluminum Bronze next or for more fun, SiAl Bronze and Oxygen-free Copper Damascus, but go with the Quench hardening method, but make a Quench Trough or two, 1 for oil, the other for water. The Machinerys Handbook will have the data for hardening and the expected Brinell hardness achievable, I had emailed a link to download a PDF version a few weeks ago.

  47. Matt

    Matt3 개월 전

    Worth saying that aluminium bronze, especially when quench hardened or work hardened is much much harder than the tin bronze used in the bronze Age. Had aluminium been available in 500bc iron and steel would probably not hold the place they do now.

  48. lkfh1

    lkfh13 개월 전

    Make more stuff out of bronze it looks fantastic And the work hardening Prozess Looks Great

  49. NordoCeltic

    NordoCeltic3 개월 전

    First...I would love to see you make an aluminum bronze blade and compare it to a Tin Bronze. From what I have seen bronze made with Aluminum is much stronger. 2ndly, I just don't find myself liking the look of this one. I feel like you should have ground down the medial ridges more gradually with a far greater cruve, leaving a rounded off shape rather than the squared off "bar" of material down the length of the blade. It would have provided the same support the current ridge provides, but not only looked pretteir, but wouldn't stand as a literal "block" against the blade sliding smoothly through something.

  50. Oliver Hall

    Oliver Hall3 개월 전

    BILLY MAYS HERE with the all new Jagex Bronze Dagger!

  51. UtahFive0hh

    UtahFive0hh3 개월 전

    Looks like you need to make a work hardened bronze competition chopper now.... Will you accept the challenge?

  52. Ken Oakleaf

    Ken Oakleaf3 개월 전

    NerdByDesign put it pretty well: "Think of it like a spring. The further you stretch it the more force it takes to stretch it further. Plastic deformation is when you push the material past the point of full return (stretch the spring until it does not return to its unstretched length when force is released). It stays in that stressed state kind of like pretensioning a spring. That is the dumbed down version, the smarted up version is it manipulates the lattice structure and it effects the interactions of the bonds."

  53. Mig Monkey

    Mig Monkey3 개월 전

    I was very surprised. I knew about work hardening but never expected those results. Really thought this one was a wall hanger.

  54. Mr Turtle JR 8

    Mr Turtle JR 83 개월 전

    Bro you should go on forged in fire...

  55. Francis Silhan

    Francis Silhan3 개월 전

    Mr Turtle JR 8 it wouldnt even be a competition

  56. Tyler Rodriguez

    Tyler Rodriguez3 개월 전

    I love the pure no-idea-itude. It's far too relatable.

  57. Jan Plewa

    Jan Plewa3 개월 전

    Why not just use double sided tape?

  58. Sean Brian

    Sean Brian3 개월 전

    Hey Alec! I'm really happy this turned out to be a success for you! I've also been looking into bronze and other alloys and have found it fascinating thus far. I was really hoping to find a KOreporter video of someone forging bronze rather than casting it, (partially because I was thinking it might add to structural integrity) so I'm really happy I found your THREE part series on this! I loved every minute. I'm really hoping you will continue to experiment with bronze. Perhaps you could do a video of showing how to mix/fuse the metals to get alloys, i.e.- copper, tin, nickel, and sulfur are the ones in particular that I'm interested in. These materials were noted to be in the composition of the famous Sword of Goujian. I look forward to your next projects!

  59. Will Ritchie

    Will Ritchie3 개월 전

    "Let's chop... All the things. "

  60. Dustin Brandel

    Dustin Brandel3 개월 전

    One piece, Damascus, multitool survival spork. With sheath :)

  61. Joshua Cooley

    Joshua Cooley3 개월 전

    Need to fab a carbide spoke plane for the scraping, there are some informative videos about Thai machete manufacture that illustrate beveling a steel blade, just using the spoke plane before hardening.

  62. JF BOOST

    JF BOOST3 개월 전

    You should go on the tv programme forged in fire

  63. Boomie373

    Boomie3733 개월 전

    He was approached to appear on the program but he turned it down because he makes more money this way.