1. Mohd Zameer

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  2. Señor Enzo

    Señor Enzo14 시간 전

    Que le paso a tu ceja weon estas bien ?

  3. Cordaisheia Earlycutt

    Cordaisheia Earlycutt15 시간 전

    He’s not nice he’s not nice

  4. Cordaisheia Earlycutt

    Cordaisheia Earlycutt15 시간 전

    He said it had like 1 billion fish but it has 10-30 fish in there

  5. IheartBlocks05

    IheartBlocks0517 시간 전

    no keep it

  6. md siyam

    md siyam일 전

    ,Very Nice

  7. Alif. OppoA3

    Alif. OppoA3일 전

    Disgusting.please unlike

  8. A N U B I S

    A N U B I S일 전

    Am I the only person who think that this is fake?

  9. truc nguyen

    truc nguyen일 전

    Keep the monster at your pool

  10. truc nguyen

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  11. Gianni Zanetti

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  12. Kon Ko

    Kon Ko2 일 전

    นารา. KKXnxz8ey

  13. Edward Frederick

    Edward Frederick2 일 전

    raw fam is awesome

  14. Monica Rosa

    Monica Rosa2 일 전

    thats cool

  15. Ashley Kiarie

    Ashley Kiarie3 일 전

    You are going to catch something big I say big

  16. Naim Rani7

    Naim Rani73 일 전

    ThebFish totaly when rampage after get caught!!!!

  17. Agustin Aquino

    Agustin Aquino3 일 전

    Fish woooo

  18. Jada Road

    Jada Road3 일 전

    That catfish was huge

  19. Rea Mae Calaycay

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  20. Marcio Paixao

    Marcio Paixao3 일 전

    Se pá de vídeo

  21. طايل علام

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  22. Gambler 4life

    Gambler 4life6 일 전

    cool catching and cool fish tank that's unique.

  23. Sports vines All day

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    BRANDON M7 일 전


  25. Niel Schoeman

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  26. Binar Satrio

    Binar Satrio8 일 전

    No iken oris

  27. Natasha JassyTyAlly Nash

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  28. Ibrahim Baker

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  29. Layla Johnson

    Layla Johnson9 일 전

    Oh my gosh are in there

  30. Alejandro Gonzalez

    Alejandro Gonzalez9 일 전

    Bros eyebrows look like a hotwheel track

  31. Alex Vlogs

    Alex Vlogs10 일 전

    Rock fishing I watch your TickTock I sawBird coming out of your hoodie

  32. Mazhar Yousaf

    Mazhar Yousaf10 일 전

    I’m going back to work tomorrow morning and then I’m leaving my house now I have my phone and I’m not home yet

  33. Pukjira Khongphum

    Pukjira Khongphum10 일 전

    คลิปไม่ตรงปก 5555 ปลาคาฟฟ

  34. Mack Lord Peralta

    Mack Lord Peralta11 일 전

    Instead of knife you can just use the soldering iron

  35. Melissa Cowell

    Melissa Cowell12 일 전

    I love Rawwfishing it cool

  36. Junade Hocog

    Junade Hocog14 일 전

    Is that in saipan

  37. Junade Hocog

    Junade Hocog14 일 전

    Nice catch

  38. Ryan McFaden

    Ryan McFaden14 일 전

    OMG 😂

  39. Christian rey Concha

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  40. Lor1 Williams

    Lor1 Williams16 일 전

    Red Tails a type of catfish

  41. Traiton Fitzgerald

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  42. Farukjunior Sakridan

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  43. Owen Ligthart

    Owen Ligthart16 일 전

    Yes I do think it will work

  44. Don Shaw

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  45. Don Shaw

    Don Shaw17 일 전

    good fish I love fish can I eat that plase.

  46. Yvette Glass

    Yvette Glass17 일 전

    Where in the breaded by and put it in the predator pie because I am a girl a girl those type of species actually ate or actually you should put them in the truck because it actually eats every fish that it means a stand for the big ones only the big fish that that that that eat you eat the other fishes I don’t know that that girl grιғғιn is does like that so you should put it in and I’m not on Prater the draft predator trap predator the trap platter the trap predator trap platter the tread pattern a predator trap OK I’m done

  47. Zion Manboard

    Zion Manboard17 일 전


  48. Aba Goh

    Aba Goh18 일 전

    I heard the word epic so many times lmao

  49. Adalyn J

    Adalyn J18 일 전

    I won't only like for your hand like subscribe for your hand and all that stuff I will pray for your hair not to be like no fingers left cuz my fingers is enough I don't think you need like four missing you'd only have like one freaking finger left so I am going to pray for you!

  50. Sebastan Valencia

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  51. Kiana Nave

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    You are awesome and very sweet i love you

  52. safeer alappuzhayil nalla mazhayundu

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  53. Andreweimer

    Andreweimer20 일 전

    Why do I feel like I’m watching Dora

  54. johor bahru

    johor bahru21 일 전

    The big fish her nama is jane

  55. Beth Federick

    Beth Federick21 일 전

    ILove to fish

  56. Abigail Pierce

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  57. Shetoka Clark

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  58. Carrie Sinsarady

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  59. Carrie Sinsarady

    Carrie Sinsarady22 일 전

    That big fish is called a gar

  60. Willow Zgonc

    Willow Zgonc22 일 전

    His name is Franklin