1. Jesus Castro

    Jesus Castro9 일 전

    I wish certain matches could have the option that the only way to end the fight is to win by knockout would love this to be the case with manny vs Floyd

  2. Joelson Sabado

    Joelson Sabado12 일 전

    Gayweather can't hurt his opponents like pacquiao does pacquiao hits way harder than gayweather

  3. Gerald Sander-son

    Gerald Sander-son15 일 전

    He's hiding! 😂😂

  4. Donald J. Trump

    Donald J. Trump24 일 전

    I think he is a combination of floyd jr sr

  5. Only 2 Choices Available

    Only 2 Choices Available28 일 전

    Froid: Not surprised, why do you think I'm scared ? for nothing?

  6. ye s

    ye s29 일 전

    "appreciate it thanks for your time man" comes back

  7. Idgaf

    Idgaf2 개월 전

    Last time i checked that mf isnt mayweather

  8. Giannis Antetokounmpo

    Giannis Antetokounmpo2 개월 전

    Pay attention to what the Man is saying. He's telling what Floyd's reaction to the Fight.

  9. Will VSW

    Will VSW2 개월 전

    Misleading Name for this video where Floyd at🙄👀👀

  10. Niero J

    Niero J2 개월 전

    whereis floyd? this is a bait

  11. 301AG

    301AG3 개월 전

    Floyd got 300mill the last time. If they give him half a billion he would fight Pac-Man again.

  12. free movie

    free movie3 개월 전

    floyd mayweather owner pbc

  13. wakulu riel

    wakulu riel3 개월 전

    Still top fighters pacman and floyd these youngsters must to fight more to get pacman and floyd's top peak of the mountain.

  14. Kenneth Portiz Presto

    Kenneth Portiz Presto3 개월 전

    To all the flomos: They did vada testing under usada. The testing was purely vada but for some reason under the name usada. To all Pactards: Don't get ahead of yourself. He should retire or fight one last big fight.

  15. brain eater

    brain eater3 개월 전

    Seems like that nose work out .


    DAVID BERNAL3 개월 전

    Maywaather aint got shit to say thats why this is reaction 😂😂😂

  17. Pahanin

    Pahanin3 개월 전

    Wtf is up with that botched nose job

  18. Yo Yo.

    Yo Yo.3 개월 전


  19. CaliGaL

    CaliGaL4 개월 전

    pacquiao vs morales, Floyd was also there and I think cheering for Pacquiao.

  20. Jerald Salazar

    Jerald Salazar4 개월 전

    Floyd mayweather Vs Betlog Sniper. Make it happen floyd can't beat him for sure. 😂 😂😂

  21. Rockstone Unob

    Rockstone Unob4 개월 전

    What in the world floyd doing there??? It is too much violence for him to watch...

  22. Gary p

    Gary p4 개월 전

    Good Man ..

  23. Ilustrado

    Ilustrado4 개월 전

    The Japanese dude though... XD

  24. noriel loma

    noriel loma4 개월 전

    Click bait 😕

  25. c dub mann

    c dub mann4 개월 전

    Floyd ran to the bank.

  26. name Less

    name Less4 개월 전

    if they change the rule in boxing, that getting a knockout is the only way to win.. would that be better? hahahah

  27. Tetrahedral Yee tee tee

    Tetrahedral Yee tee tee4 개월 전

    Mayweather again trying to get paid and run that final lap while manny does the leg work just like 15 plus years ago and again now... move on boxing world put your focus with these kids staying active in the game...

  28. Freddie Hidalgo

    Freddie Hidalgo4 개월 전

    So this foo is the young version of donking 😂😂😂

  29. Eldrin Gallardo

    Eldrin Gallardo4 개월 전

    Floid is a gay so he is a legend? Big name in boxing But when he face many He look like what? So awkward in boxing history

  30. Misfit. Marv

    Misfit. Marv4 개월 전

    50-0 TBE

  31. Slim Hatch

    Slim Hatch4 개월 전

    They hate when the black man wins!!!! Strait up!! We got give the opponent rematch’s and or we running, but we already beat them tho so how and etc.... never want to see a black man at the top...... smh....

  32. Cinema Premieres

    Cinema Premieres4 개월 전

    Slim Hatch or Mexicans

  33. maria zhecoslovakia

    maria zhecoslovakia4 개월 전

    even if you own all money in the universe but you will regret all the remaining days in ur life erasing your undefeated you so called legacy but deep inside your all boxing fans around the world already knew you are scared to fight manny and that will pursue so you all the days of your life

  34. xx

    xx4 개월 전

    what a clickbait

  35. Starmach Teves

    Starmach Teves4 개월 전

    Undefeated champion is no match for 8th division holder title champ..not even close

  36. Misfit. Marv

    Misfit. Marv4 개월 전

    He beat him though lol hater. 50-0 TBE. Then he made the shoulder excuse

  37. Joshua Williams

    Joshua Williams4 개월 전

    Where tf Floyd at tho... clout chasing video !!!

  38. Canon Kingsley

    Canon Kingsley4 개월 전

    Will people still regard Floyd as a GOAT if he has a loss on his record?

  39. Tetrahedral Yee tee tee

    Tetrahedral Yee tee tee4 개월 전

    Canon Kingsley I really thought Pac-Man won the first one... I thought the name of the game is who lands the cleanest and more power punches which Pac-Man did... but let’s not dwell... Pac-Man stays fighting while Floyd makes money off those women dancing just like he does in the ring

  40. derek452

    derek4524 개월 전

    Why does FightHype need to clickbait

  41. su k7

    su k74 개월 전



    ADOREREDD4 개월 전

    I don't need your speculation sir. I'd rather hear it from Floyd Mayweather like the title said. Wtf?

  43. faketoothtommy

    faketoothtommy4 개월 전

    "like the title said" ?! uploaders at fault here not Leonard..

  44. Charle River

    Charle River4 개월 전

    Do not talk to much and tell Dloud to do the REMATCH

  45. Wilde Beast

    Wilde Beast4 개월 전

    It's called click bait folks- that's why there is a thumbs down button. 🙄