FIRST LOOK: Ford Mustang Mach-E Electric SUV | Top Gear


  1. Mike Todd

    Mike Todd4 시간 전

    Car sucks

  2. ツkylie

    ツkylie4 시간 전

    Car sucks

  3. Clorox Bleach

    Clorox Bleach5 시간 전

    The gear selector is a knob? 🤮

  4. K C

    K C8 시간 전

    ...and it’s made in China.

  5. Balakay Jaykwellin

    Balakay Jaykwellin12 시간 전

    I look at it this way... if you’re a Jeep purist, you’d probably just consider the wrangler to be the real Jeep. And yet here we are with Cherokee, renegade, patriot, compass. But there will always be a wrangler. There will always be a mustang 2door coupe. This Mach e is just the grand Cherokee of the mustang brand. And it looks better than those god awful renegades and patriots.

  6. dvoglavaazdaja

    dvoglavaazdaja일 전

    Design is not good. Sorry ford.

  7. POB108

    POB108일 전

    nothing about mustang here

  8. shanedeboss

    shanedeboss일 전

    Big mistake calling it a mustang

  9. keney hector

    keney hector일 전

    people did the same thing when bmw introduced the x5 suv in the late 90s saying it wasnt a real bmw look at us now

  10. Jacob Cutrer

    Jacob Cutrer2 일 전

    If they put a tesla badge on it and changed the rear lights, it would work.

  11. Nathan Wade

    Nathan Wade4 일 전

    sooo ford decided to call the mazda cx-30 a mustang pretty cool...

  12. aperxmim

    aperxmim5 일 전

    I do not understand why many are upset, all manufacturers are taking your favorite muscle cars and converting them into crossovers.

  13. Danilo Melo Motta

    Danilo Melo Motta5 일 전


  14. Jesse Ajuda

    Jesse Ajuda5 일 전

    the big three automakers are so behind with the times it’s laughable. Tesla blew them all out of the water and they’re trying to catch up but it’s just embarrassing

  15. Ty Wild327

    Ty Wild3276 일 전

    I would have been fine with an actual mustang that is electric. BUT NOPE, Ford had to make it a damn suv

  16. Ty Wild327

    Ty Wild3276 일 전

    OOF. There goes the mustang reputation

  17. Nathan Taylor

    Nathan Taylor6 일 전

    See there's a real simple fix to this. Refuse to buy the vehicle until they rebadge it as either a Lincoln or Ford. When they can start respecting the lineage they themselves created maybe then we praise them for a well built vehicle ( although we still don't even know that yet). Until then progress can yield to tradition. Can there be a #notmybrand #sickofSUV's #Notbuyingit

  18. WASHU

    WASHU6 일 전

    Mustang SUV? What's next Camaro Pickup?

  19. Ken Kazun

    Ken Kazun7 일 전

    All the brainwashed "I like gas powered cars because things" comments below

  20. SKIYxD

    SKIYxD7 일 전

    The car looks nice, but they should have scrapped the logo cuz this is no Mustang

  21. Black Viper

    Black Viper8 일 전

    I don't say it's a bad looking car or a bad car at all, but it doesn't fit in mustang category for me

  22. Halo Genisys

    Halo Genisys8 일 전

    Fords just... Fuckinh up please just.. Stop

  23. Alan Haugland

    Alan Haugland9 일 전

    Who the heck will buy a Mustang that is not really a Mustang, shame on you Ford! Grasping for straws,,,

  24. marc scorer

    marc scorer9 일 전

    Absolutely horrendous.👎🏽 it’s just a copy of lots of cars. Tesla, I pace, etc etc. & to call it a mustang 😡 & I am British so the yanks must be going crazy just after you see the ex Steve McQueen hammer price & know this name has a huge & long following. Even if it was called something like Offpace it is still an ugly 👀 car. 👎🏽🇬🇧Sorry Ford but by the way new Bronco looks good.

  25. Harry_V

    Harry_V10 일 전

    Mom can we get a mustang No we have a mustang at home Mustang at home:

  26. Jadelis Mag

    Jadelis Mag10 일 전

    what is happening there at 7:10 minute?

  27. Reginald benson

    Reginald benson10 일 전

    Ughh I’m leaving good bye 👋 🗑

  28. Reginald benson

    Reginald benson10 일 전

    Wammmmp wammmmp

  29. Carlos Morales

    Carlos Morales11 일 전

    Where’s the mustang at? That’s not a mustang. Should just be called The Mach E. Stupid Ford

  30. justin f

    justin f11 일 전

    Not a mustang

  31. Ken Of Darkness

    Ken Of Darkness12 일 전

    Ford Mach E. Saved it

  32. stang55 dude

    stang55 dude12 일 전


  33. tfwatcher

    tfwatcher13 일 전

    Wow This guy uses the exakt same words and phrases as Richard hammond.. pathetic

  34. Rasheed Elie

    Rasheed Elie13 일 전

    This is not a mustang just because u put a mustang badge dose not make it a mustang mustangs r muscle this is trash so no one buy it it loses the cool factor because its a cheap peice of crap DO NOT BUY if u want a mustang get something like a shelby 350R its much better comment not a mustang on this to support

  35. Bever70

    Bever7014 일 전

    Hey Ford, you're back to making crap!

  36. RD M

    RD M14 일 전

    Some pros, a PIN number to start the car, wireless cellphone charge, extra storage, that sound bar panel damn that has my heart flutter. Embedded cameras for crash and dash drivers!

  37. RD M

    RD M14 일 전

    They almost got it right. Full Electric. Classic style Mustang. That brings nostalgia back to the classics of 1950s is what people want, even put in that faux fire engine sound. But why an SUV? You took the toys away from the boys and gave it to their SUV moms lol 😂 At least the soccer moms can have a place to store the Capri Suns and Oranges 🍊... I have a black Ford Mustang 2015 I love her but I also think it’s stupid to wait in line to fuel up when I can be charging at home and why pay up the ass on oil changes? It makes sense to trade in but right now Tesla is still looking like a diamond on the road...

  38. Jason Richardson

    Jason Richardson14 일 전


  39. Empire Entertainment

    Empire Entertainment15 일 전

    It'd be cool if they made it a Fastback instead of an SUV

  40. lozoft9

    lozoft915 일 전

    "Team Edison"....."Tesla" I c wat u did there Ford....

  41. Nixon Ruben

    Nixon Ruben15 일 전

    Carroll Shelby is going to wake up and b**** slap the guy who thought this was a good idea.

  42. heavyduty187

    heavyduty18715 일 전

    TOP GEAR IS SHIT WITHOUT THE ORIGINAL GUYS. Thanks for driving this shit box. What a waste of my time. Glad I fast forwarded it to see if all you did was talk. Lol you guys suck almost as bad as that shit car

  43. Debra Womack

    Debra Womack15 일 전

    Calling this a Mustang should get someone FIRED !!!!!! GIVE ANOTHER NAME !!… It's NOT a Mustang anymore than Chevy Cruze is a Corvette !!

  44. heavyduty187

    heavyduty18715 일 전

    Why even call it a mustang? Lol that’s just fkn retarded! Mustang is know for performance and muscle with a rumble out the exhaust. Ford is going down hill. First that shit box f150 then the shit box ranger lol what a joke. Redeem yourself ford and bring back the bronco but don’t fuk it up!!!!!

  45. heavyduty187

    heavyduty18715 일 전

    I thought it was a Chevy

  46. Navjot Virk

    Navjot Virk15 일 전

    Love it, the design is great plus the mustang name really adds more value, whereas i would had like to have the screen in landscape and instead of having the excessive height have more width


    ⒷⒶⓃⒼ|ⒷⒶⓃⒼ15 일 전

    Porsche, Lamborghini, Maserati etc. Have SUV models, so please stop with the whining.

  48. Palash Sahu

    Palash Sahu16 일 전

    Why they changed the headlight???? It fucking looks like a Hyundai now...

  49. Marquerink Accessories

    Marquerink Accessories16 일 전

    Looks like high quality finish interior. Looks to me a MUCH nicer car to sit in than in a shabby Tesla.

  50. LEBXLS

    LEBXLS16 일 전

    Very, very nice SUV, but the screen is really too big. Ridiculous like that of TESLA. Très, très beau SUV, mais l'écran est vraiment trop grand. Ridicule comme celui de TESLA. Muy, muy agradable SUV, pero la pantalla es realmente demasiado grande. ridículo como el by TESLA

  51. vvs 17990

    vvs 1799016 일 전

    They should call them RC cars Damn u tesla for starting this stupid trend

  52. vvs 17990

    vvs 1799016 일 전

    These tech comapnies like tesla think cars are like iphones, Sad times for pure car fans

  53. sotos4paok

    sotos4paok17 일 전

    Really it's a great car!!! The designe out its perfect! the machine is power! Good autonomy battery. Only 1 negative for me I dont like the designe entrance special the navigator 😋

  54. Refresh Medical Aesthetics-Sa

    Refresh Medical Aesthetics-Sa17 일 전

    7:57 all the functions in this screen are not working.. What’s it doing on Top Gear? 🤷🏾‍♂️🤣

  55. Luis Sanabria

    Luis Sanabria17 일 전

    Does not deserve the infamous 7 letter name that starts with the letter M. What was Ford thinking. It’s kinda like when Mitsubishi blatantly gave the name “Eclipse” away to its great grandparent the SUV/CUV 😤🥺☹️😞

  56. b3to91frca

    b3to91frca17 일 전

    Ugly. This is what happens when you have a CEO that has absolutely no experience in managing a corporation without any knowledge of cars

  57. BAZ1NGA510

    BAZ1NGA51017 일 전

    Is Ford going to build quick charging stations like Tesla and how long to charge? Thanks!

  58. SHAZOM

    SHAZOM17 일 전

    The inside is much nicer than the Model Y.

  59. Gravvity Music

    Gravvity Music17 일 전

    I don't get why everyone is upset just because it's not powered by dinosaur mud. In my opinion that's just stupid not manly. Absolutely love that car

  60. Bluwasabi

    Bluwasabi18 일 전

    Maybe this should be branded the "Edison" since it competes with the Telsla and also because Ford was friends with Edison.