Florida State vs. Duke Condensed Game | 2018-19 ACC Basketball


  1. Andy Simon

    Andy Simon개월 전


  2. LoSoNBanks22

    LoSoNBanks223 개월 전

    Crazy how good the acc is. I just Florida state absolutely spank murrary state who’s legit

  3. D Me

    D Me3 개월 전

    Grant Hill says ex-Duke players are called 'Dukies'. Sounds like what a toddler says is in their diapers. At least go with the much more mature 'Dukers'.

  4. Khawar Khan

    Khawar Khan3 개월 전

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  5. Franz Revilla

    Franz Revilla3 개월 전

    fk that's a lebron pass 4:43

  6. Benjamin Batubenga

    Benjamin Batubenga3 개월 전

    Zion will win a championship with Duke

  7. My Legacy

    My Legacy3 개월 전

    The power of Zion throwing GROWN MEN AROUND LIKE TODDLER'S 7:15

  8. Eric Cartman

    Eric Cartman3 개월 전

    #49 on trending

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  10. Yogita Sakpal

    Yogita Sakpal3 개월 전

    Numbers Zion’s gunna drop in nba 6:29

  11. Elite Seb

    Elite Seb3 개월 전

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  12. Vogue Of Today

    Vogue Of Today3 개월 전

    Nice moment

  13. Mad Space Poet

    Mad Space Poet3 개월 전

    7 min of basketball for a 10 point blowout.

  14. Natalie Vollmar

    Natalie Vollmar3 개월 전

    Go Noles

  15. Brian Osagie

    Brian Osagie3 개월 전

    #zion on top

  16. SuperKeith 007

    SuperKeith 0073 개월 전

    My 'Noles can't slip up in the tourney like they did this game or they're out

  17. Gregory Baskin

    Gregory Baskin3 개월 전

    That bounce pass Zion did...WOW!

  18. Yunis Rajab

    Yunis Rajab3 개월 전

    I haven't seen a player as NBA ready as Zion since LeBron. Zion actually looks a lot more ready

  19. Jameson Hune

    Jameson Hune3 개월 전

    Duke is overrated

  20. THE BIG C 5000

    THE BIG C 50003 개월 전

    Zion Williamson is a BEAST!!! 😱

  21. W M

    W M3 개월 전

    FSU fought tough, but Duke w/ Williamson is just such a great squad.

  22. Steve Mark Gan

    Steve Mark Gan3 개월 전

    Interracial at 3:07

  23. Dr. J.J. Spinner

    Dr. J.J. Spinner3 개월 전

    RJ is playing some of his best ball, he really look good, and I think Zion is taking a book out of Lebron James book the way he is facilitating the ball is unreal. Although RJ looks better and more dominant than earlier in the season, Zion is clearly the number one choice how is making everyone better around him due to the double teams he commands.

  24. Melbourne Campaña

    Melbourne Campaña3 개월 전

    if not for his injury tre jones could do better to help the team

  25. Candice Natelli

    Candice Natelli3 개월 전

    FSU still my ride or die

  26. Le Garçon Qui ment

    Le Garçon Qui ment3 개월 전

    So much falling lmao

  27. Jr

    Jr3 개월 전

    Zion looks goofy as hell when he clenches his fists😂

  28. Boston Blackie

    Boston Blackie3 개월 전

    I hate Duke watch they'll play in Greensboro; In tournament like always that's bs !!!

  29. PC Charms

    PC Charms3 개월 전


  30. Jamie Varner

    Jamie Varner3 개월 전

    Bro I wear my duke hoodie to school and they say duke sucks what about now fuckers:3

  31. Abba Navy

    Abba Navy3 개월 전

    they jump alot , it's like watching kids play

  32. Jloading 2x

    Jloading 2x3 개월 전

    I really feel like cam reddish isn’t getting the spotlight he deserves

  33. Janeer Rodgers

    Janeer Rodgers3 개월 전


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  35. Michael Colby

    Michael Colby3 개월 전

    Zion is like the lamelo ball of Duke comment and like on your opinion

  36. troy caldwell

    troy caldwell3 개월 전

    Why is it delayed

  37. Eric Cartman

    Eric Cartman3 개월 전


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  39. Loaf of Bread

    Loaf of Bread3 개월 전

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  40. Sarthak Shrestha

    Sarthak Shrestha3 개월 전

    4:40 .. Cant see the ball even in slow motion 0.25

  41. kathy Johson

    kathy Johson3 개월 전

    Yeah Duke!!!


    RANDOM VIDS3 개월 전

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  43. trutALLENt Galaxy

    trutALLENt Galaxy3 개월 전

    Duke with the dub.

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    Kanana Kounb3 개월 전

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  45. david hassan

    david hassan3 개월 전

    I bet you if Zion wasn’t playing they would have LOST 🏀🏀🏀

  46. TrAvis Sheppard

    TrAvis Sheppard3 개월 전

    Those awkward landings is whats going Zions down fall

  47. UMadBro

    UMadBro3 개월 전

    The low quality and unsynced sound gives me anxiety

  48. Joe Jones

    Joe Jones3 개월 전

    3:39 that pass tho

  49. Clara Davis

    Clara Davis3 개월 전

    that right go blue devils

  50. Clara Davis

    Clara Davis3 개월 전

    Zion he is a beast he remained me Julian Randal when the Lakers got let him go I was so mad that is my favorite team right now they ant shit try now


    STEVE MARCEL3 개월 전

    Zion will be better than Lebron..

  52. Branden Allen

    Branden Allen3 개월 전

    Zion to the Suns

  53. Why not hot!

    Why not hot!3 개월 전



    CUGTHEGANG3 개월 전

    When the dude won that tip off against Zion he probably felt like the man 😂😂😂

  55. Shmurmur

    Shmurmur3 개월 전

    3.25 they use 3 dudes to stop him and he still manages to get his rebound

  56. Jared McGorman

    Jared McGorman3 개월 전

    Go Duke glad we won the acc title now let’s go and get number 6 for coach k

  57. Moonroof

    Moonroof3 개월 전

    I like this team alot

  58. Jess Vincent

    Jess Vincent3 개월 전

    duke wont make it through the bracket

  59. bludzee Simon

    bludzee Simon3 개월 전

    Dude the audio is trash

  60. Elroy lobo

    Elroy lobo3 개월 전

    Zion is gonna make us forget MJ, lbj....

  61. Bryson Tussey

    Bryson Tussey3 개월 전


  62. John Nebeiht

    John Nebeiht3 개월 전

    Zion is waiting BITCHES.

  63. Noya Reid

    Noya Reid3 개월 전

    Dawg you always make me think my Bluetooth is connected 🙄🙄🙄 FIX YOUR AUDIO!!

  64. BONY

    BONY3 개월 전

    Condensed game?? Maybe at the beginning🤦🏼‍♂️ This wasnt even close

  65. ThotIANa Brown

    ThotIANa Brown3 개월 전

    BONY it was tied at half

  66. Mark Badgett

    Mark Badgett3 개월 전

    These 2 teams played like NBA☆

  67. D

    D3 개월 전

    Congrats to the blue devil for another ACC championship. Keep pushing. 2 more trophies and banners to claim.

  68. LTJuni0r

    LTJuni0r3 개월 전

    Audio is always trash. Wdf

  69. Gregory Whitaker

    Gregory Whitaker3 개월 전

    Why can't they fix their audio?

  70. Get his stupid Ass

    Get his stupid Ass3 개월 전

    Why is college ball way more exciting than the nba?

  71. TheLordoftheRavens

    TheLordoftheRavens3 개월 전

    The main thing is that the single-game elimination style tournament provides more upsets than the NBA's best of seven playoffs. In the NBA, the better team almost always comes out on top; in college, the better team might have an off day and get knocked out, which leads to more suspense and excitement.

  72. nick lenard

    nick lenard3 개월 전

    Just like why the ncaa more exiting then nfl

  73. killa ja

    killa ja3 개월 전

    Get his stupid Ass they haven’t gotten paid yet

  74. MicahThaSwipa

    MicahThaSwipa3 개월 전

    Foul on Thumbnail

  75. cesar leon

    cesar leon3 개월 전

    best dunker, rebounder, blocker and now passer. he is just amazing player.

  76. cesar leon

    cesar leon3 개월 전

    7:40 booooobs.

  77. Angelo Morreale

    Angelo Morreale3 개월 전

    blue devils all the way

  78. AJ M.

    AJ M.3 개월 전

    🔥💯Bruh ZION IS THE TRUTH💯🔥

  79. Mr. Davario P.

    Mr. Davario P.3 개월 전

    Zion Blackman is God

  80. Yizhu Chu

    Yizhu Chu3 개월 전

    First time seeing Zion loses a tip off

  81. Brendon Lucas

    Brendon Lucas3 개월 전

    Zion is not going to be good in the NBA. He runs flat footed. Not even an athlete or basketball player. He needs to get a jump shot if he wants me be a role player in the league. That 13-13 game he had? That was overrated as hell. Made 1 lucky 3 pointer and had all 12 of his other shots in the paint. Can’t wait to see him getting swatted into the nose bleeds next year.

  82. Onsongo Isaiah

    Onsongo Isaiah3 개월 전

    They said the same when he was dominating high school. Soft NBA cant do shit to this young monster.

  83. Golden Vlogger

    Golden Vlogger3 개월 전

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  84. James Hall

    James Hall3 개월 전


  85. Neriyahu

    Neriyahu3 개월 전

    Oh my 😱😱😱

  86. SavageNat1k Yt

    SavageNat1k Yt3 개월 전

    What if next year the lakers trade for the first pick get Zion and the lakers sign melo 😂😂 1.Lonzo 2.melo 3.Lebron 4.Zion 5.Mcgee

  87. Hammeraffe Jo

    Hammeraffe Jo3 개월 전

    no Teams trading first pick a Zion with a Rookie contract is to much worth

  88. Joseph Ramirez

    Joseph Ramirez3 개월 전

    I’m buggin or 4:39 Zion travelled ?

  89. Ralph Sampson

    Ralph Sampson3 개월 전

    Joseph Ramirez he didn’t it’s hard to see his last dribble

  90. #1 DUKE

    #1 DUKE3 개월 전

    We got that 🏆...Go Duke

  91. Ray Nash

    Ray Nash3 개월 전

    Pay these kids!

  92. Aloha Thon

    Aloha Thon3 개월 전

    Zion for trash😂

  93. A N T I Everything

    A N T I Everything3 개월 전

    Tre Jones is fucking dope kitty❤️❤️

  94. Eric Cartman

    Eric Cartman3 개월 전

    #9 on trending

  95. Ashraful Fahim

    Ashraful Fahim3 개월 전

    watch this this video is fucking crazzzyyyyyyy😱😱😱😱😱😱 koreporter.com/v/%EB%B9%84%EB%94%94%EC%98%A4-0ClYYK6cBZI.html

  96. Da Real C.y McIntosh

    Da Real C.y McIntosh3 개월 전

    Best team ever Duke

  97. Forgiven Sinner

    Forgiven Sinner3 개월 전

    Zion's starting to round into form again after his injury. Great defensive and rebounding energy.

  98. Rip Bg

    Rip Bg3 개월 전

    Ima FSU fan I hope we meet y'all again in the Tournament great game

  99. Rip Bg

    Rip Bg3 개월 전

    @Mr. Davario P. I would love to don't make it seem we are outmatched our best players didn't have good games

  100. Mr. Davario P.

    Mr. Davario P.3 개월 전

    Bruh i hate duke but i know you seriously don't wanna see that squad again

  101. edwfn

    edwfn3 개월 전

    duke really stepped up in the 2nd half

  102. DoJoee

    DoJoee3 개월 전

    Williamson looks like a smaller big baby davis lul

  103. ACG Medical

    ACG Medical3 개월 전

    80% of the guys playing on Florida look at least 30 years old. Who are you kidding trying to pass these guys off as 18-21. Wtf.

  104. Onsongo Isaiah

    Onsongo Isaiah3 개월 전

    LMAO Truth

  105. Enoch DaGoat

    Enoch DaGoat3 개월 전

    Why yall volume always late or back up from the video

  106. EM DT

    EM DT3 개월 전

    Let's all bear witness to the Zion King 👑, the Last Avenger, the Only One.

  107. Curtis Rupp

    Curtis Rupp3 개월 전

    It was hard to see Duke fall short of the final four last year but I think Duke will be a bit more determined and alot more competitive this tournament go Blue

  108. John Acevedo

    John Acevedo3 개월 전

    Nobody going to say anything about the thumbnail ?? I guess not

  109. Itsofficial

    Itsofficial3 개월 전

    6:45 whoa he got up there

  110. Itsofficial

    Itsofficial3 개월 전

    He blocked that layup! Probably didn't get credit. Hard to see

  111. Getyourbread Up

    Getyourbread Up3 개월 전

    Barret Zion and jones love it

  112. ricodontkillem

    ricodontkillem3 개월 전

    NC Coming for that ass.