Fnatic vs SK Telecom T1 Full - Worlds 2019 Group C Day 1 - FNC vs SKT


  1. Belbecat

    Belbecat개월 전

    In what world does it sound smart to put your best player on a Garen tho xD

  2. Jimin -sama

    Jimin -sama개월 전

    Faker is at that stage in every GOATs career that he can go 9/0/8 against fucking FNATiC and barely anyone seems shocked about it lol. Faker is already probably the most targeted player in history in a team fight and when he’s on a squishy adc, that are also targeted by the whole enemy team it’s even more scary but he can still go flawless against one of the best teas in the world, that’s fucking insanity.

  3. Angelonimus Angelo

    Angelonimus Angelo개월 전

    Fnc inted

  4. Noro Ko

    Noro Ko개월 전

    23:20 that efforts move damn. pulling mid lane minions to delay fnc pushing mid tower. Those little moves making skt to win

  5. Jame Lee

    Jame Lee개월 전

    When FNC nearly turns the game, Faker's like, "nope"

  6. Key_Man

    Key_Man개월 전

    19:08 missinfo about the flash lul, garen already ulted naut during kayle ult, he just flashed to avoid gp R

  7. Jan Solil

    Jan Solil개월 전


  8. Jan Solil

    Jan Solil개월 전

    @Starrymax in 18:11 he could have ulted him into wall no exhaust necessary

  9. Starrymax

    Starrymax개월 전

    Jan Solil he lost vision and the ult animation didn’t finish for it to launch.

  10. Woojun Jeong

    Woojun Jeong개월 전

    Yeah :D He fucked those Europeans so hard.

  11. 스님

    스님개월 전

    SKT is Koreans

  12. Jan Solil

    Jan Solil개월 전


  13. Proximity94

    Proximity94개월 전

    commong bug concerning replays

  14. Woojun Jeong

    Woojun Jeong개월 전

    Replay bug is a thing lmao

  15. Jacques junior Fatal

    Jacques junior Fatal개월 전

    A round of clap for Faker. Litteraly walk with 0 deaths

  16. God servant M.B.Z

    God servant M.B.Z개월 전

    Hey rekless Garen Yumi is no longer a good choice against Skt.

  17. marc bachmann

    marc bachmann개월 전

    42:00 Did she watch the same game I did? Or is she just stupid? This game and the fights were pretty close

  18. marc bachmann

    marc bachmann개월 전

    @Woojun Jeong Was the dog on your profile picture tasty my chinese friend?

  19. 김민국

    김민국개월 전

    So where is your tier?

  20. PaElRa

    PaElRa개월 전

    It didn't look close. Skt was in control

  21. FalleN

    FalleN개월 전

    Troll pick by fnatec - insta lose. GG

  22. Taralya

    Taralya개월 전

    Screw this... not the best idea to throw garen/yuumi against skt. lost in the draft!

  23. wtf of wtf

    wtf of wtf개월 전

    Yea skt came with homework done banned nemesis tf take broxah lee let akali open and took kayle to outscale garen

  24. Paulo  Azuela

    Paulo Azuela개월 전

    SKT without Faker is dead. I noticed when Faker is around their team comp is unusual than normal

  25. Woojun Jeong

    Woojun Jeong개월 전

    Eh nah. Each lanes r strong asf. Teddy's one of the best adcs. Clid is an insane jungler. Khan is literally a beast.

  26. Izuku Midoriya

    Izuku Midoriya개월 전

    It's fucking day 1 and Faker is going nuts already

  27. Liam Taurau

    Liam Taurau개월 전

    Syndra because of moe?

  28. Jacob Scoggins

    Jacob Scoggins개월 전

    Liam Taurau It’s not about getting butthurt. Just tired of seeing false information, meme or not. I don’t get salty over internet shit like you or anyone else. I just say the facts and move on lol.

  29. Liam Taurau

    Liam Taurau개월 전

    @Jacob Scoggins it was a meme kid don't get so butthurt

  30. Jacob Scoggins

    Jacob Scoggins개월 전

    Sébastien Faucher That syndra ban is because it can be flexed and Rekkles has been playing so much lately. It’s not because faker is afraid of it. I’m not talking about the moe game because the clip that everyone is seeing isn’t even that good of a clip.

  31. Sébastien Faucher

    Sébastien Faucher개월 전

    @Jacob Scoggins Lol he just won one trade when loosing all the rest

  32. Jacob Scoggins

    Jacob Scoggins개월 전

    Liam Taurau just stop.

  33. João

    João개월 전

    oque vai ter de mlk jogando de tristana mid não ta escrito

  34. DaveLombardo77

    DaveLombardo77개월 전

    FNC nunca espero nada de ustedes y aún así logran decepcionarme

  35. Cristian MexicanLastName

    Cristian MexicanLastName개월 전

    41:31 TITTIE!

  36. Violinmax

    Violinmax개월 전

    Garen so fucking broken xd

  37. mae bae

    mae bae개월 전

    faker really walks the talk with 9/0/8 everyone ❤️❤️❤️

  38. 주승우

    주승우개월 전

    41:03 lol

  39. Jayson Enriquez

    Jayson Enriquez개월 전

    Lol to that gp flash

  40. ISAAC Lalnunzira

    ISAAC Lalnunzira개월 전

    CLOSE GAME?? hahaha!! It wasnt even close!!! SKT were way superior in play execution

  41. James Kay

    James Kay개월 전

    ISAAC Lalnunzira we need more people like you in the world. People who understand when something makes sense.

  42. ISAAC Lalnunzira

    ISAAC Lalnunzira개월 전

    @Space Lizard ok, i get your point...fair enough

  43. Space Lizard

    Space Lizard개월 전

    I think what he was trying to say that was pointed later was that FNC was able to make a stand in the mid-game despite the huge defecit they were in. Since the end of summer split their DRAFT has been abysmal idk why they aren't changing it or trying to adapt to something else. It just isn't working. They were getting out-drafted by bottom tier LEC teams, what did they think would happen in the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP by using the same draft?

  44. 매화비

    매화비개월 전

    42:42 that referee is so cute lol

  45. Malik Gunebakan

    Malik Gunebakan개월 전

    ST!X if she means the one which I am guessing is at 42:24, not 42, then her name would by Yuli. Her KOreporter and Twitter is like cxlibri.

  46. ST!X

    ST!X개월 전

    @G B name?

  47. G B

    G B개월 전

    if i remember corectly she also streams

  48. xLightify

    xLightify개월 전

    woke up too late smh

  49. ParotZ

    ParotZ개월 전

    Hah first here