Flinch w/ Blackpink


  1. A.R.M.Y #for life

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    Lol jennies reaction

  2. ItzzzMeJedrick.

    ItzzzMeJedrick.시간 전

    aww I Love you Mandeuk😘💓

  3. Dgripper

    Dgripper시간 전

    I like that they all know pretty good English

  4. Bffl3443

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  5. Sangeeta Dutta

    Sangeeta Dutta시간 전

    We all need v vs jisoo...we all do

  6. Spoon Of Suga

    Spoon Of Suga시간 전

    ah poor Jennie she looks so scared

  7. Chetra Lah

    Chetra Lah시간 전

    Oh god! It’s trending number 3 in Cambodia

  8. Laiba Sarfraz

    Laiba Sarfraz시간 전

    Its the first time I saw James flinch!!

  9. seokinjiee

    seokinjiee시간 전

    “i’m not scared, u know” “i’m not scary”



    #3 in us omg

  11. lakeisha johnson

    lakeisha johnson시간 전

    Ready for blackpink carpool.❤😊👍

  12. Red

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  13. Jhesa Maquilan

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    #1 trending 🇵🇭 ot4

  14. Isabella Castro

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    Meu Jenlisa vivíssimo

  15. eule 131

    eule 131시간 전

    They look different in American camera... more normal 🤔

  16. Tanya R.

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  17. 『Anime Girl for life!!!』

    『Anime Girl for life!!!』시간 전

    3:46 Lisa is not amused

  18. Lee Know

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    Ngakak jenie

  19. THE BRGY

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    Jennieeeeee, omg James what are you doing to our previous Jennie? Meanwhile.... Jisoo: pfffft, EASY #1 TRENDING IN THE PHILIPPINES! This just shows what a phenomenon Blackpink has become! They have changed my life too that I also made a Kill This Love dance cover just for them. Love you queens!

  20. Phil Eldrige Sim

    Phil Eldrige Sim시간 전

    What a show

  21. HeyyItzTrish

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    #1 on Trending in the Philippines!

  22. Jvlio Cesar

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  23. 다인Clara

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  24. Nathuli Pat

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    aww they're the best -

  25. Patricia Kim

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    #Jennie so beautiful #Jisoo so beautiful #Rosè so beautiful #Lisa so beautiful #4m views in one day #blink's streamed well

  26. waowaokul

    waowaokul시간 전

    *I'm not scary*

  27. BLACKPINK JenLisa

    BLACKPINK JenLisa시간 전

    Hahaha go Jennie and Rośe

  28. rully vania

    rully vania시간 전

    me: (sees BP in the thumbnail) me: (watches video) me: it is more better if it was *FLINCH W/ BANGPINK* 🏵️tehehe, is just for the shippers🏵️ WAIT! i think i see rosekook here Rose as-Jungkook Lisa as-Taehyung am I right?


    LIV CONDE시간 전

    Mygosh, i flinched too during Lisa and Rose's turn, my heart jumped out and so did I from my seat hahahaha, I had fun watching this ^^

  30. Random Person 59

    Random Person 59시간 전

    I did a KOreporter search for “people harmed playing flinch” and BTS, Shawn Mendes, and Fifth Harmony came up.

  31. Peace KR

    Peace KR시간 전

    제임스 코든 진행 잘한다..진짜 새삼 다시 느낀다

  32. Dian Putri

    Dian Putri시간 전

    Your smile lisa hummm.... so cute and beautifull 😙😙😍

  33. Henock gebriel

    Henock gebriel시간 전

    This was one of the most pointless things i have ever seen!

  34. Rancine B. Magbalon

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    #1 trending in the Philippines!!

  35. Allen Ragdi

    Allen Ragdi시간 전

    I remember V keeping a straight face

  36. R S

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  37. Apicha-ib5 Gop

    Apicha-ib5 Gop시간 전

    Thank you for Lisa’s costume. It’s properly long, not too short. Lisa’s shape suitable for normal short. Thank you😊😊

  38. Nurul Aisyah Sudibyo

    Nurul Aisyah Sudibyo시간 전

    I'm not scary kekeke Yeah, Jisoo, yeah!

  39. Joshua Daria

    Joshua Daria시간 전

    Jennie looks like she's going to play tennis

  40. Mendra

    Mendra시간 전

    is there any interview with BLACKPINK ? I'm look forward to interview with BLACKPINK from late late show.

  41. 에릭

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  42. Joseph Chen

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  43. MolikaYT

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    Wow jisoo so good Like tae was good too . I love so much

  44. Adelia Flores

    Adelia Flores시간 전

    Watch the bts play flinch in the late late show watch v's part.....jisoo and v didn't even move

  45. Frederick Dan Pama

    Frederick Dan Pama시간 전

    Their English is so well. Applause girls!

  46. 에릭

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  47. Apicha-ib5 Gop

    Apicha-ib5 Gop시간 전

    You all did it again..so fun😊😊😊😊

  48. XxBlessed Xx

    XxBlessed Xx시간 전

    You did this with BTS

  49. Khan Lakhno

    Khan Lakhno시간 전

    *I think Jennie was on her periods, bc she was touching her skirt awkwardly...*

  50. ratna apriyanti

    ratna apriyanti시간 전

    Jennie is very cute

  51. Suga Kookies

    Suga Kookies시간 전

    Jisoo and Taehyung literally need to do it together.

  52. Frederick Dan Pama

    Frederick Dan Pama시간 전

    Lisa was like: (Hug) You okay?

  53. Purple Pancakes

    Purple Pancakes시간 전

    Aww there really adorable

  54. pv_plays games

    pv_plays games시간 전

    Only 2 people have been harmed

  55. Zammy Inghug

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    Damn number 1 on trending here in the Philippines..

  56. EK7

    EK7시간 전

    I don't even know what blackpink is

  57. Sachi Paniamogan

    Sachi Paniamogan시간 전

    O my god jennie💕😂😍

  58. Munir Hussain

    Munir Hussain시간 전

    I I I'm shook how did Jisoo survie all of the were like help me!

  59. Emily Guan

    Emily Guan시간 전

    don’t get a replay on james?

  60. Suga Kookies

    Suga Kookies시간 전

    Yayyyyyy!!! BTS and James BLACKPINK and James *MY LIFE IS COMPLETE*

  61. Hyuna Minaj

    Hyuna Minaj시간 전

    Why Jisoo acts so stupid😕

  62. ChimChimisonlyfor JiminiePabo

    ChimChimisonlyfor JiminiePabo시간 전

    I remember V's reaction is same with Jisoo😍 I dont ship them but I love it

  63. Allen Daniel Renton

    Allen Daniel Renton시간 전

    *#1 trending in the Philippines 🇵🇭*

  64. Trinh Ta

    Trinh Ta시간 전

    jisoo so beautiful :))) huhuhu

  65. Farh Iyoob

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  66. Lil meow meow

    Lil meow meow시간 전

    Jisoo is so precious she I want to hug her and shower her in kisses

  67. Amelia x

    Amelia x시간 전

    jisoo and taehyung share the same energy

  68. Saima Abdul Hamid

    Saima Abdul Hamid시간 전

    Jisoo was good !!!!!!! wow

  69. Cat Bat

    Cat Bat시간 전

    Cringeeeeeeeeeee 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  70. Walaa Mustafa

    Walaa Mustafa시간 전

    Jisoo my Queen 👏👏🤣🤣😘😘😘

  71. Kanon 音花1228

    Kanon 音花1228시간 전

    6k haters

  72. Nguyễn Ngọc Minh Trang

    Nguyễn Ngọc Minh Trang시간 전

    Jisoo has a good skills👍 👍 👍

  73. TheBrightDarkness X

    TheBrightDarkness X시간 전

    Rip jennies heart

  74. Meryam Army

    Meryam Army시간 전

    جيني ضحكتني اهواي

  75. Struggling_Psyche

    Struggling_Psyche시간 전

    No.1 on trending??? I mean- yaaaayyy!!

  76. Charles Tarog

    Charles Tarog시간 전

    #1 trending on ph

  77. Linh Nguyễn Ngọc

    Linh Nguyễn Ngọc시간 전

    Jennie: Ah! Jisoo: Yeah...

  78. ميمو ايغو { فرع اليوتيوب}

    ميمو ايغو { فرع اليوتيوب}시간 전

    عاهرات بس يقلدون بbts لأنهم أشهر منهم 😒


    ANAK ITIK시간 전

    Jennie like a jin and jhope... Jisoo like a taehyung 😂😂😄 thay look the same 😅

  80. LV khanit

    LV khanit시간 전

    Lisa is so cute. 💕

  81. skelki Galatasaray

    skelki Galatasaray시간 전

    Jisoo don't gave a fuck😂 From blackpink,she is always to cutest and stuff but also the bravest lol.

  82. Poine _

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  83. gary mamaril

    gary mamaril시간 전

    1:42 Lisa be like: *That's my girl*

  84. drawingangel2

    drawingangel2시간 전

    Poor Jisoo... she looks left out a bit or uncomfortable because everyone is speaking english but that doesn't stop her from performing so well and looking beautiful~

  85. Hazel

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  86. Gaius

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  87. Net State

    Net State시간 전

    Cut the game and open the pain

  88. Thị Hằng Phạm

    Thị Hằng Phạm시간 전

    So funnyyy

  89. fishcakeu 4 u

    fishcakeu 4 u시간 전

    #1 on trending 🖤💖

  90. John Paul Balanay

    John Paul Balanay시간 전

    Your so verry stronger princess jiso .....lisa rose jennie is safe because they have a stronger sister that protect them no matter what happen😘😘😘BLACKPINK is my lovelife without them im incomplete😘😘

  91. 2uby Sounds

    2uby Sounds시간 전

    To the 0.01% people reading this comment i hope you have a really good future ahead and you achieve your dreams. My dream is to be a successful youtuber. Please wish me luck🙏 thank you❤️

  92. mehak kaleembaig

    mehak kaleembaig시간 전

    Jisoo is like a tae😁 daring

  93. Idontgot7

    Idontgot7시간 전

    0:15 jennie: *not this again*

  94. 8 eyes 8 legs

    8 eyes 8 legs시간 전

    James: Who out of you scares the easiest do you think? Blackpink: yes

  95. What & Ever

    What & Ever시간 전

    Lol it made me jump when Jennie and Jisoo went too 😂😂😂 Their outfits, wow

  96. Alishba Arshad

    Alishba Arshad시간 전

    If Ariana Grande was standing with them she would’ve fitted perfectly with them. Ya know long straight hair,short skirt, cute smile, perfect legs

  97. indah puspitasari

    indah puspitasari시간 전

    Jennie so beautiful cute n funny

  98. Zainab_ Army

    Zainab_ Army시간 전

    Jisoo is so cute 😭🖤✨

  99. fiona fonte

    fiona fonte시간 전

    Jennie's reaction is so damn cute💕

  100. Just Top

    Just Top시간 전

    Jennie got scared at her time, at Lisa and Rosé's and and at James's 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  101. Vante Kim

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    Çok yapmacıklar niye böyleler