FIXING Play Doh Slime! *extreme slime makeover*


  1. Nichole Jacklyne

    Nichole Jacklyne26 일 전

    FIRST VIDEO HERE NEW Play Doh Slime HONEST Review! Is it Worth It?!

  2. Izzy Cwc fan

    Izzy Cwc fan18 일 전

    I don’t have Instagram so can I still enter

  3. Ashley Geary

    Ashley Geary18 일 전

    Omg I love your videos😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

  4. eric hartley

    eric hartley23 일 전

    Ha ha ha that’s funny that you bought a Plato instead of a Slime

  5. eric hartley

    eric hartley23 일 전

    You’re the best I love you so much I watch your videos every day❤️😜

  6. Teresa Crowe

    Teresa Crowe24 일 전

    Unicorn charms

  7. Jason Trout

    Jason Trout시간 전

    Did all of that

  8. Brad Nicar

    Brad Nicar2 일 전

    That last one was really nice looking #NicholeJacklynesquad

  9. Aesthetic Princess 500

    Aesthetic Princess 5004 일 전

    You know the drill! ♡◇ Your like is wich kind of slime you are! Hope you get the one you want :) 1. Clay 2. Jiggly 3. Thick 4.Fluffy 5. Cloud Cream 6. Crunchy 7.Butter Cream 8. Glittery 9. Fish Bowl 10. Butter

  10. tik toks and edits

    tik toks and edits6 일 전

    Burst 5:20

  11. Katherine Lam

    Katherine Lam7 일 전

    Burst at 5mins in

  12. Annika Fisher

    Annika Fisher9 일 전

    Unicorn candy

  13. Emily Padulano

    Emily Padulano9 일 전

    2:20 Unicorn Aquarium 🦄🐟 (the name)💙💗

  14. Shark Bite

    Shark Bite9 일 전

    Burst at 5 minutes in Hehehe luv you

  15. Reina Salas

    Reina Salas10 일 전


  16. Reina Salas

    Reina Salas10 일 전

    unicorn barf butter

  17. Pinkie's world

    Pinkie's world11 일 전

    1---unicorn pepper mint land 2---pink mini mouse polkadots 3---confedi bubble gum 4---cotten candy pink princess

  18. Gabby Gumball

    Gabby Gumball12 일 전


  19. itz Galaxy Luna

    itz Galaxy Luna12 일 전

    The First slime should be Called the Winter treat😊

  20. Savannah Witherspoon

    Savannah Witherspoon12 일 전

    blue berry rainbow

  21. Maggy Goudha

    Maggy Goudha12 일 전

    2 the bubblegum cupcake

  22. LeahRoom4 Rosas

    LeahRoom4 Rosas13 일 전

    Penelope for reak and Roulgh

  23. Chiefs Asa

    Chiefs Asa13 일 전

    Unicorn peppermint

  24. Tiana Gist

    Tiana Gist14 일 전

    u made butter slimes out of all of them... i don’t think they’re fixed i just added clay

  25. Hayle Nagy

    Hayle Nagy14 일 전


  26. Addy Hanford

    Addy Hanford14 일 전

    5:10 should be bubble game galaxy

  27. Addy Hanford

    Addy Hanford14 일 전

    2:01 should be unicorn ocean

  28. Lil' Cuddles

    Lil' Cuddles14 일 전

    Vidoe or Video

  29. Nevaeh Lizarraga

    Nevaeh Lizarraga14 일 전


  30. Recie Roberts

    Recie Roberts14 일 전


  31. Holli Woods

    Holli Woods14 일 전

    For the pink star slime I was getting starships vibez so I think maybe starships

  32. Cocoa//Msp

    Cocoa//Msp15 일 전

    Ok this is what slime you are Rules: whatever the number starts with is the slime you are no cheating. You have to like to find out what slime you are 1. Thick 2. Clear 3. Butter 4. Glitter 5. Cloud 6. Crunchy 7. Jelly 8. Normal 9. Metallic

  33. Wolfy and Foxy’s gacha and gaming

    Wolfy and Foxy’s gacha and gaming15 일 전

    1. Mint mocha 2. Pink rose 3. A. Shining Mauve B. Bright stars 4. Cotton sprinkles And... there is someone who would want the slime “nobody wants.” I liked it

  34. Megan Moore

    Megan Moore15 일 전

    Bubble gum with stars

  35. Ashlyn Hunger

    Ashlyn Hunger15 일 전

    I have a name for the pink slime with stars!...Ugly Af

  36. Karen Tran

    Karen Tran15 일 전

    For the blue one I think uh blue crunch

  37. Karen Tran

    Karen Tran15 일 전

    For the pink one I thinks bubble gum pop rock

  38. Emmeke Verloop

    Emmeke Verloop15 일 전

    Slime names Slime 1 : Unicorn Fluff 🦄 Slime 2 : Cotton candy fizz🍭 Slime 3 : Barbie 😂 Slime 4 : Fizzy Baby 🍬

  39. 1 R

    1 R15 일 전

    Burst at five ministers in

  40. Kris Oleinik

    Kris Oleinik15 일 전

    bule dream for the first slime

  41. Angelina Giuliano

    Angelina Giuliano15 일 전

    Kids that don’t have instagram don’t get a chance to win the giveaway

  42. Angelina Giuliano

    Angelina Giuliano15 일 전

    Do you tubers even think about kids that don’t have instagram like me when they say follow me on instagram fo4 a chance to win the giveaway

  43. Jorlyna Mendoza

    Jorlyna Mendoza16 일 전


  44. Claire Burch

    Claire Burch16 일 전

    The first slime could be mystic unicorn, the second slime could stary frosting, and the last slime should be blue raspberry bignsu

  45. Noonie

    Noonie16 일 전

    Burst at 5 minutes in